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									                                                            Oracle Applications
                                                               Release 11i
                                                            Documentation List

                             Release 11i Documentation Titles                     Part Number    PDF File
                                    Technology Documentation
                                            Product Update Notes
Oracle Applications Product Update Notes, Release 11i                               A85297-01    r115pun.pdf
Installing Oracle Applications, Release 11i                                         A87340-01     r1153ins.pdf
Maintaining Oracle Applications, Release 11i                                        A87339-01    r1153adux.pdf
Oracle Applications Concepts                                                        A82932-03   11iconcepts.pdf
Upgrade Timing Spreadsheet                                                             NA          upgasst.xls
Upgrading Oracle Applications, Release 11i                                          A87334-01     r1153ug.pdf
Release 11.0.3 and Oracle 8i Release 8.1.6 Interoperability Patch Notes                NA       R110_816.html
Release 10.7 and Oracle 8i Release 8.1.6 Interoperability Patch Notes                  NA       R107_816.html
Oracle Call Center Applications Setup Guide                                         A86049-02    cct115ins.pdf
Installing Oracle Call Center Connectors                                            A86043-02     iet115ins.pdf
Installing Oracle Campaign Plus                                                     A86045-01    iec115ins.pdf
Installing Oracle IVR Integrator                                                    A86042-01    iev115ins.pdf
Installing Oracle Predictive                                                        A86044-01    iep115ins.pdf
Installing Oracle Field Service/Laptop                                              A87357-01    csl115ins.pdf
Installing Oracle Field Service/Palm™ Devices                                       A87358-01   csm115ins.pdf
Supplemental CRM Installation Steps                                                 A86291-02    crm115ig.pdf
Multiple Organizations in Oracle Applications                                       A81174-01   115multorg.pdf
Multiple Reporting Currencies in Oracle Applications                                A80825-02     115mrc.pdf
Oracle Applications Flexfields Guide                                                A75393-01    115flexug.pdf
Oracle Applications Messages Manual                                                    NA       messages.pdf
Oracle Applications System Administrator's Guide                                    A75396-04   115saug.pdf
Oracle Applications User's Guide                                                    A75394-03   115oaug.pdf
Oracle Applications Developer's Guide                                               A75545-02    115devg.pdf
Oracle Applications User Interface Standards for Forms-Based Products               A75395-01    115uistan.pdf
Oracle Alert User's Guide                                                           A75398-01    115alrug.pdf
Oracle Applications Implementation Wizard User Guide                                A81178-01    115azug.pdf
Oracle Self-Service Web Applications Implementation Manual                          A75399-02    115icxig.pdf
Oracle Workflow Guide                                                               A75397-01    115wfug.pdf
                                         ERP Documentation
Integrating Oracle Receivables with Taxware Sales/Use Tax System                    A80835-01   115artaxw.pdf
Integrating Oracle Receivables with Vertex Quantum                                  A80834-01   115arvert.pdf
Oracle Assets User Guide                                                            A81359-01    115faug.pdf
Oracle Business Intelligence System Implementation Guide                            A77481-02    115bisig.pdf
Oracle Business Intelligence System Troubleshooting Guide                           A81000-01   115bistsg.pdf
Oracle Cash Management User Guide                                                   A80839-01    115ceug.pdf
Oracle CRL-Financials Enabled Assets Concepts and Procedures                        A83647-01   cua115ug.pdf
Oracle CRL-Financials Enabled Projects Concepts and Procedures                      A83646-01   ipa115ug.pdf
Oracle CRL-Financials Implementation Guide                                          A83615-01    ipa115ig.pdf
Oracle Financials Open Interface Reference                                          A81179-01    115finoig.pdf
Oracle Financials RXi Reports Administration Tool User Guide                        A81232-02    115finrxi.pdf
Oracle General Ledger User Guide                                                    A80826-02     115glug.pdf
Oracle Payables User Guide                                                          A81180-02    115apug.pdf
Oracle Property Manager User Guide                                                  A80837-01    115pnug.pdf
Oracle Receivables Tax Manual                                                       A80828-01    115artax.pdf
Oracle Receivables User Guide                                                       A80838-01    115arug.pdf
Oracle Self-Service Expenses Implementation Guide                                   A80831-02    115sseig.pdf
Oracle Self-Service Time Implementation Guide                                       A85269-01    115sstig.pdf
Oracle Treasury User Guide                                                          A81325-01    115xtrug.pdf
