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									                                                      Attachment A Development

         Item #      ID                                                         Description
                            The following codes are used only for vocational students to identify certain characteristics of the setting or
           1 method used to provide instruction. As many alphabetic responses as apply may be entered in any order,
                            except that only one response may be selected from each group (E, S, or M), Rule 2, Edit 3, 4
                              A state-defined code indicating the status under which the PK-12 student withdrew from a school or district.
                              Withdrawal codes are maintained for both the regular and summer school years. Rules 4, 7, Edits 6
                            A set of codes which indicate the allowable reasons for the student’s placement in each Dropout Prevention
           3  program at each school. Codes consist of one character fields which may occur a maximum of five times. At
                            least one placement reason code is required. Rule 4, Edit 2
                            There exists a conflict between two RFPs. RFP#9.2.7 implies that the school would enter the DPP record for
           4 program "P". Program "P" requires a placement reason. RFP# Rule 1 states "the data is entered
                            manually by district admin and can be updated for prior years."
                            DCPS requires the ability to record the date upon which a student withdraws from a Federal Title I or Migrant
           5 program in the district or the date the student withdrew from a Homeless Children and Youth program that
                            was funded by the Stewart B. McKenney Act, P.L. 101-645, for the year being reported.
                            A number that indicates the percentage of one full-time aide for the class being reported. This element refers
                            to the assignment of a percentage of an aide full-time to an individual teacher for the school day.
           6        1.1.47
                            IDR0178 - The Teacher Aide field displays a social security number. It should display an ID number other
                            than a social security number.
                            The date the incident occurred is in the MMDDYYYY format. The incident must be a valid date; cannot be a
                            future date; must be a date within the current school year, including summer school; must conform to all
                            FDOE/SESIR Edits.
                            Edit 2, 3, 4
                            Fields for prior location; District/County, State/Territory or Commonwealth, and Country for FDOE reporting
                            during periods 2, 3, and 5..Rule 4
                            Indicate whether the student participated, during the current reporting year (secondary) or term
           9        1.1.97  (postsecondary), in Tech Prep as a School-To-Work student. This is a school-based learning activity within the
                            School-To-Work initiative. Desc, Edit 1
                            Rule 1 - Program of study - Students may pursue different programs of study. A program of study defines the
          10        2.1.16  curriculum the student will follow and the graduation requirements associated with it. Some examples are
                            academic, vocational, IB, ESE.
                            All - Student - Ethnicity - The racial/ethnic group to which the student belongs or with which the student
          11         2.1.2  identifies: DCPS needs ability to assign multiples (primary, secondary), up to four occurrences, as according to
                            federal law.
                            Description/Edit 1- OK to release information indicator -DCPS needs to know if a parent has given the district
          12        2.1.21  consent to release student information to outside parties with legitimate requests. This is a Y, N or A field that
                            is pre-filled with an N and is manually updated.
                            Edit 15 - Home school - Every school in the state of Florida has a unique number assigned to it. Those unique
          13         2.1.8  numbers are used in many instances to designate a school assignment. This field is a four digit unique school
                            number associated with a student's current school of enrollment.
                            Rules 1, 2, 4, 7 - Separate street address number, street address suffix, street name, type, lot or apartment,
                            pre and post direction, city, state, and nine-digit zip code (#unlimited address per student) - DCPS requires the
          14         2.3.4  ability to maintain parent/guardian/contact home address elements in separate fields. This requirement
                            makes it easier for DCPS to validate street address elements against the Street File received from the US
                            Postal Service.
                              Add Rule 14: Grades input restricted by grading period dates range - Grades (alpha/numeric including +/-) for
                              each grading period -DCPS requires the ability to establish an alphabetic grading scale. Additionally, DCPS
                              requires the ability to associate two grade qualifiers (for example "+", "-", "*" etc) to each grade.
          15        3.1.3     In the current system, a grade consists of three possible fields: field 1 contains the letter grade, field two
                              contains the +/- grade qualifier (if applicable) and field 3 contains the "*" grade qualifier (if applicable).
                              Currently, school admin are only allowed to manually input a grade for each grading period beginning with the
                              scan day for that grading period and ending 7 calendar days after the end of the grading period.
                              Clarification to RFP - Calculate final averages in secondary including the same course taken in multiple
                              schools and/or multiple sections$ - DCPS requires the ability to calculate final course averages for students
          16        3.3.3
                              who took different sections of the same course. This capability must extend to sections of the same course
                              that were taken at two or more schools.
                              Determine extracurricular eligibility by quarter and semester based on academic and conduct criteria; maintain
                              history$ - DCPS requires the ability to determine which middle and high school students are eligible to
                              participate in extra-curricular activities. This eligibility is programmatically determined at the end of every
          17       3.9.10     grading period based on a student's unweighted cumulative GPA and, in some cases, unweighted semester
                              GPA There are two reports associated with this requirement:
                              -- Grades 6 - 8: Extra-Curricular Ineligibility List
                              -- Grades 9 -12: Extra-Curricular Eligibility

