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How to create animated GIF image from Youtube video?
May 27th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Web Guide by Arafat

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This is really an interesting question thrown to me by one of my offline friend. I feel many of you also want to know this because of its animated flavor. May be you are one of those forums addict. Anyway, the initial thing came to my mind is Photoshop. However, It will defiantly wrong idea to buy a $699 software to make a gif image. So I try to find some free tools to complete this task. First I find a tactic which use long step and use Window movie maker. Due to it’s timeliness, I reject that tactic. Now I find an excellent site named, however this site also hurt me. It just messes with it’s script. So, I really need a working free tool to fulfill this purpose. It will be great news for you that at last I manage to find a great tool for this purpose named Video2Gif. Its help you to create Gif image from Youtube Video, however I unable to manage the valid timer limit. Also see: How to create video from image for Youtube? Here is a Nokia N97 animated video created using this tool.

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