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					          Wedding Cake Marketing
            In A Digital Age
                  When: Sunday, March 21
                  Presenter: Fran Greene
                    CEO, Founder
                 Cakes Across America

               Selling Wedding Cakes
Learn how to cut through the confusion and reach today’s
brides through online marketing and social networking.
Promoting your wedding cake business through technology
could be your key to success for wedding cake sales. Join us
as we introduce our top ways to market your cakes
electronically… and much, much more.

            Think Business
                           •   Time
                           •   Money
                           •   Innovation
                           •   Reinvention
                           •   Businesses must
                               grow and change
            It’s Digital Jungle Out There
 •   Technology                                  • Customer Service
 •   Internet                                    • Building/Participating in
 •   Online ordering                               Network
 •   Website                                     • Marketing Email
 •   Design                                      • Affiliates
 •   Functionality                               • Affiliate Programs
 •   Templates                                   • Partners
 •   Multi visibility                            • Guarantees
 •   Social Media                                • Public Relations
 •   Emails                                      • Pictures
 •   Branding                                    • Collecting money
 •   Shipping                                    • Shopping cart
 •   Taxes                                       • Synergize
 •   Accounting System                           • Credibility

 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
 • A digital system[1] is a data technology that uses discrete
    (discontinuous) values. By contrast, non-digital (or analog) systems
    use a continuous range of values to represent information. Although
    digital representations are discrete, the information represented can
    be either discrete, such as numbers, letters or icons, or continuous,
    such as sounds, images, and other measurements of continuous
 • The word digital comes from the same source as the word digit and
    digitus (the Latin word for finger), as fingers are used for discrete
 • The word digital is most commonly used in computing and
    electronics, especially where real-world information is converted to
    binary numeric form as in digital audio and digital photography.

Who Cares? It’s connecting with others through
 words, pictures, and links using a computer.
                       P’     marketing?
        Remember the 4 P’s of marketing

       Product, Price, Place, and Promotion

        Today – All 4 P’s can be positioned

           isn’t just the cake!
• Branding/Reputation/   • Great listening and
  Impression               supportive design
• Total reliability        assistance
• Availability           • Friendly payment policies
• Convenience              and contract
• Consultation and       • Friendly customer service
  tasting process        • Timely and efficient
• Skill, artistry, and     delivery, setup, extras,
  knowledge of trends      other services

• Researching and comparing you to the
• Price should = Value
• What your price says about your business
• Determine your pricing strategy
• Test, track and measure your prices


•   Cyberspace Place
•   Treat it like you would your bakery
•   Clean and inviting
•   Friendly and happy
•   Photos professionally presented
    •You must promote your business effectively,
    efficiently, and professionally.
    •The single most important and cost effective
    advertising method to reach today’s brides is
    •You still have to figure out how to reach the
    bride and convey your message…
    not just once – but on average 7 times.
    1       2        3       4       5    6      7

Examples of ways to promote your wedding cake bakery:
•   Bridal Shows                        •   Online Advertising
•   Bridal Magazines                    •   Website
•   Phone book                          •   Google, Yahoo, MSN and
•   Local Newspaper                         other Search Engines
•   Publicity/Press Releases            •   WeddingCakesAcrossAmerica.
•   Local Television                        com
•   Host Cake Tasting Events            •
•   Community Events                    •
•   Distribute literature where         •   The Knot
    brides shop                         •
•   Purchase and work lead              •
    lists                               •   Perfect Wedding Guide
•   Post card mailing                   •   Wedding Solutions
•   Phone calls to brides               •   Wedding Channel
•   Network with local                  •
    reception sites/                    •
    caterers/hotels/                    •   Local Wedding Sites
•   Local Vendor Referral               •   Blog
    Networks                            •   Social Media Marketing:
                                            MySpace, Facebook, Twitter
 Branding Your Company Online
• Cooking with Denay
• eBook Branding Your Company Online
• Read the 50 Tips, Tricks & Tidbits in the
  free eBook by Stiletto Media Group…