Oracle Projects User Guide                                                          A82837-01    115paug.pdf
Oracle Project Analysis Collection Pack Implementation Guide                        A81177-01   115pacpig.pdf
                                                 Public Sector
Oracle Grants Accounting User's Guide                                               A85357-01   115gmsug.pdf
Oracle Grants Proposal User's Guide                                                 A85295-01    115igwug.pdf
Oracle Labor Distribution User's Guide                                              A85309-01   115pspug.pdf
Oracle Public Sector Budgeting User's Guide                                         A85366-01   115psbug.pdf
Oracle Public Sector Financials (International) User's Guide                        A87421-01    115igiug.pdf
Oracle Public Sector General Ledger User's Guide                                    A75079-01   115psglug.pdf
Oracle Public Sector Payables User's Guide                                          A75080-01   115psapug.pdf

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                                                        Oracle Applications
                                                           Release 11i
                                                        Documentation List

                            Release 11i Documentation Titles                                          Part Number     PDF File
Oracle Public Sector Purchasing User's Guide                                                            A75084-01    115pspoug.pdf
Oracle Public Sector Receivables User's Guide                                                           A75081-01    115psarug.pdf
Oracle Student System User's Guide                                                                      A87462-01     115igsug.pdf
Oracle U.S. Federal Financials User's Guide                                                             A86658-01     115fvug.pdf
Oracle Automotive Trading Partner Toolkit User's Guide                                                  A83734_01    115veaug.pdf
Oracle Release Management Implementation Manual                                                         A83743_01    115rlmim.pdf
Oracle Release Management User's Guide                                                                  A83737_01    115rlmug.pdf
Discrete Manufacturing
Oracle Bills of Material User's Guide                                                                   A75087-01    115bomug.pdf
Oracle Capacity User's Guide                                                                            A75085-01     115crpug.pdf
Oracle Configure To Order Implementation Manual                                                         A86552-01     115ctoim.pdf
Oracle Cost Management User's Guide                                                                     A75088-01     115cstug.pdf
Oracle e-Commerce Gateway Implementation Manual                                                         A75164-02     115eccim.pdf
Oracle e-Commerce Gateway User's Guide                                                                  A75089-02     115eccug.pdf
Oracle Engineering User's Guide                                                                         A75090-01    115engug.pdf
Oracle Inventory User's Guide                                                                           A83507-01     115invug.pdf
Oracle Manufacturing APIs and Open Interfaces Manual                                                    A83746_01    115mfgoim.pdf
Oracle Manufacturing Scheduling User's Guide                                                            A77021-03    115wpsug.pdf
Oracle Master Scheduling/MRP and Oracle Supply Chain Planning User's Guide                              A82941-01    115mrpug.pdf
Oracle Quality User's Guide                                                                             A75098-01     115qaug.pdf
Oracle Shop Floor Management User's Guide                                                               A83717-01    115wsmug.pdf
Oracle Work in Process User's Guide                                                                     A83598-01     115wipug.pdf
Flow Manufacturing
Oracle Flow Manufacturing Implementation Manual                                                         A69397-01     115flmim.pdf
Oracle Flow Manufacturing User's Guide                                                                  A69396-01     115flmug.pdf
Process Manufacturing
Oracle Process Manufacturing Accounting Setup User's Guide                                              A77487-02    115gmfasug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing and Oracle Financials Integration User's Guide                             A77486-03    115gmfintug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Cost Management User's Guide                                               A77485-02   115gmfcmug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Intrastat Reporting User's Guide                                           A77227-03    115gmiinug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Formula Management User's Guide                                            A77221-02   115gmdfmug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Implementation Guide                                                       A77213-01    115gmasaig.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Integration with Advanced Planning and Scheduling User's Guide             A81002-01      115aps.