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         Item #    ID                                                         Description
                           Job parameter 2, E, F -: A reference of the data required for the survey reporting is at the DOE website at
                           http://firn.edu/doe/bin00050/dataweb/database.htm -All data elements required for FTE reporting are defined
                           in Section 1 of the RFP document. A complete description of each element is also available on the website
                           referenced in the title of this requirement.
                           The following FDOE elements must be calculated or derived before they can be used for FTE reporting:
                           1. Weekly Class Minutes
                           2. Days In Term
          18      4.1.1    3. FEFP Membership Minutes Weekly
                           4. FTE Earned
                           5. FTE Eligibility
                           6. Primary Instructor Indicator
                           7. Total School Week
                           8. Time With Non-Disabled Peers
                           9. Year-Round/Extended School Year FTE Indicator
                           10. IDEA Environment Indicator (this element was added since the RFP was written)
                           Calculate FTE dynamically based on a student’s current schedule and matrix support level (cost factor), if
                           applicable- for use in determining preliminary budgets for schools$ - During the Fall and Winter of each
                           school year, DCPS processes a preliminary, or 'simulated', FTE in order to estimate the amount of FTE
                           funding a school is likely to receive based on currently enrolled students. This process helps schools project
          19      4.2.1
                           their budgets.
                           Specifically, the Fall estimate is designed to determine if staff need to be added or removed from a school
                           based on projected funding; The WInter estimate is designed to give a funding estimate for the next school
                           Create Prior School Status file, FPS Screen and extensive changes throughout RFP - Build ”snap shot” data
                           sets for surveys 1-4, based on currently enrolled students and all data as required by FDOE$ - DCPS requires
          20      4.2.17
                           the ability to take a 'snapshot' of student data as of a particular time in order to build the surveys to be sent to
                           the FDOE. This requirement will cover the 'snapshot' data sets required for Surveys 1 through 4 and Survey 9.
                           Generate district reports for validation of data (file creation errors), audit lists, FTE funding, school funding,
                           lost, low, and gained funding, funding conflicts, duplicated and unduplicated ESE program counts$ - As part of
                           the 'preliminary' FTE (RFP # 4.2.1), actual FTE (RFP # 4.2.2) and FTE 'snapshot' (RFP # 4.2.17) processes,
                           DCPS generates a variety of reports used by District and school administrators. The following reports are
                           generated as a result of the preliminary FTE funding estimates:
                           "School Funding ('F135')" report, "Low Funding" report, "Gained Funding" report and "Lost Funding Report."
          21      4.2.3
                           In addition to the above reports, the actual FTE funding process produces the following reports:
                           "Student Funding Record" and "Funding Conflicts" reports.
                           The snapshot process produces the "File Creation Error" report and "Audit List" report.
                           While not directly related to the funding process, the "Duplicated ESE Program Counts" report and
                           "Unduplicated ESE Program Counts" reports are based on survey data.

