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       Date                             Topic                     Required Readings (*)

    21-Jun-04                 Introduction to Marketing
    26-Jun-04             Understanding the Marketing Mix                 Ch. 1, 6
    28-Jun-04           Introduction to Product Management                Ch. 3, 9
     3-Jul-04                    Case : Marketing Mix                     Ch. 4, 7
     5-Jul-04              Organisation Buying Behaviour                   Ch. 8
    10-Jul-04               The PLC - and its applications                 Ch. 11
    12-Jul-04                 The Power of Information                    Ch. 2, 5
    17-Jul-04                             CRM                              Ch. 15
    19-Jul-04               Advertising & Sales Promotion                  Ch. 19
    24-Jul-04                    Creative Judgement                        Ch. 20
    26-Jul-04                    Segmenting Markets                        Ch. 10
     2-Aug-04                    Case : Segmentation                       Ch. 12
     7-Aug-04                    Distribution Channels                     Ch. 17
     9-Aug-04              Managing Distribution Logistics                 Ch. 18
    14-Aug-04                            Pricing                           Ch. 16
    16-Aug-04                           Retailing                          Ch. 18
    21-Aug-04             Marketing in a Small Organisation                Ch. 21
    23-Aug-04                   Formulating Strategies                     Ch. 13
    28-Aug-04                      Social Marketing                        Ch. 14
    30-Aug-04                      Social Marketing                        Ch. 22


Component           Number                                        Weightage                 Total

Quiz                 Five (best four considered for evaluation)   10%                       40%
Mid-Term             One                                          25%                       25%
End-Term             One                                          25%                       25%
General Awareness   (**)                                          10%                       10%

(*) Prescribed Text: "Marketing Management - 11th Edition" by Philip Kotler

(**) General Awareness will judge the student's grasp of current happenings (and their analysis).
     At the end of each class, 10-12 students will be picked at random and asked to answer questions
     which will judge their grasp of the following magazines/newspapers: Economic Times,
     Business Today & Business World. This will commence from 28th of June 2004. Each student
     will have three to four opportunities to showcase his/her grasp of current affairs. The questions
     will pertain to events which have been covered in these magazines in the last 6 weeks.
    You are strongly recommended to start reading these dailies/periodicals immediately.

Best of Luck!                                                 Prof. Srinivas Govindrajan

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