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									The application of nano silver in the life
                                             (Chemistry Today-H2N2)-long human beings have known
                                             strong antiseptic effects of silver, the dishes, forks spoons, pots
                                             and pots of the ancient Romans, of the feudal kings and even
                                             the ball His large silver aluminum liberation fighters have proven
                                             that. However, this effect is not widely used because if you use
                                             the silver or silver block mass is too expensive. Through the
                                             cooking of ancient Greece with pot, could see thousands of
                                             years, people have known antibacterial properties of silver, and
                                             the fact that when eaten in a bowl or silver spoon is more
                                             hygienic .
                                             >>> Application of nanotechnology in food
                                             In recent years, nanotechnology was born not only create
                                          breakthrough leap in electronics, information technology,
biomedical sciences, but also be widely applied in life, burns dressings are coated nano silver, wash water
vegetables, antiseptic deodorizing air conditioning.
Nano -meter is a unit of length measuring extremely small, symbol nm, with 1 mm per million. Through the
study found that, due to the increase of surface atoms should be compared with silver block, antiseptic
effects of silver micro-particles of nano size are multiplied, one gram of silver nanoparticles can be antiseptic
for hundreds of square meters of substrate. How could they kill bacteria, viruses? All microbial enzymes are
used to absorb, metabolize oxygen and silver ions destroy enzymes causes them to be "suffocating."
Some characteristics of nano-silver
Because nano silver colloidal state (colloid), is not as common as ions, which exist in the form of elemental
silver should not be lost during cleaning. While product applications only need a very small part to anti-
bacterial silver.Antibacterial effect during the existence of the product.

1. Nano silver applications of the product at very low concentrations. Even when we eat products containing
Nano Silver, Nano Silver, the content can not be higher than the WHO norms issued. More content out using
Nano silver antibacterial lower than the norms of WHO in the power supply.

2. As noted above, products containing nano silver products are put through a process of melting plastic,
which makes this loss through the rub (physical) can not occur. All rub abrasive impact loss of grade level is
greater than the Nano.

3. Nano silver colloid nature as to affect the color of the product. Examples of products will become slightly
white in color is beige, natural white, or champagne colors. For yellow, orange, light blue, etc. .. shall not be
affected. May occur primary colors are transformed, but not necessarily happen this phenomenon. In return
products will not yellow stain, ie no change in color through light or by the washing process ..

4. Dependence on large areas of fiber products, such as micro fiber .. we need for each product of different
parameters, but the content of nano silver will remain lower than 0.05 to 0.5 thousandths (0 / 00) For
containers, bottles, pots, parameters re- totally different. Nano silver concentrations from 0.2 to 0.5
thousandths (0 / 00) is standard, but still dependent of other factors of production ..
Applications in nano silver appliances
Application of molecular silver (Silver Nano technology) for disinfection of household goods manufacturers
are more choices by ensuring the safety of health.
                    More and more appliances use Silver Nano technology to kill bacteria.

At present, disinfection features silver molecules have been applied to many types of appliances such as air
conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines, ... and some tools to contain the food as babies bottles,
dishes, fruit machine decontamination ...

Although the use of appliances other applications antimicrobial technology is becoming "fashionable" in the
current pollution, but many people still worry whether this technology can affect health in the long long or

There were some warnings that the nano-sized molecules are easily broken structure, enter the cell
membrane causes physiological changes unpredictable.

However, anti-bacterial features with Silver Nano technology is the leading expert in scientific research
institute of Physics and Institute of Nutrition claims are not affecting food, health and non-toxic substance for
skin or respiratory systems of humans.

Silver ion instruments used for food containers is only a coating of molecules on the surface of thin silver
utensils. This silver layer against the penetration and kill bacteria. Of course this does not mean the food will
be completely 100% protection against bacteria when using these devices.
                   Illustrates the operation of the Ag ions, preventing the growth of bacteria.

For large appliances such as washing machines and detoxify these foods often use large bar of pure silver,
with separate areas for the electrolyte solution into billions of silver ions per wash / rinse .

We will stick to the water surface for food and textiles, "kill" bacteria or fungi, prevents intrusions back after
many days.Silver bars have up to 10-year lifespan of continuous use.

With refrigerators and air conditioners, air purification, working principles of molecular technology is the
same silver as the silver ion electrolyte is not out in the washing machine as they are directly reducing the
air being sucked in this filtration system.

Filtration system will not allow the silver ions are released into the environment, they make the task of
isolated dust particles and bacteria go into the air, return environment (refrigerator or room) one lane fresh
air, health benefits or help fresh food more delicious.

Also, some lines do not use refrigerator air filter disinfection system, which uses direct silver ion coating on
the inside surface of the cabinet, are also effective bactericidal when bacteria "collision" with the surface that
                                                   Application of silver nanoparticles in consumer goods
                                                   The production of consumer goods pure silver metal or
                                                   covered them with silver is very expensive. However,
                                                   studies have found that, mixed with other ingredients and
                                                   silver nanoparticles is an appropriate method to exploit the
                                                   properties of silver. The super-small nanoparticles show
                                                   different properties or more prominent than the macro
                                                   material. The tiny particles make the particles have a
                                                   surface area greater balance with their mass. Case in the
                                                form of silver nanoparticles, allowing them to easily interact
with other particles and increased antimicrobial effectiveness. This greater efficiency up to 1 gram of silver
nanoparticles can create antibacterial properties to hundreds of square meters of substrate. Currently,
products made with silver nanoparticles were the FDA, U.S. EPA, SIAA of Japan ... formally approved.
All bacteria use an enzyme as a class "chemical lung" for the conversion of oxygen. Silver ions
decomposing enzyme and prevent the attraction of oxygen. This impact, killing all the bacteria, killing them
within 6 minutes. The virus developed by parasitic in living cells and other new staff to put into reproduction
and cloning, also will sick cells. Silver ions stop oxygen into the cells produce virus and they die of
Antibiotics can be used to kill pathogens by attacking the silver nanoparticles but bacteria and viruses are
becoming resistant to drug treatment. Silver nanoparticles kill all fungal infections, bacteria and viruses,
including strains resistant to antibiotics. However, not all antibiotics are effective against all bacteria. In
addition, research has shown that bacteria can not develop any immunity against any silver. Silver occurs
naturally, non-toxic, non allergic, does not accumulate and harmless to both wildlife and the environment.
Currently, manufacturers have produced consumer products using the antibacterial properties of silver
nanoparticles, such as refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioning. Besides the toys, clothes, food
containers, clothing detergents also use nano-silver. Some other potential applications of silver
nanoparticles are also being considered for application in bio-implants, wound dressings, etc. ..
In addition, current applications silver nano fibers produced using woven fabrics, cloth clothing with
antibacterial function, anti-foul. In the field of chemical polimer to produce PET, PP, PA, the damage will be
mixed into the resin particles do not contain nano silver plastic in the manufacturing process, spinning. Nano
silver is not only soaked coating that is put into the product through the melting process for sheet production
sheets, towels and cups, bowls, floor carpeting, bed mattress cover bags, clothing ( aprons, socks (all), t-
shirts ...) as well as other products such as clothing and hygiene for hospitals, protective clothing, masks. In
addition, nano silver is used in the production process such as production of thermoplastics, pressure
injection process components, containers, bottles .. or plastic tube leading liquid water.

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