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Fatcow Hosting Review

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A hopeful website developer on reading a fatcow hosting review is instantly impressed with the number of rave reviews written, it is one of the top hosting services in the market.

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By: Sam Aulrie

Established in 1998, Fatcow Webhosting is one of the
oldest and strongest in the business. A hopeful
website developer on reading a fatcow hosting
review is instantly impressed with the number of
rave reviews written; it is one of the top hosting
services in the market.

Support and Mission Statement

Among its many features, one of the top rated
services it provides is complete 24/7 customer
support; through phone and live chat support as well
as email. An interesting concept, to go along with the
‘cow’ motif, their customer guarantee pledge on                  Click Here
their website called the ‘Heifer Cratic Oath’; in which
they promise complete technical support and quick                   For
resolves for technical or other problems. The oath               $3.67/Month Coupon
also states that they pledge account credit refund for
one month if they have been found to ‘break’ their oath.


The basic plan found on their website amounts to $3.67 a month; which amounts to $44 a year.
Renewal costs around $88 for a new year; so it is advisable to select the 3 year subscription
plan which will bill you at $44 a month if you plan on keeping your website online for a while. A
fatcow hosting review will have little to complain about these prices, as the features they offer
overshadow most other services available.


They offer an unlimited amount of diskspace and bandwidth for your website, a free domain
name and also promise 99.9% uptime. What this means is that your website will be accessible
99.9% of the time. It is not possible for your site to be 100% online; a fatcow hosting review
notes that no webhosting service offers this because occasional repairs have to be made in
order for your site to run smoothly.
The platform supports many different features, the number of web applications include Joomla,
WordPress, tools for polls as well as Java and Flash compatibility. They also have email support
which includes POP Mailboxes, Spam Filtering and a Webmail Client. It is even possible to set up
a small shopping account, as it integrates compatibility with PayPal, Power Pay, and
Credit/Debit cards. It also has a shared SSL certificate. A SSL certificate is a digital certificate
which protects against fraud and other cyber crime. A shared Certificate is safe for smaller
businesses, however for larger business it is recommended that you invest in an individual SSL
certificate; which is costly at $60 a year.

A feature praised in a fatcow hosting review was the website builder; which allows users to
simply click and drag to build their own website. Also offered are webmaster tools like Google
Analytics, FrontPage extensions and solid ftp access. They also offer $125 worth of advertising
credits, with Google, Yahoo and Facebook. This makes it easy to attract traffic to your site.

In Summary

To sum up this fatcow hosting review; Fatcow is a reliable, capable and experienced company,
the environmentally aware individual would be pleased to learn that they are 100% Wind-
Powered, and the service they offer, as well as constant and prompt customer service makes
them one of the best webhosting services in the market.

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