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									 XML Publisher with Oracle EBS:
Automated Document Delivery via
    Confirmed Email and Fax

                                           Ben Bruno
                              President, STR Software

                                       Dennis Collins
           Systems Analyst, TM GE Automation Systems
About the Speakers
  • STR Software
     –   Located in Richmond, VA
     –   Focused on document delivery solutions since 1988
     –   Over 1,150 licenses of AventX in 47 states and 21 countries
     –   Over 94% customer retention
     –   Oracle Certified Partner with staff of Oracle Certified Professionals
     –   OAUG 3-star partner for 2009
     –   www.strsoftware.com

  • Ben Bruno
     – President and founder of STR Software in May 1986
     – BS & MS in Computer Science from UCLA
     – 804-897-1600 ext. 100 and ben.bruno@strsoftware.com
About the Speakers

  • TM GE Automation Systems
     – Located in Salem, VA
     – Joint venture between Toshiba Corporation, Mitsubishi
       Electric and General Electric
     – Designs and develops advanced automation and drive

  • Dennis Collins
     – Systems Analyst
     – MS in Accounting Information Systems – Virginia Tech
     – 540-283-2041 and dennis.collins@tmeic-ge.com

  •   Document Delivery Needs and Requirements
  •   Building a Document Delivery Solution
  •   Integrating with and without XML Publisher
  •   Integrating with Delivery Manager
  •   Integrating with AventX
  •   Secure, confirmed email; Attachment printing
  •   Case study from TE GM Automation Systems
  •   Q&A
“We just upgraded to 11i and would like to use XML
 Publisher to create customized reports from Oracle
 EBS and then fax, email, or print them based upon
  the supplier‟s preferred communication method.”
“Is anyone faxing purchase orders and RFQ documents
                  submitted as a batch?”
“How can I fax an Oracle output report?”
“Does anyone know how to integrate a 3rd party fax
           solution with XML Publisher?
“We have multiple organizations within our corporation.
  Can I apply different forms to our faxed output based
      upon the organization and document type?”
“Building a Solution”
Building a Solution: Questions to Ask

   • Will documents be in multiple formats, i.e.
     PDF, Excel, etc?
   • Will the user‟s want to type in the fax number
     or email address? Or will the process be
     completely automated?
   • If automated, will the report include many
     documents in the same request (batch
     processing)? If yes, then how will the report
     separate into individual documents?
Building a Solution: Questions to Ask

   • Will the user want to attach other documents
     to the primary document, i.e. terms and
     conditions, diagrams, etc.?
   • Will the document be sent to different
     destination types, i.e. email, fax, print?
   • Will the process require sending documents
     to multiple recipients?
Building a Solution: Questions to Ask

   • What method will be used to deliver a
     – Individual emails per document
     – Scheduled summary reports
   • When should the confirmation be sent?
   • What should the confirmation look like?
   • Who should receive the confirmation?
Building a Solution: Questions to Ask
   • Who will manage failed documents? Or
     successful documents that need to be
     transmitted again?

   • Where will users manage their documents?
     Inside or outside of Oracle EBS?

   • How long will documents and their
     transmission history be saved?
Fundamentals of Document Delivery
Oracle EBS
Document Submission: In Oracle EBS

  • Oracle EBS recently added a few options to
    users for the purchase order report
       • 3 Purchase Order Options:
           – Purchase Order Approval – Workflow
           – Purchase Order Summary – Tools / Communicate
           – Submit Request (“Fax Enable” Fields)
       • XML Publisher Bursting and Delivery
PO Submission: PO Approval Form
PO Submission: PO Approval Form
PO Submission: Supplier Sites
PO Submission: PO Communicate
PO Submission: PO Communicate
PO Submission: Submit Request
PO Submission: Submit Request

                      “Fax Enable” Features
                      • Limited to Only Purchase
                      • No Email
                      • Fax Fields Not Pre-
                      • Only One Purchase Order
          Oracle EBS
Document Formatting and Delivery
        XML Publisher
Document Delivery with XML Publisher

     Slide courtesy of Oracle Corporation
PO Transmission: Email–Without XML

                              •   HTML in Email

                              •   Fax and Email
                                  Different Look
PO Transmission:
Fax Without XML Publisher
                            •   Text output has a few
                                “Fax Tags” in header

                            •   Requires 3rd party fax
                                solution to process “Fax
PO Transmission:
Email – With XML Publisher