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Inventory Management User's Guide                                          A77228-03    115gmiicug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Formula API User's Guide                                                   A87318-01   115gmdfmapi.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Production Management and Process Operations Control APIs User's Guide     A86086-01    115gmeapi.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Inventory APIs User's Guide                                                A82921-02   115gmiinvapi.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Laboratory Management User's Guide                                         A77219-02   115gmdlmug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Manufacturing Accounting Controller User's Guide                           A77484-02   115gmfmcug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing MPS/MRP and Forecasting User's Guide                                       A81329-01   115gmpmrug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Order Fulfillment User's Guide                                             A80897-03    115gmlopug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Physical Inventory User's Guide                                            A77229-02    115gmipiug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Process Operation Control User's Guide                                     A77376-03   115gmeocug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Production Management User's Guide                                         A77372-02   115gmepmug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Purchase Management User's Guide                                           A77465-02    115gmlpoug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Quality Management User's Guide                                            A77220-03   115gmdqcug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Regulatory Management User's Guide                                         A81210-03     115grrmug.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing System Administration User's Guide                                         A77212-04   115gmasaug.pdf
Project Manufacturing
Oracle Project Manufacturing Implementation Manual                                                      A75094-02    115pjmim.pdf
Oracle Project Manufacturing User's Guide                                                               A75095-01    115pjmug.pdf
                                             Order Management
Oracle Configuration Interface Object (CIO) Developer's Guide                                           A81001-04   115czciodg.pdf
Oracle Configurator and SellingPoint Administration Guide                                               A73282-03     115czag.pdf
Oracle Configurator Custom Web Deployment Guide                                                         A77067-06    115cziedg.pdf
Oracle Configurator Developer User's Guide                                                              A73280_06   115czocdug.pdf
Oracle Configurator Installation Guide                                                                  A85421-01    115czocig.pdf
Oracle SellingPoint Configurator Administration Guide                                                   A74983-03   115czospag.pdf
Order Management
Oracle Order Management User's Guide                                                                    A77028-01    115ontug.pdf
Oracle Pricing User's Guide                                                                             A77032-01     115qpug.pdf
Oracle Shipping Execution User's Guide                                                                  A77030-01    115wshug.pdf
                                            Internet Procurement
Oracle Internet Procurement Implementation Manual                                                       A85361-01     115ipig.pdf
Oracle Internet Procurement Installation Guide                                                          A85343-01     115ipins.pdf
Oracle Purchasing Connect for TPN Register Integration Guide                                               NA          tpnig.pdf

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                                                        Oracle Applications
                                                           Release 11i
                                                        Documentation List

                           Release 11i Documentation Titles                                  Part Number    PDF File
Oracle Purchasing User's Guide                                                                 A82913-01    115poug.pdf
Supplier Management Portal Implementation Manual                                               A87302_01     115ispig.pdf
Oracle Supplier Scheduling User's Guide                                                        A75100-01    115chvug.pdf
                                             Supply Chain Planning
Oracle Advanced Planning and Scheduling and Oracle Global ATP Server Implementation Manual     A81009-01    115mscim.pdf
Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning and Oracle Global ATP Server User's Guide                A81011-01    115mscug.pdf
Implementing Oracle HRMS                                                                       A73313-01    115hrmsig.pdf
Implementing Oracle HRMS (US)                                                                  A75314-01     115hrusig.pdf
Implementing Oracle US Federal HRMS                                                            A77137-01     115hrfdig.pdf
Implementing Oracle Self-Service Human Resources (SSHR)                                        A73299-01     115sshrig.pdf
