The Scottsboro Incident

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					The Scottsboro Incident
 The setting for the Scottsboro case was the rural American South in the 1930s, when whites
were afraid of racial socialization as much as blacks were afraid of the whites that enforced
segregation. The defendants in the case were known as the Scottsboro Boys. “Boys” was a label
that reflected their youth, but even more, in that place and at that time, an epithet used to imply
racial inferiority.

With your group, explore the links below. Create three power point slides that you feel
give the best visual summary of the segregation that took place in the American South.
Create a narrative (no more than three minutes long) to read while the slides are shown.
Your narrative should summarize what you feel are the most important facts about this
time period. This
       site provides a Brief synopsis of the Scottsboro incident. This site includes a recorded
       conversation between the judge and the defense attorney in the Scottsboro case and a
       brief description of what happened. This site focuses on the
       women in the Scottsboro Trial. This site focuses on
       issues, such as the lynching in Alabama, that took place after the trial.

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