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List of high schools in Kentucky

List of high schools in Kentucky
This is a list of high schools in the state of Kentucky. If a school’s mailing address differs from its physical location, the postal location is in parentheses. Also, if necessary, the schools are split into public and private, and also by district. Note that Kentucky has two types of public school districts: county districts, styled "XXXX County (Public) Schools" or in some cases "XXXX County School District"; and independent districts, which have varying styles with the common element of not including the word "County". Unless specified, public schools are affiliated with their associated county district.

Bath County
• Bath County High School, Owingsville

Bell County
• Bell County Schools: • Bell County High School, Pineville • Middlesboro Independent Schools: • Middlesboro High School, Middlesboro • Pineville Independent Schools: • Pineville High School, Pineville • Private: • Red Bird Missionary School, Beverly

Boone County
• Boone County Schools: • Boone County High School, Florence • Conner High School, Hebron • Larry A. Ryle High School, Union • Randall K. Cooper High School, Union • Walton-Verona Independent Schools: • Walton-Verona High School, Walton • Private: • Heritage Academy, Florence

Adair County
• Adair County High School, Columbia

Allen County
• Allen County-Scottsville High School, Scottsville

Anderson County
• Anderson County High School, Lawrenceburg

Bourbon County
• Bourbon County Schools: • Bourbon County High School, Paris • Paris Independent Schools: • Paris High School, Paris

Ballard County
• Ballard Memorial High School, Barlow

Barren County
• Barren County Schools: • Barren County High School, Glasgow • Glasgow Independent Schools: • Glasgow High School, Glasgow • Private • Glasgow Christian Academy, Glasgow Note: The Caverna Independent Schools district includes a portion of northwest Barren County, as well as a part of southern Hart County. The district’s headquarters and its elementary school are in Cave City, in Barren County, while its middle and high school is located in Horse Cave, in Hart County.

Boyd County
• Ashland Independent School District: • Paul G. Blazer High School, Ashland • Boyd County Public Schools: • Boyd County High School, Cannonsburg (Ashland) • Fairview Independent Schools: • Fairview High School, Westwood (Ashland) • Private: • Rose Hill Christian School, Ashland • Other • Ramey-Estep High School, Rush


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List of high schools in Kentucky

Boyle County
• Boyle County School District: • Boyle County High School, Danville • Danville Schools: • Danville High School, Danville • State-operated: • Kentucky School for the Deaf, Danville

Calloway County
• Calloway County Schools: • Calloway County High School, Murray • Murray Independent Schools: • Murray High School, Murray

Campbell County
• Bellevue Independent Schools: • Bellevue High School, Bellevue • Campbell County Schools: • Campbell County High School, Alexandria • Dayton Independent Schools: • Dayton High School, Dayton • Fort Thomas Independent Schools: • Highlands High School, Fort Thomas • Newport Independent Schools: • Newport High School, Newport • Silver Grove Independent Schools: • Silver Grove High School, Silver Grove • Private: • Bishop Brossart High School, Alexandria • Newport Central Catholic High School, Newport

Bracken County
• Augusta Independent Schools: • Augusta High School, Augusta • Bracken County Schools: • Bracken County High School, Brooksville • Private: • Saint Augustine School, Augusta

Breathitt County
• Breathitt County Schools: • Breathitt County High School, Jackson • Jackson Independent Schools: • Jackson City School, Jackson (a K-12 facility under one roof) • Private: • Riverside Christian School, Lost Creek

Breckinridge County
• Breckinridge County Schools: • Breckinridge County High School, Harned • Cloverport Independent Schools: • J. Frederick Fraize High School, Cloverport

Carlisle County
• Carlisle County High School, Bardwell

Carroll County
• Carroll County High School, Carrollton

Carter County
• Carter County Schools: • East Carter High School, Grayson • West Carter High School, Olive Hill • Private • Carter Christian Academy

Bullitt County
• Bullitt Central High School, Shepherdsville • Bullitt East High School, Mount Washington • North Bullitt High School, Shepherdsville

