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                              CSTS Enhancement Committee Minutes
Meeting Date: 12/09/2008                                               Minutes Prepared By: Carl Thelen, STI

Debbie Kerschner, MNDOC             Paul Schroeder, Ramsey               Carrie Stumne, STI
John Serre, ARC                     Sandi Sostak, MNDOC                  Carl Thelen, STI
Rachelle LaGree, Washington         Jessica Moe, Wright                  Barb King, STI

Discussion Items:

      The minutes from the November meeting were approved.

      Since Dan was not able to make the meeting, Carl agreed to take the meeting’s minutes.

      The committee welcomed John Serre from ARC. John was the agent appointee from the MACCAC delivery

      No one has been notified of the agent representative from the CPO counties. Carl will get an update at the
       CSTS Executive Committee meeting.

      Sandi Sostak agreed to serve out Todd Gau’s term as the committee’s chair until June 30, 2009. A motion
       to approve was passed.

      The committee continued its discussion on the juvenile mental health screening tracking capability.
       Agreement was made on the basic design. The decision was made not to create automatic agent work
       entries due to the complications of when to create a new item and the potential of significant data entry
       upkeep. Based on the discussion, STI will develop a specification document and present it at our next

      John Serre presented some new concepts for new CSTS features that would be useful to agents. Namely,
       a capability to create a contact frequency plan for clients. A message center feature would notify the
       agent of which clients are out of compliance. Time permitting, STI will develop a concept prototype for
       review and discussion at our next meeting.

      The committee began discussion and classifying enhancement requests, we got through the first 4 pages.
       This task will be continued at our next meeting.

Motions Passed:

      The minutes for the November 2008 meeting passed unanimously.
      Sandi Sostak was elected unanimously as interim chairperson until June 30, 2008

Agenda Items for the Next Meeting:

      Review the Mental Health Screening Tracking project specifications.
      Review the draft prototype for a new contact monitoring/compliance feature.
      Continue to review and prioritize the enhancement requests.

Next Meeting Date:
             The next meeting is on Tuesday, January 27 from 1:00 to 3:30 pm at STI.

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