Weber Smoky Mountain - How To Use One

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					Weber Smokers – How To Use a Weber Smoker

Widely used, the Weber Smokey Mountain is often used
incorrectly, and with a few simple steps you can improve
the performance of your Weber Smoker and enjoy the
culinary wonders that this little marvel can produce.

The best way to start off with your Weber smoker is to use
a chimney starter and fill the outer dish with flavored wood
chips to a tall mound that sits around 2 inches above the

Using a Wax lighter available from most DIY stores can be
used to good effect by lighting them around the outside and
in around half an hour or so you are ready to start cooking.

Cooking temperatures are a matter of personal preference
according to what you are cooking, and how you want to
cook them in your Weber Smoker.

Around 240 degrees works well in most cases, and you can
open the lower vents open during the first couple of hours
along with the top vent which should be opened as well.
This keeps the temperature inside the smoker stable, and
unless your external temperatures are particularly extreme,
you shouldn't have to adjust the vents any further during

If you are cooking large joints of meat, when it comes to
adding the second load, remove the top of the chimney and
shake it off welll making sure that the remnants fall under
the grate. When doing this, wear heat protective hand-wear
to make sure that you don't burn yourself.

Now it is time to add the water to your Weber Smoker, just
add very hot water to the water bowl and wait until you
hear it steaming.

Now you can add a chunk of your favorite hardwood to the
stack and this usually enables you to leave the smoker for
around 6 hours or so, making it ideal to late evening ready
for you to wake up and check your food.

To drop the temperature down for even slower cooking, you
can remove the lid of the smoker and tilt it around a few
times to disperse the heat and then replace the lid. Keep an
eye on the temperature, and adjust the vents as required to
maintain the heat.

If you want to cook on a higher temperature, move the lid
off center so there is a small gap and this should allow
enough air to get in a increase the heat substantially. Be
careful when doing this as it can raise the temperature very
quickly, so keep an eye on your smokers temperature
guage and check it initially every 10-15 minutes to avoid
burning your food.

To get the best performance and keep your Weber Smoker
more hygienic, give the grates and bowl a quick clean
before every use removing the larger pieces of residue.
 There is no point getting too carried away, removing the
worst of the mess will make a difference.

When you are finished, close the vents and you will notice
that there will most likely be plenty of pieces of wood left
which is ideal for storing and using on camping trips to start
fires, or re-use in your Weber smoker.

It is worth investing in a pair of heat protective gloves to
make the handling of your Weber smoker easier, you can
pick them up from almost anywhere, Walmart, DIY stores
and so on.

For accurate temperature reading you can easily install a
temperature guage by drilling a suitable sized hole in the
upper vent, or in the lid. When doing so, apply a piece of
sticky tape to the area where you are going to drill as this
helps to stop your drill from sliding across the lid when you
are drilling the hole.

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