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					Horoscopes - Who What When Where Why?

             By Ria Nicks
Who reads horoscopes?
A recent survey has shown that 66 % of people read their horoscopes either regularly or occasionally.
-- 43% of the population reads horoscopes often and take the material somewhat seriously.
-- 19% always read horoscopes and act on them.
-- 34% take little to no interest in reading horoscopes.
So that means 88% of the population has at least one person in the household that has an interest in
either their personal horoscope or someone else's. With numbers like this it is easy to see that
horoscopes are very popular and continue to become more and more sought after.
Where you get your horoscope is kind of like your hairdresser, once you find one you like, you tend to
always go back to the same one.

What are horoscopes?
When you boil it down, a horoscope is a prediction of a person's future based on the specific positions
of the planets at a particular time and place according to an astrologer. Mixed into the conclusion they
come up with, you will find (what most people describe a horoscope to be) a 20-50 word predicted
synopsis and if you check more than one brief summary you will notice that they are all different.

When do people read their horoscopes?
When ever possible! Eating breakfast, reading the paper, on their breaks at work, during work, waiting
for the bus, before bed, while checking emails. Access to the internet is all around us and that's where
many do a quick check of their daily or weekly scopes, the monthly scopes are a bit longer in length
and in reading time so a lot of people will either subscribe to a monthly horoscope and get it delivered
to their inbox, purchase a book or read it online.
Where can you find horoscopes?
I couldn't even count the ways... books, newspapers, magazines, fortune cookies, billboards, the
internet, calendars, delivered to your phone, rolodexes... the list goes on and on.

Why do people read their horoscopes?
The number one reason people read horoscopes is for entertainment.
Others simply have a genuine interest in astrology while many read out of habit even if they are not
For the most part, people enjoy the hunt for some sort of meaning in their horoscope. People often take
what they want from the readings and discard what is not quite relevant.
Horoscopes often encourage us as readers to look for and embrace the positive in our lives. After all,
these readings themselves are most often filled with uplifting predictions. There may be an occasional
warning as well, but they lean towards optimism, and optimism is something which many people find
lacking in their lives at some point. Whatever the reason horoscopes gives people something to cling to
or hope for or look forward to.
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                                  Monthly Horoscopes

Description: Where you get your monthly horoscope is kind of like your hairdresser, once you find one you like, you tend to always go back to the same one.