“The Minister's Black Veil” Quiz by pptfiles


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                         “The Minister’s Black Veil” Quiz
                                        (10 Points)

   1. Where and when does the story take place?

   2. Who is the first person to recognize the black veil?

   3. What is the name of the minister who wears the black veil?

   4. On the first day that the minister wears the black veil, he attends three church
      services. Describe them. Be specific.

   5. List two reasons that the villagers give in order to describe why the minister wears
      a black veil.

   6. What is the name of the minister’s fiancée (or as Hawthorne writes, “his plighted

   7. According to the minister, when will he remove his black veil?

   8. How do the children of the community react to the minister’s black veil?

   9. What is the “one desirable effect” of the black veil?

   10. Who shows up at the minister’s death bed?

What is the name of the Parson that the minister replaces?

At one point in the story, the minister preaches the election sermon for the governor.
What is the governor’s name?

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