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					                                                                                                                                    NSP/DAP 231

                                                                  Section 1                                              Lender's
    Form #                                              Tracking and Correspondence                                       Packet
NSP-DAP 230         Correspondence and Notes- narrative log
NSP-DAP 233         Document Request List

NSP-DAP 201         Contact Information                                                                                     x

NSP-DAP 209         Quality Commitment Certification, signed by responsible contact person prior to submission to Town      x
NSP-DAP 214         Sequence of the Process

NSP-DAP 220  Document Transmittal Form
             Schedule owner acknowledgment meeting for covenant, restricted resale, equity sharing,
             homebuyer training and certification. Schedule homebuyer ed class with IFHMB 800 321-0911.
NSP-DAP 222 Notes: Cover letter to buyer(s) upon receipt of application packet and initial review.
NSP-DAP 232A Needs Cover Letter
NSP-DAP 232B Needs Cover Letter fax transmittal

NSP-DAP 235         Process for Application Intake
NSP-DAP 236         Reservation Phase Checklist
NSP-DAP 237         NSP-DAP Application Process Checklist
NSP-DAP 200A        NSP/DAP Document List

                    SUBMITTAL GUIDES
     231            File Sections
     214            Sequence of the Process
     220            Document Transmittal Form
     236            Reservation Phase Checklist

                                                                                                                        NSP/DAP 231

                                                                   Section 2                                 Lender's
  Form #                                                  Application Documentation                           Packet
                  Loan Officer Documentation Checklist

   1003           Uniform Residential Loan Application- Fanni Mae Form 1003- handwritten, signed and dated
    DU            Desktop Underwriter - optional
                  DRIVE Report - optional
NSP-DAP 216       Assistance Amount Worksheet                                                                   x
NSP-DAP 229       Realtor Certification of Applicant Eligibility                                                x
NSP-DAP 233       Document Request Checklist, see Sec. 1
NSP-DAP 238       NSP/DAP Target Area Map w/ perimeter roads- included in NSP-DAP 229                           x
                  GFE- Good Faith Estimate- signed and dated
                  Credit Report,
                  Verbal acceptance of offer, buyer acceptance
                  Lender Cover Letter with Estimated Loan Closing Date
                  Lender Loan Application Cover Letter
                  Occupancy and Financial Status Affidavit

                                                                                               NSP/DAP 231

                                                              Section 3             Lender's
   Form #                                         Applicant Support Documentation    Packet
    1040           Tax Returns, W-2, 1099- three years
 8821, 4506T       IRS Tax Information Authorization/ Transcripts
NSP-DAP 206        Income Tax- Affidavit of Non- Filing
NSP-DAP 206a       Income Tax- Affidavit of Non- Filing with reasons
NSP-DAP 207        Declaration of No Income Affidavit
                   Asset Information
                   Bank Statements- 6 months
                   Bankruptcy Papers
                   California Drivers License
                   Divorce Decree- income
                   Letter of Explanation
                   Pay Stubs- borrower
                   Pay Stubs- co-borrower and other household members with income
                   Reserves- confirmed 1 - 12 months
                   Social Security Card
                   Verification of Credit
                   Verification of Deposit from bank, if no bank statements

                   Verification of Income

                                                                                                 NSP/DAP 231

                                                                       Section 4      Lender's
  Form #                                                          NSP-DAP Documents    Packet
NSP-DAP 202       Lender's Certification of Applicant Eligibility                        x
NSP-DAP 203       Application and Certification of Applicant                             x
NSP-DAP 204       Income and Asset Worksheet, Inclusions, Exclusions, Affidavit          x
NSP-DAP 208       Lead Base Paint Disclosure                                             x
NSP-DAP 221       Income and Assets Calculation Worksheet- Use NSP/DAP 204
NSP-DAP 224       Homebuyer Acknowledgments
NSP-DAP 243       Preliminary Title Request- email
NSP-DAP 225       Reservation/Declination Letter

