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									             Some Wonderful Resorts In Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is reckoned for its fabulous beauty and wild range of flora
and fauna. And to enjoy the Corbett to the most, you need to get a good accommodation.
Don’t worry. This fabulous park is endowed with a huge number resorts, ranging from
budget to luxury ones. The resorts available in the park provide quality services to
tourists and facilitated with all the basic facilities you may need. Luxury such as
swimming pool and spas are also available in some of the resorts. Some of the resorts
are tailor made for specific tours such as elephant safari in Corbett, jeep safari in
Corbett and zones.
Here are some of the reputed resorts in park:

Infinity Resort: The resort is one of the most luxurious hotels in the park. The resort is
facilitated with luxuries such as pools. Other services available at this resort are simply
awesome. The resort is surrounded by lush greenery, which is endowed by a huge
number of wildlife creatures, unique flora and fauna. The resort is located on the banks
of mesmerising Koshi River. The water flows in backdrops of the resort, making perfect
scenery. If you seek infinite peace, isolation and serenity, Infinity Resort is must for you.

Corbett Hideaway Resort: It is also one of the greatest resorts in the park. The resort is
spread in a gigantic area of 13acres. The dense mango grove in background of the resort
really spices up the panoramic view. Accommodation is simply a treat at this resort.

Tarangi Resort: It is a quality resort, equipped with high-end services and staff. Your
orders are promptly met, while hospitality is simply overwhelming.

Below is a list of some luxury resorts:

      Camp Riverwild Resort
      Corbett Hideaway Resort
      Corbett Riverview Retreat
      Corbett Solluna Resort
      Country Inn Resort
      Infinity Resort
      Manu Maharani Resort
      Mapple Resort In Corbett
      Tarangi Resort
      Tarika Resort
      The Den Corbett
      Wild Crest Resort
      Wood Castle Resort
Here is a list of some deluxe resorts:

      Ashoka Tiger Trail Resort
      Corbett Height Resort
      Corbett Jungle Club Resort
      Corbett Roop Resort
      Jaagar Village Resort
      Jims Jungle Retreat Resort
      Safari Park Resort
      Suman Grand Resort
      Tiger Camp Resort
      Tiger Den Resort
      Wild Trail Resort

Here are some standard resorts:

      Corbett International Resort
      Jungle Paradise Resort
      Tiger Street Resort

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