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					 Satisfaction and Service: A Study of Servant
Leadership, Role Inversion, and Employee Job                                                March 2009
 Marjorie Jenkins, PhD, RN, FACHE, NEA-BC

    Study Purpose

    If leadership matters, then its characteristics and
    behaviors should be definable and observable. For                   Results:
    organizations to be successful however, leadership has
    to be impactful.                                                   A Nurse Director’s Servant Leader Orientation (SLO) does
                                                                       indeed make a difference in employee satisfaction.
    Research Questions                                                       A Commitment to Serve is an important
                                                                                characteristic of Servant Leader Orientation and
    Does a leader’s servant orientation have a measurable                       significantly influences employee job satisfaction.
    impact on employee job satisfaction?                                     The practice of Role Inversion Behaviors
                                                                                significantly adds to employee job satisfaction.
    Hypothesis                                                               The interaction of Commitment to Serve and Role
                                                                                Inversion Behaviors is statistically significant in
    When the individual qualities of the manager and                            impacting employee job satisfaction.
    behaviors demonstrated by the manager are blended,                  Exploratory research into organizational performance
    this combination will indicate the extent to which the             indicators provides additional support for the creation of a
    manager adopts a Servant Leader Orientation (SLO).                 more emotionally supportive managerial function as a
          It is expected that SLO will be the strongest               means of enhancing organizational performance.
            when CTS is high and the use of role inversion                   Hospital-acquired pressure ulcers and falls – there
            behaviors is also high.                                             was a trend in decreasing numbers of ulcers and
          A positive relationship is expected between SLO                      falls in departments where manager Servant
            and job satisfaction.                                               Leader Orientation (SLO) was high compared to
                                                                                unsustainable improvements in departments
    Definition of Terms                                                         where SLO was low.
    Commitment to Serve – servant leader qualities                           Managers with low SLO had substantially higher
    Role Inversion – utilizing employees’ skill sets in                         employee turnover than high SLO.
    leadership roles                                                   Cost per patient day was also lower in departments whose
                                                                       managers had high SLO compared to low SLO.
                                                                       Nursing Implications
    Included Nurses (RN II/III/IV, Progression, and Assistant
    Director), Nurse Secretaries, and Nurse Technicians                A Servant Leader orientation goes beyond the traditional
    working within inpatient nursing departments. 398                  job satisfaction studies and identifies the importance of
    employees in 16 departments voluntarily chose to                   relational aspects of the work experience.
    complete a questionnaire (response rate of 68% for                       The care component must extend beyond the
    depts. involved)                                                            caregiver and be embraced as a managerial
    Measures:                                                                A manager’s caring interactions with staff directly
        Job satisfaction – employee satisfaction                               influence the caring interactions provided by staff
                                                                                to patients and families.
           Commitment to Serve – 23 item questionnaire
            measuring servant leadership Role                          Implementing a model of practice, like Relationship-Based
                                                                       Care, must include the relational aspects of employee
           Inversion Behaviors – 4 item questionnaire                 work satisfaction.
            measuring role inversion

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