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					        Business and Management

    Investor Relations
    Certificate Program

    ■ Demonstrate competence in
       the IR field
    ■ Enhance career advancement
    ■ Professional recognition within
      the IR community
    ■ Total online delivery with
      recognized Investor Relations
      professionals as instructors

              Offered in collaboration with the
              National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI)
Improve Your                                      Investor Relations Certificate Program
                                                  Investor Relations is a multidisciplinary profession
                                                  combining the related areas of communications and
Career Options                                    finance, along with others, to maximize shareholder
                                                  wealth. The primary aim of the Investor Relations officer

with a Professional                               is to provide the investing community with all relevant
                                                  information pertaining to the status, performance, plans
                                                  and prospects of the firm in order to help ensure its fair
Certificate                                       valuation. In addition to its role of presenting information
                                                  about the firm to external investors, the IR officer also
                                                  communicates information from the external environment
                                                  internally to senior management.
In today’s competitive business
                                                  The core curriculum of the University of California, Irvine
environment, leaders are appointed based          Extension’s Investor Relations Certificate Program is based
on credentials and experience. To stay ahead      on the National Investor Relations Institute’s current (2nd)
                                                  edition of the syllabus, the Investor Relations Body of
of the competition, advance your career and       Knowledge and Digest of Articles. The syllabus covers four
                                                  main areas: the Capital Markets, the Investment Process,
increase your earning potential, enroll in one    the Corporate Environment, and the Practice of Investor
of University of California, Irvine Extension’s   Relations. The courses are taught by both faculty and
                                                  investor relations professionals. In order to promote a
professional certificate programs. Convenient     practical, applications orientation, each class will feature
                                                  a number of guest speakers and panelists with relevant
and affordable, UC Irvine Extension makes         industry experience.
it easy to learn on your own time, in your
own way. Courses are designed to ensure                “The Investor Relations Certificate
you gain mastery of a particular topic, and             Program at University of California,
instructors are highly qualified leaders in             Irvine has been a personal and profes-
their professions.                                      sional growth rewarding experience
UC Irvine Extension is the only continuing              for me. The courses, group participa-
education provider in Orange County that                tion and shared experiences were of
represents the University of California. A              great value and have given me further
certificate bearing the UC seal signifies a             confidence in dealing with the many
well-known, uncompromising standard of                  challenges that face IR professionals. I
academic excellence.                                    am proud to have this certification
                                                        and recommend this program.”
                                                                           Joanna Pankey, Manager, Investor
                                                                           Relations, Houston, Texas
Who Should Attend                                                Prerequisites
This certificate program is designed for both entry-level        Candidates who have not yet taken financial accounting
and experienced corporate and communication profes-              must take a basic financial accounting class as a prerequi-
sionals who want to broaden their expertise by gaining           site to the Capital Markets class. This may be done
a solid practical understanding of how investor relations’       concurrently with the Introduction to Investor Relations
activities can benefit the firm. Applicants do not have to       class.
be already employed in the above fields to enroll. The
courses are recommended for people who seek to enter
the field and need experience and education. Students            On-Site Training
not pursuing the certificate are welcome to take as many
                                                                 Bring this program to your workplace. Through Corporate
individual courses as they wish.
                                                                 Training, we can deliver this program or customize one
                                                                 that fits your company’s specific needs. Visit extension.uci.
                                                                 edu/corporate or call (949) 824-1847 for information.
Certificate Requirements
To earn the certificate, participants must complete six (6)
required courses and one (1) elective, each with a grade of      Program Benefits
“C” or better for a minimum of 175 hours of instruction. It
                                                                 ■   Learn how to structure and implement a strategic IR
is highly recommended that candidates take Introduction
to Investor Relations as their first course, and the
capstone class, The Practice of Investor Relations as            ■   Develop the skills to draft and disseminate appropriate
the last class. Instruction is at the post-baccalaureate level       information to the investing community – from effective
and includes coursework, examinations and homework                   annual reports to crisis communications management.
assignments.                                                     ■   Gain financial acumen to effectively support complete
                                                                     valuation of the company by the market.
All requirements must be completed within five (5) years
after the student enrolls in his/her first course. Certificate   ■   Understand the investor relation professional’s role in
candidates should apply for the Certificate Program before           corporate governance, and learn how to provide support
completing the third class in which he/she enrolls. Please           to new board members.
see Application for Candidacy online.

