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									Appendix A: Meeting and Telephone Conference Content (1 page)

 Date/Type of
 Contact        Participants               Content
 12-03-04       Core Committee:             Developed formal invitation letter to FPN partner facilities to
 Meeting         Annette Kelly              participate in Dining At Home project (Appendix B)
                 Cathy Lieblich
                 Sharon Brandon
 12-06-04        Annette Kelly             Discussed and rejected potential for including assisted living
 Telephone       Sharon Brandon             site
 12-09-04          Annette Kelly           Discussed facility manual “Getting Started” (Misiorski, 2004)
 Meeting           Cathy Lieblich          Reviewed culture change training modules
 12-14-04          Annette Kelly           Reviewed e-mail exchange of project info (see Crogan refs)
 Telephone         Neva L Crogan,          Discussed Crogan’s research on staff and resident
 Conference         PhD, researcher, U       preferences, nutrition issues in SNF dining
                    of Arizona Geriatric    Secured Crogan’s agreement to join advisory group
                    Ed Ctr                  Identified TNH partners as potential future research site for
                                             Crogan’s NIH-funded dining research
 12-15-04 to     Cathy Lieblich            Long-term care outcomes matrix assessment by staff,
 01-24-05        Sharon Brandon             review of indicators of organizational readiness for change,
 FPN              Staff meetings at 4        discussion of barriers to change and key areas for change
 Coaching         FPN partner                (Endres, 2003)
 Meetings         facilities
 01-11-05        Annette Kelly             Discussed timeline details and how project goals would fit
 Follow-Up       GloriaTausch, DON          with the FPN activities
 Telephone        Lutheran Haven,           Clarified the role of facility project director
 Discussion       project site
 01-14-05        Annette Kelly             Core committee invitation to Mr. Haider (former CEO of
 Meeting         Cathy Lieblich             Crestview Home, Bethany, MO; see Rantz, 2004); contract
                 Eric Haider, culture       may prohibit committee work, but informal support OK
                  change expert &           Discussed person-centered care model, dining innovation,
                  trainer                    and measurable outcomes
 01-17-05        Annette Kelly             Extended invitation to participate in core committee work
 Meeting         Peggy Bargmann,           Discussion of data collection and project responsibilities if 2
                  director, Atria            sites identified
                  Assisted Living           Explored the potential of 1 dementia-specific dining room
                                             and 1 regular facility dining room in project
 01-21-05       Core Committee:             Discussed upcoming Deliverable G2
 Conference      Annette Kelly             Tasks for February core committee meeting include
 Call            Janet Whiteside            presentation of Florida feeding assistant rule if available
                 Cathy Lieblich             (DH); draft data collection forms (JW, AK); community
                 Sharon Brandon             presentation plan (CL, SB); finalize project teams
                 Diane Hall
 01-24-05        Annette Kelly             Discussed and approved focus on dementia unit dining
 Follow-Up       Lori Jowett,               room as project site
 Telephone        director of               Facility to approach dietary staff with redefined request
 Discussion       operations, Health
                  Central Park,
                  project site

TNH Deliverable G2 (February 1, 2005)

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