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					Stakeholder Analysis Template
                                                                                           Stakeholder Type
Group               Key Representative         Reviewer       Providers       Related        Output
                                                                              Project        Deliverer

UK Head Office      Mr X                       b

IT Team             Mrs J                      b               b                              b

1. Hide columns you don't need, in order to make this template easier to read
2. Aggregate columns or pick out specific ones if reporting the analysis to reviewers or discussion groups. This table is probabl
keholder Type
            Outcome     Outcome             Output          Internal/External    Priority (High/   Direct/Indirect
            Accountable Impacted            Utiliser                             Med/ Low)         Involvement

             b               b                              Internal             High              Direct

             b               b                              Internal             High              Direct

ion groups. This table is probably too detailed to fit into most A4 sized documents.
Relationship with /   Goals / Success Criteria         Impact on Project
Interest in project

Project Owner         On time, to budget               Over-all control

Manager               Issue visibiilty. User satisfaction. Day-to-day management
What does the project need         Impact of Project                 Potential Issues or Concerns
from this group?

Approval                           (1)Budgetary (2)Solution review   Specificity. Fit for purpose. User
                                   (3)Credibility                    engagement.
Direction. Information. Support.   Time. Credibility. Review.        Responsiveness.
Contacts                           Documentation.                    Awareness/understanding of
Needs                             Management Strategy /
                                  Method of Communication

Scope definition. Cost definition. Review meeting

Regular meetings. Single point    Weekly phone call. Ad-hoc face
of contact.To understand and      to face meetings. Workshops
approve solution and to be kept
informed of all developments.

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