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									                 SFMS USER GROUP MEETING MINUTES
                         SFMS User Group Meeting Minutes
                                 August 21st, 2007
                               Veteran‟s Auditorium

  Please review all handouts and make available to the appropriate staff.

Introduction of our new Accountant 4 – Silvar Rys. Silvar has been with us as
an agency support analyst for 3 ½ years. She previously worked for Secretary of State
Audits Division as an auditor. Silvar has a Bachelor of Science degree from Oregon
State University and has her CPA license.

If Silvar was your agency support analyst, you should have received an email telling you
who to call/email with your questions. If not, contact Judy Cooper at 503-373-1044

Scheduling Change for User Group Meetings – Meetings will be scheduled
twice a year instead of four times a year. It was also suggested that we begin the
meetings at 9:00 am instead of 8:30 am for those who travel from out of Salem
        1. Late January
        2. Late May, early June
 These two meetings will cover lots of topics and will probably last 2 ½ to 3 hours.

Calendar Planning Session proposed for late October                       Based on
agency concerns regarding scheduling for certain events, it has been suggested that we
hold a Calendar Planning Session in late October. Prior to the planning session we
would, as usual, coordinate our schedules with appropriate DAS divisions.

The 1099-Misc Training is tentatively scheduled for November 13, 2007. It
would take the place of the cancelled November user group meeting. This will be
confirmed later.

                                  Agenda Items

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                         1.       CALENDAR OF EVENTS
August 24, 2007
Optional:       Order these BEFORE reports – DAFR8650 & DAFR8920 for Mo 13,
FY07. They are used to verify equity balances. SFMS runs a statewide Trial Balance,
but there is no detail.

August 31, 2007
The DAFM351 program will run Friday, August 31st. This program „closes‟ nominal
account activity (expenditure, revenue, etc) into equity for fiscal year 2007. Transactions
are generated in Batch Agency 999, Batch Type = „Y‟, and the Document Type is „YG‟.
Agency Responsibility:
On the 25 Agency Control Profile for Fiscal Year 2007, the Last Month Closed Indicator
cannot be „13‟. If the Last Month Closed Indicator is „13‟, the agency is required to
change it to „12‟.
SFMS Responsibility:
SFMS staff will modify the 97 profile to allow the generated transactions to post with an
effective date of 06/31/2007. After batch cycle the 97 profile will automatically be
changed to reflect FY 2008. (Thanks for asking about this, Dave Schreffler!!)

Week Ending September 7, 2007
SFMS Agency Support Analysts will work with agencies to clear the error transactions
generated by DAFM351 from the 530 screen. Profile inactivations are the major cause of
the errors.

Agencies will be notified when they are „351 Error Free‟, at which time they can –
1. Set the FY 2007 25 profile, Last Month Closed Indicator to „13‟ AND
2. Order the “AFTER” reports – DAFR8650 & 8920 for Mo 13, FY 07. (optional)

Friday, September 7, 2007
July month end close!!        Special report ordering instructions are in the handout.

September 14, 2007
DAFR7940 Agency 1099-MISC Vendor Worksheet Report Requested. These reports are
distributed to agencies the following week. Subsequently, these reports will be run once
a month between September and January in preparation for filing the 2007 1099-MISC

September 21, 2007
August month end close!!        Follow normal month end close procedures.

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               More detail for the time period above is available on the handout.
            Please distribute to staff who are impacted by these dates and processes!
                    Thanks – together we will get through this hectic time!!

Handout         1_Calendar_of_Events.doc revised from meeting handout!!

           2.      DAFM351 YEAR END CLOSE PROGRAM
The Power Point handout for this agenda item explains the process in detail. Please make
the handout available to anyone who is interested.
If you have any questions your agency support analyst would be glad to answer them!

Handout         2_DAFM351.ppt

                      A SYNOPSIS
There are two types of Doc Supported G/L Accounts – those that hit nominal GLs and
those that do not hit nominal GLs. At the end of the biennium, they are handled

Doc Supported GLs (Nominal GLs not affected)
       0573 – Advances
       1550 – Deposit Liability
       1604 – Deferred Revenue
Documents created with these GLs have an effective date range of two bienniums. If set
up in AY07, the same document can be used in AY09. At the end of the second
biennium, if the document is still valid, it must be closed in AY09 and re-entered in

Doc Supported GLs (Nominal GLs affected)
        0501 – Accounts Receivable – Other – Billed
        0543 – Accounts Receivable – Federal – Billed
        0547 – Due From Other Governments
        0574 – Interest Receivable – Other – Billed
Documents created with these GLs must be closed at the end of the biennium in which
they are created.

                       Please refer to the handouts for details -
                         This can be a complicated process!!

Handout         3_Doc_Supported_GL_Accounts_2007.doc

This year we were fortunate to receive many different requests for project ideas. Before
we could do a final selection, we asked Enterprise Application Services (EAS) for an

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estimate on work charge units. With our limited resources, we wanted to be able to work
on as many of the project requests as possible. Therefore, we did not expand on the
requests to include other screens, etc. We worked with what agencies indicated they
Agencies will be encouraged to submit project requests for FY 2009 – These requests
could include expanding one or more of the 2007 Projects.

Six out of the ten most wanted FY 2008 projects have some level of progress.
         #1 – Select, drill down and view detail on the 85 Screen
         #2 – Display the PCA title, Agency and/or Comp Object title and Index title
            on the S505 Screen
         #6 – Add the functionality of the F7, prior page on screens. Consistent
            screens were not identified. Two screens will need to be identified by
            agencies. (At this time, the 86 & 85 Screens are the runaway favorites).
         #8 – More effective method to distinguish screen wrapping from additional
            line. i.e. Every other record bolded. Screen numbers 85 and 86 were most
            frequently identified.
         #9 – Add the current document number to the detail line on the 86 screen.
         #10 – Add agency code 1 to the 89 screen so that grant balance information is
            available on-line.
Please view the handout for detail information.

Handout       4_FY08_SFMS_Agency_Ranking_Update_082107.xls

      Update on the SFMA Facelift

During a recent meeting of the SFMA Facelift committee the direction was given to look
at web-enabling some R*Stars screens. The plan is to keep the process simple and to
maintain the green screen look and feel for the seasoned user who may want to work in
the green screen environment. The committee thought the data entry and navigation
screens would provide the most benefit as web-enabled. SFMS staff met with Enterprise
Application Services (EAS) on this web-enabling possibility. EAS is embracing the
challenge and will be working on a prototype of one navigational segment and three data
entry screens to show the SFMA Facelift committee. EAS is hopeful they will be in a
position to share the prototype the last part of September. We need to be very careful as
we approach this project. We are in un-chartered waters and will probably experience
plenty of challenges.

       Updates on ADPICS and its challenges
We have a committee of interested agency representatives working on getting the vendor
tables synchronized between ADPICS and R*STARS.
Also, we are working with the State Procurement Office (SPO) to resolve problems in the
ORPIN-to-ADPICS interface that have been delaying the process of loading State Price
Agreements into ADPICS.      Jeff Whittaker is the lead – 503-373-1044 x 269.

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NEXT MEETING:                   LATE JANUARY 2008
TIME:                           9:00 AM – 12:00 NOON
                                700 SUMMER STREET NE

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