                           Generate district reports of file creation errors and duplicated and unduplicated survey 5 program totals$ -
          22      4.4.1    DCPS requires the ability to generate a report listing processing errors encountered during the creation of the
                           Survey 5 snapshot (RFP # 4.4.3).
                           FTE Exception Report -DCPS requires that Genesis allow for selection of Student FTE Exception data
          23      4.99.1   relevant to each Survey period. The application should allow for selection of the survey period, and should
                           include logic to select students and courses for the selected survey.
                            Create course master for out-of-county transfer courses based on the
                           prior year’s master and current year’s valid State courses$ - DCPS requires the ability to build a generic
                           course master to handle student course transfers from out of district. This course master includes not only
          24      5.2.7
                           approved courses for Duval County but also non-approved courses for DCPS to be used for transfer courses.
                           The school number associated with this course master equals N999. All schools are allowed to add these
                           courses to a student’s current or historical grades.
                           Identify, schedule, and report half-credit classes in full year course and define if first or second half - DCPS
                           requires the ability to schedule students into only one semester of a year-long course. At times, a student will
                           complete a full-year course but may not receive full credit for the course. Therefore, the student may have to
                           repeat only a portion (half) of the course even if it is a full year course. DCPS requires the ability to:
          25      5.5.4
                           Identify and report eligible students to be enrolled in half of a full year course
                           Schedule students into only one half of the year long course
                           Report which students are enrolled in one half of a full year course

                           Update ESE minutes per week and non-disability peer time based on a
          26      7.2.2    student’s schedule$ -DCPS needs to be able to calculate the total amount of weekly time an ESE student
                           spends in school.

