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					                                               John L. Inman, Ed.M., PHR

2850 SW Indian Circle                                                                        Cell: (541) 497-3774
Redmond, OR 97756                                                                           Home: (541) 526-0613

                                                     Career Summary
Over 25 years building organizational practices and structures attracting and retaining high quality team members and
profitably delivering high value to customers. Develops trust and rapport with people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, ages,
and professional and technical levels. Leads organizational change, fosters team cohesion and increases employee morale and
performance. Agile in dynamic environments and able to move initiatives forward successfully.

   15 years business development and partner relations               10 years leading teams
   10 years leadership and organization development                  10 years organizational consulting

T-Mobile USA, Redmond, OR                                                                                   12/06 – Current

          Leadership Development Manager
Recruited into position at 800-person customer care call center as part of a national leadership development team deployed in
the call centers nationally.

Responsible for performance coaching, consulting, & development of leadership team of 95 in Redmond.

  Designed transformation based on The World Cafe to eliminate 7 years of leadership infighting. Highly successful
  Updated coach WBT for division wide roll out based on input from SR leadership division team
  Partnered with bottom performing TM to help her move performance. Moved her from last in call center to third in call
   center through my observations and coaching.
  Developed and deployed fully web based "Coach Performance Skills" coach development web curriculum.
  Ran operational teams for a four month period. Intense on floor participation in operations including one on ones with
   each coach, observations, PIP, reviews, Huddles, etc.
  Developed Rapport Training for site and rolled out through operations site wide
  Launched and completed a site wide coaching observation plan recreating culture of observations on site.

KAH-NEE-TA, Warm Springs, OR                                                                                    08/04 – 12/06

        OD and Training Manager
Recruited into $20 million dollar, 300 employee, Indian resort/casino to transform leadership and management practice,
employee performance, morale and retention, and operations.

Responsible for training and development of management and team members, leadership team and manager on duty program,
grievance process, and leading employee recognition team. Assistant HR manager. Manage $90,000 development budget.

 Increased retention, service, cultural understanding, and respect by developing a 2-day orientation program based on
  cultural framework with published 90-page manual. Trained over 280 existing and new employees.
 Increased passion and commitment at all levels of organization by leading a transformation intervention of the 10 member
  senior team designed to remove silos and create collaboration.
 Reduced employee manager conflict, improved agility of staff, and increased focus on customer by working with
  management to define and manage to standards. Defined roles that fit fluid nature of work in departments.
 Improved management effectiveness, reduced disciplinary actions, and increased employee performance by developing and
  delivering a 10-week online college credited leadership development program.
 Improved performance, retention, and morale by coaching management in employee development.
 Achieved certification for property in customer service from Oregon Tourism Department, and reduced customer
  complaints by 50% by developing and delivering customer service training to +300 member team.
 Improved coaching, mentoring, and employee relations by leading grievance committee hearings and participating in
  employee discipline meetings.

John Inman Resume

SPIRIT MOUNTAIN CASINO, Grand Ronde, OR                         06/02 - 06/04

           Training Supervisor
Referred to $150 million dollar, 1,500 employee Indian gaming organization by major professor in masters program after
losing technology marketing and sales position.

Responsible for coaching and development of 400-person food and beverage department, orienting new team members to
department, and for leadership and management development. Manage $20,000 training budget.

 Reduced staff/management conflict and improved morale in department of 400 after implementing coaching based on
  evaluation of existing OD/training initiatives leading to restructuring and refocusing of efforts.
 Drove professional development of managers by creating and facilitating weekly "Conversation Circles” for 15 managers
  from across enterprise on coaching and management issues.
 Improved performance and reduced misunderstandings by training team of 35 supervisors and managers in assigning work
  based on work assignment and process improvement tools and concepts I developed.
 Improved employee performance, reduced turnover, and increased levels of confidence and capabilities in staff to deliver
  value by creating front line mentor/trainer program.
 Improved morale in both managers and line staff through development of standards and expectations for work and team
  resulting in management to clear standards rather than subjective confrontations typical of division.
 Developed performance alignment framework for corporation.