                             •   PDF Attachment

                             •   Fax and Email Look
                                 the Same
PO Transmission:
Fax – With XML Publisher
                                   Separate fax
                                   command file

                                      Separate PDF
                                      data file

                           •   Requires 3rd party fax
                               solution to process
                               command file
XML Publisher PO Integration: Recap

  • For non XML Publisher purchase orders, fax
    and email have a different look and feel.
  • Easy setup to concurrent program to format
    document via XML Publisher
  • For email, delivery is handled through a
    separate process, Workflow Mailer
  • For fax, commands are simply written out in
    order for a 3rd party solution to take over and
    actually fax the document.
XML Publisher Bursting and Delivery
  • “Bursts” data stream into individual
  • Delivers finished XML Publisher formatted
    documents through “Channels”
    –   Printer
    –   Fax
    –   Email
    –   WebDAV
    –   HTTP/HTTPS
    –   FTP
XML Publisher Bursting and Delivery:
                            Add Bursting Control
                            File to Data Definition
XML Publisher Bursting and Delivery:
   • Bursting Control File – Email Delivery
XML Publisher Bursting and Delivery:
   • Bursting Control File – Fax Delivery
XML Publisher Bursting and Delivery:
   • Step 1: Use Submit Request to run Report as normal.
XML Publisher Bursting and Delivery:
   • Step 2: Run „XML Publisher Report Bursting Program‟
     against previous request.
XML Publisher Bursting and Delivery:
   • Email:
XML Publisher Bursting and Delivery:
   • Fax
     – Output is dependent on Transmitting Software.
XML Publisher Bursting and Delivery:
   • Email is robust and full featured.
   • Email does not allow for Native Oracle
   • Fax is dependent on 3rd party to actually deliver
   • No user interface to type in fax or email
     addresses for one off deliveries.
   • Only allows for one fax number and no other
     identifying information. i.e. cover page data such
     as From Company, Subject, Memo, etc…
Delivery Manager
Integrating with XML Publisher’s Delivery
   • What is the “Delivery Manager”
     – A set of JAVA APIs
     – Facilitates the delivery of documents through
        •   Printer Channel
        •   Fax Channel
        •   Email Channel
        •   WebDAV Channel
        •   HTTP / HTTPs Channel
        •   FTP Channel
        •   “Custom” Delivery Channel
Integrating with XML Publisher’s Delivery

   • What is needed to integrate with Delivery
     – Requires a developer with programming
       knowledge of JAVA and SQL
     – XML Publisher v5.6.2 or higher
     – BI Publisher v10.1.3.2 or higher
Integrating with XML Publisher’s Delivery
   • What are the steps to integrate with Delivery
     Manager with EBS?
      – Step # 1 - Install and configure 3rd party packages
      – Step # 2 - Develop Java based classes against XML
        Publisher Delivery Manager API
      – Step # 3 - Integrate Java classes with Oracle EBS
   • Transmission via Fax (Two Options)
         • Integrate with CUPS > efax or FAX4CUPS > Fax Modem
         • Create a “Custom Delivery Channel”
   • Transmission via Email
      – Uses standard SMTP calls to Delivery Manager API
Integrating with XML Publisher’s Delivery
   • Current Fax Limitations when using CUPS
   • No user interface to type in fax numbers
   • Only allows for one fax number
   • Limited functionality using “freeware”
     applications, i.e. FAX4CUPS, efax
     – Only text and postscript output
     – No document scheduler to handle retries, fax busy
       signals, etc.
     – Class 2 Fax Modems
    Oracle EBS
 Confirmation and
Management Options
Document Confirmation and Management:
In Oracle EBS
  • Confirmation
    – For email via workflow mailer and XML Publisher,
      only email bounce backs when email is sent to an
      invalid address.

  • Management
    – For fax and email, you are 100% reliant on the 3rd
      party product you choose to deliver your POs for
      their acknowledgement and management
AventX from STR Software
AventX: Fundamentals of Document
  • Document Submission
  • Document Transmission
  • Document Acknowledgement

  • AventX Oracle Connector (AOC)
  • AventX Toolkit for Oracle (ATKO)
AventX Oracle Connector (AOC)
  • Any version from 10.7 through R12
  • Any output from Oracle Reports and XML
  • Looks like it was written by Oracle
  • Document Submission
     – Interactive Delivery
     – Automatic Delivery
     – Application Program Interface (API)
AOC Submission: Interactive Delivery
• Deliver ANY document to ANY destination using Submit Request
AOC Submission: Interactive Delivery
 • Common submission interface for ANY Oracle report
AOC Submission: Interactive Delivery
AOC Submission: Interactive Delivery
AOC Submission: Automatic Delivery
      Automatic | Batch
AOC Submission: API

  • Application Program Interface provides ability
    to submit documents from any location in
    Oracle EBS (such as workflow, forms,
    packages, etc.)