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         Item #     ID                                                          Description
                            Convert ESE programs AS, JS, and KS to A, J, and K for students in
                            grades 5 [6]-12$ -DCPS requires a process to drop S the suffix (setting) of the ESE program codes for 5th
          27       7.4.3
                            graders. The suffix is used for grades PK - 5 to designate the type of setting the ESE student is placed in (for
                            example self-contained classroom).
                            Action Tracking Log -DCPS requires the ability for schools to gather and track students who have been
                            assigned specific Action Codes, including detentions and suspensions. There should be a single point of data
          28       8.3.2    entry for all Action related data. The application will programmatically populate the appropriate fields of Action
                            Tracking forms when a discipline action is assigned. Users should be able to generate reports of the students
                            with various Action Codes scheduled to be served on a particular date.
                            Display Student Violations before Referral Saved - DCPS requires that the application display prior student
          29      8.99.3
                            violations when a Student ID is entered into the student referral section of the Incident form.
                            Child Student Number - DCPS requires the ability to store the student number of the children of the students
          30       9.1.6
                            who are participating in the Teen Parent Program (DPP program = "P").
                            Identify students provided services due to teen pregnancy - This requirement identifies students who receive
                            services due to teen pregnancy. DCPS has teen parent programs (helps the student), the Teen Parent
                            Service Center (helps the babies), and other supplemental programs. There are also state programs that
                            students may participate in.
          31       9.2.7
                            DCPS requires the maintenance of a program entry and a program withdrawal date. The additional
                            functionality is a method to tie the student (teen mother or father) to the baby (who is officially enrolled in a PK
                            program). The association to tie the student to the baby is made by use of the Child Student Number which is
                            updated on the student's dropout program record.
          32      9.4.20    Limit every school’s ability to withdraw students with Magnet status
                            Provide safeguards to prevent enrollment and attendance of students at
          33      9.6.17
                            the wrong school without the correct codes (Magnet, Special Assignment, or boundary/address)
                            Test sub name is a field that is primarily used by the Advanced Placement Test (APT). The APT test has
          34      11.1.2    several 'Subtests'. A subtest is a number of related test elements that are grouped into test sub categories
                            such as reading, math, science, etc.
                            DCPS requires the ability to retrieve and record test scores from the FDOE that were administered and scored
          35      11.2.6    by the College Board. These are the PSAT, SAT and ACT exams. All records, whether matched or not, are
                            listed on a report with scores and match status.
                            DCPS requires the ability to not only determine eligibility for AIP, but also print reports. DART responsible for
          36      11.2.7    all reports related to this requirement only if HDS creates a table with the update info included otherwise HDS
                            must create the report as the records are being updated
                            DCPS requires the ability to programmatically determine those students who are performing at a low
                            academic level and that, as a consequence, should be recommended for remediation with an Academic
                            Improvement Plan (AIP). DCPS requires the ability to not only determine eligibility, but also initialize and store
          37      11.2.7
                            flags, and evaluate AIP. The AIP is a remediation program that attempts to help students by providing them
                            more intensive instruction in the subject matter areas in which they have not demonstrated proficiency. AIPs
                            exist for Reading, Writing, Math and Science.
                            DCPS requires the ability to record LAS (Language Assessment Scales), PASSD (Performance Assessment
          38      11.2.9    System for Students with disabilities) and GED (Graduation Equivalency Degree) test scores. The LAS and
                            GED scores are always entered manually.
                            As based on FDOE, when a student withdraws from the system, in addition to a withdrawal code, DCPS must
          39      12.3.2
                            track where a student is enrolling. Data fields include; school, district, state, country.
                            DCPS requires the ability to allow certain school-based users to withdraw students enrolled in one school
                            (sending school) and enroll them in the user's school (receiving school). DCPS refers to this intra-district
          40      12.4.1
                            transfer as "stealing students." NOTE: This requirement also applies to District-level users. However, District
                            users are not limited in their ability to enroll or withdraw students from/to any school.
                            DCPS requires the ability to notify district/school admin when a teacher is out of field. A teacher is considered
                            out of field when they are teaching a class that they are not certified to teach. When this happens the school
          41      13.2.5
                            board approval is necessary for the teacher to be allowed to continue to teach the course. DCPS would like a
                            date which designated the day the board gave approval.
                            DCPS receives a file from the State Attorney's office once a week of all the recent DJJ activity which includes
                            felonies and violent misdemeanors. DCPS matches names, addresses, birth dates, etc. to SIMS data and
          42      16.2.1
                            updates the DJJ table. Unmatched records are sent as a report to the district security offices to further
                            investigate and manually update, once a student is identified with a student number.
                            DCPS requires the ability to retrieve a file from SAP at the end of each business day. The file is then used to
          43      16.4.1    populate the DCPS employee data set. Teacher addresses imported from SAP correctly but when teachers
                            are adopted by schools their address does not populate the teacher table correctly.
                            Transmit data to FDOE-FTE Survey Reporting. Handled as part of the Survey Reporting agreement to be
          44      16.6.14
                            jointly administered by HDS and DCPS. DCPS to facilitate the transmission of data to FDOE.
                            Transmit amendments to FDOE-FTE Survey Reporting. Handled as part of the Survey Reporting agreement
          45      16.6.15   to be jointly administered by HDS and DCPS. DCPS to facilitate the transmission of data to FDOE.

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                                                     Attachment A Development

