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Alpha Delta Phi

Alpha Delta Phi
Alpha Delta Phi Coat of Arms academic focus is preserved to varying degrees by individual chapters. From its early days, Alpha Delta Phi sought students of a decided literary orientation. In the founder’s own words, the literary pursuit of the fraternity must "be built on a more comprehensive scale than other societies, ... providing for every taste and talent and embracing every department of literature and science... It must be national and universal in all its adaptations, so as not merely to cultivate a taste for literature or furnish the mind with knowledge but with a true philosophical spirit looking to the entire man, so as to develop the whole being -- moral, social and intellectual." Today, the literary tradition is carried on the international level in the form of annual literary competitions sponsored by the Samuel Eells Literary and Educational Foundation, which awards cash prizes in each of five categories. Alpha Delta Phi was the first fraternity to establish a chapter west of the Allegheny mountains when it formed a chapter at Miami University in 1833. This chapter inspired the formation of three national fraternities at Miami in the 19th Century. Alpha Delta Phi was a charter member of the North-American Interfraternity Conference (formerly known as the National Interfraternity Conference) (NIC), and a member of Alpha Delta Phi, Hamilton W. Mabie (Williams College, class of 1867), was the first President of the NIC. For Yale University’s campus, Alpha Delta Phi ranked first among all of the university’s fraternities. It was brothers of Alpha Delta Phi that were mostly tapped to join the university’s top-ranked senior society Skull and Bones. Issues with the number of Alpha Delta Phi’s tapped for Skull and Bones also lead to the creation of Yale’s second-ranked senior society Scroll and Key.[1] (Source: The Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity,, retrieved on 2007-06-26 )

Founded Founders

October 29, 1832 at Hamilton College • • • • • Samuel Eells Lorenzo Latham John Curtiss Underwood Oliver Andrew Morse Henry Lemuel Storrs

Motto President

Manus multæ cor unum (Many hands, one heart). Jon Vick, HAM ’64 (Fraternity), Craig Cheslog, BDN ’93 (Society) Emerald and Pearl The Lily of the Valley 26 chapters and 3 affiliates (Fraternity), 5 chapters and 1 affiliate (Society) United States, Canada

Colors Flower Chapters


Homepage Fraternity: Society: Alpha Delta Phi (ΑΔΦ) is the fourth oldest Greek-letter fraternity in the United States and Canada. Today the name refers to both an all-male fraternity that was founded in 1832 by Samuel Eells at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York and the Alpha Delta Phi Society, which broke off from the fraternity in 1992 and which permits co-educated chapters. The Fraternity and the Society both come out of Eells’s vision for a "literary society," although Alpha Delta Phi’s original


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Alpha Delta Phi
• Chicago Chapter, University of Chicago Chicago, IL - (1896-active) • Memorial Chapter, McGill University Montreal, Quebec - (1897-active) • Wisconsin Chapter, University of Wisconsin–Madison - Madison, WI (1902-active) • California Chapter, University of California, Berkeley - Berkeley, CA (1908-active) • Illinois Chapter, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Champaign, IL (1911-active) • Washington Chapter, University of Washington - Seattle, WA - (1921-1999, 2008-active) • British Columbia Chapter, University of British Columbia - Vancouver, BC (1926-active) • Lambda Phi Chapter, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, MA (1976-active) • Massachusetts Chapter, University of Massachusetts - Amherst, MA (1981-active) • Adelpho Chapter, Chapman University Orange, CA (1987-active) • Nittany Chapter, Pennsylvania State University - State College, PA (2002-active) • Nu Epsilon Zeta Chapter, Northeastern University - Boston, MA - (2006-active) • Phi Alpha Chapter, Duke UniversityDurham, NC - (2006-active) • Middlesex Chapter, Brandeis University Waltham, MA - (2006-active) • Connecticut Affiliate, University of Connecticut - Storrs, CT - (2008-active) • Florida State Affiliate, Florida State University - Tallahassee, FL - (2009-active) (Source: The Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity,, retrieved on 2008-05-28 ) In addition, the Fraternity has a regional alumni organization, the Midwest Association of Alpha Delta Phi, which is more than 125 years old.

