12 Month Profit Loss Projection

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					                             TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS PLAN

Scenario—Your assignment is to plan a business that you want to open.

The following segments must comprise the setup of your business as listed in the Business Plan
Packet. Each component is listed in the Table of Contents.

     1.    Executive Summary
     2.    General Company Description
     3.    Products and Services
     4.    Marketing Plan
     5.    Operational Plan
     6.    Management and Organization
     7.    Personal Financial Statement
     8.    Startup Expenses and Capitalization
     9.    Financial Plan
     10.   Appendices
     11.   Refining the Plan

I.   Executive Summary
      Explain everything about the business in two or less pages
         Products, Customers, owners, future outlook

II. General Company Description
     Mission Statement
     Goals and Objectives
     Business Philosophy
     Business Description, ie, Strengths and Weaknesses, Legal form of ownership

III. Products and Services
      Describe the business products and services
         Drawings, photos, brochures, flyers
      List factors that provide competitive advantages or disadvantages

IV. Marketing Plan
     Primary or Secondary Research
     Economics--Facts about business
         Total size of your market
         Percent share of the market
         Current demand in target market
         Trends in target market
         Growth potential and opportunity for your business
         Barriers and how to overcome the barriers, ie, costs, training and skills, consumer
            acceptance and brand recognition

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      Product Features and Benefits
      Customer Demographics--Identify target customers, characteristics, age, gender, income
       level, education, social class and occupation
      Competition
      Business Strategy
        Promotion of Company
        Promotional Budget
        Pricing
        Proposed Location
        Distribution Channels
      Sales Forecast

V. Operational Plan
    Production
    Location
    Legal Environment
    Personnel
    Inventory
    Suppliers
    Credit Policies

VI. Management and Organization
     Professional and Advisory Support--Business Management
        Board of Directors, Attorney, Account, Insurance agent, Banker, Consultants

VII. Personal Financial Statement
      List assets and liabilities held outside the business and personal net worth

VIII. Startup Expenses and Capitalization
      Estimate pre operational expenses and capital source

IX. Financial Plan
     12 Month Profit and Loss Projection
     Projected Cash Flow
     Opening Day Balance Sheet
     Break Even Analysis

X. Appendices

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