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									        Cancel Land Current Value Report Application

To: Revenue Service Office, Tainan City

Substance: For the land sale contract had been cancelled, please approve
            cancel land current value report.
Explanation: Applicants signed a contract on 05/01/95 for transferring the
             land located at West Central District,Tyan Section, Plot No.
             20, And filed for land current report on 05/02/95 (receipt
             no.7008095001234 ). Because of loan question, both parties
             agreed to cancel this land sale contract, please approve cancel
             land transfer current value report.

              □⒈ Land sale contract, original copy.

              □⒉ Land value increment tax sheet.

                                                 (Signed)         (Sealed)

                 Applicant(Obligatory): Chang, Dah-Nian
                 Identification Number: D123456789
                 Address: No.96, Sec. 1, Jhongyi Rd., West Central District,
                            ainan City
                 Phone Number: (06)211-9611
                 Applicant (Rightowner):Chen,Sheau-Lin
                 Identification Number:A220123456
                 Address: No.200, Sec. 1, Jhongyi Rd., West Central District,
                            Tainan City
                  Phone Number:(06)216-0216

Date: 05/10/95

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