Casey County
• Casey County High School, Liberty

Butler County
• Butler County High School, Morgantown • Private Schools • Oak Ridge Christian Academy • Belmont Christian Academy

Christian County
• Christian County Public Schools: • Christian County High School, Hopkinsville • Hopkinsville High School, Hopkinsville • Private:

Caldwell County
• Caldwell County High School, Princeton


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• University Heights Academy, Hopkinsville • Heritage Christian Academy, Hopkinsville

List of high schools in Kentucky

Estill County
• Estill County High School, Irvine

Clark County
• Clark County Public Schools: • George Rogers Clark High School, Winchester • Private: • Winchester Christian Academy, Winchester

Fayette County
• Fayette County Public Schools: • Bryan Station High School, Lexington • Henry Clay High School, Lexington • Lafayette High School, Lexington • Paul Laurence Dunbar High School, Lexington • Tates Creek High School, Lexington • Eastside Technical Center, Lexington • Private: • Bluegrass Baptist School, Lexington • Lexington Catholic High School, Lexington • Lexington Christian Academy, Lexington • Sayre School, Lexington • Trinity Christian Academy, Lexington

Clay County
• Clay County Schools: • Clay County High School, Manchester • Private: • Oneida Baptist Institute, Oneida • Red Bird Missionary School, Beverly

Clinton County
• Clinton County High School, Albany

Fleming County
• Fleming County High School, Flemingsburg

Crittenden County
• Crittenden County High School, Marion

Floyd County
• Floyd County Schools: • Allen Central High School, Eastern • Betsy Layne High School, Betsy Layne • Prestonsburg High School, Prestonsburg • South Floyd High School, Hi Hat • Private: • The David School, David • The Piarist School, Martin

Cumberland County
• Cumberland County High School, Burkesville

Daviess County
• Daviess County Schools: • Apollo High School, Owensboro • Daviess County High School, Owensboro • Owensboro Public Schools: • Owensboro High School, Owensboro • Private: • Owensboro Catholic High School, Owensboro • Trinity High School, Whitesville

Franklin County
• Frankfort Independent Schools: • Frankfort High School, Frankfort • Franklin County Public Schools: • Franklin County High School, Frankfort • Western Hills High School, Frankfort • Private: • Frankfort Christian Academy, Frankfort

Edmonson County
• Edmonson County High School, Brownsville

Fulton County
• Fulton County Schools: • Fulton County High School, Hickman • Fulton Independent Schools: • Fulton High School, Fulton

Elliott County
• Elliott County High School, Sandy Hook


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List of high schools in Kentucky

Gallatin County
• Gallatin County High School, Warsaw

Hardin County
• Elizabethtown Independent Schools: • Elizabethtown High School, Elizabethtown • Hardin County Schools: • Central Hardin High School, Cecilia • John Hardin High School, Radcliff (Elizabethtown) • North Hardin High School, Radcliff • Kentucky District, Department of Defense Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Schools: • Fort Knox High School, Fort Knox • Private Schools: • Elizabethtown Christian Academy • Hardin Christian Academy, Radcliff Hardin County also includes an independent school district, the West Point School, a K-8 school with no high school component. West Point students graduate to North Hardin High.

Garrard County
• Garrard County High School, Lancaster

Grant County
• Grant County Schools: • Grant County High School, Dry Ridge • Williamstown Independent Schools: • Williamstown High School, Williamstown

Graves County
• Graves County Schools: • Graves County High School, Mayfield • Mayfield Independent Schools: • Mayfield High School, Mayfield

Grayson County
• Grayson County High School, Leitchfield

Harlan County
• Harlan County Public Schools: • Harlan County High School, Rosspoint (Baxter) • Harlan Independent Schools: • Harlan High School, Harlan

Green County
• Green County High School, Greensburg

Greenup County
• Greenup County Schools: • Greenup County High School, Lloyd (Greenup) • Raceland-Worthington Independent Schools: • Raceland-Worthington High School, Raceland • Russell Independent Schools: • Russell High School, Flatwoods (Russell) • This district not only includes the city of Russell, but also covers the cities of Bellefonte and Flatwoods. The high school is just on the Flatwoods side of the FlatwoodsRussell boundary, but in an area served by the Russell post office.

