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Glenn Spencer

Glenn Spencer
Glenn Spencer is an activist who advocates greater vigilance in securing the United States–Mexico border against illegal immigration. Spencer is the founder of the American Border Patrol group based in Sierra Vista, Arizona. American Border Patrol is a private, non-governmental, organization with the stated purpose of informing Americans about the border. It is known for using small, radiocontrolled aircraft and ground sensing equipment to track illegal immigrants, and then relaying that information to the US Border Patrol. Spencer also has assisted with the Minuteman Project and prior to 2004, worked closely with anti-illegal immigration activist Roger Barnett. Spencer has stated "Our borders are unprotected, and the (U.S.) Border Patrol is derelict in its duty." "What we try to do is to get people to report to us what they see on the border, acquire a database of border activities, map border intrusions and drug activities and provide an independent assessment of how our Border Patrol is doing. This is something that the government does all the time. We just happen to be here on the border and can report it as it happens. The point of our efforts is to go out on patrols on a regular basis, videotape what we observe and put the documentation on the Website so every American can see what is happening along the border on a daily basis.” Under the American Patrol banner (not American Border Patrol), Spencer produced a documentary "Conquest of Aztlan," [1] that relied on recordings of statements from the President of Mexico [2] on down to Hispanic activists[3] to make the case that Mexico is seeking to place the American Southwest under its jurisdiction. “The United States is being invaded by Mexico, with hostile intent. Its goal is to reverse the results of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.[4] It is achieving this goal by demographic warfare.[5] Mexico will never reform policies that stifle growth because to do so would run counter to its goal of conquest by migration.” “Spencer believes the aim is to create a sovereign state, "Republica del Norte," the Republic of the North, that would combine the American Southwest with the northern Mexican states and eventually merge with Mexico.”[6]

Management Science
After graduating from college with degrees in economics and mathematics, Glenn spent seven years working as a Systems Engineer. His specialty was large-scale computer simulations models. He was the project manager of “A Total Ship Simulation Model of the DDG-5 Guided Missile Destroyer.” Glenn’s company, Sernco, a Washington D.C. thinktank was contracted by Bath Iron Works and Hughes Electronics to use the model in the design of a new guided missile destroyer. Glenn was the author of “FUNCTIONAL RELIABILITY IN MANNED-SYSTEMS ANALYSIS WITH SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS TO SOCIAL SYSTEMS,” a paper delivered at the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the Western Section of the Operations Research Society of America, 29 September – 1 October, 1965. In 1968 Glenn was part of a seven-man civilian review team picked by the Weapons Systems Evaluation Group of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to review the progress of the war in Southeast Asia. Glenn’s work in Management Science and Operations Research equipped him to understand the underlying problems with Border Patrol operations management.

As in independent consultant, in 1978 Glenn directed the development of the Environmental Impact Report for Northern California Power Agency’s Geothermal power plant in Lake County. Later he lead the effort that ended up in the formation of a Joint Powers Agreement (GRIPS – Geothermal Resource Impact Study) involving Lake, Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino Counties. From 1979 to 1981 Glenn was Asst. VP for Western Energy Development for the Planning Research Corporation. He was the principal author of a study of geothermal space


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heating for Poplar, Montana, on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation [7] Glenn created the concept of a geothermal-based agri-energyplex designed to produce ethanol from gain using a geothermal energy source and the waste heat, carbon dioxide and protein byproducts to grow crops in a green house. (See L.A. Times article)[8] Geothermal energy development at the Fort Peck Reservation, pioneered by Glenn, is ongoing today. [9] In 1982 Glenn then joined in with two Native American Indians to form Arrowstar, Inc., a geophysical exploration company. With Glenn as V.P., General Manager, Arrowstar contracted with Arco, Chevron, Shell, and other oil companies to perform seismic exploration in Montana and North Dakota. At the time, Arrowstar was the second largest employer of American Indians in the U.S. Arrowstar received numerous letters of commendation from oil companies and was successful in locating major oil deposits, including one on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation in Montana for Chevron and one in North Dakota for Arco.

