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  2009 CHECKLIST of Information Needed to Complete FEDERAL & STATE Income Tax Returns
     …provide all the information applicable to your returns--not all items apply to everyone & this is not an all-inclusive list…

 NEW CLIENTS: provide prior 1 to 3 years tax returns.                     Contributions of cash to US and Canadian charities are
 Was a $250 “Economic Recovery Payment” Received in 2009?                   deductible. Maintain a record of the contribution (bank record,
      Yes or No (Soc. Sec. recipients & SSI beneficiaries got it)            such as a cancelled check and written record from charity).
   Sales Receipts for all NEW Vehicles/Boats purchased in 2009            Miles driven for charitable purposes ____________miles, and
   W-2 Forms from all 2009 employers.                                       related out-of-pocket expenses $____________.
   1099 Statements for interest & dividends received in 2009              Contributions of personal items that are new or in good used
    (including descriptive capital gain statements that may be               condition (clothing, furniture, etc.) to recognized charities are
    separate from the 1099 statements)                                       deductible. (provide name, address, and receipts if items total
   NJ Rebates received: HOMESTEAD… $____________                            over $500 in value). Appraisals may be required if the value is
    SENIOR PROPERTY Tax FREEZE… $____________                                over $5,000. Miles driven to make the donations _________mi.
   Complete Year-end Statements from all investments - mutual             HOME - sale/purchase/refinanced - all closing documents,
    funds, IRAs, banks, non-taxable bonds, brokerage houses, etc. If         HUD statement, list of capital improvements & costs.
    received, provide original confirmation slips obtained at the time     Moving expenses (related to start of new job) - transportation &
    of purchase for each 2009 sale.                                          storage of house goods, travel, & lodging for day of move.
   If you had IRA withdrawals – provide the value of each IRA             Employee business expenses, if not reimbursed and not
    account at the beginning and end of the year.                            reported as income on your W-2, including: mileage, supplies,
   Details of all IRA and/or Keogh contributions made in 2009 for           union dues, travel expenses, seminar fees, subscriptions, hotel,
    both you and your spouse.                                                telephone, books, tools, temporary assignment expenses, job
   TOTAL tip income received $____________                                  related education, etc. Provide miles driven for business
   Unreported (to employer) tip income $____________                        purposes, commuting, and total miles driven for the year.
   Tax exempt income, e.g., Municipal Bonds.                              Fees paid for tax preparation, financial planning, investments,
   1099-G Forms - state tax refunds, unemployment compensation.             safe deposit box, IRA custodial fees, etc.
   W-2G Forms – certain gambling winnings.                                Childcare expenses incurred while working (include fees of
   Gambling winnings not on 1099-G, and gambling losses.                    nursery school, camps, etc., and each facility’s tax ID number
   SELF-EMPLOYMENT income and expenses for each business.                   and address.)
   Health insurance premiums paid for self-employed persons.              DEPENDENTS-Social Security Numbers, birth dates, and
   1099-B Statements - sales of stock, bonds, property, etc. (also          2009 income received by children and all other dependents.
    provide the original cost & date of purchase for each sale).           Social Security Numbers of divorced or separated spouses.
   1099-R Forms - pension & IRA distributions.                            Rent expense paid in 2009 $_________ Address of apartment:
   RENTAL income & expenses (interest, taxes, repairs, utilities,
    maintenance, capital improvements, etc.) for each property.            Adoption expenses paid (provide complete details).
   Total royalties received and related expenses.                         Review all home & business check registers for deductions.
   K-1 Statements from Partnerships, S-Corporations, Estates, and         Details of gifts of more than $13,000 (cash or property) to one
    Trusts, (including any supplementary capital gain statements).           or more people (directly or in trust)—for Gift Tax returns.
   SSA-1099 Statements - Social Security received.                        Details of amounts spent in 2009 for energy efficient im-
                                                                             provements to your main home (e.g., insulation, exterior win-
   1098-T Tuition Payments Statement and 1098-E Student Loan
                                                                             dows, heating/cooling systems, solar energy, solar water heat-
    Interest Statement.
                                                                             ing, fuel cell, small wind energy, or a geothermal heat pump).
   Details of COLLEGE expenses, by student, paid in 2009.
   Miscellaneous income, e.g., jury duty pay, bartering income, debt
                                                                           Details of any NEW and/or HYBRID VEHICLE purchased in
                                                                             2009 (year, make, model, credit amount-if known)
    cancellation, prizes, income from personal property rented, etc.
                                                                           NJ Residents Only -- Total cost (excluding sales tax) of all
   Alimony received and/or paid, including recipient’s last name and
                                                                             items purchased in Pennsylvania in 2009 that were subject to
    Social Security Number.
                                                                             PA sales tax AND were brought back to and used in New Jersey
   Medical/drug expenses, health & Long-term care insurance
                                                                             (use educated guess, if necessary) $______________
    premiums, and medical travel (incl. auto mileage/tolls/parking).
                                                                           USE TAX… Total cost of all items purchased in a state other
   Amount received from health insurance & Medicare for medical
                                                                             than your home state in 2009 and on which NO sales tax was
    expenses, i.e., reimbursements.
                                                                             paid (but which would have been subject to the NJ sales tax if
   Amounts and dates of Federal, State, and Local (if applicable)           purchased in NJ) $_______________
    ESTIMATED TAX payments made in 2009.
                                                                           NJ Residents – Does every dependent have HEALTH
   Real Estate taxes paid during 2009 (home, 2nd home, land).               INSURANCE COVERAGE on the projected date your NJ
   Interest paid on primary residence and second homes, land,               return will be filed? If NO, please explain ________________
    etc., to financial institutions (Form 1098) or individuals (provide   ______________________________________________________
    their Social Security Number), includes second mortgages, equity       Other comments/questions _____________________________
    loans, equity lines, etc.                                             ______________________________________________________
   Mortgage Insurance Premiums paid in 2009 for insurance                ______________________________________________________
    contracts entered into after 2006 $__________________                 ______________________________________________________

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