  • Only requires knowledge of PL/SQL

  • Fully documented reference guide with code
AOC Transmission: Attachments
AOC Acknowledgement: Native Oracle
AOC Acknowledgement: Confirmation
AOC Acknowledgement: Reporting
AOC: Fundamentals of Document Delivery
  • Document Management in Oracle EBS
    – Allows user to resend documents that fail or need to be resent from
      inside of Oracle EBS
AOC: Fundamentals of Document Delivery
AventX Toolkit for Oracle
  • What is it?
     – Truly a toolkit that leverages XMLP Delivery
  • Who is it aimed at?
     – XMLP consultants and companies that would
       prefer to „build their own‟ solution
  • How is it implemented?
     – AventX Software installs in less than 30 minutes
     – Using sample code, you can create a working
       system in less than a day!
AventX Toolkit for Oracle
   • What tools does it provide?
     – CUPS printer to fax and email
        • Simple. Dynamic fax/email info but all confirmations and
          cover page info is „hard coded‟
     – Custom channel to fax and email
        • Different properties for multiple destinations, cover page,
          confirmations and acknowledgement
     – Bursting tools
     – Working examples and sample code
AventX Toolkit for Oracle
   • Why use this toolkit?
     – Better Submission
        • Single source – all email and faxes flow through same
          queue for easy management
        • Deliver ANY document type from PDF, TEXT, PCL, PS,
          MS office documents and more
     – Better Transmission
        • Choice of delivery mechanisms via premise-based multi-
          line network fax servers and ASP fax servers
        • Include multiple email attachments and dynamic email
          message bodies
AventX Toolkit for Oracle
   • Better Acknowledgement
     – Multiple email confirmations based on the success
       or failure of a document
     – Multiple management interfaces for users and
       administrators to redeliver or correct errant
       document information

   • Better support – NOT freeware

   • Simply better and easier to use!
Secure, Confirmed Delivery

                               Secure Portal



                  Oracle EBS
Secure, Confirmed Delivery
   • User submits document (PO, invoice, etc..) to
     email recipient as normal through AventX.
Secure, Confirmed Delivery
   • Recipient receives email notice that there is a
     message waiting for them at a particular web
Secure, Confirmed Email
  • Recipients clicks on the URL and is directed
    to a web portal where they sign in to see
Secure, Confirmed Email
  • Once recipient signed in, user is presented with a
    screen to view the document.
Secure, Confirmed Delivery
   • Once viewed, original sender will receive
Problem – Printing Oracle Database
   • Significant need to automate printing

   • Hours being spent per week printing
     attachments from invoices, purchase orders,
     work orders, etc.

   • Discouraging use of Oracle to store asset
AventX and eAM – Work Orders
    – AventX bursts the Oracle report
    – AventX collates with the native database attachments
Supported Document Types
  •   Microsoft Word
  •   Microsoft Excel
  •   Microsoft PowerPoint
  •   HTML
  •   PDF
  •   Lotus 123
  •   Lotus WordPro
  •   Lotus Freelance
  •   Corel WordPerfect
  •   Visio
  •   TIFF
  •   RTF
  •   JPEG, GIF, PNG
Case Study - TM GE Automation

          –   Company Background
          –   Product Usage
          –   Benefits Realized
          –   Challenges and Issues
          –   Future Plans
Dennis Collins, A Bit About Me
• 3 ½ years at TM GE Automation Systems
   – User Role: Staff Accountant and Payroll Administrator
   – Support Role: Systems Analyst
• System Administrator for CRM package.
• Professional Interests:
   –   Expanding the existing functionality of the system.
   –   Integrating all systems to increase efficiency.
   –   Automation of manual processes.
   –   Mapping business processes to isolate potential growth.
Company Profile
•   Joint venture between Toshiba, Mitsubishi, and General Electric operating 5 foreign branch offices.

•   Industrial System Drives Business. Steel Mill, Paper Mill, Port Cranes, Utilities, and Conveyers. Providing
    automation through engineering.