Since the 1992 split, the Fraternity and the Society are completely separate and independent legal entities with separate governing bodies, and are not separate or parallel divisions of the same organization. The two groups share a license to use the name and intellectual property.

The Fraternity is a retronym used now to distinguish the all-male Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity from the co-ed Alpha Delta Phi Society. In general parlance, the Fraternity refers to itself simply as "Alpha Delta Phi", since the Society is required to add "Society" to the end to distinguish itself.

As of May 2009 the Fraternity has 26 chapters and 2 affiliates, the oldest chapter at Hamilton College and the most recent affiliate in Tallahassee, FL. • Hamilton Chapter, Hamilton College Clinton, NY (1832-active) • Miami Chapter, Miami University - Oxford, OH (1833-1873, 1951-2003, 2006-active) • Yale Chapter, Yale University - New Haven, CT (1836-1873, 1888-1935, 1990-active) • Peninsular Chapter, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI - (1846-active) • Rochester Chapter, University of Rochester - Rochester, NY - (1850-active) • Kenyon Chapter, Kenyon College Gambier, OH (1858-active) • Union Chapter, Union College Schenectady, NY - (1859-active) • Cornell Chapter, Cornell University Ithaca, NY - (1869-active) • Phi Kappa Chapter, Trinity College Hartford, CT - (1877-active) • Johns Hopkins Chapter, Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore, MD - (1889-1969, 1982-active) • Minnesota Chapter, University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, MN (1892-1996, 2000-active) • Toronto Chapter, University of Toronto Toronto, Ontario - (1893-active)

The Society
Several Alpha Delta Phi chapters began coeducating in the 1960s, starting with the California Chapter. Not all chapters approved of this change, and several decades of disputes followed, with some members lobbying for full admission of women, and others


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wanting to ban women altogether or grant them some form of associate membership. By 1992, the chapters agreed to bifurcate Alpha Delta Phi, creating the Alpha Delta Phi Society alongside the existing Fraternity. The Society espouses "home rule," letting each chapter decide whether or not to co-educate. To date, all of its chapters are co-educated.

Alpha Delta Phi

• Bernie Bierman -- University of Minnesota, 1915, Athlete, University of Minnesota Football Coach • Otto Graham -- Northwestern University, 1944,Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback. In 1999, he was ranked number 7 on The Sporting News’ list of the 100 Greatest Football Players, the highest-ranking player who had played in the AAFC • Jackie Jensen -- University of California, 1949, Athlete, former Major League Baseball outfielder • Walter A. Haas, Jr. -- University of California, 1937, former owner of Oakland Athletics, Honorary Chairman of Levi Strauss & Co. • Francis "Fay" T. Vincent -- Williams College, 1960, former Commissioner, Major League Baseball (Source: The Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity: Among the Brothers,, retrieved on 2007-06-26 )

As of 2007 the Society had four undergraduate chapters, one undergraduate affiliate, and five alumni chapters. The Society was founded in 1992 by four chapters: Brunonian (at Brown University), Columbia (at Columbia University), Middletown (at Wesleyan University), and Stanford (at Stanford University). The Bowdoin chapter, which had been required to withdraw from the Fraternity by the administration of Bowdoin College, joined the Society a year later. In 1994, the Society’s first new chapter was formed at Middlebury College, becoming Alpha Delta Phi’s first chapter to have a coeducational status from its inception. Bowdoin College later abolished its fraternity system, and the Bowdoin chapter became alumni-only. In 2005, Middlebury’s undergraduate chapter chose to disassociate itself from the national society, and it became alumni-only as well. In December 2007, the Society’s Board of Governors voted unanimously to establish the Granite Affiliate at the University of New Hampshire. The current undergraduate chapters and affiliates are as follows: • Columbia Chapter, Columbia University New York, NY (1836-1840, 1881-active) • Brunonian Chapter, Brown University Providence, RI (1836-1841, 1851-active) • Middletown Chapter, Wesleyan University - Middletown, CT (1856-active) • Stanford Chapter, Stanford University Palo Alto, CA (1916-active) • Granite Affiliate, University of New Hampshire - Durham, NH (2007-active)