Implementing Oracle Time Management (US)                                                       A77087-01    115hxtusig.pdf
Using Application Data Exchange and Hierarchy Diagrammers                                      A73298-01     115adeug.pdf
Using Oracle FastFormula                                                                       A73295-02      115ffug.pdf
Using Oracle SSP/SMP                                                                           A73294-01     115sspug.pdf
Using Oracle Time Management (US)                                                              A77086-01    115hxtusug.pdf
Using Oracle Training Administration                                                           A73297-02     115otaug.pdf
HRMS Documentation Set for the United Kingdom                                                  A77152-01         NA
Customizing, Reporting and System Administration in Oracle HRMS (UK)                           A73292-01    115hrcukug.pdf
Managing Compensation and Benefits Using Oracle HRMS (UK)                                      A73293-01   115hrbukug.pdf
Managing People Using Oracle HRMS (UK)                                                         A73290-01   115hrmukug.pdf
Running Your Payroll Using Oracle HRMS (UK)                                                    A73291-01   115payukug.pdf
Using Oracle HRMS - The Fundamentals (UK)                                                      A73289-01    115hrfukug.pdf
HRMS Documentation Set for Canada                                                              A77150-01         NA
Customizing, Reporting, and System Administration in Oracle HRMS (Canada)                      A73324-01    115hrccaug.pdf
Managing Compensation and Benefits Using Oracle HRMS (Canada)                                  A73322-01   115hrbcaug.pdf
Managing People Using Oracle HRMS (Canada)                                                     A73321-01   115hrmcaug.pdf
Using Oracle HRMS - The Fundamentals (Canada)                                                  A77147-01    115hrfcaug.pdf
HRMS Documentation Set for Federal                                                             A77149-01         NA
Customizing, Reporting, and System Administration in Oracle US Federal HRMS                    A77148-01    115hrcfdug.pdf
Managing Compensation and Benefits Using Oracle US Federal HRMS                                A77083-01    115hrbfdug.pdf
Managing People Using Oracle US Federal HRMS                                                   A77140-01   115hrmfdug.pdf
Using Oracle US Federal HRMS - The Fundamentals                                                A77138-01    115hrffdug.pdf
HRMS Documentation Set for the United States                                                   A77153-01         NA
Customizing, Reporting, and System Administration in Oracle HRMS (US)                          A73296-01    115hrcusug.pdf
Managing Compensation and Benefits Using Oracle HRMS (US)                                      A77144-01   115hrbusug.pdf
Managing People Using Oracle HRMS (US)                                                         A73314-01   115hrmusug.pdf
Managing Compensation and Benefits Using Oracle Human Resources (US)                           A82930-01   115hrb2usug.pdf
Running Your Payroll Using Oracle HRMS (US)                                                    A77084-01   115payusug.pdf
Using Oracle HRMS - The Fundamentals (US)                                                      A73315-01    115hrfusug.pdf
                                               Global Financials
Oracle Applications Global Accounting Engine User Guide                                        A81235-02     115finax.pdf
Oracle Financials Country-Specific Installation Supplement                                     A81233-01     115finins.pdf
Oracle Financials Common Country Features User Guide                                           A81238-01     115finccf.pdf
Oracle Financials for Argentina User Guide                                                     A81221-01    115finarg.pdf
Oracle Financials for Australia User Guide                                                     A81220-01    115finausl.pdf
Oracle Financials for Austria User Guide                                                       A81328-02    115finaus.pdf
Oracle Financials for Belgium User Guide                                                       A81219-01     115finbel.pdf
Oracle Financials for Brazil User Guide                                                        A81218-01    115finbra.pdf
Oracle Financials for Canada User Guide                                                        A81225-02    115fincan.pdf
Oracle Financials for Chile User Guide                                                         A81224-02    115finche.pdf
Oracle Financials for Colombia User Guide                                                      A81222-02     115fincol.pdf
Oracle Financials for the Czech Republic User Guide                                            A81223-02    115fincze.pdf
Oracle Financials for Denmark User Guide                                                       A81230-02    115finden.pdf
Oracle Financials for Finland User Guide                                                       A81229-02     115finfin.pdf
Oracle Financials for France User Guide                                                        A81228-02     115finfra.pdf
Oracle Financials for Germany User Guide                                                       A81231-02    115finger.pdf
Oracle Financials for Greece User Guide                                                        A81227-01    115fingre.pdf