FIRST PACIFIC CORPORATION, Salem, OR                                                                              04/01 – 01/02

           Sr. VP Sales and Marketing
Recruited by general manager to $20 million dollar 120 person privately held Dental Practice-Management Company to help
transform sales and marketing of company to compete in market.

Responsible for development of marketing and communication strategies to compete in competitive market, for coaching and
mentoring field sales staff in consultative sales process, and for VP of Sales, 15 sales people, marketing manager, and staff of
5 marketing professionals. Managed $2 million dollar sales and marketing budget.

 Increased lead generation for sales force by 30% by delivering redesigned direct marketing and communication program
  after assessment of sales and marketing efforts for company.
 Improved client understanding and sales conversions of leads by 20% through development of financial models to
  communicate value proposition to clients on difficult practice management solutions.
 Improved ability of sales force of 15 to consult with clients and create and keep customers by designing, implementing, and
  completing consultative sales training.
 Increased sales before 9/11 by annualized $2 million dollars. After 9/11, new sales conversions were depressed.

PLACEWARE, Portland, OR                                                                                           08/00 – 02/01

           Director of Marketing Programs
Joined Placeware ESD division in Portland, an internet c ompany delivering web conferencing solutions, to take advantage of
substantial stock options, attractive salary offering, contribute at high level, and be part of IPO.

Responsible for defining new market verticals to reposition organization for growth and acquisition.

 Delivered full marketing plan with financial projections, applications, value propositions, training, and sales tools after
  researching financial silo and creating full marketing campaign.
 Designed reposition strategy to build market acceptance for slow-moving solution based on personal identification of new
  CRM and Enterprise Portal market drivers to help sales position product.
John Inman Resume

INTERACTIVE NORTHWEST, INC., Tualatin, OR                                                                        07/94 – 08/00

           Director Business Development, Senior Executive
CEO asked me to build market and partnerships in one of first companies to provide combined expertise in network and host
connectivity, database integration, and telephony networks to deploy advanced communication solutions.

Responsible for building relationships with Application Sales Consultants and branches in AT&T/Lucent/Avaya as they went
through evolution, create INI as vendor of choice from field of 15 licensed ISV's for Bell Labs.

 Helped lead firm from 4 people and $450,000 in sales in 1993 to 300% growth to $1.5 million dollars in sales 1994 and
  $3.5 million dollars in sales and 35 people in 1995.
 Led firm to 60 employees and $6 million dollars in sales into 1997.
 Instrumental in setting up and running yearly strategic planning process leading to planned operational growth.
 Created higher loyalty and sales to end users by traveled nationally, developing and training branch sales people in selling
  complex mission critical software solutions.
 Personal highest volume sales unmatched since organization founded based on ability to consult and construct solutions
  that effectively solved problems of client and made channels successful.
 Created roll out of product line including training, partnering, marketing, value proposition, and direct sales of product.
  Resulted in rapid acceptance in channels of new solution leading to quick sales conversions.

JOHN INMAN AND ASSOCIATES, INC., Portland, OR                                                                     03/91 - 07/94

          Owner, Organizational Development and Quality Consultant
Started OD and Process Improvement consulting business to help small to medium size enterprises create quality
management and customer responsiveness. Represented Pecos River Learning Centers interventions as a Pecos Partner for
Larry Wilson. Primary product "Drive to Target: Building Integrity into Organizations".

Subject matter expert in leadership, coaching, marketing, sales, strategic planning, process, communication, retention, and
service. Clients included Hart Crowser, TriMet, State Farm Ins, DeMar, Skyline RV, OMSI, INI, and 20 other businesses.