Business and Finance
• C.F.W. Bruce -- University of Toronto, 1926, President of the Aluminum Company of Canada. • Henry Clay Folger -- Amherst College, 1879, President of Standard Oil and Founder of the Folger Shakespeare Library • G. Keith Funston -- Phi Kappa Chapter, 1932, President of the NYSE, 1951-1967. • William Russell Grace -- Columbia University, 1900, Founder of W. R. Grace and Company • Elbert Hand -- Hamilton College, 1961, CEO of Hartmarx • Scott Hand -- Hamilton College, 1964, Chairman & CEO of INCO • Arthur B. Homer -- Brown University, 1917, President of the Bethlehem Steel. • Kevin Kennedy -- Hamilton College, 1970, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs; President, Hamilton College Trustees • David Packard -- Stanford University, 1934, Founder of the Hewlett-Packard Computer Corporation • Charles H. Percy -- University of Chicago, 1941, U.S. Senator, Chairman of Bell & Howell Corporation

Notable alumni


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• Phillip W. Pillsbury -- Yale University, 1924, President of The Pillsbury Company • John D. Rockefeller, Jr. -- Brown University, 1897, Director, Standard Oil, U.S. Steel, Philanthropist • Elwyn L. Smith -- Cornell University, 1917, Founder and President of the Smith Corona typewriter company • Allan Sproul -- University of California, 1919, Director, Kaiser Aluminum. • Grant Tinker -- Dartmouth College, 1949, President of NBC. • Frederick K. Weyerhaeuser -- Yale University, 1917, Chairman of the Weyerhaeuser. • Rocco Manzo -- Miami University, 1962, Professor at Miami University • Gerald B. Zornow -- University of Rochester, 1937, Chairman of Eastman Kodak • Colin Angle -- Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1989, Founder and CEO of iRobot Corporation • David Culver -- McGill University, 1946, Chairman and Ceo emiritus of Alcan Aluminum Limited (Source: The Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity: Among the Brothers,, retrieved on 2007-06-26 )

Alpha Delta Phi
• Father Thomas Merton -- Columbia University, 1938. (Source: The Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity: Among the Brothers,, retrieved on 2007-06-26 )

• Joseph S. Ames -- Johns Hopkins Chapter, 1886, President of Johns Hopkins University • Charles William Eliot -- Harvard Chapter, 1853, President of Harvard University • William Watts Folwell -- Geneva Chapter, 1857, President of the University of Minnesota • Louis Agassiz Fuertes -- Cornell Chapter, 1987, Naturalist and Artist • Daniel Coit Gilman -- Yale Chapter, 1852, President of Johns Hopkins University • Kent Hubbell -- Cornell University, 1967, Cornell University Dean of Students • Emory W. Hunt -- Rochester Chapter, 1884, President of Denison University; President of Bucknell University • Robert Hutchins -- Yale Chapter, 1921, President of the University of Chicago • Robert G. McKelvey -- Middletown Chapter, 1959, Secretary, American Rhodes Scholars Association • Har Barry Mills -- Bowdoin Chapter, 1972, President of Bowdoin College • Andrew Van Vranken Raymond -- Union Chapter, 1875, President of Union College • Eugene V. Rostow -- Yale Chapter, 1933, Dean of the Yale University School of Law, Adviser to the United States Department of State • Thomas B. Rudd -- Hamilton Chapter, 1921, President of Hamilton College • David Truman -- Amherst Chapter, 1921, President of Mount Holyoke College, Provost of Columbia University • Charles Taylor -- McGill University, 1952, Philosopher, Rhodes Scholar and recipient of the Templeton Prize and the Kyoto Prize. • Michael S. Roth -- Middletown Chapter, 1978, President of Wesleyan University (Source: The Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity: Among the Brothers,, retrieved on 2007-06-26 )

• Bishop Henry D. Aves -- Kenyon College, 1878. • Bishop Frederick Burgess -- Brown University, 1873. • Bishop Sheldon M. Griswold -- Union College, 1882. • Bishop John. Kendrick -- Kenyon College 1859. • Bishop Theodore B. Lyman -- Hamilton College, 1837. • Bishop H. Clifford Northcott -- (N 1919). • Bishop Lyman C. Ogilby -- Hamilton College, 1943, ordained Barbara Clementine Harris, who became the first ever female bishop in the Anglican Church. • Bishop Lauriston L. Scaife -- Trinity College, 1931. • Bishop Herbert Shipman -- Colgate University, 1890. • Bishop Dudley S. Stark -- Trinity College, 1917.


