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									 Punching,
 Shoving,
 Slapping,
 Biting,

              Philip Jenkins
 Probability
 Damage
 More than three million children
                    David Lawnson & Dawn Berry
???   ???
Men like to feel and be
       in charge.
               Kathleen K. Furniss
 Religious traditions is justifications for male
 This perspective can lead to problems with
  power and abuse of power.
                                    Viviane Lerner
   Having the ability to persuade one into doing
    something for your own benefits or pleasure.
                                          Philip Jenkins

        Court of justice
        Penalty
        Incarceration
        Gain knowledge
        Accountability
                  Illinois State Police
    Not reported

 70% of abusers are not arrested for their
 Only 1/3 of men who commit acts of domestic
  violence are punished and held accountable
  for their actions                Don Faggiani
  90% of victims had reported at least one
prior incident of abuse.
 Women who leaves increase their chances
to be killed by 75%.
                           Dawn Berry & Phillip Jenkins
                            Victim gets beaten
   Taken into custody
   Order of Protect
                            Victim’s family is in
   Court day issued         danger
   A warrant issued        Children are harmed
   Prison time             Victim needs hospital
                            Victim dies

                                      Illinois State Police
   Deeply rooted knowledge
   Taught that abuse is good               Stable home
   “Train up a child in the                Abusive household
    way he should go: and                   Statistics say probability
    when he is old he will not              Free will: Choice
    depart from it.”
          Rev. Leon White & Holy Bible           Richard Gelles & Murray Straus
An average student   A killer

 A bully             An abuser


                         Craig Chalquist
Victim, child and abuser + treatment and counseling = better people

                                                            Craig Chalquist

                CEASE        Punishment

      Abuser     Treatment
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