Oracle Financials for Hungary User Guide                                                       A81226-02    115finhun.pdf
Oracle Financials for Italy User Guide                                                         A81255-02     115finita.pdf
Oracle Financials for Japan User Guide                                                         A81256-02    115finjpn.pdf
Oracle Financials for Korea User Guide                                                         A81257-03    115finkor.pdf
Oracle Financials for Mexico User Guide                                                        A81258-02    115finmex.pdf
Oracle Financials for the Netherlands User Guide                                               A81259-02    115finnet.pdf
Oracle Financials for Norway User Guide                                                        A81260-03    115finnor.pdf
Oracle Financials for Poland User Guide                                                        A81261-01     115finpol.pdf
Oracle Financials for Portugal User Guide                                                      A81262-02    115finpor.pdf
Oracle Financials for Singapore User Guide                                                     A81263-02     115finsin.pdf
Oracle Financials for Spain User Guide                                                         A81264-01    115finspn.pdf

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                                                           Oracle Applications
                                                              Release 11i
                                                           Documentation List

                             Release 11i Documentation Titles                    Part Number    PDF File
Oracle Financials for Sweden User Guide                                            A81265-01   115finswe.pdf
Oracle Financials for Switzerland User Guide                                       A81266-02   115finswi.pdf
Oracle Financials for Taiwan User Guide                                            A81237-02    115fintai.pdf
Oracle Financials for Thailand User Guide                                          A81236-01   115fintha.pdf
Oracle Financials for Turkey User Guide                                            A81234-02    115fintur.pdf
                                         CRM Documentation
                                     Business Intelligence Applications
Oracle Call Center Intelligence Concepts and Procedures                            A83665-01   bix115ug.pdf
Oracle Call Center Intelligence Implementation Guide                               A86213-01    bix115ig.pdf
Oracle Customer Intelligence Concepts and Procedures                               A83662-01   bic115ug.pdf
Oracle Customer Intelligence Implementation Guide                                  A86217-01    bic115ig.pdf
Oracle Marketing Intelligence Concepts and Procedures                              A83663-01   bim115ug.pdf
Oracle Marketing Intelligence Implementation Guide                                 A86174-01   bim115ig.pdf
                                       Internet Business Applications
Oracle eMail Center Concepts and Procedures                                        A86084-02   iem115ug.pdf
Oracle eMail Center Implementation Guide                                           A86113-03    iem115ig.pdf
Oracle iMarketing Concepts and Procedures                                          A86140-02    iba115ug.pdf
Oracle iPayment Concepts and Procedures                                            A86141-01    iby115ug.pdf
Oracle iPayment Implementation Guide                                               A86047-01     iby115ig.pdf
Oracle iStore and Oracle iMarketing Implementation Guide                           A83719-02     ibe115ig.pdf
Oracle iStore Concepts and Procedures                                              A86123-01    ibe115ug.pdf
Oracle iSupport Concepts and Procedures                                            A93660-01    ibu115ug.pdf
Oracle iSupport Implementation Guide                                               A86192-02     ibu115ig.pdf
                                           Marketing Applications
Oracle Marketing Encyclopedia System Concepts and Procedures                       A83637-01   amv115ug.pdf
Oracle Marketing Online Concepts and Procedures                                    A86674-01   ams115ug.pdf
Oracle Marketing Online Implementation Guide                                       A87328-01   ams115ig.pdf
                                             Sales Applications
Oracle Order Capture Concepts and Procedures                                       A86136-01   aso115ug.pdf
Oracle Partner Relationship Management Implementation Guide                        A87514-01    pv115ig.pdf
Oracle Sales Compensation Concepts and Procedures                                  A86673-01   cn115ug.pdf
Oracle Sales Compensation Implementation Guide                                     A87371-01    cn115ig.pdf
Oracle Sales Online Implementation Guide                                           A87352-01    asf115ig.pdf
Oracle TeleSales Concepts and Procedures                                           A86831-01   ast115ug.pdf
Oracle TeleSales Implementation Guide                                              A86830-01    ast115ig.pdf
                                            Service Applications
Oracle Contracts Core Concepts and Procedures                                      A83649-04   okc115ug.pdf
Oracle Contracts for Service Concepts and Procedures                               A83650-03   oks115ug.pdf
Oracle Customer Care Concepts and Procedures                                       A86219-02   csc115ug.pdf
