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Grade Three
First Grading Period
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      Standard                            Indicators of Performance                                      Assessment
Standard 1: Number

                       3.1.1   Count, read, and write whole numbers up to 100,000. What does the 2 in 25,031 represent?
                               Identify and interpret place value in whole numbers      Show the number 25,031 in 2 different ways:
                       3.1.2   up to 100,000.                                           a) words b) expanded form
                               Use words, models, and expanded form to represent
                       3.1.3   numbers up to 100,000.                                   How many hundreds, tens, and ones are in 325?
                               Identify any number up to 100,000 in various
                               combinations of thousands, hundreds, tens, and           548 rounded to the nearest 10 is
                       3.1.4   ones.                                                    a) 500   b)1000 c) 550 d) 500
                               Compare whole numbers up to 1000 and arrange             What is the smallest whole number you can make
                       3.1.5   them in numerical order.                                 using the digits 4, 9, and 1?
                               Round numbers less than 1000 to the nearest ten          548 rounded to the nearest 100 is
                       3.1.6   and the nearest hundred.                                 a) 500 b)1000 c) 550 d) 500
                               Identify odd and even numbers up to 1000 and describe    Write each even number in expanded form: 38,
                       3.1.7   their characteristics.                                   457, 29, 788, 120.
Standard 3: Algebra
and Functions
                               Plot and label whole numbers on number line up to        Mark the positions of the odd numbers on a
                       3.3.7   10.                                                      number line up to 10.
Standard 5:
                                                                                        Using your ruler measure the length of each of your
                       3.5.1   Measure line segments to the nearest half-inch.          textbooks to the nearest half-inch.
Standard 6: Problem

                                                                                     Solve the problem: Start with any number. If it is
                                                                                     even, halve it. If it is odd add 1. Do the same with
                               Analyze problems by identifying relationship, telling the results and keep repeating. Find what happens
                               relevant from irrelevant information, sequencing,     by trying different numbers. Try at least 3 different
                       3.6.1   and prioritizing information, and observing patterns. numbers and compare the different answers.

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Grade Three
Second Grading Period

      Standard                             Indicators of Performance                                     Assessment
Standard 2:
                                Add and subtract whole numbers up to 1000 with or
                                without regrouping, using relevant properties of the     854 Did you regroup? Y         N
                        3.2.1   number system.                                          -427 Why or why not?

                                                                                        Your friend says that 22+27=79. Without solving
                                Use estimation to decide whether answers are            the problem, do you think that answer is correct?
                        3.2.7   reasonable in addition and subtraction problems.        Y        N         Explain why or why not.
                                                                                        Teacher reads the problem: There are 50 red
                                                                                        chairs and 60 blue chairs. How many chairs in all?
                                Use mental arithmetic to add or subtract with numbers   Ask students to write an explanation of how to use
                        3.2.8   less than 100.                                          mental math to solve the problem.
Standard 3: Algebra
and Functions
                                                                                       Jan bought a drink for 55 cents at the ballgame.
                                                                                       She got 45 cents change back. Show the number
                                Represent relationships of quantities in the form of a sentence that shows how much money she had to
                        3.3.1   numeric expression or equation.                        spend.
                                                                                        Using the information for the last problem, would
                                                                                        Jan have $2.00 to spend? Y           N       why
                        3.3.2   Solve problems involving numeric equations.             or why not.
                                                                                        Ice cream sandwiches cost 20 cents each. Which
                                                                                        pattern shows the cost of 4 ice cream sandwiches?
                                Solve simple problems involving a functional            (a) 10, 20,30, 40, (b) 20, 40, 60, 80 ( c) _ _ _ _
                        3.3.6   relationship between two quantities.                    (d) _ _ _ _

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Grade Three
Second Grading Period
      Standard                              Indicators of Performance                                        Assessment
Standard 4: Geometry
                                                                                           ● The corner of the t.v. set is a right angle. Write
                                                                                           the names of three objects in the classroom that
                                                                                           have right angles.
                                                                                           ● Draw pictures to illustrate.
                        3.4.1    Identify quadrilaterals as four-sided shapes.             ● Draw Three quadrilaterals.
                                 Identify right angles in shapes and objects and
                                 decide whether other angles are greater or less than Identify right angles in the classroom. Write at least
                        3.4.2    a right angle.                                       five examples and draw pictures to illustrate.