         Item #     ID                                                         Description
                             This requirement is due to the fact that FDOE does not allow DCPS to pre-grid answer sheets for the High
                             School Competency Test (HSCT) and Florida Competency Test (FCAT). DCPS gives them a file on unlabeled
          46      16.6.17    tape. DCPS only sends HSCT students that have not passed the HSCT or FCAT. The HSCT is an alternative
                             test for some students who have not passed the FCAT. Please note that DCPS will create the tape to send to
                             FDOE. HDS will be responsible for creating the file to be extracted.
                             The system selects all active 11th and 12th grade (1.1.49) students (active students have an entry date
                             ( with no withdrawal date ( present), except those who have passed both the
                             communications and the math portions of the HSCT (Pass/Fail Flag for HSCT Math and HSCT
          47      16.6.17    Communications) or the Communications and Math portions of the FCAT (FCAT Communications score > 299
                             and FCAT Math score > 299). Students are also skipped if they have passed the communications portion of
                             one test and the math portion of the other.
                             Rule 8
                             DCPS requires the ability to pull a vocational program file (F61730) from the FDOE. The file contains
                             vocational program codes associated with vocational courses. There can be multiple courses within the
          48       16.6.2    programs, and courses can be attached to more than one program. For example, Typing I can be attached to
                             more than one vocational program.
                             Rule 2 - NOTE
                             As required by the Florida Department of Education, specific files of data are to be formatted and transmitted
                             to NWRDC (Northwest Regional Data Center). There are very specific guidelines that can be found in the
                             FDOE Information Database User Manual. These guidelines must be strictly followed. This requirement is
          49       16.6.8    related to all of the state survey formats found in Section 4. Format and transfer survey data to State.
                             Handled as part of the Survey Reporting agreement to be jointly administered by HDS and DCPS. DCPS to
                             facilitate the transmission of data to FDOE. If unable to UAT due to testing constraints, an alternative
                             certification option will be required. Rule 11, 12, 20b.
                             Various - Apply tapes from Post Office to street file - The US Post Office maintains data on valid street
                             addresses. DCPS uses this information to maintain what they call a "street file". The street file is used to
          50       16.9.1
                             determine whether a given address is valid for DCPS. The functionality stated in this requirement is related to
                             the fields in 17.8 and the functionalities found in 17.9.
                             Rules 1, 2, 3 -Display all dates in MDCY format but be able to compare by CYMD - DCPS requires that the
          51      17.14.15   SIS system display dates to users in the familiar MM/DD/YY format, but allow date comparisons (for example,
                             the number of days between two dates) using the CCYYMMDD format.
                             Student Teen Parent - 2/6/03 -- The item was brought to the attention of the cmte. by Cricket as a Data
          52      CR528
                             Conversion Issue.
                             Student Drivers License2 - 2/6/03 -- The item was brought to the attention of the cmte. by Cricket as a Data
          53      CR529
                             Conversion Issue.
                             Student Test Duval Writing - 2/6/03 -- The item was brought to the attention of the cmte. by Cricket as a Data
          54      CR530
                             Conversion Issue.
                             Student Test Duval MLST - 2/6/03 -- The item was brought to the attention of the cmte. by Cricket as a Data
          55      CR531
                             Conversion Issue.
                             Student Discipline - 2/6/03 -- The item was brought to the attention of the cmte. by Cricket as a Data
          56      CR532      Conversion Issue. NOTE: This relates to the violation date field which Max added to accommodate conversion
                             of historical data.
                             Student Screening - The item was brought to the attention of the cmte. by Cricket as a Data Conversion Issue.
          57      CR533
                             Senior Plans Survey - The item was brought to the attention of the cmte. by Cricket as a Data Conversion
          58      CR534
                             RFP 9.2.7 - if the school is not allowed to input Placement reasons, then error message box "Requires
          59      CR593
                             placement reason" should not appear when school is input DPP record.
          60      CR745      RFP 6..28 - Students with Second School not displaying on Scan Sheets
                             RFP 8.3.4 - The re-designed discipline form does not function the way DCPS would like. Duval requested that
          61      CR803      Incident, Security Records, and Student Violations be written in a single transaction in order to prevent the
                             creation of orphan records.
                             Withdrawn student's ESE records are not accessable.There is a field (Override School Time) that will allow
                             the automatic update of the Time In School Week field during the process that updates the ESE/Minutes per
          62      TIR1168
                             Week when the value is not 'Y'. Time in school field should be updated in batch process even when student is
                             The application programmatically changes the code to a "Y" for eligible students who were administered an
          63      TIR1502    alternative assessment and assigns the "N" code to those who were not. This test case is dependent on FTE
                             DCPS requires a two-digit number to identify the current school district or other agency providing instruction or
                             services. This code identifies to FDOE that a survey report is associated with DCPS. This data element is
          64      TIR1749
                             programmatically set to '16' as part of the survey reporting to FDOE. Will have to be tested by a developer
                             after survey reporting is released in Pilot 4.

