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					                               N O V E M B E R                    2 0 1 0

        Czech-ing Our Prague-ress
                Corpus 4 serving at the Christian International School of Prague

                                                                             Life = Worship
                                                                         How priceless is your love, Oh Lord!
                                                                          People take refuge in the shadow of
                                                                            your wings. They feast on the
                                                                          abundance of your house; you give
                                                                        them drink from your river of delights.
                                                                        For with you is the fountain of life; in
                                                                        your light we see light. Psalm 36: 5-9
                                                                           In all that we say and do, we
                ~Not so foreign~                                        pray that the Lord will remind us
                                                                            that we serve Him and Him
This month we all felt a little more at home, here in Prague. We          alone. While we learn Czech
are figuring out transportation and shopping for groceries. We are            and feel encouraged or
getting the swing of things at the school, already completing our 1st    discouraged; while we minister
quarter and sending out report cards. Heidi and Valerie seem to be       to the homeless; while we teach
transitioning well and are caught up in all of their classes. We are      students; while we learn from
                                                                            our students. We are most
building relationships with the students and we know that God is
                                                                        thankful that we are able to serve
on the move in the Czech Republic. We found a church to serve             the King, because of the death
alongside and are finding even more opportunities to minister with           and resurrection of Jesus!
ICP. (International Church of Prague)

Praise Report & Prayer Requests
Apartment!             Colds                   Wisdom
Praise the Lord we     We spent most of the    As Vincent takes
                       month sick. Some days
found an apartment                             on a leadership
                       we stayed home, other
in our budget and      days we managed.        role with Youth
near the school!!      Pray with us for good   Praha                           Chapel
  CZECH-ING OUR PRAGUE-RESS                                                              NOVEMBER 2010

From Fall to Winter                                           NOV. 1st
Our Texas friends and supporters will
understand our fascination with the fluffy
white stuff heretofore unknown to us. By
November 29th we were dragging our feet                                           NOV. 29th
through 6 inches of snow! The city is so beautiful
in the white. We will enjoy it while we can. But
we also remember our homeless “neighbors” who face a terrible
winter. Extra soup and coffee are easy to offer. We will continue to
                                           give to the needy at
                                            every opportunity!
                                                   Discipleship & Evangelism
                                                   The interesting thing about CISP is that we have
                                                   a mixture of Christians and Non-Christians, 93 students from
                                                   34 different countries. We are seeing fruit in both areas. One
                                                   of our students is openly atheist, but we see changes in him as
                                                   a result of his time here. He sees how we genuinely love and
                                                   care for each other here. He knows there is something
                                                   different about us. Pray that the Lord will soften his heart
                                                   and that he will be saved. “By this all people will know that
                                                   you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”
                                                   John 13:35

 Thanksgiving Day
 CISP does allow us to be off for the American
 Thanksgiving Day celebration. Being away from
 our family this time of year was a little challenging.
 Especially for the girls. But the Lord blessed us
 with “Aunts” and “Uncles” here and we enjoyed a
 time of thanks and fellowship with dear friends here
 in Prague! God is Good!

                                                   Light in the Dark
                                                   The days are very short here. The picture to the left
                                                   was taken around 4 in the afternoon. Many people
                                                   here struggle with darkness depression. Please pray
                                                   with us that the enemy would not have his way in the
                                                   thoughts and hearts of our friends and colleagues.
                                                   “We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against
                                                   the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey
                                                   Christ,” 2 Corinthians 10:5

 CZECH-ING OUR PRAGUE-RESS                                              NOVEMBER 2010

  Happy Birthday!
  This month we celebrated Valerie’s and Vincent’s
  birthday. Valerie enjoyed making pizzas with her
  friends at a local restaurant. Vincent enjoyed
  Thanksgiving with friends and the gift from his
  mother—a night at the movie theater. The movie was
  even in English! Phew. Our Czech is improving but
  we are not “there” yet!

                                      Thank you for
                                   Prayers and Support!

Contact us!
Skype: vincent.corpus or kristine.corpus

Support Status

The Lord has blessed us with the provision of several new supporters. Please continue to
pray with us that our support account will not fall into the red. We still need about $400
per month. Meanwhile, we trust that God will provide what we need, when we need it!

Donations can be given:
   • By check. Please write our RCE account number on the memo: 12908
   • Electronic Funds Transfer is available with RCE.
   • And RCE has now made it possible to give to our support account by a credit card!
Visit the website to learn how. Bear in mind that the credit card transaction fees will come
from your donation.

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