California Branding and Web Design Contract by yke10739


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									                                                                                  MA KI N ’ ST UF F SI N CE T H E ‘ 90S.
                                                                                  SE E SO ME O F T H A T ST UF F O N T H E ’ N E T : JA CKI E N GO .CO M.
                                                                                  F O R MA I L A N D T H I N GS, SE N D T O 3984 CH A MBE RE R D RI VE ,
                                                                                  SA N JO SÉ , CA 95135. T A LK T O ME ! CA LL/ T E X T 510-304-6909,
                                                                                  O R W RI T E A N E MA I L T O H I @JA CKI E N GO .CO M.
 J A C K I E    N G O


Seeking an opportunity to utilize and develop my skills as a graphic designer in a challenging, creative, and fun environment.


1185 DESIGN                     —Palo Alto, California    07/2010–Present           ZOOKA CREATIVE                  —Sunnyvale, California                   06/2010–08/2010

Contract Graphic Designer                                                          Graphic Designer
Graphic and web design freelancer at a design agency specializing in brand         Graphic and web designer for a creative firm that specializes in full-service
strategy. Worked on print and multimedia projects for start-ups to Fortune         marketing that includes: branding, packaging, web/application design and
100 companies in various industries.                                               point-of-purchase display and signage design.

MADESERVICE                     —San Jose, California     10/92009–Present          ANCHOR INTELLIGENCE             —Mountain View, California               04/2008–06/2010

Co-founder/Graphic Designer                                                        Lead Designer
MadeService is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary freelance graphic design        Worked closely with the Marketing team to produce all graphic communica-
studio specializing in branding, publication design, illustration, web design,     tions work including print design, website design, motion graphics,
editorial design, and apparel design. Principal role in business administration    illustration, marketing communications, brand development and exhibition
and development, client acquisition and management.                                design for a rising technology start-up in Silicon Valley.

LEFT BAY MEDIA                  —Palo, Alto, California   08/2009–12/2009

Designer/Marketing Analyst
Designed and developed websites, art directed and produced marketing print
communications and business systems. Assisted as an internet marketing
consultant for small businesses.

COM PUTE R S K I L L Z                                                              +BO N US

Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, After Effects,                      Expert filer, loves to laugh, empties garbage cans, organizer and re-organizer,
Lightroom, Mac & PC platforms, HTML, CSS, Microsoft Office,                        self-starter, good writing skills, sarcasm in times of high stress, challenge-
Number Munchers, Google Machine, Hearts                                            seeker, television small talk at lunchtime

WHERE I L E A R N E D S TUF F                                                       SO ME A CH I E VE ME N T S & E X T RA ST UF F

SAN JOSÉ STA TE UN I V E R S I TY , 2010                                           A W A RD S A N D RE CO GN I T I O N                      A F F I LI A T I O NS
—San José, California                                                              —AIGA Judge’s Honor Recipient, 2010                      AIGA, San Francisco Chapter
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, Advertising Minor                         —AIGA Enrichment Scholarship                             NEO Graphic Design Club
                                                                                     Recipient, 2010                                        —Fundraising
THE WORL D W I D E W E B , 2002–forever                                            —Magna Cum Laude
—Cyberspace                                                                        —Dean’s Scholar, 2005-2010                               Design Creature
                                                                                   —American Design Award, December 2009                    —Student design studio;
                                                                                                                                               advisor Connie Hwang

                                                                                   Portfolio and references are available upon request

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