Glenn Spencer
VCT meeting in Studio City. The subject of his talk was "Black vs. Brown, the New Immigration Dilemma." Other speakers at VCT meetings included L.A. County Supervisor Mike Antonovich (three times). Spencer’s organization was an active participant in the “Save Our State” movement, a loose coalition of anti-illegal immigration organizations. The movement culminated with Proposition 187, which would have denied free public education for illegal aliens. The initiative was drafted in large part by Alan C. Nelson, former Commissioner of the INS. Spencer’s ranch in Arizona is called "Camp Alan C. Nelson." Voice of Citizens Together gathered 40,000 signatures to help put Proposition 187 on the ballot; in 1994 Proposition 187 passed as a referendum with widespread support. However, a federal district court halted implementation of Proposition 187 in 1994, and California Governor Gray Davis subsequently pursued mediation in 1999 rather than an appeal, which effectively nullified its provisions. Mediators from across the state condemned Davis’ use of mediation in a constitutional issue. Spencer later showed that Davis had worked with Peter Schey, the lawyer who argued the case before the Supreme Court that was the impetus for Proposition 187, to kill the measure. "Carlos Holguin, a lawyer who worked for Schey, told a Spanish language newspaper that they killed 187 because they feared it would be found constitutional," Spencer said. Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report for Congress, Civilian Patrols Along the Border: Legal and Policy Issues, April 7, 2006. Spencer attempted to recall Davis for violating the California Constitution, but failed because of a news blackout. Davis was eventually recalled.

Voice of Citizens Together/American Patrol
In 1992, Spencer formed a neighborhood organization, Valley Citizens Together, which was subsequently renamed as interest expanded. His co-founder was Shirley Lertzman, just retiring after 17 years on the L.A. County Grand Jury. Shirley used her contacts to help Glenn acquire data on the impact of illegal immigration on L.A County. Spencer launched a newsletter that linked the various social problems facing Los Angeles, including poverty, violence, illiteracy, and white flight, to illegal immigration. In September, 1992, the headline of his newsletter read: "L.A. County’s Number One Import: Poverty." Spencer, who holds a bachelors degree in economics from Cal State Northridge, based this conclusion on a peerreviewed study of the impact of illegal immigration authorized and funded by the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA). Following publication of this newsletter, Jack Miles of the Los Angeles Times spoke at a

American Border Patrol
In August 2002, Glenn Spencer moved to Arizona and formed this organization to bring the truth about the border to the American People. American Border Patrol uses cameras, sensors, “hawkeye” spotters, and unmanned aerial vehicles to identify suspected border intruders (The organization has outfitted three model airplanes with cameras


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which are designed to home in on ground sensors triggered by people walking in the desert). Once identified, the intruders are videotaped whenever possible and reported to the United States Border Patrol. Video of their aerial patrols of the border are also available on the organization’s website. According to Spencer, American Border Patrol differs from other civilian patrol groups operating in Arizona in that their volunteers do not carry firearms and do not attempt to detain migrants, but rather focus on documenting border intrusions. . - Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report for Congress, Civilian Patrols Along the Border: Legal and Policy Issues, April 7, 2006. The use of ’model airplane’-type UAVs was ended in 2005 when the U.S. Border Patrol adopted the concept. Presently a manned Cessna aircraft with high-tech camera and infrared equipment is used to monitor activities along the border.

Glenn Spencer
simply as The American Patrol Report. It details immigration concerns, including crimes committed by illegal aliens, immigration legislation, and political personalities involved in the immigration debate. It functions primarily as a blog, being updated daily. Much of the site consists of links to various news organizations and often to anti-immigration blogs. Spencer posts links from his site to the original article/web site, along with a new headline he has supplied. Typically the new headline is used to convey his view. Spencer has never appeared on the Lou Dobbs Show. On an appearance on the O’Reilly Factor, Spencer confronted Mexican lawyer Carlos Olamendi with quotes from the President of Mexico, including "I have proudly affirmed that the Mexican Nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders and that Mexican migrants are an important, a very important part of it." Spencer used his appearance on the O’Reilly Factor to produce a DVD entitled "Conquest of Aztlan." More than five thousand copies have been distributed. The site also carries some original content, including editorials, along with endorsements of specific candidates, legislation, and ballot initiatives. Additionally it caries information on how to report suspected illegal aliens to the USBP. Spencer also uses his web site to accuse legal residents and US citizens, who allegedly support the cause of the illegal aliens, of crimes such as treason, sedition, or conspiracy. Members of the Republican Party who disagree with Spencer’s stand on immigration are commonly labeled “RINO” (Republican in name only), while members of the Bush administration are often accused of elaborate conspiracies centered on creating a new world order to be run by the Council on Foreign Relations or other “Shadow government”. Spencer has used his web site to call for the impeachment of President Bush for undermining the US Constitution and pursuing globalist policies Spencer and his website have been accused on numerous occasions of being racist. The "links" section of the website contains links to sites--such as American Renaissance-which have been categorized by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a racist group. American Patrol is itself also named as a hate group website by the SPLC and the Anti-Defamation League.