•   Oracle OnDemand Customer

•   Oracle Apps - E-Business Suite
     – Implemented all Financials, Projects, Purchasing, HR, Benefits, OTL, Internet Expenses, Order
         Management, Inventory

•   Development, Test, and Production Environments

•   IT Staff of 9
      – Director of IT, 4 System Analysts, 2 Infrastructure, 2 Internet Application Developers

•   2 distinct groups of licensed users
     – 45 Professional Users (Core Apps)
     – 300 + Business Users (Time Cards, Expense Reports, HR Self-Service)
Our Former Process

  • Business Requirements dictated that all POs are to be faxed
    and all Invoices and Statements be mailed to customers.

  • Fax Transmission documents were attached to the front of all
    POs and filed in project folders.

  • Requisition Engineers and Project Managers created a note to
    supplier to advise buyer to print and manually fax attachments
    with documents.
Search For An Automated Solution
 •   Discovery of STR Software's AventX solution at Collaborate 07.

 •   Registered for free webinar after receiving followup email from inquiries at
     Collaborate 08.
      –   Organized champions to attend the webinar.

 •   Requested funding for the Q1 08 IT budget for an automated solution.

 •   Researched other solutions.

 •   Conducted benefit analysis.
      –   Survey of man hours spent printing, faxing, and mailing documents
      –   Number of sheets faxed

 •   Negotiated contract with STR Software and EasyLink.

 •   Signed contract April 08
ROI Calculation
   •   Identified primary users that
       fax/email/mail business
       documents.                             Average Weekly Hours
   •   Polled the group for average       X Average Weekly Salary
       number of weekly hours spent
       distributing documents. Also,          Average Weekly Cost Savings
       the average number of pages
       (including cover and T&Cs).        X Weeks Per Year
   •   Calculated the average salary of       Estimated Annual Savings
       the group (including company
  Other variables considered but not calculated:
  • Cost of paper and printer toner.
  • Cost for transmitting the faxes.
  • Cost of postage.
 •   Documents faxed directly out of Oracle.
      –   Seamless integration with EBS so users do not have to launch an independent program.
 •   Specified attachments could be faxed along with corresponding document.
 •   Increase efficiency of the process by reducing the time users spend printing,
     manually faxing, and filing the documents.
 •   Reduce the cost.
      –   Salary expense for man hours spent on manual process.
      –   Internal faxing per page vs. Outsourcing delivery via Easylink.
      –   Cost of Paper/Toner for fax machines.
 •   Previously implemented in the OnDemand environment.
 •   Compatible with our newly implemented XML document formats.

  • Installed and Configured AventX solution in
    Development Instance.
  • Rolled the configuration into Production
  • Limited rollout to a power user.
  • Scrub Oracle supplier list and updated
    delivery method.

  • Implementing in an OnDemand Environment
     –   Creating Unix User
     –   Permissions
     –   Apps and System passwords for database
     –   Opening Ports on firewall for Easylink and Web Manager

 • Within hours, AventX was installed and
   configured and ready to test.
 • Configured specifically for our business
   – Custom select statement to pull Invoice recipients.
   – Custom cover pages
 • New attachment category to automatically send
   specified attachments.
Take Aways
 • Start simple. Once you begin using the solution, you will
   immediately find 10 other ways to use the solution to
   meet other business needs.
 • Add a message on your coversheets to encourage
   customers and suppliers to receive their documents via
   (Example: If you are interested in receiving future POs via Email, please send your
   requests to sourcing@tmeic-ge.com)
    – It‟s free!! No faxing costs!!
 • Do your homework on who should be recipients.
 • Evaluate your customer/supplier data in Oracle.
    – Make sure it is updated and in the correct format.
Future Plans

   • Add more custom select statements
     – Project Coordinators are automatically added as
   • Add custom coversheets that will use tokens
     specific to each user/buyer for more
     personalized look and feel.
   • Create an indicator on the contact to indicate
     they are a secondary recipient.
  Notification Preferences

• Notification Method is set for each
  individual site
  Notification Preferences

