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									      Golden State Gay Rodeo Association
         Greater Los Angeles Chapter

2008 Sponsorship Proposal

   Alternate Lifestyles Sports Marketing

       LA RODEO – JUNE 20-22, 2008
       LA RODEO – JUNE 20-22, 2008

                   a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

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2008 Sponsorship Plan
Best Opportunity for Increased Market exposure into the Alternate
Lifestyles Community


    GSGRA – GLAC stands for Golden State Gay Rodeo Association – Greater Los Angeles
    Chapter. GLAC is one of four California chapters of the Golden State Gay Rodeo
    Association (GSGRA) and was established in 1984. GSGRA is part of the International
    Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA), which is comprised of 30 associations representing over
    twenty-nine states and the provinces Canadian with memberships numbering in the
    thousands. These associations produce at least 20 sanctioned rodeos each year,
    including International Finals. GLAC has over 125 members and GSGRA has over 300
    members making GSGRA one of the largest associations within the IGRA.

    GSGRA – GLAC has produced twenty-two LA Rodeos since 1985. LA Rodeo – 2008 will
    be held at the Rancho Potrero Equestrian Center on June 20-22, 2008. Our rodeos
    include traditional events in rough stock, speed, and roping categories as well as camp
    events, entertainment, dancing, vendors, and other activities. Due to the increasing
    popularity of rodeo in the west and the U. S. as a whole, the LA Rodeo is the most popular
    rodeo on the circuit. LA Rodeo has over 100 competitors and is traditionally the number
    one attended rodeo with attendance close to four-thousand.

What We Do:

    GSGRA – GLAC is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization interested in promoting the
    western lifestyle and producing gay rodeos for the purpose of satisfying our community
    commitment to raise charitable funds from our activities. Over the years GSGRA – GLAC
    has raised and distributed funds for organization that care for and seek cures for those
    with HIV disease, as well as other health and social issues with our society as a whole. A
    list of supported charitable organizations is attached.

    GSGRA – GLAC has a Solid Track Record!

    GSGRA – GLAC is a mature, well-run non-profit organization, which has been active in
    Los Angeles and the surrounding areas Alternative Lifestyle community for twenty-two
    years. Our organization is well respected as a non-political group, which enjoys excellent
    working relationships with a wide range of organizations and businesses in our
    community. GSGRA – GLAC is well known for the high quality and professionalism of the
    events we produce.

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                       LA RODEO - 2008
The Premier Sports Event for the Alternative Lifestyle Market:
LA Rodeo is one of the largest sporting events in the Los Angeles area catering to the Alternate
Lifestyles community. This annual event has grown from a small-town style weekend rodeo to a
major all week event featuring many types of entertainment options spread over several venues
throughout the city. The relationship we have with our community makes this event a perfect
choice for your marketing dollars.


      GLAC Events Schedule:
         1. Valley Pride – October

           2. Phoenix Rodeo – January

           3. IGRA University – February

           4. Mr. Los Angeles Leather Contest – Rodeo Promo Tie-in - March

           5. Cowboys and Cowhide Line Dance Party - April

           6. Palm Springs Rodeo - May

           7. Long Beach Pride – May

           8. LA Rodeo Promo Rawhide – May

           9. LA Rodeo Promo West Hollywood Bar Crawl - May

           10. LA Pride – June

           11. LA Rodeo Promo Long Beach - June

           12. Kick off Party at Oil Can Harry’s – Thursday June 19, 2008

           13. LA Rodeo – June 20 – 22, 2008 – Rancho Potrero Equestrian Center and the
               Warner Center Marriott

           14. 2008 Rodeo Wrap –up – July

           15. Volunteer Party – July

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      An LA Rodeo is much more than a simple spectators’ sporting event. It is a cultural
      festival where the attendees enjoy entertainment, dancing, dining, and vendor sales, as
      well as educational and artistic experiences.

      Not only is the LA Rodeo the largest attended rodeo on the IGRA circuit, it was voted
      the Best rodeo in LA by the Los Angeles Magazine in August of 2003.

      Of course, the rodeo is the main show. GSGRA – GLAC operates its rodeo under the
      code of fellowship and good sportsmanship developed in concert with their member
      associations of the IGRA. This code provides standardized rules and guidelines for the
      conduct of our rodeos, with special attention to humane treatment of our animal
      athletes. Although gay rodeo is considered an amateur sport, the rules are very similar
      to traditional rodeo; in fact, IGRA rules have been adopted by the big traditional
      professional rodeo organizations. IGRA officials monitor every aspect of the event and
      sanction a rodeo, only after determining that all rules have been followed properly.

