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									Target Corporation Property Development Non Retail Procurement Vendor Profile Information
                                                                                                                             Date Completed:
 Company Information                                            Financial Information
                                                                 Year                 Revenue                  Net Income              Total Debt and
  Company Name:                                                                       (in $1,000s)                                     Payables
  Parent Company if applicable:                                  This Year
  City/State/Zip:                                                Last Year
  Key Contact:
  Key Contact Title:                                             % of LY sales
  Key Contact Phone #                                            resulting from
  Key Contact E-mail address:                                    Target business
  Company Emergency Contact:                                     Previous Year
  Contact Emergency Phone #:
  E-mail Address:
  Phone:                                                        Company Type
                                                                 Broker?    Yes    No Service?     Yes     No Distributor?          Yes     No
  Local Rep:      Yes   No
  Date Business Established:                                     Manufacturer?   Yes     No Do you contract?    Yes    No
                                                                 Ownership:    Partnership  Corporation    Sole Proprietor
  Tax ID No.:
  DNB No.:
  Number of branches and locations (please list-use
  separate form if necessary
 Service/Product Information
 Give a brief description of your service/non-retail product:

 What are the advantages of your service/non retail product? (Please explain in terms of time, money, and service to our customers)

 How long have you been offering this service/non-retail product?

 Performance Information
 Please list your top four major customers (references)
  Company Name                         Company Contact/Title                 Telephone                   E-Mail

 Please list your top four competitors:
  Company Name

 Please identify any current material litigation that your company is currently involved in

 Please identify any past or current litigation and past or current state, local or federal government investigations involving your company with respect to
 any wage and hour, overtime, meal period/rest break, or compensation practices; or involving the work authorization status of any of your employees.

 Date of current contract with Target (if applicable):

 Describe your history with Target from a sourcing perspective:

 Inspection: Will we, or our agent, be allowed to inspect your factories/facilities?   Yes    No (If no, please explain below.)

 What is your current workman’s compensation %_____________ LY%_____________
 Improvement plan in place (please provide, if requested)
 Do you have a Business Continuation Plan in case of disaster?         Yes     No (Please briefly describe below.)

Published 10/29/03
Updated 3-2006
Target Corporation Property Development Non Retail Procurement Vendor Profile Information

Additional Information
Describe any alliance you have with other companies that could benefit Target Corporation.

Are your employees covered by a collective bargaining unit?        Yes    No:
If yes, is there anything in the collective bargaining agreements that would impede your ability to provide goods or services?      Yes     No
Please explain:

What percentage of your resources are W-2 employees vs 1099 subcontractors?__________________

Location of facilities:

List all Contractor Licenses for city, state or municipality

List all Environmental licenses/permits/certifications

List any additional information you feel Target Corporation should know.

Minority and Women Business Development Information                 If you are a minority owned business, please select all that apply:
   Minority Owned (MBE)      Yes  No                                      W   Caucasian/White    B Black/African American           H     Hispanic/Latino
   Woman Owned (WBE)         Yes  No                                      N   American Indian    I Asian                            P     Native Hawaiian
   Minority and Woman Owned (MWBE)              Yes      No               N   Native Alaska      O Other                            P     Pacific Islander
   Are you certified?    Yes   No                                                                 Enter other ethic origin here
   Certifying organization:

Manufacturing/Quality Assurance Information
What is the current production capacity and what percentage of your production capacity are you currently running?

Do you have a quality assurance program established?      Yes     No
Name & title of person responsible for Quality Assurance Program:
Who does the Quality Assurance Manager report to?
Is your quality assurance process         automated or manual
Are you ISO 900X certified?        Yes      No                    What is your certification number?
List other relevant certifications (i.e. ISO 14000)

Location of FOB shipping points:

Do all facilities follow the same Quality Assurance program?       Yes        No

List facility type and describe process differences between facilities:

Describe the process used to address detection and prevention of issues:

     1. Is there paper documentation that is forwarded with the product at each manufacturing station?        Yes        No

     2. Is a checklist developed that is specific to each product to address possible quality issues?      Yes      No        Please provide a sample.

     3. Who is responsible for checking quality at each state of the manufacturing process?

     4. How do you ensure coordinating parts fit together appropriately? (i.e. set cabinets in place to ensure they match up.)

     5. How often are parts checked against a control sample?

Published 10/29/03
Updated 3-2006
Target Corporation Property Development Non Retail Procurement Vendor Profile Information
     6. How are defects segregated from regular production?

     7. How do you ensure the product is produced to Target’s specifications?

When design updates occur, how is this information communicated to the appropriate person producing the parts?

What measurement tools are used to ensure quality meets Target’s expectations?

What tools are used to ensure consistent size dimensions?

Are tolerance factors identified and reviewed to ensure proper fit?          Yes   No

Is there a formal written procedure for the receipt, identification, quarantine, disposition, and storage of raw materials?    Yes     No

Do you test your product to ensure it interacts appropriately with pre-existing parts provided by another vendor?        Yes     No

Is there a formal written procedure for the handling and disposition of in-process materials?        Yes      No

Is there a formal program for the re-qualification of raw materials stored for long periods of time?        Yes    No

Is a final inspection done prior to leaving your facility?        Yes   No    Who performs the final inspection?

What type of training program is available to new hires to help them understand acceptable quality?

As employees gain additional responsibilities, do they receive additional QA training?        Yes      No

Are there any records of OSHA violations?         Yes        No    How Many?

Do you have a maintenance program that preserves the accuracy of equipment functionality, minimizes defects, and documents testing frequency?
   Yes    No

How do you determine appropriate packaging materials to ensure product arrives undamaged?

Do you perform test shipments?        Yes      No

Do you include your suppliers in your evaluation process to ensure acceptable materials and fabrication methods are used?             Yes   No

Is there a formal written program for the maintenance of distributing records which would facilitate the ability to do a recall on parts?   Yes   No

Is there a written process to handle complaints?        Yes        No

How are records maintained on complaints to ensure a resolution is established?

Describe your process to handle returned product:

Published 10/29/03
Updated 3-2006
Target Corporation Property Development Non Retail Procurement Vendor Profile Information

Additional Information Required – Specific to Fixtures Vendors Only
(Do not fill out this page if you are not a fixture vendor)

Manufacturing Information
Amount of warehouse space:
Amount of manufacturing space:
Percentage of mfg space dedicated to Metal:       % Wood:         %
Number of powder paint lines:
Number of wet paint lines:
Plating in-house:   Yes    No

Manufacturing Capabilities

Wire?     Yes    No         %
Sheet Metal?     Yes     No        %
Tubular Steel?     Yes     No       %
Stainless Fabrication?    Yes     No      %
Wood Laminate?       Yes     No       %
Hardwood Fabrication and Finishing?     Yes   No          %
Acrylic/Plastic?   Yes     No       %
Rigid Thermo Foil/Membrane Pressing?      Yes   No            %
Injection Molded Plastics?    Yes    No      %
Model Shop/Prototyping?       Yes    No     %

Equipment Information

Type of CAD Software (AutoCAD, Pointline, MicroStation, etc.
Scanning used in inventory control? Yes      No

Import Information

What percentage of your materials are imported?       %


Date entered into PACMAN/TIPP: _____________________________

Entered by signature: ________________________________________

Published 10/29/03
Updated 3-2006

Published 10/29/03
Updated 3-2006

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