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California Ged Certificate Template - PowerPoint by tbi12332


California Ged Certificate Template document sample

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									California Green Jobs Corps

Program Design Overview (DRAFT)

For informational purposes only – the Solicitation for Proposals (SFP) scheduled to be
released May 1, 2009 will detail all program requirements.
Presentation Overview

 CaliforniaVolunteers Overview

 Green Jobs Corps DRAFT Program Model
 Program Differentiators
 Target Population and Program Pathway
 Partnership Model
 Service Component
 Definition of Success

 Key Dates

CaliforniaVolunteers Overview

•   CaliforniaVolunteers is the state office that manages programs and initiatives aimed at
    increasing the number of Californians engaged in service and volunteering

•   CaliforniaVolunteers is led by the nation’s first state cabinet-level Secretary of Service
    and Volunteering and is supported by a bipartisan 25-member commission appointed by
    the Governor

•   Maria Shriver, the First Lady of California, serves as the honorary chair of the

•   Established in 1994, CaliforniaVolunteers serves as the state service commission for
    California, including primary responsibility for administering the state’s AmeriCorps

•   The agency Web site,, features more than 45,000 volunteer
    opportunities throughout California

•   CaliforniaVolunteers has extensive experience with developing community-based
    strategies to address local needs

 CaliforniaVolunteers Footprint

                                                        Disaster Volunteering
   AmeriCorps               Volunteer Action                                            Green Jobs Corps
                                                           & Preparedness
• Nearly 4,000 members    • California Volunteer        • Disaster Corps and Citizen   • Newly launched
  serve is more than        Matching Network              Corps Program                  Governor’s initiative
  700 nonprofit
  organizations           • Cesar Chavez Day            • Volunteer and donations      • Seeks to provide 1,000 at-
  statewide                                               management in times of         risk youth with workforce
                          • Business Partner Program      disaster                       development
• Members serve to                                                                       opportunities
  address community       • Volunteer recognition       • Statewide preparedness
  needs in the areas of     programming                   campaign                     • 20 month pilot program
  education, public                                                                      that will support a
  safety, health and      • Nonprofit Leadership        • Coordination with non-         minimum of 10 regional
  human needs, and the      Series                        governmental                   Green Jobs Corps sites
  environment                                             organizations                  statewide

California Green Jobs Corps Overview

•   Pilot program announced by Governor Schwarzenegger on March 16, 2009

•   Partnership between the Governor’s Office, CaliforniaVolunteers, California Labor and
    Workforce Development Agency, the California Employment Development Department
    (EDD) and others

•   Will prepare at least 1,000 at-risk youth ages 16-24 for jobs in California’s emerging
    green economy

•   Programs will prepare youth by creating individualized pathways that provide life and soft
    skills, academic training, job training/experience, and service activities

•   Applicants will be evaluated on the effectiveness of their partnership in developing these
    pathways for program participants

California Green Jobs Corps Program Highlights

•   Eligible lead applicants are either Workforce         •   Grantees will be required to secure
    Investment Boards (WIBs) or Community                     matching funds (1:1) – public or
    Colleges                                                  private, cash or in-kind

•   Lead applicant will be required to develop a
    partnership with a WIB or Community College           •   Maximum grant size of $1 million
    (whichever is not the lead) as well as a
    nonprofit and employer

•   Will utilize $10 million in Governor’s                •   Anticipate awarding 10-15 grants
    discretionary Workforce Investment Act (WIA)              total, with a minimum of one in each
    funds available via the American Recovery                 of the state’s nine economic regions
    and Reinvestment Act

Green Job Corps Program Differentiators

Compared to similar programs, the Green Jobs Corps brings a unique value in the following areas:

                    •   Offers a comprehensive curriculum, ranging from life and soft skills to job skills
   Education/       •   Requires training in environmental stewardship and civic responsibility
   Curriculum       •   Promotes achievement of high school diploma or equivalent and/or technical education

                    •   Requires programs to have a collaborative partnership between WIBs, community
                        colleges, nonprofits and private sector employers
   Partnership      •   Encourages broad, regional partnerships with multiple organizations such as service
                        programs, adult education, K-12, labor management partnerships, etc.

