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					To:          IRS Agent
             C/O Internal Revenue Service

From:        Ms. Patriot
             XXXXX, TEXAS NNNNN

Re:          Response - Tax Year NNNN
             Letter 3176(SC) (Rev. 7-2007)

Dear Tax Agent,

I received your letter regarding your assessment that my 1040 filing, and associated forms for
the same tax year, is considered frivolous.    Be advised that I do not intend to submit any
correcting forms for this same tax year. My filings to you are NOT frivolous and are pertinent.
You are taking too long to perform this also.

FYI, if any power of attorney is required either for, or with, the IRS then the fiduciary is
capable of performing this action. Please forward to the fiduciary.

My Tax form 1040 and subsequent 1040V vouchers and money orders were sent to you earlier this
year with the appropriate statement written on the back to insure the discharge (payment)
against the United States Treasury UCC Trust Account for same said account number for payment of
this bill and authorized by myself as agent and representative.

If you have sent my filing to the Department of the Bureau of Public Debt, then you have done so
in error.    This filing is for ledger reconciliation by the IRS Technical Support Division
regarding same said Treasury UCC Trust Account. The 1040V's and money order is to be engaged
through your Treasury Tax and Loan (TTL) account administered and controlled by the Technical
Support Division of the IRS.    This instrument is NOT a Treasury Security to be sent to the
Bureau of Public Debt.      If this error has occurred, then you are directed to send this
documentation to the Treasury Support Division to correct for this immediately as congressional
act mandates this according to House Joint Resolution 12, June 5th, 1933.      Any other action
constitutes an abrogation of rights as same said creditor and in fraud.

The 1040V vouchers and attached money orders constituted payment and lawful tender and is
accepted at banking institutions under the policy of the Federal Reserve. This is a true and
recognized Bill of Exchange to release the proceeds, amounts, fixtures and body according to the
Uniform Commercial Code 10-104 and UCC 1-104, as it has been adopted in the State and House
Joint Resolution 192, June 5th, 1933 with these rights confirmed by this legislation.

The 1040 filing and attached instruments were to be received by:

IRS Technical Support Division
C/O The Treasury UCC Contract Trust Department of the IRS
Department of the Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20220

Under Commercial Banking Codes the bank that processes the negotiable instrument through its TTL
Department is required to issue a credit to the account and place a hold on the credit for a
designated number of days, then Release the Order for credit to the designated account. Details
regarding this IRS 1040V voucher and money order are published by Witkin - Negotiable
Instruments. Vol III and have been for 80+ years as banking industry standard. Federal Banking
Regulations and court decisions (stare decisis) make it clear that the banks must accept and
process these negotiable instruments. I am aware that I will be required to attach 1099OIDs to
the subsequent bills resulting from these filings.

Be advised that I am aware of the contract clause in the statutory jurisdiction and that I have
the right to refuse to contract and that the BAR Association is not created by legislative act
and operates in the conflict of interest in both non, and Article III, courts and that all
operators in the statutory jurisdiction are subject to the protections of living people under
color of law and by their respectful surety bonds and any claims upon these same said surety
bonds thereof.

This letter is submitted to you from myself as a natural breathing and living human and non-
fiction entity, loving my Creator, and am also not able to be classified as the definition of
corporate, as in Capitis Dimunitio Maxima, per any judiciary handbook.

BY:______________________________________     Authorized Representative
       #Social Security Number
                                                                          .02 Cent Postage
                                                                          With Your Diag Sig

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