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Alpha Delta Phi
Governor of Maine; President of Bowdoin College Salmon P. Chase -- Dartmouth College, 1826, Secretary of the Treasury under President Abraham Lincoln; Chief Justice of the United States Joseph H. Choate -- Harvard University, 1852, Ambassador to Great Britain Bainbridge Colby -- Williams College, 1890, Secretary of State; founder of Progressive Party Dwight F. Davis -- Harvard University, 1900, Secretary of War; donor of the Davis Cup. William R. Day -- University of Michigan, 1870, Secretary of State Charles S. Fairchild -- Harvard University, 1863, Secretary of the Treasury James Rudolph Garfield -- Williams College, 1885, Secretary of the Interior Frederick H. Gillett -- Amherst College, 1874, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Alastair W. Gillespie -- McGill University, 198?, Member of Canadian Parliament; Minister of Industry, Trade and Commerce (Canada) Alger Hiss -- Johns Hopkins University, 1926, clerk to fellow fraternity alumnus Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.; influential U.S. State Department official; convicted of perjury in House Un-American Activities Committee investigation into communist spying. Edward M. House -- Cornell University, 1881, politician, Presidential adviser and diplomat William Luther -- University of Minnesota, 1967, U.S. Congressman Charles H. Percy -- University of Chicago, 1941, U.S. Senator Thomas C. Reed -- Cornell University, 1956, 11th Secretary of the Air Force; author of At the Abyss: An Insider’s History of the Cold War Franklin D. Roosevelt -- Harvard University, 1904, President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt -- Harvard University, 1880, President of the United States John S. Wold -- Union College, 1938, U.S. Congressman, oil man, and philanthropist Michael Meighen -- McGill University, 1960, Canadian Senator.

• Macdonald Carey -- University of Wisconsin–Madison, 1935, Actor • Stephen Collins -- Amherst College, Actor, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, 7th Heaven • Michael A. Cunningham -- University of Illinois, 1988, Bagpiper • Roger Faxon -- Johns Hopkins University, 1970, C.O.O. of Columbia Pictures • Monica Louwerens -- Middletown Chapter, 1995, Actress[2] • Fredric March -- University of Wisconsin–Madison, 1920, actor • Chris Miller -- Dartmouth College, 1963, co-screenwriter, National Lampoon’s Animal House • Hayden Schlossberg -- University of Chicago, 2000, co-screenwriter, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle and Scary Movie 3 (Rewrite) • Ben Stein -- Columbia University, 1966, actor and author • Jason Billig -- University at Buffalo, 1994, Screenwriter, Saw III, Triple C is Back in Town: Roll Dem Bones 2 and Return of Flame Shoes • Raymond Joseph Teller (of Penn & Teller) - Amherst College, 1970, actor and magician • Franchot Tone -- Cornell University, 1927, Actor • Monte Woolley -- Yale University, 1911, Actor (Source: The Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity: Among the Brothers,, retrieved on 2007-06-26 ) •

• •


• • • •




Government and Military
• Hon. John Black Aird -- University of Toronto, 1945, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario; Canadian Senator • Richard R. Burt -- Cornell University, 1969, U.S. Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany from 1985 to 1989; U.S. Chief Negotiator in the Strategic Arms Reduction Talks (START) with the Former Soviet Union • Michael N. Castle -- Hamilton College, 1961, Governor of Delaware; US Congressman • Joshua Chamberlain -- Bowdoin College, 1852, hero of the Battle of Gettysburg; received Confederate surrender at Appomattox Courthouse; Medal of Honor;

• • •


• • •


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(Source: The Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity: Among the Brothers,, retrieved on 2007-06-26 )

