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Refer to Learning Outcomes (from your Course
Use a dictionary
Understand the process and content terms
Exceptionally clear instructions! (report template)
You are required to write a structured business report
between 2000 and 2500 words long to address the

1. Explain what a PEST analysis is.
2. Explain why it is important for an organisation to
conduct a PEST analysis.
3. Analyse the impact of the external macro-environment
on an organisation of your choice.
4. Provide recommendations for how your chosen
organisation could improve its future performance.
Recommendations should follow on from your analysis.
You MUST to use this template (provided below).

You MUST support your work with reference to academic
texts, journals, and models. Use of the internet should be
kept to an absolute minimum (except of course where you
are accessing academic resources e.g. online journals,
organisation specific literature, or government data).

You should only use the web if the information you require
cannot be obtained from, for example, reputable academic
sources, official Government sources, trade magazines,
quality newspapers, or your chosen organisation’s web
You MUST include hard copies of any web pages you use in
your appendix.
Answer all parts of the question (4 parts) – post-it
Use academic texts –
Quote theoretical models/concepts
Use evidence to support your points
Use Harvard Referencing
Remember it’s a Business Report not an essay – writing
is more focussed and information more accessible
Use the template provided
Use a thinking grid
Note down all bibliographic (title, author, publisher
etc) details
Read effectively – use a pen and questions
Show a variety of sources

Keep it organised
          E                            Main point
          E                                Explain

Every point must develop/ inform your argument
Check against the title
Use questions (in your head, not your essay)
Clarity is key
Use subject specific terminology
Keep sentence construction clear
Avoid emotive language
Avoid colloquial (chatty) language
Use appropriate grammar and punctuation to aid
What are the functions of the following punctuation
                ’ . : ; , , … [ ] “ ”

       A woman, without her man, is nothing.
       A woman: without her, man is nothing.
                           ANSWER THE QUESTION
                        Know what your talking about!
                                  THINK CRTICALLY
                Follow the conventions described here
  Aim for focus rather than breadth in your discussion
              Keep a subject specific vocabulary book
Always remember to put ALL of what’s in your head on
                                              the page
                           Reference all your sources!!
Harvard Referencing System (not footnotes)
When and why?
The difference between quotes and paraphrasing
You will be heavily penalised for failing to reference
The perils of plagiarism
Seek expert advice (Writing Specialist, Peer Writing
Tutors) to improve the way you do things
NOT just remedial support – we help many students
get firsts (and PhDs, and publish...)
Know how you learn (VARK)
Use feedback effectively (action plan)

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