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					5.0 billion to 4.6 billion years ago

   Gas, dust, and matter from exploded stars
    eventually coalesced through gravity into
    a swirling mass known as the "solar
    nebula", which was centered around the
    newly formed sun. The swirling dust would
    eventually coalesce from gravity to form
    the planets.
            The Japanese legend
The story begins with a floating amorphous mass, similar to the slithery substance
 of an egg but moving more like a jelly-fish. From this there emerges a reed-like
 object, which produces eight generations of brother-and-sister gods.

The eighth pair of gods are Izanagi (The Male Who Invites) and Izanagi (The
Female Who Invites). Standing on the Floating Bridge of Heaven, they lean down
to stir the brine of the sea with a lance. The liquid begins to curdle and forms an
island. The two gods come down on to it, and build a Central Pillar. Behind this
they come together, in a delightful passage of Divine innocence, to try and create
more islands and gods.
Their first products are flawed (a child which cannot stand at the age of three, an
island composed of foam). This turns out to be because the woman spoke first in
their sexual encounter. With due formality established, they create many gods -
including those of the eight islands of Japan.
The gods proliferate (soon there are 8 million) and they have many dramatic
adventures, establishing such basic patterns of life as day and night, summer
and winter. Eventually the Sun goddess sends her grandson, Ninigi, to rule the
Central Land of Reed Plains. This is Japan.
Ninigi is granted three treasures as symbols of his rule - a jewelled necklace
(symbolizing benevolence), a mirror (purity) and a sword (courage). His great-
grandson Jimmu-Tenno is listed in Japanese legend as the first emperor. A
necklace, mirror and sword are still the Japanese imperial symbols, kept in an
inner sanctuary of Shinto shrines
   The God created the world
God was the creator of the earth.
By using his power, he created everything. On first day, he
created day and night. The second day, he created ocean
and sky. The third day, he gathered ocean in one place and
let the dry land be earn greater light will rule.
         The Myth of China legend
In the beginning, the universe was a chaotic swirl of elements in the shape of an egg.
Inside the egg shape, the elements formed two opposites: the Yin and Yang.

The Yin (the female principle) and Yang (the male principle) gave birth to a god, Pan Gu.
   The egg ruptured and split open.

The lighter elements, Yang, floated to the top, while the heavier ones, Yin, sank to the
   bottom. Between them lay Pan Gu, who began to grow.

Everyday, for eighteen thousand years, Pan Gu grew ten feet.

As he became taller, he lifted the lighter part of the elements and created heaven. The
    heavier parts remained beneath his feet and became the earth.

Weary after so much labor, Pan Gu died. His breath became the wind and clouds.

His voice echoed as rumbles of thunder. His flesh became the fields and ground, and the
    trees and grass were his hair. His left eye climbed into the sky as the sun, and his
    right eye glistened at night as the moon.

His blood flooded into rivers, lakes, and the ocean. His teeth and bones splintered into
    metal and rock.

Priceless jewels were formed from the marrow within his bones. His sweat fell out of the
    sky as rain and dew.
The fleas and bugs that lived on his body became animals and people.
                            TITLE: Our Earth

TITLE: 5.0 billion to 4.6
billion years ago

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