    Outreach        •   Uses CaliforniaVolunteers’ unique position to convene and broker partnerships
                    •   Works with nonprofits to inform them of funding and participation opportunities

                    •   Ensures common, high-profile branding of Green Jobs Corps for all local programs
    Branding        •   Provides Green Jobs Corps branded items (i.e., uniforms, patches, etc.)

                    •   Requires a service component – anticipate a minimum of 10 percent of program hours
                    •   Allows flexibility for implementation of service component

Target Population Criteria and Program Pathway

 The mix and duration of program elements will vary depending on the skill set and needs of the
 individual participants.
Target Population:
   Youth aged 16-24                                           Working toward GED, high school diploma or
   Low income (as defined in the WIA guidelines)               continuation of career technical education
   At risk (as defined by WIA guidelines)

                                           Green Jobs Corps Participant Pathway
Months                  6                                        12              14                             20

            (life and soft skills,
                                            Job Training / Part-Time Job
          stewardship and civic                                                       Full-Time Job Placement

                              Formal Education (as needed)

                                            Service (ongoing or project based)

         Recruitment                                  Participant Case Management
                                                             Applicant Reporting

Green Jobs Corps Program Partnership Model

The partnership model outlined below demonstrates our commitment to a well developed program that
is comprehensive and regionally based.

Eligible Lead Applicants/Fiscal
Agents:                                                                Lead Applicant
  WIBs and/or Community Colleges will                          Workforce Investment Board or
   be the lead applicant and fiscal agent                            Community College

  Each partnership is required to include       Nonprofit(s)                                        Employer(s)
   a WIB, Community College, nonprofit                           Community
   (particularly ones with service                               College(s)
                                                                                      (if not lead
                                                                  (if not lead
   experience) and employer                                                           applicant)

  Other organizations (i.e., conservation
                                                                     Other Potential Partners
   corps, adult education, K-12, etc.) are         Such as AmeriCorps, California Conservation Corps, certified
   also encouraged to be a part of the           local conservation corps, K-12 schools/districts, adult education,
   regional partnership                              apprenticeship training programs, YouthBuild, Job Corps,
                                                    community action agencies, private sector companies, labor
                                                   management partnerships, environmental organizations, local
  WIBs and Community Colleges will be                       government, career service organizations
   limited to participating in one application
   as the lead applicant and one
   application as a partner

Service Component

 A unique element of the Green Jobs Corps program is the requirement for participants to complete
 service hours during their job training program.

Potential Approaches:
  Integrate service into soft skills training (e.g., community education in schools, neighborhoods, or other public
  Integrate service into job skills training (e.g., weatherization or installation work in low-income communities)
  Organize one-time or ongoing environmental stewardship service projects (e.g., watershed restoration,
   community clean-ups, park builds/restorations)

  Applicants that integrate service experiences into the program design (vs. those that organize one-time
   projects) will receive greater consideration in the selection process
  A minimum of 10 percent of program time must be dedicated to service activities

                                                        - 10 -
Definition of Success

Green Jobs Corps program success will be defined by outcomes in multiple areas.

Potential Outcomes:

  Attendance and/or completion of the program by participants

  Provide a ‘step up the ladder’ – training, GED/diploma, job skills, internship or job

  Service impact on the community – service hours completed, service projects completed

  Active engagement from regional partners including the nonprofit and private sectors

  Performance goals currently used by EDD:

    • Placement in employment, education, or training
    • Attained recognized certificate/diploma/degree
    • Literacy/numeracy gains (out of school youth and basic skills deficient)
    • Retained or returned to secondary school

                                                     - 11 -
Grant Application Key Dates (anticipated)

•   April 1 – begin drafting Solicitation For Proposals

•   April 8 – presentation to California Workforce Association in San Diego

•   April 17 – presentation to Community College conference in Monterey

•   May 1 – EDD issues Solicitation For Proposals

•   May 26 – responses due

•   June 15 – scores compiled; review and selection of applicants

•   July 1 – contracts awarded

                                              - 12 -
Key Outreach Dates for Potential Applicants

•   Lead applicant must conduct a community forum for potential partners no later than
    Friday, May 15

•   Lead applicant must provide key forum details (date, time, location) to
    CaliforniaVolunteers by Friday, May 8

•   Forum details will be listed on

•   CaliforniaVolunteers will assist in promoting the community forums

•   CaliforniaVolunteers will provide template materials to assist in organizing community
    forums on by Monday, April 27

                                              - 13 -

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