WMD demonstration
American Border Patrol staged a demonstration in 2004 of a person carrying a small backpack over the border in order to show how easy it would be for a terrorist to smuggle a very small weapon of mass destruction into the United States. He did this to demonstrate how the US/Mexico border is unsecured against terrorists, such as Al Qaeda. ABP repeated this demonstration three more times. A video of the demonstration was shown to Rep. Tom Davis, then Chairman of the House Government Oversight and Reform Committee and this led to a change in Border Patrol operational procedures, namely radio frequency scrambling.

Organizations’ Designation / Related Organizations
American Border Patrol is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Its online presence is the website “”

Glenn Spencer’s American Patrol Report
Spencer maintains a web site officially named Glenn Spencer’s American Patrol Report; however, it is more commonly known


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Glenn Spencer
in order to awaken whites to the crisis they face and to encourage them to unite in defending their legitimate interests as a race” Spencer was one of the keynote speakers at the fifth biennial American Renaissance Conference held February 2002. The theme of the conference was “In Defense of Western Man”, and was advertised as "In all parts of the world, whites are afraid to speak out in their own interests. The costs of ’diversity,’ racial differences in IQ, the threat of nonwhite immigration — politicians and the media are afraid to discuss what these things mean for whites and their civilization." [13] Spencer’s talk was titled “The Second Mexican-American War” in which he warned that Mexican immigration into the Southwest is nothing less than an unarmed invasion to reconquer land lost in the first MexicanAmerican War. By failing to halt illegal Mexican immigration, the United States is importing poverty, turning California into a Third-World nation, and inviting secession. In effect, Mexico is supporting the ethnic cleansing of the American Southwest. Other keynote speakers included Samuel Francis who warned that non-Western immigration is creating an immigrant counter-culture that, if allowed to develop, will outnumber and destroy us. The solution, he said is to “round ‘em up and ship ‘em out.” Richard Lynn explained that “Sub-Saharan Africa is mired in poverty because blacks have, on average, the lowest IQs of any major group. Dr. Lynn warned that large numbers of low-IQ immigrants will undermine Western affluence.” J. Philippe Rushton explained the methodology of recent research on African intelligence that has led him to conclude that the average African IQ is 70. Dr. Rushton pointed out that it is hard for many people to accept the idea that an entire race could have an average IQ that is, by Western standards, at the borderline of retardation. He argued, however, that a 70 IQ is adequate for functioning in a simple society. Other attendees included a delegation from, and members of the neo-Nazi group National Alliance. Stormfront White Nationalist Community is a prominent white nationalist / white pride / white supremacist Internet forum founded by former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Don Black. The 2002 American Renaissance Conference was heavily promoted on, with

Spencer has been referred to as a racist, a charge he staunchly denies. Groups such as the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center take the opposite view. Statements such as the following have fueled the debate: "The United States and Mexico are two entirely different nations," Spencer declares. "The United States has as its founders people who came here for intellectual reasons, freedom of religion. Mexico was founded by a group of people who came to plunder, the conquistadors.... We have a clash of civilizations: the pilgrims versus the conquistadors, the civilization based on Newton’s Principia Mathematica and the great philosophers of Europe versus the blood-and-sand character of Mexico, which is based on Aztec warriors and the conquistadors. We are asked to absorb millions of people from this culture; we are unable to assimilate them, so they are asking for their culture to be maintained here in ours. This is a direct threat to the Age of Reason, to the ascent of man, and will end in a massive conflict. It has to be stopped." [10] “Americans, especially white Americans, should get out of California -- now, before it is too late to salvage the equity they have in their homes and the value of their businesses.”[11] "The Mexican culture is based on deceit. Chicanos and Mexicanos lie as a means of survival. Fabricating false IDs is just another extension of that culture... [which] condones everything from the most lowly misdemeanor to murder in the highest levels of government."[12]

Spencer and White Nationalists
American Renaissance
Spencer has a long history of association with the white nationalist magazine American Renaissance (often abbreviated as Amren). It describes itself as a "literate, undeceived journal of race, immigration, and the decline of civility", while its detractors accuse it of being racist and white supremacist. Jared Taylor, its publisher stated in May 2006: “I started American Renaissance 17 years ago


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Black himself posting: Several people here, including me, plan to attend the American Renaissance Conference in Herndon, Virginia (suburban D.C.) the weekend of February 22-24. Even with the backing of the conference was fairly small, with only 258 registered guests.