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         Item #     ID                                                         Description
                            DCPS requires a two-digit number to identify the current school district or other agency when reporting an
                            incident. This code identifies to FDOE that a report is associated with DCPS. This data element is
          65      TIR1751
                            programmatically set to '16' as part of survey reporting to FDOE. Will have to be tested by a developer when
                            survey reporting is delivered in Pilot 4.
                            The filtering based on 504 and other parameters work, but you cannot test the PASSD data available to test
          66      TIR2020
                            RFP 9.2.7 - tried to enroll student in DPP program 'P' using same date as student's enrollment date into the
          67      TIR2377   school; received error message "Program enrollment date cannot be earlier than school enrollment date:
                            Credits attempted by high school students are usually a total of 6.5 credits per term. The credits are
          68      TIR2620   programmatically calculated by school within each fiscal year and a grand total for each fiscal year. (The
                            student may earn credits from multiple schools) (Grades 9-12)
          69      TIR2964   Ability to write certain transcript transaction information to the historical record.
                            When the form for re-enrolling a student comes up, it would be helpful if the information regarding "Program of
          70      TIR3010   Study" (when applicable) and "Immun Stat" from the previous school could be retained on the form.

                            Was IDR 400 - In a 4X4 configuration, when students enroll for the first time during term 7 (ie: enrollment date
                            to the school of 11/14/03), the interactive scheduler schedules year long courses into term 6 and 7. On the
                            maintenance screen, the enrollment date for term 6 is 08/07/2003 and the student wasn"t even in the school
                            at that time. It will not let you take the entry date out. It is tedious and cumbersome to make term 6 not show
          71      TIR3647   when the student entered during term 7. This affects attendance also because it looks like the student has
                            been in the course for the full year. It would be helpful if the Interactive Scheduler did not put a course in a
                            term prior to the entry date into the school.student entered during term 7. This affects attendance also
                            because it looks like the student has been in the course for the full year. It would be helpful if the Interactive
                            Scheduler did not put a course in a term prior to the entry date into the school.
                            Was IDR 475 - School 2651 stated that it takes up to an hour or more to process the Excessive Absence
                            Report with any parameters set. Many other schools are having the same problem causing them to run the
          72      TIR3892   report overnight or during lunch. Max said this is an old report and he believes the performance can be
                            optimized. I cannot duplicate the problem in UAT or in Production from a War Room computer.

                            When viewing Single Student/Attendance Summary screen by course, the withdrawal should be shown on the
                            day after the students' last day in the course. For example, if the student was enrolled in school thru the last
          73      TIR4048
                            day of the school year the withdrawal should not show until the next business day after the last day of school
                            not on the last day of school itself.
                            Security - found this while retesting TIR4152. The RTE Karl got could not be recreated. However, in testing I
                            was able to enter incorrect information in the SID field for sibling information. General Testing of Genesis
          74      TIR4183   Student Demographics functionality. RFP 2.2.2 and 2.2.3, both referring to sibling information, have the
                            student ID field (2.1.1, 7 digits and 1 check digit) as a requirement. The application did not validate the entry
                            for sibling ID with the district's SID convention.
                            When an action code, date, and duration are entered in the violation form, the use should not have to double
                            enter that date in the dates area of the Discipline form. We would like the action, with the duration and action
          75      TIR4218   date, to programmatically populate the date fields. This should apply to OSSP, ISSP, Det, etc.
                            This logic should be similar to the detention form, which already calculates end date from start date and
                            duration of a detention.
                            Genesis v. 5.2.1 item 26 tested on v. 5.2.1
                            Problem with incorrect teacher local-id being printed when a teacher teaches at multiple schools with multiple
          76      TIR4343
                            local-ids needs to be fixed.

