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					      Greenville Public Library Happenings
                   May 2009

           The Newsletter of the Greenville Public Library, Smithfield, Rhode Island
     573 Putnam Pike, Greenville, RI 02828 Phone: 401-949-3630, Fax 949-0530 TDI 800-745-5555   May 2009

 • The library will be
 closed on Sunday,                            Sam’s Club Donation to the
                                               Greenville Public Library
 May 10 for Mother’s
                       The Greenville Public Library received a $1,000 donation from Sam’s
 • The library will be Club in Warwick on February 23. General Manager, Ken Soares,
 closed on Monday,     presented the check to Library Director Chris LaRoux at the store on
 May 25 for Memorial Pace Blvd. He said that Sam’s Club understands that libraries are be-
 Day.                  ing used more heavily now while funding sources are less certain, and
                       Sam’s Club wants to help. The money will be used to purchase books.
 • Sunday, May 31
 will be the last Sun-
 day the library will  There will be a “FRUGAL LIVING PROGRAM” on Saturday, May 9 from
 be open until Septem- 10:30 am to 11:30 am. This program will teach you ways to save on your every-
 ber.                  day living expenses. This program is free and open to the public. Registration is
                       required. Please call 949-3630 ext. 1 to register.
Ms. Diana Brennan             The Library is always look-             The Rhode Island Blood Center Coach will be
is the artist for May.        ing for people who have                 at the library on Friday, May 8 from 10:00 am to
She will be displaying        artwork, collectibles, or just          1:00 pm.
her photographs.              interesting collections to
                              display in the Castle Display                   SPORTS HEALTH PROGRAM
                              case for a month at a time.            Dr. Hebert Curtis, Jr. of Lincoln Chiropractic will
Mr. Lawrence                  Please call Dorothy Swain at           be at the library on Tuesday, May 12 from 6:30
Iadevaia is exhibiting        949-3630 ext. 116 to set up            pm to 7:30 pm to discuss topics related to Sports
his handmade hand-            a time.                                Health. This program is free and open to the pub-
bags in the Castle                                                   lic. Registration is required. Please call 949-3630
                              A representative from CASA
Display case in May           (Court Appointed Special Ad-
                              vocate) will be at the library
                              on Friday, May 8 from 1:00                                           MYSTERY BOOK CLUB
                              pm to 2:00 pm, and on Tues-                                         Join the members of the Mys-
Adult news page 1, 2
                              day, May 12 from 11:00 am
                              to noon. Please call Kristina
                                                                                                  tery Book Club on Tuesday,
                                                                                                  May 5 from 1:30 pm to 2:30
Children's news page 4        DeAngelis at 458-3330 for                                           pm to discuss “In Dublin’s
Teen talk page 5              further information and to                                          Fair City” by Rhys Bowen.
Library calendar page 6       register.                                                           New members are always
New titles page 7                                                                                 welcome.
The Newsletter of the Greenville Public Library, Smithfield, Rhode Island                                 Page 2
     ARTHRITIS IN SENIORS:                 RHODE ISLAND: BESTS,                      CARPAL TUNNEL
 A representative from Comfort         Ms. Roberta Humble will be at        Dr. Hebert Curtis, Jr. of Lincoln
 Keepers will be at the library on     the library on Sunday, May 3         Chiropractic will be at the library
 Saturday, May 2 from 11:00 am         from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm to pres-     and Tuesday, May 19 from 1:00
 to Noon to talk about arthritis and   ent the program “Rhode Island:       pm to 2:00 pm to discuss how to
 how caregivers can help seniors       Bests, Firsts, and Uniques, etc.”    treat and prevent Carpal Tunnel
 cope with this condition. This        Learn how special the state of       Syndrome and Repetitive Strain
 program is free and open to the       Rhode Island is. This program is     Injury. This program is free and
 public. Registration is recom-        free and open to the public. Reg-    open to the public. Registration
 mended. Please call 949-3630 ext.     istration is required. Please call   is required. Please call 949-3630
 1 to register.                        949-3630 ext. 1 to register.         ext. 1 to register.

