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									                                                   Date ___________________________

                                            Research Log

Search topic (write in the form of a question and circle major concepts):

Keywords to search (synonyms for the concepts circled above; think of both broader & narrower terms):

Information Source used (e.g. Library Catalogue, Journal Index or Database, Internet):

Access point(s) (how did you find the source? e.g. keyword= , subject heading= , author= etc.):

Library Location: ___________ Call # ________________________ Status _______________

Complete Citation for item found (see the Citing Sources guide for help):

Evaluation of material (how/what will it contribute to your paper or support your argument? How does it
relate to the other information that you’ve found?):

Paraphrased ideas or “direct quotes” to use in paper (record the page numbers where the quote is
found): (see the Plagiarism guide for help with paraphrasing and summarizing.)

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