Oracle Customer Care Implementation Guide                                          A86218-02    csc115ig.pdf
Oracle Depot Repair Concepts and Procedures                                        A83651-01   csd115ug.pdf
Oracle Depot Repair Implementation Guide                                           A87337-01    csd115ig.pdf
Oracle Field Service Concepts and Procedures                                       A86063-01    csf115ug.pdf
Oracle Field Service Implementation Guide                                          A86153-01    csf115ig.pdf
Oracle Field Service/Laptop Concepts and Procedures                                A86061-01    csl115ug.pdf
Oracle Field Service/Laptop Implementation Guide                                   A86162-01    csl115ig.pdf
Oracle Field Service/PalmTM Devices Concepts and Procedures                        A86125-01   csm115ug.pdf
Oracle Field Service/PalmTM Devices Implementation Guide                           A86163-01   csm115ig.pdf
Oracle Scheduler Concepts and Procedures                                           A86062-01    csr115ug.pdf
Oracle Scheduler Implementation Guide                                              A86164-01    csr115ig.pdf
Oracle Service Concepts and Procedures                                             A86273-02    cs115ug.pdf
Oracle Service Implementation Guide                                                A86272-02     cs115ig.pdf
Oracle Spares Management Concepts and Procedures                                   A86126-01   csp115ug.pdf
Oracle Spares Management Implementation Guide                                      A86165-01    csp115ig.pdf
Oracle Support Concepts and Procedures                                             A86225-02   css115ug.pdf
Oracle Support Implementation Guide                                                A86224-02    css115ig.pdf
                                           Call Center Applications
Oracle Campaign Plus Concepts and Procedures                                       A86083-01    iec115ug.pdf
Oracle Interaction Blending Concepts and Procedures                                A86102-01    ieb115ug.pdf
Oracle IVR Integrator Concepts and Procedures                                      A86103-01    iev115ug.pdf
Oracle Predictive Concepts and Procedures                                          A86104-01    iep115ug.pdf
Oracle Scripting Concepts and Procedures                                           A86105-01    ies115ug.pdf
Oracle Scripting Implementation Guide                                              A86115-01     ies115ig.pdf
Oracle Telephony Manager Concepts and Procedures                                   A86106-02    cct115ug.pdf
Oracle Telephony Manager Implementation Guide                                      A86114-02     cct115ig.pdf
Oracle Universal Work Queue Concepts and Procedures                                A86107-01    ieu115ug.pdf
Oracle Universal Work Queue Implementation Guide                                   A86116-02     ieu115ig.pdf
                                       Communications Applications
Oracle Network Logistics Concepts and Procedures                                   A86681-01   cun115ug.pdf

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                                                         Oracle Applications
                                                            Release 11i
                                                         Documentation List

                            Release 11i Documentation Titles                   Part Number    PDF File
Oracle Network Logistics Implementation Guide                                    A86287-01   cun115ig.pdf
Oracle Sales for Communications Implementation Guide                             A86288-01   xnc115ig.pdf
Oracle SDP Number Portability Concepts and Procedures                            A86276-01   xnp115ug.pdf
Oracle SDP Number Portability Implementation Guide                               A86289-01   xnp115ig.pdf
Oracle SDP Provisioning Concepts and Procedures                                  A86277-01   xdp115ug.pdf
Oracle SDP Provisioning Implementation Guide                                     A86196-01   xdp115ig.pdf
Oracle Sales for Communications Concepts and Procedures                          A87387-01   xnc115ug.pdf
Oracle Service for Communications Concepts and Procedures                        A87422-01   xns115ug.pdf
Oracle Service for Communications Implementation Guide                           A86286-01   xns115ig.pdf
                                       CRM Tools and Technology
Oracle CRM Foundation Concepts and Procedures                                    A86099-02    jtf115ug.pdf
Oracle CRM Gateway for Mobile Devices Concepts and Procedures                    A86060-01   asg115ug.pdf
Oracle CRM Gateway for Mobile Devices Implementation Guide                       A86127-01   asg115ig.pdf
Oracle CRM Foundation Implementation Guide                                       A86122-02     jtf115ig.pdf
Oracle Order Capture Implementation Guide                                        A86137-01   aso115ig.pdf
Oracle Order Capture Concepts and Procedures                                     A86136-01   aso115ug.pdf
                                 Technical Reference Manuals
                                     Business Intelligence Applications
Oracle Call Center Intelligence Technical Reference Manual                       A86209-01   bix115trm.pdf
Oracle Customer Intelligence Technical Reference Manual                          A86206-01   bic115trm.pdf
Oracle Marketing Intelligence Technical Reference Manual                         A86208-01   bim115trm.pdf