The library will be hosting a Watercolor Art Class        Ms. Gail Tatangelo, a Master Gardener will be at
for Adults on Thursday, May 7 from 6:00 pm to 7:30        the library on Wednesday, May 13 from
pm. There will be a $15.00 fee and materials charge       6:30 pm to 7:30 pm to do a presentation on organic
payable prior to the class. The class will be limited     gardening and community gardens. The progam is
to 10. Registration is required. Please call 949-         free and open to the public. Registration is re-
3630 ext. 1 to register.                                  quired. Please call 949-3630 ext. 1 to register.

 The library will host a College Financial Aid and College Selection Program on Thursday, May 28
 from 6:15 pm. to 7:45 pm. Please call Richard Dieffenbach at 921-4042 to register.

  Casey, Ben, Michael, and
 Emma Ryan of the musical
 group “Fishing With Finnegan”
 were here performing their Irish
 music on Sunday, March 29.
The Newsletter of the Greenville Public Library, Smithfield, Rhode Island         Page 3


                          Service Provided Last Fiscal Year (2007-2008)

 Collection size (books, dvds, cds, magazines, etc.):            91,731
 Total Materials loaned:                                        177,520
 Materials loaned to other libraries:                             25,521
 People Served:                                                124,420
 Reference Questions answered:                                   48,059
 Electronic Database searches:                                    9,443
 Programs offered:                                                  635
 Program attendance:                                              8,296
 Room bookings:                                                     601
 Public Computer sessions:                                       37,134
 After-school homework center usage:                              1,563

        The First 6 Months of This Fiscal Year Compared to the Same Period Last Year

                                        2008            2007          Change

 Total Materials loaned:                95,160          85,351        +11.5%
 Materials loaned to other libraries:   15,614          12,175        +28.2%
 Reference Questions answered:          27,948          23,563        +18.6%
 People Served:                         63,841          61,232        +4.3%

                            --A Public-Private Partnership--
                                   Fiscal Year 2008-2009 Budget

 Town Support:                          $710,314 72% of budget
 State Aid, grants, Library monies:     $281,388 28% of budget
 Library Budget as Percentage of Town Budget            1%
The Newsletter of the Greenville Public Library, Smithfield, Rhode Island                                 Page 4

                         Children’s Department News
        The spring session of registered storyhours is now in progress and will continue through May.
                                            Most sessions are full.

     Turtle-Time for ages 1 1/2- 2 1/2 years accompanied by a caregiver, Mondays at 10:15 or 11:15 am.

                  Toddler Storyhours for ages 2 1/2-3 1/2 years accompanied by a caregiver,
                                        Fridays at 10:15 or 11:15 am.

    Preschool Storyhours for ages 3 1/2-5 1/2 years, Wednesdays from 10:30-11:15 am and 1:15-2:00 pm.

        All programs require registration which can be done by phone at 949-3630 ext. 3 or in-person.

    Apple Blossom Garden                           Art Class                              Feed the Birds!
        Club Workshop             Join Adele Karbowski, artist and teacher in     Children ages 6-10 are wel-
Children ages 6-10 may join       the second monthly art class. Children ages     come to join us on Wednesday,
the ladies of the Apple Blos-     6-10 may register now for this class to be      May 13 at 4 pm, to make a
som Garden Club to learn          held on May 21 at 4:00 pm. There is a $5        birdhouse. Children will hear
how to make a Mother’s Day        materials fee due at registration.              a story about birds and deco-
arrangement using fresh flow-                                                      rate their own birdhouse to
ers on Thursday, May 7 at 4:00                                                    bring home! Registration for
pm. Space is limited. Registra-                                                   this program begins on May 1.
tion is now being taken.

                                  The guys show off the windsocks they created
                                  at the spring program during school vacation.
       Mother’s Day                                                                         Children’s Bubble
 Card-making Workshop                                                                             Display
Would you like to make                                                                  For the month of May, the
a special something for                                                                 Children’s Room Bubble
Mother’s Day? Come to                                                                   will display Justin and
the workshop on Wednes-                                                                 Alexander Tedeschi’s Hot
day, May 6 at 4:00 pm                                                                   Wheels collection. Justin
and create a card and a                                                                 is seven-years-old and Al-
goody-bag for your favorite                                                             exander is nine-years-old
“Mom.” Elaine Muto will                                                                 and they enjoy collecting
lead children ages 6-10                                                                 Hot Wheels because they
in creating a sweet gift for                                                            like to race with them.
giving on Mother’s Day.                                                                 So be sure to stop by the
Registration is required and                                                            children’s room and view
is now being taken.          Round the World with Take Two Storytellers Anne-           their collection!
                             Marie Forer and Cindy Killavey was enjoyed by a
                             group of children during the school vacation week.
The Newsletter of the Greenville Public Library, Smithfield, Rhode Island                  Page 5

