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									                             Preparation Determines Performance

   Why is the PTEX 1st Year Exam Prep                                                                    How will the PTEX 1st Year Exam Prep
     Essential to Your Preparation for                  PTEX 1st Year Exam Prep                              Improve Your Performance on
             Law School Exams?                                                                                    Law School Exams?

                                                8 Hours of Live, Interactive Instruction, not tapes
                                                    Review of 8 Practice Questions
If you are relying on any of the                                                                      • Learn how law professors test 1st Year
common misconceptions about 1st                     • Black Letter Law Review in Torts, Civil
                                                                                                        students’ understanding of the law and
Year law school exams, you are                        Procedure, Criminal Law and Contracts
                                                                                                        ability to apply complex legal concepts
jeopardizing your 1st year grades.                  • Issue Identification Analysis                     and doctrines to intricate factual
                                                    • Detailed Application of Law to Facts              scenarios.
• “I can prepare for my law school exams
  the same way I prepared for my under-             • Model Answers
                                                                                                      • Learn to improve your issue-spotting and
  graduate exams.”                                  Plenty of Time for Questions                        analysis skills.

• “All I have to do to get top grades on my                                                           • Learn a sure-fire technique for writing
  law school exams is memorize the black                                                                well-organized, responsive essays under
  letter law and prepare a detailed outline                                                             simulated test-taking conditions.
  of the course.”
                                                                                                      • Learn how to use practice examinations
• “If I go to all of my classes and do all of                                                           as a learning tool to maximize exam
  the assigned reading, I’m guaranteed                                                                  preparation effectiveness.
  A’s on my exams.”
                                                                                                      • Replace the fear and anxiety associated
• “I should avoid taking practice                                                                       with taking 1st Year examinations with
  examination questions until I have                           1-888-919-PTEX                           confidence and the ability to write
  memorized all of the black letter law.”                                                               answers that get high marks.
 PTEX Enrollment Application                                                 PTEX 1st Year Exam Prep
Detach and mail to:
       Bank of America Building
       6495 New Hampshire Avenue
       Suite 360, Box 148
       Hyattsville, MD 20783                                                           Washington, DC
                                                                     Date:      Saturday, November 8, 2003
                          Full Name

                Complete Mailing Address
                                                                     Time:      10 A.M. to 4 P.M.                                             1ST
                                                                     Location: Georgetown University Law Center
                                                                               600 New Jersey Avenue, NW
                                                                               Washington, DC 20001

                       E-Mail Address

         Daytime Telephone, include area code
                                                                                (2 blocks from Union Station)

                                                                                                                                 START       EXAM
                         Law School                                                                                            DETERMINES
                                                                         *Enrollment is limited. On-site registration begins
                                                                                 at 9:30 a.m., if seats are available.
Method of Payment (Check One):

               w         American Express                                                                                         HOW
               ]         Mastercard
               u         Visa

               Check/Money Order                                                                                                            November 8: Washington, DC
Card #

Expiration Date

    Address of Cardholder, if different from above

As enrollment is limited, tuition must be received with enrollment
application to guarantee placement. Tuition can be paid by
American Express, Mastercard, Visa, personal check or money
order. Checks and money orders should be made payable to
“PTEX.” A $25 Service fee will be charged for all returned checks.
Upon receiving your application and tuition, receipt and
enrollment letter confirming your placement in the course will be
promptly forwarded to you.

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