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					                                      BINA T. DAGAR

                 Insurance/Reinsurance and Commercial Arbitrator
                                President, Ameya Consulting, LLC
                                     25 Cedar Parkway North
                                      Livingston, NJ 07039
Tel: (973) 716-9496                                  e-mail:
Fax: (973) 486- 0872                                 website:


University of Pennsylvania, B. A. - magna cum laude.
Professional Reinsurance Certification from the College of Insurance/St. John’s University.

Areas of Specialization:

Arbitration/mediation; coverage dispute resolution; expert testimony; due diligence analysis;
contract wording analysis; reinsurance recoveries; and reinsurance functions such as seasonal
underwriting and audits.

Arbitration Rosters:

      Arbitrators Directory, Reinsurance Association of America (RAA);
      Certified Arbitrator, AIDA Reinsurance & Insurance Arbitration Society (ARIAS-U.S.);
      Panel Member of ARIAS (U.K.);
      CPR's Panels of Distinguished Neutrals;
      Roster of Neutral Arbitrators, USCIB/International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Continuing Education:

          Intensive Arbitrator Training Workshop, February 24, 2004 (Sponsor ARIAS-U.S.)
          Various Arbitration Conferences from 2004 to date earning CLE credits of over 40
          ICC Arbitration Workshop (Sponsor: International Chamber of Commerce under the
           auspices of the International Court of Arbitration), San Francisco, CA, June 2007 and
           Montreal, Canada, May 2008.
           Second Annual Conference on International Arbitration and Mediation – 2007
            (Sponsor: ADR Program and Louis Stein Center for Law and Ethics, Fordham Law

           Roundtable discussion on Cross-Cultural Diversity in Mediation, July 2007 (Sponsor

           AAA's International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR)-sponsored 2007 Fall
            Conference focusing on Latin America, the European Union and ICDR's technology for
            ADR Services.

           Fordham Dispute Resolution Society's Second Annual Vis International Arbitration
            Practice Moot in February 2008. Served as volunteer arbitrator in three sessions.

           The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Membership Training Program, September 2008.

           Transformative Mediation Training (ongoing) at the Institute for Mediation and Conflict
            Resolution (IMCR), New York, December 2008.


Ameya Consulting, LLC - Livingston, NJ                                                    Present
As a Reinsurance Consultant in private practice, I have arbitrated in disputes for insurance and
reinsurance companies; I have provided expert testimony relating to industry practice, warranties
and misrepresentations and other reinsurance underwriting issues; performed underwriting audits
on run-off and on-going portfolios, and reconciled retrocession portfolios for recoveries.

Everest Reinsurance Company (formerly Prudential Re), Liberty Corner, NJ            1993-2001
As Vice President and Unit Manager in the International Department, I was responsible for
developing new markets in Africa, re-underwriting the existing Caribbean and Home/Foreign
property and casualty treaty books (covering London market, pan European and worldwide
business) and enhancing the division's overall returns. Assisted by a staff of one associate
underwriter and one technical assistant, I managed a revenue which doubled to $23 million from
$14 million in the targeted new regions of Africa and Home/Foreign. Along with the Caribbean
book, I achieved a C/R of 75%. The revenue stream reached a high of $40 million. My portfolio
included a small book of Specialty business (4 programs) with worldwide and indigenous
country exposures - Directors' and Officers' Liability and a bundled program of Kidnap &
Extortion, Products Tampering, and Workplace Violence. The specialty nature of these treaties
required a regular review and vigilance of the accounts, contract wording interpretation, and
coverage issues with regard to claims, extra contractual obligations and declaratory judgment

As Unit Manager in the U.S. region, I was responsible for planning and directing all facets of a
Treaty portfolio management. I had a staff of two assistant underwriters and one management

Bina T. Dagar - C.V.                         2                                       01/09
trainee and managed a book of nationwide main-street property and small-to-medium sized
mutual companies' multi-line treaty business with a revenue stream of $20 million. I established
and implemented strategic plans and created a targeted marketing program for business
development. I evaluated clients to establish a quality portfolio of profitable business, which
entailed consultation with actuaries to obtain adequate pricing.