Oracle Sales Intelligence Technical Reference Manual                             A86210-01    bil115trm.pdf
                                       Internet Business Applications
Oracle eMail Center Technical Reference Manual                                   A83677-01   iem115trm.pdf
Oracle iMarketing Technical Reference Manual                                     A86138-01    iba115trm.pdf
Oracle iPayment Technical Reference Manual                                       A86139-01    iby115trm.pdf
Oracle iStore Technical Reference Manual                                         A86152-01    ibe115trm.pdf
Oracle iSupport Technical Reference Manual                                       A86297-01    ibu115trm.pdf
                                           Marketing Applications
Oracle Marketing Encyclopedia System Technical Reference Manual                  A86132-01   amv115trm.pdf
Oracle Marketing Online Technical Reference Manual                               A86199-01   ams115trm.pdf
                                              Sales Applications
Oracle Order Capture Technical Reference Manual                                  A83694-01   aso115trm.pdf
Oracle Sales Compensation Technical Reference Manual                             A86177-01   cn115trm.pdf
Oracle Sales Online Technical Reference Manual                                   A86175-01   asf115trm.pdf
Oracle TeleSales Technical Reference Manual                                      A86211-01   ast115trm.pdf
                                            Service Applications
Oracle Contracts Core Technical Reference Manual                                 A86229-01   okc115trm.pdf
Oracle Contracts for Service Technical Reference Manual                          A86230-01   oks115trm.pdf
Oracle Contracts Integration Technical Reference Manual                          A86285-01   okx115trm.pdf
Oracle Customer Care Technical Reference Manual                                  A86220-01   csc115trm.pdf
Oracle Depot Repair Technical Reference Manual                                   A83686-01   csd115trm.pdf
Oracle Field Service Technical Reference Manual                                  A86128-01   csf115trm.pdf
Oracle Scheduler Technical Reference Manual                                      A86129-01   csr115trm.pdf
Oracle Service Technical Reference Manual                                        A86293-01    cs115trm.pdf
Oracle Spares Management Technical Reference Manual                              A86130-01   csp115trm.pdf
Oracle Support Technical Reference Manual                                        A83680-01   css115trm.pdf
                                           Call Center Applications
Oracle Call Center Technology Technical Reference Manual                         A83703_01   ieo115trm.pdf
Oracle Collections Technical Reference Manual                                    A86207-01   iex115trm.pdf
Oracle Interaction Blending Technical Reference Manual                           A83689-01   ieb115trm.pdf
Oracle Scripting Technical Reference Manual                                      A83690-01   ies115trm.pdf
Oracle Telephony Manager Technical Reference Manual                              A83685-01   cct115trm.pdf
Oracle Universal Work Queue Technical Reference Manual                           A83691-01   ieu115trm.pdf
                                 Communications and Utilities Applications
Oracle Network Logistics Technical Reference Manual                              A86267-01   cun115trm.pdf
Oracle SDP Number Portability Technical Reference Manual                         A86266-01   xnp115trm.pdf
Oracle SDP Provisioning Technical Reference Manual                               A86198-01   xdp115trm.pdf
Oracle Service for Communications Technical Reference Manual                     A86265-01   xns115trm.pdf
                                       Financial Services Applications
Oracle Banking Center Technical Reference Manual                                 A86212-01   fpt115trm.pdf
                               Partner Relationship Management Applications
Oracle Partner Relationship Management Technical Reference Manual                A86200-01   pv115trm.pdf
                                         CRM Tools and Technology
Oracle CRM Foundation Technical Reference Manual                                 A86150-01    jtf115trm.pdf
Oracle CRM Gateway for Mobile Devices Technical Reference Manual                 A86131-01   asg115trm.pdf
Oracle Order Capture Technical Reference Manual                                  A86149-01   aso115trm.pdf

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                                                        Oracle Applications
                                                           Release 11i
                                                        Documentation List

                           Release 11i Documentation Titles                                Part Number    PDF File
Oracle Applications Global Accounting Engine Technical Reference Manual                      A81267-01     axtrm.pdf
Oracle Assets Technical Reference Manual                                                     A81200-01     fatrm.pdf
Oracle Cash Management Technical Reference Manual                                            A80832-02     cetrm.pdf
Oracle General Ledger Applications Technical Reference Manual                                A80900-02     gltrm.pdf
Oracle Global Financial Applications Technical Reference Manual                              A80916-01    globtrm.pdf
Oracle Payables Applications Technical Reference Manual                                      A80833-01     aptrm.pdf