Glenn Spencer
The next morning Sheriffs deputies arrive to investigate. Glenn cooperated, but was arrested and booked. Glenn Spencer was charged with firing a weapon in a Sierra Vista residential neighborhood. The Sierra Vista Herald reported that at approximately 9:30pm on August 1, 2003 an off-duty Sheriff’s Deputy heard gunshots coming from Spencer’s home. The Deputy called the Sheriff’s department and officers where sent to investigate, but were unable to make contact with Spencer. The next morning a neighbor reported that her garage door had received gunshot damage, and that a baby crib stored inside the garage had been hit. Officer returned to Spencer’s home, and found empty shell casings on the ground. Spencer told officer’s that he had heard noises outside his home the night before and went to investigate, and that he fired three rounds in an attempt to scare off any intruders. He said that he had been “on-edge” at the time of the incident due to e-mailed death threats, and that his home had previously been burglarized. The so-called garage was not a garage but an out-building some distance from the main occupied residence.

Council of Conservative Citizens
In July 1999 Glenn Spencer was a featured speaker at the Council of Conservative Citizens Conference, a Neo-confederate organization, where he spoke on Mexican immigration and his theory of Reconquista. The ADL describes the CCC as a white separatist group that “Advances its ideology by inflaming fears and resentments, among Southern whites particularly, with regard to black-on-white crime, non-white immigration, attacks on the public display of the Confederate flag, and other issues related to "traditional" Southern culture.” It is heavily involved in defending the Confederate flag, and promoting the ideals of the Confederate States of America. CCC columnist Martin H. Millard wrote against the likely effects of immigration and intermarriage saying: “What will emerge will be just be a slimy brown mass of glop…The genocide being carried out against white people hasn’t come with marching armies; instead, it has come with propaganda that is calculated to brainwash whites into happily and willingly jumping into the Neo-Melting Pot, and to their destruction. Genocide via the bedroom chamber is just as long-lasting as genocide via the gas chamber.”

Radio program
Spencer formerly had a weekly radio program called American Patrol on Sundays from 1-3 pm PT, broadcast on radio station KRLA AM 870 (formerly used the call letters KIEV) Glendale - Los Angeles, California. His guests included White Nationalist leader Jared Taylor, Kevin B. MacDonald and Roger Barnett.

2003 prosecution
On July 30, 2003, Glenn’s home was burgled. Upon investigation Glenn concluded that the crime was committed by a recently fired employee of about 18 years old. Sheriff investigators learned that the young man was no where to be found, but that, when informed of the possible problem, his mother said, "He would bite the hand that feeds him." Glenn learned that the young man was linked to Mexican drug gangs. On the evening of August 1, 2003, his dog started barking. Glenn took his 30-30 with him and, hearing something in the rear of his two-acre home site, fired three warning shots.

• Immigration: Threatening the Bonds of Our Union, Parts I and II (video) • Conquest of Aztlan: Threatening the Bonds of Our Union, Parts III (DVD): billed as a documentary that describes how “A fifth column of subversives is plotting to recolonize the United States.” Sold exclusively by WorldNetDaily

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Glenn Spencer
• Operation Virtual Vigilance • Operation B.E.E.F. ~ Border Enforcement Evaluation First • A Border Stories profile of Glenn Spencer • American Patrol Report Officially known as “Glenn Spencer’s American Patrol Report” • Glenn Spencer’s controversial letter Letter mentioned above. • Mexican War II Glenn Spencer commenting on upcoming "war." • Originating source of "Mexican War II" • Glenn’s Aztlan Promo stating that Aztlan will be taken out of US territory • Glenn’s DVD depicting the Aztlan conquest of the SW US

• Civilian Patrols Along the Border: Legal and Policy Issues - Congressional Research Service • They Keep Coming, and Coming, and Coming...material from the LA Times, 7/15/01 • Southern Poverty Law Center - The Nativists • Hate or Heroism by the Border Action Network (BAN)

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