      Throughout the year, IGRA circuit rodeo athletes from around the United States and
      Canada compete in various IGRA member associations rodeos, hoping to win enough
      points to finish in the top 20 in their event(s). The top 20 go on to compete in the IGRA
      Finals Rodeo. The location of Finals Rodeo is determined by which association makes
      the winning bid at the IGRA annual convention two years prior.

      Men or women may perform all events in Gay Rodeo. The equipment used in each
      event is specified in the IGRA rodeo rulebook as to size or length and materials that
      can be used. The length of runs and length in feet between barriers and specified in the

      IGRA sanctioned rodeos are intended as amateur events. Even though competitors
      may win monies, ribbons, buckles, and other prizes, the rules for the events are
      intended to provide a safe environment for competitors of an amateur ability and to
      protect animals involved in the competition as well.

      In addition to the activities at the rodeo grounds, GSGRA – GLAC utilizes a host hotel
      for weekend and produces very well attended public entertainment events in the
      evenings at this venue. In addition to a big show, featuring entertainers from all over
      town and indeed all over the country, one of the highlights of the rodeo are the public
      dances held on Friday and Saturday night.

        More than a simple spectators’ sporting event – It’s a cultural festival

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         Rough Stock Events:
            Bareback Bronc Riding
            Bull Riding
            Steer Riding
            Chute Dogging

         Speed Events:
            Pole Bending
            Barrel Racing
            Flag Racing

         Roping Events:
            Calf Roping on Foot
            Break Away Roping
            Team Roping

         These are traditional rodeo events, usually performed by seasoned rodeo competitors

         Camp Events:
            Steer Decorating
            Goat Dressing
            Wild Drag Race

         The Camp Events have been designed to allow novice competitors and opportunity to
         compete along with the more seasoned rodeo competitors. These events are unique to
         gay rodeo and the crowds are immensely entertained by watching them. There is usually
         large number of competitors in these events and men and women may compete against
         each other. The prize purses for the camp events are usually relatively large for the


         Historically, the LA Rodeo has been one of the biggest gay events in Los Angeles.
         During our last rodeo, we have an attendance of over 3,000 people during our two day

         In 2006, 92 contestants gave over 4,000 individual rodeo performances for two rodeo-
         packed days of entertainment for our attendees.

         GSGRA – GLAC enjoys the support of many community organizations and local
         businesses such as Christopher Street West Pride, Long Beach Pride, Los Angeles
         Center, The Life Group LA, LA Leather, Hamburger Mary’s, Oil Can Harry’s, the Palm
         Springs Bears, the Warner Center Marriott, the LAPD, the Rancho Potrero Equestrian
         Center, Rawhide, Mickey’s and others.

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             This survey was conducted at 22 IGRA rodeos, including
                     International Finals. Respondents include rodeo
                                 officials, contestants and rodeo fans

    78% of our members are gay men primarily between the ages of 25-54.
    28.9% of our members earn over $75,000 a year.
    IGRA members are active adults with 75% of the members working out on a regular
    62% of IGRA members are in a committed relationship.
    51% of our members have a gay pride identifying mark on their vehicle.
    63% of IGRA members plan to go on a trip in the next six months.
    16.3% plan to invest in a mutual fund
    15.2% plan to buy a computer
    11.8% plan to buy stock
    35% of our members attend live country concerts.
    17.2% of IGRA members go to movies two or more times a month.
    IGRA members’ favorite type of television programming is comedy.
    Next to rodeo activities, IGRA members also enjoy to read and go on-line.
    38.5% of IGRA members drive a truck.
    Over 35% of IGRA, members say the term ―queer‖ rarely bothers them.
    8 out of 10 IGRA members are monogamous in their current committed relationship.
    79.3% of IGRA members consider themselves spiritual.
    47% of IGRA members say that their sexuality has affected their views on religion.
    The average rodeo attendee is gay or bisexual, but we have seen a marked increase in
     heterosexual attendance and couples with children at the rodeo in recent years.

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     Media Advertising & Editorial Coverage

        1. Phoenix, AZ, Rodeo – Full page – January, 2008

        2. Palm Springs Rodeo - Full page – May, 2008

        3. Frontiers – LA, top gay magazine – with circulation over 45, 000 monthly in
           southern California, Nevada, and Arizona will do stories on the LA Rodeo in June.

        4. Lesbian News Magazine – number one women’s gay magazine.

        5. Local broadcast news media provide coverage annually.

        6. Banner ads on major           Alternative   Lifestyle   websites   (Outsports.com,
           InteractiveMale.com, etc.)

