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 Title             Classroom management using a Mobile lab of 9 laptops

 Presenter         Anne Maw

 Track             Teaching and Learning with ICTs

 Format            Presentations

 Target            Intermediate Phase teachers
 audience          All teachers

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 Description       Some ideas on how to manage and use ICT in a classroom with only a few
                   computers. Discussion on some of the advantages of having laptops instead
                   of a fixed computer centre. Examples of successful programs which have
                   been used with this system in our school by different teachers Some issues •
                   Security • Collaboration • Mobility • Independent of electricity

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We have a system at Crawford Prep North Coast where we have a mobile lab, consisting of 9
laptops each in their own backpack.
The main reason for introducing this was
       Flexibility – can be taken to the classroom, out to the field, down to the river, on an
       Can be used when the computer centre is busy
       Apple technology and integrated software - cameras, video camera compatibility

While we are using Apple and have access to the Apple software, a lot of the following can be
applied to any laptops. It is often felt that you need a laptop for each child and whilst that
would be ideal, most schools cannot afford that. The teachers that have used this lab
successfully in the projects illustrated have usually worked with groups of 3 per computer. The
children learn to work as a group and also learn to work effectively together.

Advantages for schools

         Easier security – can all be locked in a strong room or safe at night
         Flexibility – can be used in any classroom or outside
         Can be used in power failures ( obviously must be kept fully charged)
         Can be used in groups
         Uses modern technology – software integrating camera, video and laptop
         Movie making capability
         Pupils can “Bluetooth” documents to the teacher

Some successful projects
      Music projects - Grade3
      English grade 5 – Portal to the Middle Ages
      English grade 5 – Onomatopoeia
      Adverts for Narnia
      Photobooks – Camelot
      Geography – Grade 5 – Flood damage on the North Coast of KZN
      Maths games - PowerPoint
Additional benefits –
            can be used to support pupils with special needs Differential education
             (Differentiatedl education)
            Ross uses Speech recognition facility in Microsoft word
            Scan original with optical recognition software
            Child can then “read” document and hear it read to him

As with any group work the children are forced into a situation where
        Collaboration
        Consensus
        Co-operation are required
    All of which are important elements for success

    Additional resources – Quicktime movies – examples of the pupils work.

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