                   Young Adult Department News
                                  Win, Lose, or Draw with              Mother’s Day Cards
   Wii Fun for Tweens and
                                          Pictionary!              Every year, we get an oppor-
                                 This fun, artistic party game     tunity to thank those special
Every Tuesday afternoon the
                                 is great for a good time, but     women who have helped
library sets up two Wii sys-
                                 we don’t always have an           us grow up. With Mother’s
tems for middle- and high-
                                 opportunity to play with a        Day just around the corner,
schoolers to come and enjoy
                                 big group. Those ages 11          you can come to the library
playing all sorts of games.
                                 – 17 are invited to come          to make a homemade card
They are welcome to use any
                                 to the library on Thursday,       to make them realize how
games the library provides
                                 May 7 at 3:00 pm. You             much they mean to you. Just
each week or bring some
                                 can register for this 2-hour      bring your creativity to the
from home to share with oth-
                                 program at the Reference          library on Friday, May 8 at
ers. The fun runs from 2:00
                                 Desk.                             3:00 pm, and you can make
– 6:00 pm. No registration is
                                                                   as many cards as you need
                                                                   with our art supplies. Mid-
       Tween Scene-It?           Chat & Snack Tween
                                                                   dle and high school students
If you are on top of all the     Book Group Join our fun
                                                                   can register for the program
newest music, movies, and        tween book group. Area
                                                                   at the Reference Desk.
television, this might be the    middle schoolers meet once
program for you. Those ages      a month to discuss a book
11 – 13 are welcome to stop      they chose while enjoy-
                                                                   Come to the library on
into the library for this fun,   ing some tasty treats. This
                                                                   Wednesday, May 27 at 3:00
interactive program that uses    month’s session will take
                                                                   pm and make a wallet, an
puzzles, clips for movies and    place on Thursday May 21
                                                                   iPod holder, or even a cell
television, and trivia to cre-   at 3:00 pm. Stop by the
                                                                   phone skin out of duct tape.
ate a competitive game. The      Reference Desk to register
                                                                   The library will have a se-
program will start at 3:00 pm    for the program and pick
                                                                   lection of colors and some
on Monday, May 11 and lasts      up a copy of this month’s
                                                                   templates you can use for
for two hours.                   book!
                                                                   your masterpiece. Anyone
        Pictureka Fun                     Flower Pens              in middle or high school is
Have you ever wondered           The library is offering a craft   welcome to stop in to reg-
what it would be like if         program for young adults          ister of this program at the
Where’s Waldo? was a party       that will allow them to make      library.
game? Pictureka is pretty        flower pens. Each partici-
much like that. Join the fun     pant, ages 11 – 18, will get
on Friday, May 22 as partici-    to make a series of pens with
pants between the ages of 11     the various floral designs.
and 18 try to be the first to     This program will take place
find various hidden objects.      on Wednesday, May 13 at
This two-hour program will       3:00 pm.
begin at 3:00 pm.
The Newsletter of the Greenville Public Library, Smithfield, Rhode Island                                                                         Page 6