     Direct Mail & Email Broadcasting:

        1. Rodeo Association and Contestant Direct Mail piece – 1500 mailed; Aimed at
           increasing the contestant counts and ensuring a large turnout among contestants
           and the members of the other associations.

        2. Email broadcast series beginning now utilizing the databases of various supporting
           organizations and businesses – over 25,000 good email addresses for individuals
           who have indicated an interest in attending gay events.

     Other Marketing Initiatives:

        1. Exciting, fully featured website at www.larodeo.com. Our rodeo website is linked
           to by many local and national organizations and businesses and enjoys over
           222,000 visits a year.

        2. Prominent calendar listings with various Los Angeles, surrounding areas and gay
           event promotional sites such as In-LA Magazine, Fronteries Magazine, Out
           Magazine, LN Magazine, The Blade Magazine, lapride.org, laglc.org, and

        3. Partnerships with other community organizations such as LA Leather Coalition to
           increase Rodeo awareness among non-traditional audiences.

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Since our first event in 1985, the Greater Los Angeles Chapter has raised thousands of dollars
for local charities, AIDS service, and community groups.

Some Benefactors:
          The Whitman-Brooks Foundation
            Gay and Lesbian Sports Alliance of Greater Los Angeles
            The Experience
            Great American Yankee Freedom Band of Los Angeles
            Pomona San Gabriel Valley Gay & Lesbian Coalition
            Bienstar
            Aid for Aids
            UH HUH Women’s Softball
            Project Angel Food
            Inland Valley Lesbian & Gay Pride
            Tuesday’s Child
            One in Long Beach
            Gay Freedom Band
            South Coast Chorale
            California Aids Ride 2
            P.A.W.S.
            LA Shanti
            The Minority AIDS Project
            Taking the Reins
            Gilda Radner Ovarian Cancer detection Program at Cedar-Sinai
            Gay and Adolescent Social Services and AIDS Service Center of Los Angeles
            Service Members Legal Defense Network
            Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation
            The Center – Long Beach
            AIDS Service Center of LA
            Gay Freedom Band
            Life Group LA

                                       TOTAL CONTRIBUTION IS OVER              $62,000.00

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   The Life Group L.A. is a coalition of people dedicated to the education, empowerment
   and emotional support of persons both infected and affected by HIV/AIDS so that they
   may make informed choices and decisions regarding their healthcare and personal well
   being. Founded in 2005, The Life Group L.A. provides free of charge, much needed
   information and emotional support through medical forums, emotional support groups
   and the POZ Life Weekend Seminar. All services are offered in a non-judgmental and
   safe environment with compassion and understanding.

   Safety, respect and confidentiality are the cornerstones of their philosophy. They
   accomplish this by providing trained support group facilitators for our emotional support
   groups and our POZ Life Weekend Seminar. These facilitators have been trained in
   the art of active listening and conduct themselves with empathy and compassion. In a
   time when the HIV epidemic has entered its third decade and new HIV infections
   continue to occur on a daily basis, now more than ever The Life Group L.A. continues
   the struggle against HIV/AIDS.

   The Life Group L.A. was honored with having won an award in 2007 for "Outstanding
   Community Organization" by the Board of Governors of the Weho Awards, and also for
   its event Saddle Up L.A., which won the 2006 Weho Award for ―Outstanding
   Community Event‖.

   Executive Director Sunnie Rose Berger was named Woman of the Month-January 2008
   by POZ.com, and was honored by LA Pride 2007/Christopher Street West as Woman
   of the Year for all her selfless efforts in organizing and operating this charity
   organization and all of its community events.

   Some of The Life Group L.A.’s recent past and future community events include:

   December 2007— The Life Group L.A. held its second annual year-end Holiday Donor
   Drive and Awards Ceremony: Angels in L.A. honoring a host of outstanding
   community members who contributed significantly to helping persons infected and
   affected by HIV/AIDS and to enroll new supporters into the collective to raise much
   needed funds to support the important work they do.

   March 8-9, 2008 – The POZ Life Weekend Seminar was held in Palm Springs,
   California and was a well-attended success. It included many healing and
   transformational workshops for those living with HIV/AIDS and their families. Topics
   included: Drug Treatment Options, Insurance and Public Benefits, HIV and Nutrition,
   and much more.

   June 14, 2008 – The award winning, third annual Saddle Up L.A., an AIDS Benefit
   Horseback Trail Ride and Country BBQ will be held in the beautiful and majestic Griffith
   Park Mountains of Los Angeles, California. This event combines a celebration of
   recreation combined with a way to honor those who are no longer with us and those of
   us who live on whether infected or affected by HIV. In the past two years, this event
   has been attended by almost 200 people and raised over $50,000 to provide services
   to those who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.

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