                                                                                                           NSP/DAP 231

                                                                        Section 5               Lender's
  Form #                                                           Property Information          Packet
NSP-DAP 217       FHA Certified Home Inspection Results or included in appraisal
NSP-DAP 223       Environmental Review
NSP-DAP 227       URA Voluntary Relocation w/o eminent domain and Seller's Certification           x
NSP-DAP 228       Appraiser Certification                                                          x
                  Amended/ Supplemental Escrow Instructions
                  Appraisal including inspection report on housing standards
                  Escrow Instructions- signed by all parties
                  Flood Determination Report
                  Historical Preservation
                  If Lead Base Paint Present, treatment required?
                  Inspection Advisory- Buyer
                  Inspection Report, FHA standards , may be included in formal appraisal
                  Buyer Home Inspection Report - Results to all Parties
                  Lead Base Paint Assessment
                  Preliminary Title Report
                  Property Eligibility Determination
                  Purchase Price within maximum limit confirmed
                  Seller Confirmation Letter for Repairs or Certified Inspection Report (CIR)
                  Septic Inspection
                  Title Report
                  Utilities On Confirmation, maybe
                  Wood Destroying Pest Inspection Request
                  Wood Destroying Pests Inspection Report
   1008           Lender Approval- FHA Mortgage Credit Analysis, Form 92900A
                  Mortgage Credit Analysis, MCAW
NSP-DAP 242       Power of Attorney- if needed (lender's form)
                  Letters of Explanation- if needed
                  Purchase Contract, Counter Offer
                  Verification of Employment
                  Verification of Mortgage/Rent
  HUD 1           Estimated HUD 1 Settlement Statement
                  Purchase Contract, Counter Offer, signed

                  Fannie Mae Underwriting Approval
NSP-DAP 243       Preliminary Title Request
                  Fannie Mae Underwriting Findings

                                                                                               NSP/DAP 231

                                                             Section 6              Lender's
 Form #                                          After Application Review Process    Packet
                 Application package complete verification
                 Borrower Eligibility Confirmed
                 Homebuyer Education Training Certificate
                 Homeowner Insurance Policy
                 Loan Action Form
                 Loan Approval Form
                 Loan Qualifying Worksheet
                 Loan Submission Form

 244,245         Loan Commitment/Declination Letter to Lender and Borrower

                                                                                                     NSP/DAP 231

                                                                 Section 7                Lender's
  Form #                                                  NSP-DAP Loan Documents           Packet
NSP-DAP 210       Truth in Lending
NSP-DAP 211       Deed of Trust
NSP-DAP 213       Request for Notice
NSP-DAP 215       HOME funds disclosure statement
NSP-DAP 218       Escrow Wiring Instructions
NSP-DAP 239       Title Letter-Request for Notice- letter to title to request recording
NSP-DAP 240       Notice of Right to Cancel
NSP-DAP 241       Affordability Covenant, Notice
NSP-DAP 247       Loan Agreements w/ Covenants 3-27-09
                  Direct Pay Invoice
                  Direct Pay Request for Wire Transfer
                  Email to Finance advising of Wire
                  Ernest Money Deposit Check- copy
                  Escrow Instructions signed by all Parties
                  Final Title Policy
                  Lender Loan Docs, forwarded to lender, then to escrow
                  Loan Documents to Closing Agent
                  Loan Set Up Form to Finance
                  Pre Closing Instructions Letter to Closing Agent

                  Vesting- how title is held

                                                                                                                                   NSP/DAP 231

Checklist of Final
                                                    Section 8                                                           Lender's
 Docs Needed                  After Closing/ After Funding Processes, Final Docs                                         Packet
 NSP/DAP 248         Loan Closing Checklist
                     Final HUD-1 from Escrow- settlement statement and attachments
                     1st Mortgage Deed of Trust- copy
                     1st Mortgage Promissory Note- copy
                     Advise Finance OK to wire funds- memo,
                     Assessor Preliminary Change of Ownership (PECOR)
                     Cash back Check from Escrow if applicable
                     Declaration Property Insurance w/ Town Reference
                     Deed of Trust Routed to Town and Executive Director
                     Final Closing Instructions Letter and Docs to Title
                     Final Closing Instructions Letter to Escrow- cash back verbage
                     Final Title Report- file with property info
                     Funding Source Spreadsheet
                     Grant Deed
                     Homebuyer Activity Cost Worksheet
                     Homebuyer Education Certification- 8 hour
                     IDIS Drawdown
                     Lender's instructions to escrow, verify
                     Loan Docs Received from Closing Agent
                     Loan Reduction Letter
                     Loan/ Grant Set-up Form and Check
                     Original Loan Docs to Finance vault- deeds, covenants, promissory note, request for notice
                     Original Recorded NSP/DAP 211 Deed of Trust, NSP/DAP 241 Affordability Covenant and
                     NSP/DAP 247 Loan Agreement

                     Original NSP/DAP 210 Truth in Lending and NSP/DAP 215 HOME Funds Disclosure Statement
                     Proof of Insurance with Town Loan referenced
                     Request for Notice to County Recorder, returned after recording
                     Sale Closing Escrow Instructions
                     Title Company- Final Statement
                     Title letter, for items needed by Town; title policy, recorded docs, prop ins, truth in lending,
                     disclosure statement, HUD-1
                     Insure HUD 1 Settlement, buyer contribution maintained. Cash back ok for amounts over
                     minimum buyer contribution- 1% of sales price or 50% of required down payment, whichever
                     is greater. Home Inspection Service costs may be counted towards buyer contribution if


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