    Source: Stiletto Media Group - Branding Your Company Online eBook

        It starts with a website

    •   Look and feel
    •   Colors
    •   Pictures
    •   Communication
    •   Navigation                          Source: Stiletto Media Group -
                                            Branding Your Company Online
    •   Inspiration                         eBook
   Tips, Tricks & Tidbits from
    Branding Your Company
   •   Make it Pretty and They Will Come
   •   Don’t Make Them Think
   •   Build A Mailing List and Use It!
   •   Email Must Match URL

   Source: Stiletto Media Group - Branding Your Company Online eBook

    More Tips, Tricks & Tidbits
  from Branding Your Company
• Allow Send Page to a Friend
• Allow Social Bookmarking
• Be Accessible

Source: Stiletto Media Group - Branding Your Company Online eBook
Branding Your Company Online
•   Offer a Guarantee
•   Survey Your Visitors
•   Encourage Reviews and Feedback
•   Fix Issues Immediately
Source: Stiletto Media Group - Branding Your Company Online eBook

      Final Tips, Tricks & Tidbits
    from Branding Your Company
    •   Use Your Logo
    •   Incoming Links
    •   Paid Search
    •   Get Listed in Directories
    •   Take Advantage of Viral Marketing

    Source: Stiletto Media Group - Branding Your Company Online eBook

        Cakes Across America created
       Wedding Cakes Across America to
         partner with wedding industry
        marketing experts in positioning
             our bakers to brides.

     Network AKA Make Friends
      with your industry Online

•   Florists
•   Wedding planners
•   Hotels
•   Wedding venues
•   Dress shops
•   Jewelry stores
         Here are a few of our
     Real Friends in a Virtual World
• Making friends in the industry can be critical to your
  successful online promotion. Others promote you to their
  friends creating a viral marketing effect.

        Partner Benefits for
          Members Only
• Free Enhanced Listing on
• Full Page Profile with 10 Photos
• Free Submission to the Inspiration
  Gallery with Special Discounts on Premium Programs
• Free - Say It In Frosting Revenue Share Program
• Free – Automatic Income Dollars Program

      …and so much more!!
      Partner Benefits for Members Only
• Full Page Profile with 10 Photos
• Custom Bakery Shopping Cart
         powered by BakeSmart
• Free - Say It In Frosting Revenue Share Program
• Free – Automatic Income Dollars Program
• Free Custom Discount Programs

         …and so much more!!

                                     says Get Social
• Create a blog or website that includes pictures of your product

          • *88% of brides are attracted to & stay on websites that include pictures
                 –   Be sure your photos link back to your site

          • Advantage: You have a product to show. Great results speak for themselves.

• Create a social media account
          • Twitter, Facebook & other sites allow you to build & maintain a relationship with brides
          • Be their friend and keep advertisements to a minimum

    *The Wedding Report, 2009
                           says Get Involved
• Get involved in the blogger community
          •   Work with other professionals
          •   Create blogrolls to create links to and from your site/blog
          •   Write articles on your blog and link to them via social media
          •   Give props to other articles & photos that inspire you in the wedding

• Advertise where the brides are
•   Today’s bride uses multiple sources to plan her wedding
•   According to a recent survey, brides use the
    following resources to plan their wedding
          • Wedding Websites: *81% of brides use
            the interne to plan their wedding
          • Wedding Magazines: **85% of Americans
            read magazines
          • Wedding TV: Appearance of brand
            expert enhances credibility
                                                                     *The Wedding Report, 2009
          • Real Wedding Images                                      **Magazine Publishers of America, 2009

          • Personal advice from friends & friends

                            says Get Creative

• Other ways to reach your
     •   Email campaigns
     •   Special offers and discounts
     •   Community projects
     •   Industry events

• Be sure to keep your message
  consistent on all mediums                                               *The Wedding Report, 2009
                                                                          **Magazine Publishers of America, 2009
            Says Get Onboard with Wedding Industry Leaders