• Transmission Type is set as a flex field value for the
  Customer Contcts : Roles
Sample: Select for Custom Invoice
   SELECT substr(substr(ch.customer_name,1,50),1, 40) company, substr(substr(rc.last_name,1,30),1, 40) last_name, substr(substr(rc.first_name,1,20),1, 40)
        first_name, substr(substr(rcr.attribute1,1,3),1,25) delivery_type, substr(decode(rp.extension,'',hp.PRIMARY_PHONE_COUNTRY_CODE ||' ' ||
        rp.area_code||' '||rp.phone_number,hp.PRIMARY_PHONE_COUNTRY_CODE ||' ' || rp.area_code||' '||rp.phone_number ||' '||rp.extension),1, 255)
        fax_address, substr(substr(rc.email_address,1,45),1, 255) email_address, substr(' ',1, 2000) ranking, substr(' ', 1, 512) other FROM apps.ar_customers
   ,apps.ra_site_uses_all cs
   ,apps.ra_addresses_all ca
   ,apps.ra_contacts rc
   ,apps.ra_phones rp
   ,apps.hz_parties hp
   ,apps.ra_customer_trx_all rcta
   ,apps.ra_contact_roles rcr
   WHERE rcta.trx_number = :UID1
   and rcta.org_id         = :ORGID
   and rcta.bill_to_customer_id = ch.customer_id
   and ch.customer_id = ca.customer_id
   and ch.status           = 'A'
   and ca.status           = 'A'
   and ca.bill_to_flag is not null
   and cs.status          = 'A'
   and cs.site_use_code = 'BILL_TO'
   and cs.address_id      = ca.address_id
   and cs.site_use_id     = rcta.bill_to_site_use_id
   and cs.org_id in (106,215,216,217,254,256,354)
   and rc.status          = 'A'
   and ch.customer_id = rc.customer_id
   and rp.contact_id      = rc.contact_id(+)
   and rc.contact_id      = rcr.contact_id(+)
   and rcr.usage_code = 'INV'
   and rp.address_id      = ca.address_id(+)
   and rp.customer_id = ch.customer_id(+)
How we use AventX
PO Process Example

    •   A single request is
        submit to transmit
        the PO (print, fax,
        email). Before
        AventX solution was
        implemented, this
        was the same
        process used to
        generate the PDF
        and print it before
        manually faxing.
PO Process Example Continued

 • The AventX
   Style and
   Printer can be
   set as defaults
   for the
PO Process Example Continued
 •   According to the
     document setup,
     the recipient is
 •   In the Options
     section, the user
     can choose to
     not send a copy
     of the Terms and
PO Process Example Continued

   • If you want
     to add
     they can
     be added
     on the fly
     using the
PO Process Example Continued
 • According to
   document setup,
   the person
   nt of the delivery
   is selected.
 • You can also add
   additional people
   to receive the
PO Process Example Continued

   •   The default
       coversheet is
       according to
       setups. If
       others have
       been created,
       the user can
       choose a
   •   Any text
       added to the
       section will
       print on the
PO Process Example Continued
PO Process Example Continued
      • Body of the Acknowledgement
PO Process Example Continued
    • Body of the email sent to recipients
 •   The AventX solution is completely configurable to any business process.
 •   Each Customer and Supplier Site can be configured individually
      – Different Notification Methods
      – Different Fax Numbers
 •   Additional recipients can be added to receive the document or
     acknowledgement on the fly using the Interactive Mode.
 •   Users are able to Fax/Email/Print from within Oracle Apps using the same
     concurrent request they use to print and manually fax.
      – Users better utilize their time when they are not standing in front of a fax
      – Users do not have to launch an additional program to fax or email the
 •   AventX will send attachments to accompany their corresponding
  • Native functionality of Oracle EBS for email and fax is
    limited to single document purchase orders ONLY

  • XMLP formatted purchase order output is delivered the
    same for email, fax and print

  • Java delivery manager is a start for document delivery but
    requires programming talent to complete

  • Third-party solution is required for actual “fax delivery”

  • Search for a solution that makes it easy for the Oracle
    user to submit, transmit and confirm delivery of ANY
Automated Document Delivery
          AventX Oracle Connector
        any document. any format. any volume.

   • Email, fax and print from Oracle EBS, including
     database attachments
   • Support for XML Publisher and Document
     Formatting Solutions
   • Flexible Delivery Methods (1-off & batch)
   • Real-time delivery status within Oracle EBS
STR Software (www.strsoftware.com)
Satisfied Oracle EBS Customers
                           Q and A

Contact Information:

Ben Bruno                          Dennis Collins
President                          Systems Analyst
STR Software                       TM GE Automation Systems
11505 Allecingie Parkway           1325 Electric Road, Suite 200
Richmond, VA 23235                 Roanoke, VA 24018
Web: www.strsoftware.com           Email: dennis.collins@tmeic-ge.com
Email: ben.bruno@strsoftware.com   Web: www.tmge.com

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