Oracle Property Manager Technical Reference Manual                                           A80836-01     pntrm.pdf
Oracle Receivables Applications Technical Reference Manual                                   A85268-01     artrm.pdf
Oracle Treasury Technical Reference Manual                                                   A80830-01     xtrtrm.pdf
                                                 Public Sector
Oracle Grants Accounting Technical Reference Manual                                          A86100-01    gmstrm.pdf
Oracle Grants Proposal Technical Reference Manual                                            A86077-01    igwtrm.pdf
Oracle Labor Distribution Technical Reference Manual                                         A85310-01    psptrm.pdf
Oracle Public Sector Budgeting Technical Reference Manual                                    A86085-01    psbtrm.pdf
Oracle Public Sector Financials (International) Technical Reference Manual                   A87428-01      igitrm.pdf
Oracle Student System Technical Reference Manual                                             A87456-01     igstrm.pdf
Oracle U.S. Federal Financials Technical Reference Manual                                    A87373-01       fvtrm.pdf
Oracle HRMS Technical Reference Manual                                                       A62925-01     pertrm.pdf
Oracle Time Management Technical Reference Manual                                            A81194-01     otmtrm.pdf
Oracle Training Administration Technical Reference Manual                                    A81195-01     otatrm.pdf
Oracle Automotive Trading Partner Toolkit Technical Reference Manual                         A83735_01    veatrm.pdf
Oracle Capacity Technical Reference Manual                                                   A80843-01    crptrm.pdf
Oracle e-Commerce Gateway Technical Reference Manual                                         A83733_01      ectrm.pdf
Oracle Inventory Technical Reference Manual                                                  A81189-01     invtrm.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Financials Technical Reference Manual                           A81214_01    gmftrm.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Intelligence Technical Reference Manual                         A80907_01    pmitrm.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Inventory Technical Reference Manual                            A81213_01    gmitrm.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Logistics Technical Reference Manual                            A81211_01    gmltrm.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Process Execution Technical Reference Manual                    A81215_01    gmetrm.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Process Planning Technical Reference Manual                     A81212_01    gmptrm.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Product Development Technical Reference Manual                  A81216_01    gmdtrm.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing Regulatory Management Technical Reference Manual                A81217_01      grtrm.pdf
Oracle Process Manufacturing System Administration Technical Reference Manual                A80885_01    gmatrm.pdf
Oracle Project Manufacturing Technical Reference Manual                                      A80898-01    pjmtrm.pdf
Oracle Quality Technical Reference Manual                                                    A81186-01     qatrm.pdf
Oracle Release Management Technical Reference Manual                                         A83736_01    rlmtrm.pdf
Oracle Work in Process Technical Reference Manual                                            A81185-01    wiptrm.pdf
                                              Order Management
Oracle Pricing Technical Reference Manual                                                    A83740_02    qptrm.pdf
Oracle Configurator Technical Reference Manual                                               A80817-02     cztrm.pdf
Oracle Order Management Technical Reference Manual                                           A83739_02    onttrm.pdf
Oracle Shipping Execution Technical Reference Manual                                         A83738_02    wshtrm.pdf
Oracle Activity Management Gateway Technical Reference Manual                                A83510-01    amgtrm.pdf
Oracle Projects Technical Reference Manual                                                   A81201-01     patrm.pdf
                                             Internet Procurement
Oracle Purchasing Applications Technical Reference Manual                                    A80842-01     potrm.pdf
Oracle Self-Service Purchasing 5 Technical Reference Manual                                  A85281-01     portrm.pdf
Oracle Supplier Scheduling Technical Reference Manual                                        A80899-01     chvtrm.pdf
                                                 Supply Chain
Oracle ASCP and Oracle Global ATP Server Technical Reference Manual                          A80841-01    msctrm.pdf
Oracle Master Scheduling/MRP and Oracle Supply Chain Planning Technical Reference Manual     A81188-01    mrptrm.pdf
Oracle Alert Technical Reference Manual                                                      A80845-01     alrtrm.pdf
Oracle Application Object Library/Workflow Technical Reference Manual                        A80844-01     aoltrm.pdf
Oracle Applications Business Objects Technical Reference Manual                              A80911-02     bistrm.pdf
Oracle Applications Implementation Wizard Technical Reference Manual                         A80906-01     aztrm.pdf

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