                                 Identify common solid objects that are the parts          Describe and draw how a house is made from a
                        3.4.4    needed to make a more complex solid object.               prism and a pyramid.
                        3.4.5    Draw a shape that is congruent to another shape.          Draw a triangle that is congruent to a given
                                 Use the terms point, line, and line segment in            Label the following terms on a given triangle: point
                        3.4.6    describing two dimensional shapes.                        and line segment.
                        3.4.7    Draw line segments and lines.                             Draw a line segment three inches long.
                                 Identify and draw lines of symmetry in geometric shapes   Use paper and pencil to draw lines of symmetry in
                        3.4.8    (by hand or using technology).                            a square. Write about your findings.
                                                                                           Hold a cardboard letter "F" to a mirror. Draw the
                        3.4.9    Sketch the mirror image reflections of shapes.            letter and the shape you see in the mirror.
                                 Recognize geometric shapes and their properties in        Write the letters of the alphabet and draw the lines
                        3.4.10   environment and specify their locations.                  of symmetry that you see.
Standard 5:
                                  Find the value of any collection of coins and bills.
                                 Write amounts less than a dollar using the ¢ symbol
                                 and write larger amounts in decimal notation using How much money is 5 quarters and 2 dollars bills?
                        3.5.10   the $ symbol.                                         Show the amount using the $.
                                                                                       Use punch-out money to decide if there is enough
                                                                                       money to purchase school supplies.
                                                                                           Problem: You have $5 . Can you buy two books
                                  Use play or real money to decide whether there is        that cost $2.15 each? Y    N         Explain
                        3.5.11   enough money to make a purchase.                          how you know.

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Grade Three
Second Grading Period

      Standard                             Indicators of Performance                                        Assessment
Standard 6: Problem
                                                                                          You and your family have ordered one extra-large
                                                                                          pizza for supper. The pizza is cut into 18 pieces.
                                Express the solution clearly and logically by using the   How many pieces will you get if everyone gets the
                                appropriate mathematical terms and notation. Support      same amount? Show and explain your work.
                                solutions with evidence in both verbal and symbolic       There are 4 members in my family. I will get
                        3.6.4   work.                                                     pieces of pizza.

                                                                                          The clerk tells you that your two book bags will cost
                                Know and use strategies for estimating results of         $6.70. If each book bag cost $3.95, does that
                        3.6.6   whole number addition and subtraction.                    surprise you? Y         N       Why or why not.

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Grade Three
Third Grading Period

      Standard                              Indicators of Performance                                       Assessment
Standard 1: Number

                                                                                          Draw pictures to show that 3/5, 6/10 and 9/15 are
                       3.1.8    Show equivalent fractions using equal parts.              equivalent fractions.
                                                                                          The numerator for the shaded area in a given
                                Identify and use correct names for numerators and         circle is ________         and the denominator is
                       3.1.9    denominators.                                             _________ .
                                Given a pair of fractions, decide which is larger or      Which is more, 1/2 of a candy bar, or 3/4 of a
                       3.1.10   smaller by using objects or pictures.                     candy bar? Show your work.
Standard 2:
                                Represent the concept of multiplication as repeated If 4 x 3 is the same as 3 + 3+ 3+3, then 6 x 4 is
                       3.2.2    addition.                                              the same as + + + + + .
                                                                                       If…4x3=12       then        12 ÷ 4 =3
                                Represent the concept of division as repeated          ………..3x4=12                        12 ÷ 3 =4
                                subtraction, equal sharing and forming equal           Complete: 8 x 3 =24               24 ÷         =     .
                       3.2.3    groups.                                                ………….. X =24                   24 ÷          =   .
                                Know and use the inverse relationship between
                       3.2.4    multiplication and division facts.                     Find other facts related to 8 x 3 =24.
                                                                                       By skip counting, fill in the missing numbers.
                                                                                       2,4,    ,8,      , 12,14,        ,      ,20,
                                                                                       5,    ,      ,20,25,        ,35,      ,     ,50    .
                       3.2.5    Show mastery of multiplication facts for 2, 5, and 10. ,20,    ,      ,50,      ,70,       ,     , 100
Standard 3: Algebra
and Functions
                                                                                          Choose a symbol (+,-,x,÷) to make the number
                                                                                          a) 4 3=7
                                                                                          b) 7 3=4
                                Choose appropriate symbols for operations and             c) 6 2=12
                       3.3.3    relations to make a number sentence true.                 d)12 6=2
                                Understand and use the commutative and
                       3.3.4    associative rules of multiplication.                 5x2=10, then     x5=10.
                                                                                   What is the next number? 1,4,8,16,   ? How did
                                Create, describe, and extend number patterns using you find your answer? Make your own pattern.
                       3.3.5    multiplication.                                    ,    ,     ,    ,   .
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Grade Three
Third Grading Period

      Standard                            Indicators of Performance                                    Assessment
Standard 5:
                                                                                       Measure the room temperature using a
                                                                                       thermometer that has both Celsius and Fahrenheit
                                                                                       units. Take temperature readings in both Celsius
                       3.5.8   Compare temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit.         and Fahrenheit .
Standard 6: Problem
                                                                                       Ann read 5 books every day for 3 weeks. Show an
                                                                                       easier way to decide how many books she read in
                                                                                       3 weeks than the following. Show your work.
                               Decide when and how to break a problem into             5+5+5+5+5+5
                       3.6.2   simpler parts.
                                                                                       If you know how many books Ann read in 3 weeks,
                                                                                       and Ann's 3 friends are reading the same amount
                               Apply strategies and results from simpler problems to   of books per week, how many total books do the 4
                       3.6.3   solve more complex problems.                            friends read in 3 weeks?
                               Decide whether a solution is reasonable in the          In the above problem, would an answer of 1,000
                       3.6.8   context of the original situation.                      surprise you? Why or why not?
                                                                                       Sally noticed that by adding 1 to every even
                               Note the method of finding the solution and show a      number, she came up with odd numbers. If she
                               conceptual understanding of the method by solving       added I to every odd number, would every number
                       3.6.9   similar problems.                                       be even? Y      N     Show your work.