                            Determination of which of the following selections should either be tested for use by DCPS or disabled:
                            Print Teachers' Grade Sheets, Clear Comment Codes, Keyboard Data Entry/By Class, Import Grades from
          77      TIR4592
                            Grade book, Post Student Attendance, Print Report Cards, Print Teacher Edit Sheets, Export Data to Grade
                            book, Post Attendance to Perm Rec and Calculate Current Year GPA.
                            Determination of which of the following selections should either be tested for use by DCPS or disabled:
                            Reports Card Formats, Grade book Record Formats, School Based Honor Roll Definitions, Interim Report
          78      TIR4593   Text, Laser Printer/Control Sequence, Fast Grades Data Entry Definitions, Teacher Grade Sheet Definitions,
                            Credit Assignment Definitions, District Based Honor Roll Definitions, Setups by Grade Level and District-
                            Wide/Grade Reporting Schedule.
          79      TIR4601   For a semester school, after grading period # 2 and 4 were run, there were no GPA's displayed.
                            When a exam grade was entered for a term 1 course for a semester school and then clicked out of the
          80      TIR4602
                            course, a "Run time error" # 11 (Division by zero) occurred.
                            How are progress reports to be processed for Duval County including importing grades to print but are not to
          81      TIR4604
                            be stored in the database? General Testing of DCPS Grade Processing
                            Ver 5.2.5, Item 56. ESE Transportation Information. DBA_Val_Street_Types should be read from GSchool
          82      TIR4628
                            not GVal.General testing of Systems Maintenance functionality

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                                                     Attachment A Development

         Item #     ID                                                         Description
                            Item # 2 on test schedule for Grade Processing for Jan. 13, 2005. Data not available to test. Have not
          83      TIR4694
                            reached this area of testing.
                            The "Elementary Scanned Grades Mis-matched Report" does not meet RFP 3.2.4 under "Process Grades"
                            item # 1 requirement. The report should print students with a pre-slug record and no scan record or students
          84      TIR4699
                            with a scan record and no pre-slug record. This would be only one print record for each condition and not one
                            print record for an occurrence in the scan record.
          85      TIR4729   The Enroll Date should Student Schedule Maintenance screen for this student shows a different enroll date
                            The application on the not have applied an attendance record for the withdrawn student.

          86      TIR4748   than the start date for the class. On the Interactative Scheduler the student shows as being in the correct class
                            and the student is on the teacher"s class list (SCH012)
                            Ver 6.1.0, Hot fix 3. I went to the Transportation area in Demographics and tried to add a membership
          87      TIR4757
                            category for an ESE student. The Membership Category does not read from GSchool.
                            General testing of Genesis School or EdIN Gradebook Attendance functionality
          88      TIR4765

                            There is no way to Delete a security number if the wrong number is entered. This applies to the new discipline
          89      TIR4794   form. The user should be able to correct and error without having to delete the entire incident or the entire
                            security record.

          90      TIR4796   The narrative field and Drug/Alcohol/etc check boxes should be present for EACH violation. The current
                            Mainframe system stores this data for each violations. The database in Genesis only allow one entry per
                            Incident. A screen shot of the INC screen is available. (New Form)

                            Was IDR 561. During training, it was requested that Discipline Letters include the school phone number so
                            that Parents will call the school. Currently the discipline letters are designed to print on district letterhead,
          91      TIR4866
                            which includes the district office contact information. 11/4/04 Speak to Marsha and Nina 11/9/04 Get with Karl -
                             Get a copy of the letter. Is the letterhead printing at the same time as the form or is the letterhead preprinted?
                            2/24/05 After meeting with Max on 2/23/05, it was determined that HDS should have this item.

                            IDR561 - During training, it was requested that Discipline Letters include the school phone number so that
                            Parents will call the school. Currently the discipline letters are designed to print on district letterhead, which
          92      TIR4867   includes the district office contact information. 11/4/04 Speak to Marsha and Nina 11/9/04 Get with Karl - Get
                            a copy of the letter. Is the letterhead printing at the same time as the form or is the letterhead preprinted?

                            NOTE: This should be a part of the export on the new DuvalDiscipline form.

                            By Period schools must have a way of computing daily attendance such that if a student is present in at least
          93      TIR4983
                            1 period, the attendance code is present; otherwise the majority code will be recorded. In cases where the
                            attendance is evenly split between two absence codes, a 'U' code will be recorded for the daily attendance.

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