    •   Synergy is energy: Get Married is the only national tri-media wedding
        lifestyle brand that offers brides information & interactive entertainment
        when and how they want it.
        •   On TV: every Saturday at 9:30am et/pt on WEtv
        •   Online:
        •   In print: Get Married magazine, a quarterly publication
    • Through marketing partnerships: Get in front of brides on every
      online venue. Brides look everywhere. WCAA members have the
      ability to get an incredible discount and reach brides with Get

Source: Jamie Gilmer @

                  Share your Photos

  • Use your cake photos to draw brides to your site by adding them to
    online galleries such as the Inspiration Gallery on

  • Share your photos and info to attract brides
    and other promoters: All WCAA members can
    submit photos to our online photo gallery
    and magazine editors
    • Over 250 photos have already been submitted!!!
     Here are some great tips from

• Wedding research starts online
• They search Keywords like “wedding dresses”,
  “wedding planning”, “honeymoon”.
• Ideas, inspiration and most of all photos.
• Comparison
• Google image search
• Use descriptive names for your files, alt text
  and title text. For example, “4 tiered butter
  cream frosting raspberry filling vanilla wedding
                                        Jennifer Napier,
                                   OneWed VP of Marketing

       More Info from Jennifer Napier,
        VP of Marketing at OneWed!

• Key to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Links,
  links, links.
• Submit articles, photos of cakes, and advice for
  readers to bloggers
• Always request links back to your site for the
• Ratings & reviews, recommendations and referrals
• Leverage social media to network with other
   Twitter --- Facebook --- BridalTweet --- iWed
            More Great Ideas from

Practice Your ABC’s: Start a blog
   – Blogger: A free blog publishing tool from Google.
   – Word Press: A personal publishing platform with a
     focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.
   – TypePad: The largest paid blogging service in the

               Sharing is Caring

Let your content roam free
   – Allow visitors to share and
     promote your content and photos.
   – Bookmark your posts on
   – Use
            Play Nicely with Others:
Leveraging Facebook
    – 150 million users
    – Create a Facebook Business “Fan” Page.
    – Invite past, current and potential clients to be
      your Fans.
    – Keep your page active.
    – Post photos of your work
    – “Tag" your clients in the photos.
    – Let everyone know about your Facebook page.

                Social Media
• "Marketing successfully in a digital world
  means shifting from selling TO your
  customers, to engaging and interacting
  WITH them. Use social media not only to
  showcase your business but to also
  market your personality. Share pictures,
  comment on your favorite wedding cake
  trends, give brides a look into the person
  behind the product."          Sara Morgan, Director of
                                       Marketing, Weddzilla
    Need Help with Social
     We are delighted to share our
     Social Media Set Up with you…
   so when you’re ready, contact our
 Membership Team and they will help you
          get started for FREE!!!
             1 877 922 2867

        How Do You Rate? – Scale 1 -10

Cake Flavors, Icing and    Do You Show You Care
Fillings Variety?          About the Bride and Her
Selection of Flavors?      Event?
Decorating Skills?         Bakery Reputation?
Design Skills?             Financial Policies and
Customer Service?          Contract Terms?
Clear Communication and    Quality of Product?
Organization Skills?       Reliability of Service?
Do You Inspire             Ability to Work with the
Confidence?                Bride to Set Clear
Do You Listen and          Expectations?
Respect the Needs of the   Commitment to Meeting
Customer?                  or Exceeding the Bride’s
 Friendly Staff?           Expectations?
                   Measure Success:
       You must set goals and measure your
       success to determine “What’s working
        well?” with regard to your marketing
       efforts so you can do more of that - as
        well as finding out “What’s broken?”
                       and fix it.

        Tracking Form – How did you hear about us?
How did they learn
                     Inquiries   Consultations   Sales   Sale Amount
     about us?
         Presented by
     Cakes Across America

       Thank you!!
…and Happy Cyber Marketing!!

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