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									                                                 2009 - 2010 CAS FACULTY TRAVEL FUNDING REQUEST FORM
       Each voting member of CAS Governing Faculty is eligible for up to $1,200 maximum travel funding annually as detailed in Section I below, while funds last.
        Please apply as soon as you have a paper acceptance or invitation to present as funding is allocated on a first come, first awarded basis.

   Name:                                                                                                 Department:
Destination:                                                                                             Travel Dates:
                                             [City, State]                                                                           [Depart]                   [Return]

Conference Name:

Trip Number [required]:                                                                          Will you use a PCard for your travel expenses? YES     [   ]       NO [      ]

 I. Nature of Participation and Level of Reimbursement
          A. [ ] Presenting a paper or organizing a session by invitation                        Maximum funding: up to $1,200 of qualifying expenses
                                      [Copy of your paper acceptance notice is required with your funding request. Please attach to this form.]

               Paper Title:

           B. [ ] Participating as an officer                                                    Maximum funding: up to $600 of qualifying expenses
               Organization name & office held:

           C. [ ] Chairing a panel, session, workshop or colloquium                              Maximum funding: up to $600 of qualifying expenses

II. Estimated Costs:          A. Transportation [please check all that apply]:
               [ ] Airfare        [ ] Auto (# miles ________ x 55 cents* per mile)                     [ ] Train                       $
                              [ ] Airport/hotel shuttle or taxi service                                                                $
                              B. Lodging [ ______ nights at $___________ per night, single room rate]                                  $
                              C. Meals [$40 daily x _______ days]                                                                      $
                              D. Registration fee [only - NO individual membership fees covered]                                       $
                              E. Miscellaneous [baggage/hotel tips, airport parking]                                                   $
                              * Rate effective 01/01/2009; no local mileage allowed after 10/15/2009                TOTAL COSTS: $

III. International Travel Funding:             If you have already received an international travel grant from the Office of Research, you may apply for additional funding
                                               (up to the amount of the CAS annual limit you have remaining) as a supplement to the Office of Research grant.

                                    [ ]        Please check here if you are applying for supplemental international travel funds. Also, a copy of the Office of
                                               Research award notice and travel budget are required for this consideration.

IV. Class Assignments
          [ ] List classes affected & describe arrangements for coverage:

          [ ] No classes are affected by my absence.

               Traveler's Signature                                                                                                        Date

 V. Chairperson's Recommendation, Comments                                   [Please use back of page or attach memo, if desired]
         [ ] Support request                                                       [ ] Do not support request

               Chairperson's Signature                                                                                                     Date

                                             DEAN'S OFFICE USE ONLY - DO NOT WRITE OR DATE STAMP BELOW THIS LINE
Travel funding used/allocated to date:                                                                         Remaining funding eligibility:

          [ ] Approved funding in the amount of $                                                          [ ] Funding request not supported

               Dean's Signature                                                                                                            Date

          [ ] Travel expense report & receipts, or                      [ ] PCard statement and travel receipts due by:

     Department staff: Please send photocopies of completed expense report (or PCard statement/s) and travel receipts to the CAS Dean's Office for
                                    funding reimbursement to your Fund 10000 (General Fund) budget. Thank you.
Updated: 09/2009

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