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California Partnership Contract by tij15535


California Partnership Contract document sample

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									             California State Parks and Audubon California Partnership
                                Request for Proposals to Audubon chapters

In 2007 Audubon California established the Audubon Endowment for State Parks from the sale of
the McVicar property to State Parks. The endowment will annually generate income to be used to
support conservation, restoration, stewardship and public education projects on California State
Park lands that benefit California’s native birds. The intent is to strengthen ties between the
Audubon network and California State Parks by encouraging projects and volunteerism. The
emphasis will be to focus the funds on State Parks that fall within designated Important Bird Areas.

Audubon California is soliciting proposals from chapters for the second round of funding for
projects that will be initiated in 2010 and continue for up to one year.

$10,000 is the available amount for 2010, and may be awarded in one large grant to one chapter, or
in multiple smaller grants to more than one chapter. .

Eligible Projects:
Habitat management or restoration projects that benefit bird species, particularly Audubon
Watchlist Species at State Parks. The Watch List is posted

Public education or outreach projects that benefit bird species, particularly Audubon Watchlist
Species. This could include development of interpretative materials, outreach and community
programs or volunteer projects. An emphasis on reaching diverse and underserved communities
and populations is a plus.

Monitoring or research projects that benefit bird species, particularly Audubon Watchlist Species,
where Audubon volunteers are active.

Ineligible Projects:
Land acquisition

Proposal Deadline: December 15, 2009
Award Amounts: $5,000 - $10,00
Decisions Announced: on or before December 21, 2009

Project Requirements:
o Application must be developed jointly between State Park Unit and an Audubon chapter
o Chapter must have a proven and pre-existing relationship with a State Park in their region
o Project must take place at a State park and preference will be given for projects that are also at
   least 10% within an Important Bird Area (see attached list)
o Project must be completed within one year of receipt of grant agreement and funds
o Project must contain an outreach or volunteer component, with preference given to reaching
  diverse audiences

Projects will be ranked on:
o Tangible conservation outcome
o Number of volunteers utilized or number of public reached through outreach
o Ability to complete project in one year, with achievable and lasting results
o Leverage – are there other funds being contributed to the project and/or volunteer hours.

Reporting Requirement:

A final report must be prepared for Audubon California and State Parks within 2 months after
completion of one-year funding contract. More details on reporting to follow.

Application Process:

Complete the form below, 2 page maximum, addressing the following:

What is the conservation goal of your project? (list goal/s)

Project and Background:
Describe the State Park and conservation need that your project can help fulfill
How will this project contribute towards conservation of an Important Bird Area, State Park,
and/or Watchlist Species?
How will you achieve your conservation goal?
What is your prior relationship with California State Parks?

Items/Activities to be Accomplished:
How will you outreach to the public for volunteers?
How will you manage your project?

How many volunteer hours will you utilize to accomplish the goal of your project?
How many public events will your project include?
How many acres is your project area or project impact?
How many birds or species will benefit and how?

Please provide a detailed budget , for 1 year, of your project including staff required and any
matching funds in cash, volunteer hours, or other in-kind support

Send your completed form via email to both:
      Garry George, Chapter Network Director:; 323-951-9620 x 104
      Andrea Jones, IBA Director:; 805-772-1995
         California State Parks and Audubon California Project Proposal
                                          (2 pages maximum)

Chapter Name and Code:                                        Date of Chapter Approval for Grant:

Chapter Leader Responsible for Project Completion (name/address/phone/email):

Total Amount of Funding Requested:

Project Name:

Name of State Park:                                  Name of Important Bird Area:

Watchlist Species benefited by Project:

Project Goals:

Briefly Describe Project and Background:

Items/Activities to be accomplished in Project:

Project Outcomes and Deliverables:

Budget for Funding:

Timeline for Completing Project:

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