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									     3rd Annual Gay-Straight Alliance Leadership Summit

                                  February 26, 2010

                             CALL for PROPOSALS

Common Roads, a project of the LGBT Center Coalition of Central Pennsylvania, and Dickinson
College are pleased to present the 3rd Annual Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Leadership Summit.
This Summit is an opportunity for students and professionals to meet, network and participate in
workshops designed to help everyone better understand and advocate for lesbian, gay, bisexual,
transgender, questioning and allied youth in central Pennsylvania and beyond.

The GSA Leadership Summit is the only event of its kind in central Pennsylvania, where
LGBTQA students and professionals have a day-long safe space to share stories, learn new
skills, and work toward making central Pennsylvania a more welcoming place for all people!

This Summit is designed to provide theoretical perspectives, educational practice
recommendations, and opportunities to discuss the challenges encountered in high school and
college gay-straight alliances and similar student organizations. The conference will provide
seminars, panels, and discussion groups on three tracks: for trainers and educators, for high
school students, and for college students, as well as open-interest sessions. Proposals are now
being accepted for the third annual conference, which will be held at Dickinson College
(Carlisle, PA) on Friday, February 26, 2009.

We welcome proposals that present research-based findings related to “best practices” for high
schools and colleges, as well as interactive sessions to help build the skills of high school and
college student leaders of GSAs, and theoretical perspectives that provide educational
experiences to attendees. Submissions must be received by November 1, 2009.

We especially encourage proposals that focus on the following topics: body image, student
leadership development, club fundraising strategies, coalition-building, defining your GSA’s
mission and purpose, legal issues (for professionals), and intersections with race, ethnicity,
nationality, or socio-economic status.

The day-long conference will include lectures, panel presentations, hands-on workshops, and
roundtable discussions. All sessions are 60-75 minutes in length. Presenters will be required to
pre-register for the Summit, and will be offered discounted registration fees but they will not be
otherwise compensated. Applicants will be notified regarding the status of their proposals by
December 31st, 2009.


1. A completed copy of the Presenter’s Submission Cover Sheet. (see next page 3; signature
   is assumed on email).

2. A long word abstract that will provide adequate information for the GSA summit
   organizers to evaluate the merits of the submission, 500-1,000 words in length. (see page

3. A brief abstract for publication in the program and on our website, not more than 150
   words in length. (see page 5)

4. A brief bio for publication in the program and on our website, not more than 150 words
   in length. (see page 6)

           2010 GSA Leadership Summit Presentation Proposal Cover Sheet
1. Type of Presentation:

           ___    Individual Presentation                       ___      Panel of Presenters

           ___    Workshop                                      ___      Discussion Session

           ___    Other, explain _____________________________________________________

2. Track:

           ___    High School Student                           ____     College Student

           ___    Professional                                  ____     General

2. Title of Presentation:


3. Name and Degree of Principal Presenter:

4. Affiliation:

5. Contact Information:

Address:          __________________________________________________________________


Phone:            __________________________________________________________________

Email:            __________________________________________________________________

6. Names of Co-Presenters or Additional Panelists (if known):


7. Audio-visual needs:

8. Restrictions on time of presentation (please indicate if you can only present in the morning, or before 4 pm, etc.):





12. Acceptance of Responsibility: By submitting this proposal, you are agreeing that if it is
accepted, you will present it or arrange for a qualified substitute in your place. You acknowledge
that you, and all co-presenters will pay for the reduced summit registration fee ($15) should your
presentation proposal be accepted, and that travel, hotel and other expenses you may incur
related to the conference are your responsibility.

Due to space and time constraints, and to provide a variety in presentation content and format,
not all submissions will be accepted.

Signature: ________________________________________ Date: ______________________
*If submitting electronically, no signature is needed. The submission coming from your email
will serve as your signature

     Submissions should be sent to Louie Marven,
 Please attach the cover sheet and abstracts as a Word document to your email. If you do
            not receive an email confirmation within one week, please resubmit.
         All submissions must be received no later than November 1st, 2009


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