Harrison County
• Harrison County High School, Cynthiana

Hart County
• Caverna Independent Schools: • Caverna High School, Horse Cave • The Caverna district also covers the Barren County community of Cave City. • Hart County Schools: • Hart County High School, Munfordville

Henderson County
• Henderson County High School, Henderson

Hancock County
• Hancock County High School, Lewisport

Henry County
• Eminence Independent Schools: • Eminence High School, Eminence • Henry County Schools: • Henry County High School, New Castle


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List of high schools in Kentucky
• Youth Performing Arts School, Louisville • Western High School, Louisville • Private: • Assumption High School, Louisville • Beth Haven Christian School, Louisville • Christian Academy of Louisville, Louisville • DeSales High School, Louisville • Evangel Christian School, Louisville • Highlands Latin School, Louisville • Holy Cross High School, Louisville • Kentucky Country Day School, Louisville • Louisville Collegiate School, Louisville • Mercy Academy, Louisville • Portland Christian School, Louisville • Presentation Academy, Louisville • Sacred Heart Academy, Louisville • St. Francis High School, Louisville • St. Xavier High School, Louisville • Trinity High School, Louisville • Walden School, Louisville • Whitefield Academy, Louisville • State-operated: • Kentucky School for the Blind, Louisville Jefferson County also includes an independent school district, the Anchorage Independent School District, which operates a single K-8 school and no high school. Students in this district graduate to the Jefferson County Public Schools.

Hickman County
• Hickman County High School, Clinton

Hopkins County
• Dawson Springs Independent Schools: • Dawson Springs Community School, Dawson Springs (a K-12 facility that houses all grades) • Hopkins County Schools: • Hopkins County Central High School, Madisonville • Madisonville-North Hopkins High School, Madisonville

Jackson County
• Jackson County High School, McKee

Jefferson County
• Jefferson County Public Schools: • J. M. Atherton High School, Louisville • Ballard High School, Louisville • The Brown School, Louisville • Breckinridge Metro High School, Louisville • Buechel Metropolitan High School, Louisville • Suda E. Butler High School, Louisville • Central High School, Louisville • Harry Doss High School, Louisville • DuPont Manual Magnet High School, Louisville • Eastern High School, Louisville • Fairdale High School, Louisville • Fern Creek Traditional High School, Louisville • Iroquois High School, Louisville • Jeffersontown High School, Jeffersontown • Liberty High School, Louisville • Louisville Male High School, Louisville • Marion C. Moore High School, Louisville • Pleasure Ridge Park High School, Louisville • Seneca High School MCA, Louisville • Shawnee Magnet Career Academy, Louisville • Southern High School, Louisville • Valley Traditional High School, Louisville • Mayme S. Waggener Traditional High School, Louisville

Jessamine County
• East Jessamine High School, Nicholasville • West Jessamine High School, Nicholasville

Johnson County
• Johnson County Schools: • Johnson Central High School, Paintsville • Paintsville Independent Schools: • Paintsville High School, Paintsville

Kenton County
• Beechwood Independent School District: • Beechwood High School, Fort Mitchell • Covington Independent Public Schools: • Holmes Junior/Senior High School, Covington • Erlanger-Elsmere Schools: • Lloyd Memorial High School, Erlanger


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• The Kenton County School District: • Dixie Heights High School, Fort Mitchell • Scott High School, Taylor Mill • Simon Kenton High School, Independence • Ludlow Independent Schools: • Ludlow High School, Ludlow • Private: • Calvary Christian School, Covington • Covington Catholic High School, Park Hills • Covington Latin School, Covington • Holy Cross High School, Covington • Notre Dame Academy, Park Hills • St. Henry District High School, Erlanger • Villa Madonna Academy, Villa Hills

List of high schools in Kentucky
Independent School. The East Bernstadt district operates a single K-8 school, with no high school. Students in the East Bernstadt district may choose to attend either high school in the county district.