After you have completed all requirements, you must              Program Fees
request to receive your official certificate by completing
the Request for Certificate Form and returning it to our         The total cost of the program (6 required & 1 elective
offices as noted on the form.                                    course) varies depending on the elective chosen. Actual
                                                                 fees may differ from the estimate below. Fees are subject
                                                                 to change without prior notice.
                                                                     Required Course Fees         $870 per course
                                                                     ($670 for NIRI members)
                                                                     Elective Course Fees        $540-$610 per course
For more information:                                                ($100 off for NIRI members)
                                                                     Textbooks                    $100-$125 per course
Francine Berg                                                        Candidacy Fee                $125
(949) 824-4661                                                   Please visit for membership information.
                                                                 As members of this specialized branch of public
                                                                 relations and corporate communications,
                                                                 investor relations professionals command the
                                                                 highest salaries for their very specific abilities.
Curriculum                                                       This multidisciplinary role draws upon skills in
                                                                 communications, finance, marketing, and law.
Required Courses                                                 Communications for the Investor Relations
Introduction to Investor Relations                               MGMT X441.5 (3 units)
MGMT X441.1 (1.5 units)                                          This course focuses on understanding the communica-
This overview course provides an introduction and orien-         tions environment involved in creating a dialogue between
tation to the profession of Investor Relations. Lectures,        publicly held companies and their investor constituents,
discussions and cases will focus on what knowledge,              and developing the communications skills needed by the
abilities, and characteristics are required for the successful   investor relations professional in dealing with the invest-
IR professional. Discussions will illustrate ways in which IR    ment community. Topics include targeted research to
officers successfully communicate their company’s story          identify potential audiences; gathering of financial and
to Wall Street. Topics include: The role of IR; disciplines      industry information for development of corporate mes-
relevant to the IR function; fundamentals of communica-          saging; planning and implementation of communications
tions and disclosure; industry and company analysis;             vehicles to be used in outreach programs to investors;
strategic objectives of an IR program.                           and development of long-term relationships with key
                                                                 investor constituents. The entire communications process
The Capital Markets                                              will be presented in the context of disclosure and material-
MGMT X441.2 (3 units)
                                                                 ity issues, including the legal framework within which
Recommended prerequisite: Introduction to Accounting             investor relations professionals must necessarily operate.
or Pre-MBA Accounting. An overview of the investment
markets, this course will examine the menu of securities         The Practice of Investor Relations
available in today’s market, and the attributes of the vari-     MGMT X441.6 (3 units)
ous types of securities. It will also examine the purpose        This capstone course will include topics such as structur-
of capital markets, capitalization structure, how domestic       ing an IR program, shareholder relations, the two-dimen-
and global securities markets work, the trend toward glob-       sional role of the IR function, the position of the IR profes-
alization of the capital markets, the organized exchanges        sional in the management structure, recent changes in
for stocks and bonds and securities trading, the mechanics       the profession, and the impact of technological advances,
of the buy-side/sell-side, the role of investment bankers        especially as they pertain to information gathering,
and brokers, derivatives, and other related topics.              analysis, and communication. Students will be required to
                                                                 complete a mini-project that integrates the IR disciplines.
The Investment Process
MGMT X441.3 (3 units)
Investing is a process that involves anticipating future         Elective Courses
outcomes based on information and knowledge that exist
today. By analyzing past performance and other relevant          Decision Modeling for Asset Allocation: Modern
information pertaining to an investment opportunity, you         Portfolio Theory
can make calculated predictions of how that opportunity          MGMT X433.22 (1.5 units)
will perform in the future. This course shows you how this       What’s the single most important reason that investors
process works and how you can apply rational techniques          lose money in their investment portfolios? Poor asset
to assess risk and make good investment decisions. Topics        allocation: failing to determine how much should be
include accounting practices and principles, financial           invested in each security to achieve a desired level of
analysis techniques, evaluating information sources and          return while minimizing investment risk. Modern Portfolio
their relevancy, evaluating and managing risk, valuation,        Theory – beginning with the work of economist Harry
and pools of funds and their objectives.                         Markowitz – offers a method for making proper investment
                                                                 decisions. This course covers the theory of Dr. Markowitz’
The Corporate Environment                                        work, and has the students develop their own investment
MGMT X441.4 (3 units)                                            portfolio models in Microsoft Excel. Along the way, the
This course will focus on the corporation’s external envi-       students will learn about expected values, measuring risk,
ronment and its resulting legal and social responsibilities.     correlation of returns, probability distributions, and how
Topics will include relevant federal and state legislation,      a portfolio of securities can have lower risk than that of
the role of the courts and legal decisions, securities regu-     any of the individual securities.
lations and their interpretations, disclosure requirements,
corporate governance, and social responsibility.