SCOR Reinsurance Company, New York, NY                                              1989-1993
As Assistant Vice President in the treaty department, I managed and underwrote a portfolio of
Domestic U.S., Home/Foreign (London market and European portfolio), and International
business, on both a direct and brokered basis. I conducted audits and marketed business sources
and intermediaries to obtain new business and increased shares on existing treaties. Pricing
functions included CAT modeling analysis and exposure management. I maintained close
communications with actuaries to devise adequate rating and increased premium volume from
$11 million to $18 million while maintaining a profitable book. As part of my home/foreign
responsibilities, I underwrote specialty lines such as Space, Homeowners' Warranty and
Extended Warranty, Political Risk, Nuclear and Decennial Liability treaties. These labor-
intensive treaties required constant monitoring to ensure continued pricing adequacy and
exposure management. To ensure continued profitability, I conducted an average of 10 audits
per year on existing portfolio and prospective business.

In 1992, I was charged with overseeing the management of UNISTRAAT, the Political Risk
Underwriting Agency of SCOR; my responsibilities included oversight of MGA's strategic plans.
 I conducted quarterly on-site audits/evaluations of the book of business to ensure adherence to
underwriting guidelines and policies as well as authority levels, to evaluate pricing, and terms
and conditions to maintain a standard of market profitability, and to ensure that the entity's
policies and procedures were in accordance with their reinsurance agreement. I also oversaw the
purchase of reinsurance and its administration to confirm security of reinsurers and to obtain
competitive terms and conditions.

CIGNA International (now Ace), Philadelphia, PA                                       1984-1989
As a Manager in the Ceded Reinsurance department, I managed CIGNA Worldwide's internal
treaty reinsurance program and designed, priced and purchased reinsurance for affiliated
companies and subsidiaries in Latin/South America, the Middle East and the Pacific region. In
addition, I audited the ceded reinsurance portfolio as well as managed the reinsurance recoveries
on Casualty, Political Risk and Export Credit run-off business. I succeeded in recovering $13
million, the full amount outstanding.

As a management consultant in CIGNA Systems, I conducted on-site operational audits to
streamline CIGNA's worldwide entities to comply with home office requirements and was
appointed on a blue ribbon committee to evaluate pricing mechanisms employed by the
worldwide entities.

Bina T. Dagar - C.V.                        3                                      01/09
Munich Reinsurance Company - U.S. Branch, New York, NY                                  1977-1984
As a facultative underwriter, I initiated and developed the formal process and implemented a
facility to write facultative business. I created and implemented a model that spanned the initial
recording of the submission to the final issuance of a certificate. I also designed the facultative
certificate wording to comport with industry practice, internal legal requirements, and client
needs. In 1981 I obtained training in the head office in Munich and thereafter, underwrote treaty
and facultative business and conducted audits.

Areas of Experience:
       Insurance and Reinsurance Company Arbitration;
       International and Domestic General Business Practices;
       Industry practice and Property & Casualty Underwriting Expert Testimony;
       Coverage Disputes involving various lines of business/areas including:
        -       Property and Catastrophe Reinsurance
        -       General Liability
        -       Political Risk
        -       Products Recall; Kidnap and Extortion; Workplace Violence
        -       Professional Liability
        -       Misrepresentation or Omission
       Reinsurance Underwriting - functions and procedures; Claim Issues;
       Reinsurance Contract Wording Review and Interpretation;
       Run off Issues to resolve outstanding balances with reinsurers;
       Company Management/Operational Issues; MGA-related issues;
       Ceded Reinsurance; Retrocessions; and Reinsurance Collections.