Lawrence County
• Lawrence County High School, Louisa

Lee County
• Lee County School District: • Lee County High School, Beattyville • Private: • Beattyville Christian Academy, Beattyville • Grace Baptist Academy, Beattyville

Knott County
• Knott County Schools: • Cordia High School, Cordia (Hazard) • Knott County Central High School, Hindman • Private: • June Buchanan School, Pippa Passes

Leslie County
• Leslie County High School, Hyden

Letcher County
• Jenkins Independent Schools: • Jenkins Middle High School, Jenkins • Letcher County Public Schools: • Letcher County Central High School, Ermine (Whitesburg)

Knox County
• Barbourville Independent Schools: • Barbourville High School, Barbourville • Knox County Public Schools: • Knox Central High School, Barbourville • Lynn Camp High School, Corbin Note: The Corbin Independent School District essentially covers the city of Corbin, which is located mostly in Whitley County but spreads into Knox County. Lynn Camp High is located outside the city limits of Corbin, though within the area served by the Corbin post office, and in the Knox County district.

Lewis County
• Lewis County High School, Vanceburg

Lincoln County
• Lincoln County High School, Stanford

Livingston County
• Livingston Central High School, Smithland

LaRue County
• LaRue County High School, Hodgenville

Logan County
• Logan County Schools: • Logan County High School, Russellville • Russellville Independent Schools: • Russellville High School, Russellville

Laurel County
• Laurel County Public Schools: • North Laurel High School, London • South Laurel High School, London • Private: • Cornerstone Christian School, Lily Laurel County also includes an independent school district, the East Bernstadt

Lyon County
• Lyon County High School, Eddyville


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List of high schools in Kentucky
• In December 2008, the district received state approval for a plan to consolidate all three schools into a single high school. No timetable has officially been set for the consolidation. • Paducah Public Schools: • Paducah Tilghman High School, Paducah • Private: • Community Christian Academy, Paducah • St. Mary High School, Paducah

Madison County
• Berea Independent Schools: • Berea Community High School, Berea • Madison County Schools: • Madison Central High School, Richmond • Madison Southern High School, Berea • Sui generis: • Model Laboratory School, Richmond • This K-12 school is not part of the Madison County district, and charges tuition, but it is also not totally private. It is instead operated by Eastern Kentucky University as a teacher training and educational research facility, as noted at the school’s official web site.

McCreary County
• McCreary Central High School, Stearns

Magoffin County
• Magoffin County High School, Salyersville

McLean County
• McLean County High School, Calhoun

Marion County
• Marion County High School, Lebanon

Meade County
• Meade County High School, Brandenburg

Marshall County
• Marshall County Schools: • Marshall County High School, Draffenville (Benton) • Private: • Christian Fellowship School, Briensburg (Benton)

Menifee County
• Menifee County High School, Frenchburg

Mercer County
• Burgin Independent Schools: • Burgin High School, Burgin • Mercer County Schools: • Mercer County Senior High School, Harrodsburg

Martin County
• Sheldon Clark High School, Inez

Metcalfe County
• Metcalfe County High School, Edmonton

Mason County
• Mason County Schools: • Mason County High School, Maysville • Private: • St. Patrick High School, Maysville

Monroe County
• Monroe County High School, Tompkinsville

McCracken County
• McCracken County Public Schools: • Heath High School, West Paducah • Lone Oak High School, Lone Oak (Paducah) • Reidland High School, Reidland (Paducah)

Montgomery County
• Montgomery County High School, Mount Sterling

Morgan County
• Morgan County High School, West Liberty


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List of high schools in Kentucky
• Hazard High School, Hazard • Perry County Schools: • Buckhorn High School, Buckhorn • Perry County Central High School, Hazard

Muhlenberg County
• Muhlenberg North High School, Greenville • Muhlenberg South High School, Greenville • The two schools are scheduled to consolidate into one county high school in 2009.