  May 2009 Events at The Greenville Public Library
      Sunday                Monday                Tuesday            Wednesday              Thursday               Friday            Saturday
                                                                                                               1                  2 10:00 AM Com-
                                                                                                               10:15 AM Toddler   puter Class (Word)
                                                                                                               Storytime          10:00 AM QUIET
                                                                                                               11:15 AM Toddler   STUDY ROOM
                                                                                                               Storytime          11:00 AM Care-
                                                                                                                                  giver Program on
 3                      4                      5                   6                     7                     8 10:00 AM         9
 2:00 PM Rhode Is-      10:00 AM Quilters      10:00 AM BASIC      10:30 AM Preschool    10:00 AM Power        Rhode Island       10:00 AM Com-
 land Bests, Uniques,   10:15 AM Turtle-       II Computer Class   Storytime             Point Computer        Blood Center       puter Class (Word)
 etc. Progam            time Storytime         1:30 PM Mystery     1:15 PM Preschool     Class 10:30 AM                           10:30 AM Frugal
                                                                                                               Coach 10:15
                        11:15 AM Turtle-       Book Club           Storytime             Homeschooler’s Art                       Living
                        time Storytime                             4:00 PM Mother’s      Class 12:15 PM
                                                                                                               AM Toddler         2:00 PM NEA
                        1:00 PM Home-                              Day Card Workshop     Homeschooler’s        Storytime 11:15    Meeting
                        schooler’s Program                                               Art Class 4:00 PM     AM Toddler
                                                                                         Apple Blossom Gar-    Storytime 1:00
                                                                                         den Club Children’s   PM CASA
                                                                                         Activity 6:00 PM      (Court Ap-
                                                                                         Beginner’s Water-     pointed Special
                                                                                         color Art Class
                                                                                                               Advocate Meet-
 10                     11 10:15 AM            12                  13                    14 10:00 AM Power     15                 16
 CLOSED                 Turtletime Storytime   10:00 AM BASIC      10:30 AM Preschool    Point Computer        10:15 AM Toddler   10:00 AM Com-
                        11:15 AM               II Computer Class   Storytime             Class 10:30 AM        Storytime          puter Class (Word)
                        Turtletime Storytime   11:00 AM CASA       1:15 PM Preschool     Homeschooler’s        11:15 AM Toddler
                        12:30 PM Shootig       (Court Appointed    Storytime             Art Class 12:15 PM    Storytime
                        Starr Theater          Special Advocate    4:00 PM Children’s    Homeschooler’s
                        Rehearsal 6:00 PM      Meeting             Craft Program         Art Class 6:00 PM
                        Home and Hospice       6:30 PM Sports      6:30 PM Organic       Community Canines
                        Monthly Drop-In        Health Program      Gardening             Meeting 6:30 PM
                        Mtg. 7:00 PM                                                     Cesareo’s Circle
                        Library Board of
                        Trustees meeting
 17                     18 10:00 AM            19                  20                    21                    22                 23
                        Quilters 10:15 AM      10:00 AM BASIC      10:30 AM Preschool    10:00 AM Power        10:15 AM Toddler   10:00 AM Com-
                        Turtletime Storytime   II Computer Class   Storytime             Point Computer        Storytime          puter Class (Word)
                        11:15 AM Turtle-       1:00 PM Carpal      1:15 PM Preschool     Class 10:30 AM        11:15 AM Toddler
                        time Storytime         Tunnel Program      Storytime             Homeschooler’s        Storytime
                        12:30 PM Shoot-                            6:30 PM North Sci-    Art Class 12:15 PM
                        ing Starr Theater                          tuate Rainbow Girls   Homeschooler’s Art
                        Rehearsal                                  Ad. Bd. Meetin        Class 4:00 PM Art
                        6:00 PM NorthWest                                                Class
                        Community Health
                        Center Mtg.
 24                     25                     26                  27                    28                    29                 30
                        Memorial Day           10:00 AM BASIC      10:30 AM Preschool    10:00 AM Power        10:15 AM Toddler   10:00 AM Com-