                          For class schedule, visit
                                                                Median National Salary, IR industry:
                                                                                         PayScale, Salary Snapshot
                                                                                         for Investor Relations Industry,

Using the Web as a Marketing Tool                               International Accounting Standards
MGMT X461.13 (2 units)                                          MGMT X429.12 (3 unit)
Determine what it is you want your web site to do, then         This course focuses on recent developments regarding
learn how to make your site accomplish those objectives.        convergence of international accounting standards.
Strategic use of the Internet can increase the efficiency       Through this course, students will be able to understand
and effectiveness of your overall marketing program when        and apply International Financial Reporting Standards
you know what options are available to you in terms of          (IFRS) in their respective organizations. This course is
techniques and tools. Learn how you can use your web            designed for individuals who are either working for non-
site as a research, selling, and communications tool.           U.S. companies or U.S. companies with overseas
Discover how to develop and use your web site to provide        subsidiaries, or those considering entering the global
customer service, test new products, and obtain marketing       marketplace. International accounting standards are
research information. This course is a must for marketing       applicable to a wide number of organizations including
professionals who must collect and analyze market data          companies listed on non-U.S. stock exchanges.
to develop strategies that increase sales.
                                                                Regulations 101
Business Writing                                                MGMT X441.14 (1 unit)
English X446.4 (4 units)                                        The Regulations 101 online portion is an optional add-on
Effective writing is a powerful tool in the business environ-   to the Regulations 101 on-site seminar offered through the
ment. Learn how to articulate your thoughts clearly, con-       National Investor Relations Institute. Become your compa-
cisely and with a style that gets your writing read. Improve    ny’s in-house expert on regulations and court decisions
your skill at using this powerful instrument by learning        that define investor relations. The on-site seminar provides
to select and use appropriate formats, use the correct          a comprehensive overview of regulations and court deci-
medium and adjust your writing style accordingly, as            sions that impact financial disclosure, governance issues,
well as identify your objective and communicate it clearly.     self-regulating organizations (NYSE and NASDAQ) report-
You’ll also learn to spot, avoid and correct the most           ing requirements and civil and criminal liabilities. This
common writing pitfalls and gain valuable experience            course goes beyond textbook instruction to provide small
analyzing, writing and revising a complete spectrum of          group discussion and application of regulatory issues to
business documents. From a simple inter-office memo             hypothetical cases. Please visit to register for
to a 20-page business proposal, learn how to put good           the on-site seminar. To receive credit as an elective, you
writing to work for you.                                        must attend both the on-site seminar (generally held in
                                                                Chicago, San Francisco or New York) and register at UCI
Advanced Stock Investment                                       Extension for two 1-hour synchronous online discussions.
MGMT X433.10 (2 units)
The stock market can be an alternative for investors who        Crisis Management and Communications
are willing to assume a greater risk. This advanced course      MGMT X441.8 (2 units)
allows you to take your knowledge of this volatile market to    Recent crises affecting British Petroleum and Toyota
a higher level. Learn how to guide your clients in making       Motor Corporation underscore the need for a well-
more informed choices by using practical analysis to buy        developed and executed strategic crisis communication
publicly traded businesses. You will learn methods for          plan. Is your organization prepared to handle any potential
industry research, financial statement analysis and specific    business crisis? Do you have the skills and tools necessary
company valuation. Several case studies give you practical,     to present information to the media, write press releases
hands-on experience in selecting and applying the analy-        and work with media outlets? Using case studies, this
tical techniques appropriate for a variety of companies         class explores strategies for minimizing risk, creating a
and industries. This course is vital for financial planning     crisis plan, and leveraging social media to educate and
professionals who will be working with sophisticated            update the public. You’ll leave with a solid understanding
clients and complex investment portfolios.                      of crisis management and knowledge of the tools,
                                                                techniques and strategies for effective media relations.
Advisory Board
David Erickson, Vice President, Edwards Lifesciences
Jeanie Herbert, Director Invester Relations, ISTA Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Tania Jernigan, VP Investor Relations, CORE Realty Holdings
      Management, Inc.
Ann Jones, Principal, Jones, Dolan & Company
Cynthia Skoglund, Investor Relations, Beckman Coulter, Inc.

       Investor Relations
       Certificate Program                ■   (949) 824-4661

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