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									Vendor Order Management Process – Invoice List and Inbound ERS Invoice

       Invoice List:

           As previously mentioned, the Invoice List allows you to search for invoice by PO number, Invoice number,
           Invoice Status, Buyer System, or date range. The Invoice List can be accessed after sending an invoice or by
           clicking the Invoice tab in Order Manager. There are four Invoice Types: Sent, Pending, Received, and

       A. Sent Invoice: This status indicates the invoice was successfully sent to Duke. Once the invoice is in this
          status, no further changes can be made to the invoice. You do have the ability to View or Print the invoice.

       B. Pending Invoice: This status indicates the invoice was saved, but not sent completely through yet. You have
          the ability to edit the invoice to make further changes and send it, print the invoice, and you can also delete
          the invoice from the system.
C. Cancelled Invoice: This status indicates that Duke cancelled the invoice.

D. Received Invoices: This status indicates that the invoice was an inbound ERS invoice sent by Duke. ERS
   invoices are sent from ERS orders already in the system. All functionality is the same for Received invoices,
   you can View/Print the invoices as well as check the Invoice Status & Remittance Advice information.

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