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Grade Three
Fourth Grading Period

      Standard                               Indicators of Performance                                      Assessment
Standard 1: Number
                                 Given a pair of fractions, decide which is larger or    Which is greater, 1/3 or 2/5 ? Draw a picture to
                        3.1.10   smaller by using objects or pictures.                   explain your answer.

                                                                                       You have a pile of 100 beans and 72 of them are
                                 Given a set of objects or a picture, name and write a lima beans. Write the decimal that represents lima
                        3.1.11   decimal to represent tenths and hundredths.           beans as a part of the whole pile of beans.
                                                                                       Draw a rectangle with 10 equal parts. Color the
                                 Given a decimal for tenths, show it as a fraction     rectangle, write the fraction, and write the decimal
                        3.1.12   using a place value model.                            that equals three-tenths.
                                 Interpret data displayed in a circle graph and          Students answer test questions about a teacher
                        3.1.13   answer questions about the situation.                   provided circle graph.

                                                                                         It is raining in your neighborhood. Is it certain,
                                 Identify whether everyday events are certain, likely,   likely, unlikely, or impossible that the tree in your
                        3.1.14   unlikely, or impossible.                                front yard will get wet? Explain your answer.

                                                                                         Predict how many heads and tails will occur if a
                                 Record the possible outcomes for a simple               coin is tossed 10 times. Perform the experiment
                        3.1.15   probability experiment.                                 and record results on a graph.
Standard 2:                      Add and subtract simple fractions with the same
Computation             3.2.1    denominator.                                            Add 3/8 and 1/8. Explain your answer.

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Grade Three
Fourth Grading Period

      Standard                               Indicators of Performance                                           Assessment
Standard 5:
                                 Add units of length that may require regrouping of            Add the lengths of three sheets of paper. Give
                        3.5.2    inches to feet or centimeters to meters.                      your answer in feet and inches.
                                                                                               Find the perimeter of your desk in centimeters.
                        3.5.3    Find the perimeter of a polygon.                              Explain your method.
                                 Estimate or find the area of shapes by covering               How many 1" square tiles do we need to cover this
                        3.5.4    them with squares.                                            desk?
                                                                                               Using a teacher provided box, estimate how many
                                 Estimate or find the volume of objects by counting            1" cubes will fill the box. Perform the experiment
                        3.5.5    the number of cubes that would fill them.                     and describe the results.
                                                                                               If a given bottle holds one liter, estimate how many
                                                                                               liters your kitchen sink will hold. Conduct the
                                 Estimate and measure capacity using quarts, gallons,          experiment and home and explain the results to
                        3.5.6    and liters.                                                   the class.
                                                                                               Estimate the weight of your math book in pounds
                                 Estimate and measure weight using pounds and                  and in kilograms. Perform the experiment and
                        3.5.7    kilograms.                                                    describe your results.
                                 Tell time to the nearest quarter hour, be able to tell five
                                 minute intervals, and know the difference between a.m.        Unit test on telling time using both digital clocks
                        3.5.9    and p.m.                                                      and standard clocks.
                                                                                               Unit test on conversions (feet to inches, yards to
                                                                                               feet, hours to minutes, centimeters to meters, etc.)
                                                                                               How many minutes are in 3 hours? How many
                                 Carry out simple unit conversions within a                    inches are in 6 feet? How many hours are in 3
                        3.5.12   measurement system.                                           days? How many inches are in a foot?

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Grade Three
Fourth Grading Period

      Standard                             Indicators of Performance                                     Assessment
Standard 6: Problem
                                                                                        How many days are there in 5 weeks? Show how
                                Decide when and how to break a problem into             to figure the problem a simpler way than adding
                        3.6.2   simpler parts.                                          the days.
                                                                                        Measure the length and width of a given room to
                                                                                        the nearest meter to find out how many student
                                Recognize the relative advantages of exact and          desks would fit into it. Would this be an accurate
                                approximate solutions to problems and give answers to   enough measure if you were carpeting the room?
                        3.6.5   a specified degree of accuracy.                         Why or why not?
                                                                                        Using the above problem, calculate the answer
                                                                                        and check calculations showing the process that
                                Make precise calculations and check the validity of     was used. Explain in writing whether the answer
                        3.6.7   the results in the context of the problem.              was reasonable.
                                                                                        In the above example about fitting desks into a
                                Decide whether a solution is reasonable in the          room, would an answer of 1,000 surprise you?
                        3.6.8   context of the original situation.                      Why or why not?

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