Summary of Consulting/Dispute Resolution Experience:

The following are some examples of my consulting work:
               Ameya was retained in May 2005 to conduct an on-site review of underwriting and
claims files of an MGA in runoff that had written reinsurance on behalf of the client. The review
encompassed the evaluation of the nature and scope of the liabilities; adherence to contract terms
and issues (such as retrocessions) or representations that may have impacted coverage and claims.
The analysis entailed a detailed examination of the files to extract relevant information and to
assess mitigation options of the exposures and liabilities in order to effect a strategically viable
closure of the book.
              Ameya was retained by a reinsurer in January 2006 to conduct an on-going
evaluation of underwriting files of an insurer in liquidation; to investigate the terms and conditions
relevant to the facultative agreement; and to undertake a fact finding mission to inspect existing
documents with the general endeavor to ascertain coverage.
               Ameya was retained by a large insurance company in April 2007 and August 2008
to conduct reviews of insurance and reinsurance companies' claims files; these audits involved a
review and verification of latent environmental and asbestos claims paid and outstanding as
contractually agreed between the two parties.

Bina T. Dagar - C.V.                          4                                        01/09
The following are examples of my arbitration and expert testimony work:
              In 2003, I completed deposition testimony, key witness testimony and arbitration
support to a law firm in New Jersey for a large-scale arbitration involving damages in a reinsurance
dispute under arbitration and an application for rescission of the international treaty between a large
reinsurer and prominent insurer. I conducted a detailed investigative review of the underwriting
and claims files to assess the methodology and discipline utilized to rate and underwrite the
business and to examine and evaluate the claim characteristics that formed the focus of the
defendant's case. My work was used to prepare defense counsel for Plaintiff's expert deposition and
for the impending arbitration hearing. The case was settled to the plaintiff's satisfaction in 2003.
                In 2005, I was engaged by a law firm in New York to serve as a party-appointed
arbitrator for a large international reinsurer in a dispute involving worker's compensation carve-out
business. This ongoing dispute concerns audit findings that reveal alleged violation of the
reinsurance agreement.
              In 2005, I was engaged by a New-York based law firm as an arbitrator to resolve a
dispute between a reinsurance company and its captive; the arbitration clause called for resolution
in accordance with UNCITRAL rules. The case was settled in December 2005.
               In 2006, I was engaged as a party-appointed arbitrator by a large insurance company
for a disagreement about payment obligations by a risk management services company. The case
was settled in 2006.
              In 2007, I was appointed umpire in a dispute between two large international
insurance companies. The arbitration arose from the interpretation of the contractual agreement
regarding bad faith and punitive damages. The case was settled.
                I am currently engaged as a party-appointed arbitrator in two cases involving large
international insurers and their reinsurers over outstanding claims payment disputes under several
facultative certificates issued to insureds and with regard to treaty language.

Industry Activities and Publications:

Professional Affiliations:
       Certified Arbitrator with ARIAS-U.S.;
       Member of and Arbitrator on the ARIAS-U.K. Roster of Neutrals;
       Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London;
       Advisor to the Board of Directors of the Association of Professional Insurance Women
        (APIW) - 2006-present;
       Member of ARIAS-U.S. Ethics and International Committees;
       Member of the Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Runoff Companies (AIRROC)
        Publications Committee;
       Member of U.S. Council for International Business (USCIB), an affiliate of the
        International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).


Bina T. Dagar - C.V.                          5                                         01/09
Terrorism: A Global Perspective, Published in Mealey's Litigation Report: Reinsurance,
September 16, 2004.

Perspective: Audits can Provide Reinsurers an Edge in a Complex Market, Published in the
Industry Focus section of Business Insurance, February 21, 2005.

The Reinsurance Underwriting Audit: An Essential Process, Published in RISE, the CPCU
Society's news magazine, Vol. 24, Number 1, December 2006.
Reprinted in the Journal of Reinsurance, a publication of the Intermediaries & Reinsurance
Underwriters Association (IRU, Inc.), Vol. 14 No. 1, Winter 2007.


       Speaker at American Conference Institute's Roundtable on Reinsurance Arbitrations in
        September 2004 and February 2005.
       Speaker and Moderator at ARIAS' Arbitrators' Conferences in May 2005; November 2006;
        and May 2008 about current arbitration issues.
       Speaker at the American Bar Association's conference in August 2008 and
       Speaker at the Practicing Law Institute's (PLI) Reinsurance Law program in September

Bina T. Dagar - C.V.                      6                                    01/09

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