Alpha Delta Phi
• Sean Ellis -- University of British Columbia, 1934, author and playwright • John Farrar -- Yale University, 1918, poet, publisher. • Pagan Kennedy -- Middletown, 1984, author, pioneer of ’90s Zine Movement. • James Russell Lowell -- Harvard University, 1838, poet, critic, editor, and diplomat • Henry Luce -- Yale University, 1920, publisher; founder of Time–Life. • Robert Ludlum -- Middletown, 1951, novelist • Chris Miller -- Dartmouth College, 1961, Co-author of National Lampoon’s Animal House • Col. Robert R. McCormick -- Yale University, 1903, editor and publisher of the Chicago Tribune. • P. J. O’Rourke -- Miami University, author • Daniel Pearl -- Stanford University, 1985, journalist WSJ editor and victim of terrorism • Ben Stein -- Columbia University, 1966, author, humorist • George Templeton Strong -- Columbia University, 1838, prolific diarist • Scott Turow -- Amherst College, 1970, novelist • Thornton Wilder -- Yale University, 1920, author and playwright (Source: The Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity: Among the Brothers,, retrieved on 2007-06-26 )

Law and Judiciary
• Samuel Blatchford -- Columbia University, 1837, Justice, U.S. Supreme Court. • Henry Billings Brown -- Yale University, 1856, Justice, U.S. Supreme Court. • Salmon P. Chase -- Dartmouth College, 1826, Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme Court. • William R. Day -- University of Michigan, 1870, Justice, U.S. Supreme Court. • William S. Groesbeck -- Miami University, U. S. Representative • Oliver Wendell Holmes -- Harvard University, 1861, Justice, U.S. Supreme Court. • John Jay -- Columbia University, 1836, abolitionist and grandson of John Jay 1st Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court • Dana H. Porter -- University of Toronto, 1921, Chief Justice of Ontario. • William B. Scott -- McGill University, 1912, Chief Justice, Superior Court of Quebec. • George Shiras, Jr. -- Yale University, 1853, Justice, U.S. Supreme Court. • Harlan Fiske Stone -- Amherst College, 1894, Chief Justice, U.S. Supreme Court. (Source: The Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity: Among the Brothers,, retrieved on 2007-06-26 )

Literature and Journalism
• Samuel Hopkins Adams -- Hamilton College, 1891, author. • John Perry Barlow -- Middletown, 1969, poet, essayist, retired Wyoming cattle rancher, co-founder of the Electronic Frontier Foundation[3] • Philip Barry -- Yale University, 1918, author. • Francis Bellamy -- University of Rochester, 1876, author of the original Pledge of Allegiance • Stephen Vincent Benét -- Yale University, 1919, poet. • Richard G. Eberhart -- University of Minnesota, 1926, poet. • David Eisenhower -- Amherst College, 1970, Author of Eisenhower at War

Science and Engineering
• Dr. Frederick M. Allen -- University of California, 1902, Pioneer in Diabetes. • Kenneth Ouiel -- University of Rochester, 1977, Vascular Surgeon and Chief of Surgery, The Cleveland Clinic. • Farrington Daniels -- University of Minnesota, 1910, Pioneer in solar energy; Chairman, Chemistry at University of Wisconsin–Madison. • David P. Faxon MD -- Hamilton College, 1967, President of the American Heart Association • Dr. Hans Lisser -- University of California, 1907, Pioneer in Gland Disorders. • William H. Masters -- Hamilton College, 1938, Researcher, human sexuality.


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• Lt. Colonel Steven R. Nagel -- University of Illinois, 1969, NASA Astronaut, Space Shuttle Discovery. • Louis Nicot Ridenour -- University of Chicago, 1932, Member, United States Atomic Energy Commission. • Daniel M. Tani -- Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1984, NASA Astronaut, Space Shuttle Endeavour, International Space Station • Michael Gazzaniga -- Dartmouth College, 1961, Founder of the field of cognitive neuroscience (Source: The Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity: Among the Brothers,, retrieved on 2007-06-26 ) File:Adpmap.jpg

Alpha Delta Phi

[1] Tombs_and_Taps.htm [2] "Alpha Delta Phi Society Notable Alumni". alumni. Retrieved on 2007-04-11. [3] "Alpha Delta Phi Society Notable Alumni". alumni. Retrieved on 2007-04-11.

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