                        CLOSED                 II Computer Class   Storytime             Point Computer        Storytime          puter Class (Word)
                                                                   1:15 PM Preschool     Class 10:30 AM        11:15 AM Toddler
                                                                   Storytime             Homeschooler’s        Storytime
                                                                                         Art Class 12:15 PM
                                                                                         Art Class 2:15 PM
                                                                                         Makeup Art Class
 The Newsletter of the Greenville Public Library, Smithfield, Rhode Island                Page 7
      New Non Fiction Titles                   Peace, Locomotion / Jacqueline Woodson
Fit in 5 / Greg Whyte                          Pemba’s song : a ghost story / Tonya Hegamin
Martha Stewart’s encyclopedia of crafts : an   & Marilyn Nelson
A-to-Z guide                                   Response / by Paul Volponi
No right to remain silent : the tragedy at     Secrets to happiness : a novel / Sarah Dunn
Virginia Tech / Lucinda Roy                    Shift / Jennifer Bradbury
The green business guide : a one stop re-      Short stories. Selections;”The red convertible :
source for businesses of all shapes and sizes  selected and new stories / Erdrich, Louise
to implement eco-friendly policies, pro-       Sketches / Eric Walters
grams, and practices        Bachman, Glenn     Smooth talking stranger / Lisa Kleypas
The youth equation : take 10 years off your    Spook’s mistake;”Wrath of the Bloodeye /
face / Jeffrey S. Dover with Cara Birnbaum     Joseph Delaney illustrations by Patrick Arra-
Three little words : a memoir / Ashley         smith.
Rhodes-Courter                                 Stolen car / Patrick Jones
            New Fiction Titles                 Suite Scarlett / Maureen Johnson
Bog child / Siobhan Dowd                       Temptation Ridge : a Virgin River novel /
Boost / by Kathy Mackel                        Robyn Carr
Borderline / Nevada Barr                       Ten cents a dance / Christine Fletcher
Burn my heart / Beverly Naidoo                 The curse of the broken soldier / Davidson,
Darkside / Tom Becker                          Rebecca
Deadville / Ron Koertge                        The dragon’s lair / Elizabeth Haydon.
Dirty laundry / Daniel Ehrenhaft               The eye of the forest / P.B. Kerr
Don’t let it be true / Jo Barrett              The frozen Thames / Helen Humphreys
Evermore / Alyson Noa                          The hand you’re dealt / Paul Volponi.
Extreme measures : a thriller / Heidi Ayarbe   The immortal hunter : a Rogue Hunter novel
Geek charming / Robin Palmer                   Sands, Lynsay
Graceling / Kristin Cashore                    The lost quilter : an Elm Creek quilts novel /
Illegal / Paul Levine                          Jennifer Chiaverini
Jellicoe Road / Melina Marchetta               The patron saint of butterflies / Cecilia Galante.
Larry and the meaning of life / Janet Tashjian The shepherd’s granddaughter / Anne Laurel
Love at first click Chandler, Elizabeth         Carter.
Manna from Hades : a Cornish mystery /         This full house / Virginia Euwer Wolff.
Carola Dunn                                    Two parties, one tux, and a very short film
Newes from the dead : being a true story of    about The grapes of wrath / Steven Goldman
Anne Green, hanged for infanticide at Ox-      Until it’s over / Nicci French
ford Assizes in 1650, restored to the world    Waiting for normal / Leslie Connor.
and died again 1665 / Mary Hooper              What I saw and how I lied / Judy Blundell
Nuclear jellyfish / Tim Dorsey                  Zombie queen of Newbury High / by Amanda
Once upon a time in the North / by Philip      Ashby
Pullman engravings / John Lawrence.
Paradise valley / Robyn Carr
                                                                          Greenville Public Library
                                                                          573 Putnam Pike
A   Domine Vescera Ragosta, President                                     Greenville, R.I. 02828
    Stephen Cicilline, Vice President
Y   Bruce Hallworth, Treasurer                                            Phone: 401-949-3630
    Susan Marineau, Secretary                                             TDD: 1-800-745-5555
    Elaine Farley                                                         Fax: 401-949-0530
    Heather Grogan
2   Virginia Harnois
    Harold Hemberger
0   Julie Ip, MD                                                          In case of inclement weather, please call the
    Terri Kless                                                           library or check with WPRI (Channel12),
0   Barbara Lysik                                                         WNAC (Fox 64), WHJJ-AM (Talk Radio
9   Milo J. St. Angelo                                                    920), WWBB-FM (B101), WHJY-FM
                                                                          (94.1) and WSNE_FM (Coast 93.3) for
    Flora Leigh-Curry, Emerita
                                                                          closure announcements.
    Christopher LaRoux, Director

    Hours:                                  • The library will be closed on Sunday, May 10 for Mother’s Day.
    Mon-Thur                10 am - 8 pm • The library will be closed on Monday, May 25 from Memorial Day.
    Friday & Saturday       10 am - 5 pm         • Sunday, May 31 will be the last Sunday the library
    Sunday                   1 pm - 5 pm                     will be open until September.


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