Pike County
• Pike County Schools: • Belfry High School, Belfry (South Williamson) • East Ridge High School, Lick Creek • Phelps High School, Phelps • Pike County Central High School, Pikeville • Shelby Valley High School, Pikeville • Pikeville Independent Schools: • Pikeville High School, Pikeville

Nelson County
• Bardstown City Schools: • Bardstown High School, Bardstown • Nelson County School District: • Nelson County High School, Bardstown • Private: • Bethlehem High School, Bardstown • Bluegrass Christian Academy, Bardstown (will be one in 2008-09) • Nelson County Baptist Church-School, Bardstown

Powell County
• Powell County High School, Stanton

Nicholas County
• Nicholas County Schools: • Nicholas County High School, Carlisle

Pulaski County
• Pulaski County Schools: • Pulaski County High School, Somerset • Southwestern High School, Somerset • Somerset Independent Schools: • Somerset High School, Somerset Pulaski County also includes an independent school district, the Science Hill Independent Schools. The Science Hill district operates a single K-8 school, with no high school. Students in that district may choose to attend any of the three public high schools in the county.

Ohio County
• Ohio County High School, Hartford

Oldham County
• Oldham County Schools: • Buckner Alternative High School, Buckner • North Oldham High School, Goshen • Oldham County High School, Buckner • South Oldham High School, Crestwood

Robertson County
• Deming High School, Mount Olivet

Owen County
• Owen County High School, Owenton

Rockcastle County
• Rockcastle County High School, Mount Vernon

Owsley County
• Owsley County High School, Booneville

Rowan County
• Rowan County Senior High School, Morehead

Pendleton County
• Pendleton High School, Falmouth

Perry County
• Hazard Independent Schools:

Russell County
• Russell County High School, Russell Springs


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List of high schools in Kentucky

Scott County
• Scott County High School, Georgetown

Washington County
• Washington County High School, Springfield

Shelby County
• Shelby County High School, Shelbyville

Wayne County
• Monticello Independent Schools: • Monticello Independent School, Monticello (a K-12 facility under one roof) • Wayne County School District: • Wayne County High School, Monticello

Simpson County
• Franklin-Simpson High School, Franklin

Spencer County
• Spencer County High School, Taylorsville

Webster County
• Webster County Schools: • Webster County High School, Dixon

Taylor County
• Campbellsville Independent Schools: • Campbellsville High School, Campbellsville • Taylor County Schools: • Taylor County High School

Whitley County
• Corbin Independent School District: • Corbin High School, Corbin • The school is in the portion of the city that lies in Whitley County. The city and the district are also partly in Knox County. • Whitley County School District: • Whitley County High School, Williamsburg • Williamsburg Independent Schools: • Williamsburg High School, Williamsburg

Todd County
• Todd County Central High School, Elkton

Trigg County
• Trigg County High School, Cadiz

Trimble County
• Trimble County High School, Bedford

Wolfe County
• Wolfe County High School, Campton

Union County
• Union County High School, Morganfield

Woodford County
• Woodford County High School, Versailles

Warren County
• Bowling Green Independent Schools: • Bowling Green High School, Bowling Green • Warren County Public Schools: • Greenwood High School, Bowling Green • Lighthouse Academy, Bowling Green • Warren Central High School, Bowling Green • Warren East High School, Bowling Green • Private • Anchored Christian School, Bowling Green

In addition to the above schools, one school located in Tennessee is a member of the Kentucky High School Athletic Association, the state’s governing body for high school sports. Fort Campbell High School is located in the Tennessee portion of the Fort Campbell Army base, but has always competed against Kentucky schools. Most of the base housing is in Kentucky, and the high school was once located on the Kentucky side of the base. Like Fort Knox High School, it is administered by the Kentucky District of the Department of


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Defense Domestic Dependent and Secondary Schools. Elementary

List of high schools in Kentucky

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