 Built market recognition by Creating / hosting “The Decade of the Customer”, regionally aired radio talk show dedicated to
  bringing leading edge sales, marketing and management expertise to Portland.
 Earned new contract from regional education institution after speaking at Education 2000 Conference, integrating
  technology and education to create quality managed / customer responsive education.
 Helped individuals from throughout Portland area improve personal business practices by conducted public soft skills
  workshops on topics ranging from contact management to communication.
 Drove quality improvement into manufacturing processes for Skyline RV reducing costs and adding value for clients by
  developing comprehensive statistical process control curriculum and course.
 Instructor at Marylhurst College on Quality Improvement.
 Lecturer at Doctoral Education class at Oregon State University on Quality Management and Education.
 Spoke at National Conference of Science Museums about experience integrating quality management into Oregon Museum
  of Science and Industry.
 Authored "Integrating the Organization Community" with Larry Wilson of Wilson Learning and Pecos Learning.

Ph.D in HOD: Expected in 6/2013 Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA
Ed.M: ’03 Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
BS/Management: ’77 Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
BS/Animal Science: ’77 Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Leadership Development: Level: Expert, Last Used: < 1 year ago, Years of Experience: > 10 years
Organization Consulting: Level: Advanced, Last Used: < 1 year ago, Years of Experience: > 10 years
Performance Coaching: Level: Expert, Last Used: < 1 year ago, Years of Experience: > 10 years
Leadership Coaching: Level: Advanced, Last Used: < 1 year ago, Years of Experience: > 10 years
John Inman Resume

Adult Education/Learning: Level: Advanced, Last Used: < 1 year ago, Years of Experience: > 10 years
Instructional Systems Design: Level: Intermediate, Last Used: < 1 year ago, Years of Experience: 6-10 years
Group Dialogue and Facilitation: Level: Advanced, Last Used: < 1 year ago, Years of Experience: > 10 years
Business Development/Partner Relations: Level: Expert, Last Used: > 5 years ago, Years of Experience: > 10 years
Building Powerful Teams: Level: Expert, Last Used: < 1 year ago, Years of Experience: > 10 years
Talent Management: Level: Advanced, Last Used: < 1 year ago, Years of Experience: > 10 years
Human Resource Management: Level: Intermediate, Last Used: < 1 year ago, Years of Experience: 6-10 years
Change Leadership: Level: Advanced, Last Used: < 1 year ago, Years of Experience: > 10 years
Project Management: Level: Advanced, Last Used: < 1 year ago, Years of Experience: > 10 years
Communication/Building rust and Rapport: Level: Expert, Last Used: < 1 year ago, Years of Experience: > 10 years
Desktop Publishing: Level: Intermediate, Last Used: < 1 year ago, Years of Experience: 6-10 years
Web Development: Level: Intermediate, Last Used: < 1 year ago, Years of Experience: 6-10 years

DDI Facilitator
Team Management Systems

              SERVICE / VOLUNTEER
Seva Foundation - Introducing learner-centered methodologies into training institute in India.
Plan Loving Adoptions Now, Inc. - Consulting on organizational development and marketing. Board of Directors.
ASTD-Cascadia - Past Board member and VP for chapter. Focused on building regional groups and interest groups.
Aspire - Helping Sheridan High School students access continuing education through grants/scholarships.
Grand Sheramina - Consult with and maintain web site for local Sheridan and Willamina relief organization.
FFA - Alumni volunteer and active supporter of FFA Leadership program
Central Oregon Boys and Girls Clubs – Board of Directors for two years. Dropped when started doctorate program.

             WORK SELECTIONS
LinkedIn profile with references
Leadership intervention to transform leadership culture
Two day culturally based new hire orientation
10 week blended learning leadership development program
Professional blog active until doctoral work started
Foundation paper for conversational leadership framework of my work
Story of volunteer work at LAICO-Aravind in Madurai, Tamilnadu, India 2004
Final report of volunteer work at LAICO-Aravind in Madurai, Tamilnadu, India 2004
Online Masters portfolio

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