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									The Litchf ield Sodalite
Vol. VII. No. 7 Senior Corner A NEWSLETTER FOR LITCHFIELD, MAINE July 1, 2008 Conservation Commission News
We are sad to report that the loon that has been The Center will be closed on the Fourth. The Candlepin bowlers will meet 10am at nesting on the rock on the cove at the south end of Good Times in Lisbon Falls July 1, and select a Woodbury Pond was killed in a loon fight before the chicks had a chance to hatch. We do, however, have place for lunch afterwards. Line dance classes will not be held this month. 2 new chicks in Purgatory Pond and at least 2 in Those who want to dance will gather Mondays Woodbury. This is the third season that Kristin 10 - 12 in July. Classes will resume in August - Waterman’s loon nesting island has been used watch our calendars for details. The "Senior successfully! Steppers" are busy men and women! They On a more serious note in regard to the nesting loons performed at Margaret Chase Smith Assisted – we have many local citizens who have become Living in May; and hopefully, some of you saw interested and involved in watching, counting, and one of their performances at the protecting the loons on our lakes. Litchfield Community Day at the In this issue: We appreciate these efforts very fairgrounds June 22. Town Manager’s Notes— 2 much. It is important to note, Meetings: Seniors Advisory - 10am Town Clerk’s Notes— 2 however, that before putting out 7/15; Center business mtg. 1:15, 7/21. L.E.S.S.—3 signs near a loon nesting site a Both are open meetings. Safe Med Disposal-4 Weather permitting, potluck will be person should check with Maine July Calendar—5 a picnic, so we hope for "cool food"! Seen here in Litchfield—6 Audubon, Department of Inland The Book discussion and most other Fisheries and Wildlife (IF&W), or activities will continue for the summer; with some of our local committee members. Art Club will resume in the fall. We want to be sure people know there are no Floating signs are not recommended by these groups fees to at the Center - there are no "members" - it because they unfortunately call too much attention is more like a drop-in place to gather with others to the nesting site. If you suspect that you have for some fun - a break from your routine. We found a dead loon, or if you observe one in trouble play friendly games, and often have a learner for call IF&W – 547-5319. For the loon committee call canasta, cribbage, 13's, etc. Diane Clay – 268-3247. We hope to have something for everyone! FMI Carol Bailey, 754-4607. The Litchfield Masons Bean Supper Saturday, July 19, 4:30 to 6:30, Morningstar Lodge across from the Litchfield Fire/Rescue Station on the Hallowell Litchfield Road. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the Litchfield food bank. Enjoy three kinds of beans, coleslaw, franks, casseroles, and dessert, coffee and lemonade. Suggested donation, $5 adults/$3 kids. Litchfield Code Enforcement Officer Reports April: 1 addition and alteration; 6 garages, sheds, carports; 3 decks and/or porches. Total permit fees collected: $500.00; total valuation: $6,430.00. May: 1 stick-built, single-family dwelling; 12 additions and alterations; 14 garages, sheds carports; 5 decks and/or porches. Total permit fees collected: $1,750.00; total valuation: $661,680.00.

The Litchfield Sodalite From the Town Manager’s Desk


Clerk’s Corner
We are happy to announce the recipients of the Spirit of America awards. These awards are given for exemplary altruistic service to the community. The awardees are George Thomson, Isaiah Mills, Pauline Chase, Lisa Pushard-Hart, Barbara Clements, Trudy Lamoreau, David Larrabee, G. David Byras, Sr., Sharon Spring, Keith Estabrook, Litchfield Senior Center, Rod Chaput, Pat Soboleski, and Muriel Bonin. Award ceremony was June 24 at the Town Office. These people were nominated by the citizens of Litchfield, we hope that you will keep us informed of others who go above and beyond the call of duty to make Litchfield a great place. Elections took place June 10. Kevin Doyle was elected Selectmen. There were no other contended seats. Vote for School Referendum grades kindergarten thru grade 8 were for a budget of $ 5,293,135 was Yes 239, No 224. Oakhill’s budget was $6,065,577 with Litchfield’s share being $1,089,404. Vote for that was Yes 243, No 214. Bond Issue State of Maine for $29,725,000 was Yes 188, No 283 by the voters of Litchfield. I would suggest that you call the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) for fuel or energy assistance. Toll free number is 1-800-542-8227. They have scheduled appointments here at the Town Office on August 7 and October 2 for those of you who have trouble with transportation. Smithfield Plantation News The trustees are pleased to announce that we have received a Project Canopy Grant for a forest management plan for the Smithfield Plantation. Our goals are to encourage more and diverse wildlife and we also hope to have a section of “managed forest” for study by student groups. We are also excited that we have been selected by Safari International to have a “Safari in a Box” – a terrific collection of animal skins, skeletons, and track materials for students to study. Anyone interested in borrowing the kit should contact one of the trustees. For more information call Diane Clay, Chairman, 268-3247. The next meeting of the Smithfield Trustees is Wednesday, July 16, 2008, town office, at 6:45.

Newly elected Selectman, Kevin Doyle, attended his first Board meeting on June 24, 2008, where outgoing Board chair, Muriel Bonin, presented Spirit of America Awards to a number of Town residents for “Exemplary Altruistic Service.” On behalf of the citizens and employees of Litchfield, office staff thanks Muriel for her many years of dedicated and caring service to the Town. ♦ Voters approved the cost of adding a page to the Litchfield Sodalite. Check out several new features: LESS is all about saving money on energy; “Seen here in Litchfield” covers wildlife news and the Historical Society of Litchfield is now offering a monthly trivia quiz. In our continuing reorganization of the Town’s Public Works Department, the following ad will be placed in the Kennebec Journal/Morning Sentinel, Lewiston Sun Journal and Town Record:

Litchfield Public Works: Full-time “working” foreman to supervise a 2 to 3 man crew. Requires: CLB/CDL; MSDS knowledge; must have supervisory experience, including plowing, operating heavy equipment, layout and budgeting. Salary negotiable. Good benefits. Submit cover letter, resume, 4 work-related references to Town Manager, 2400 Hallowell Rd, Litchfield, ME 04350,fax207-268-2196,e-mail Litch.town.mgr@fairpoint.net Deadline: 7/8/08, 4 PM.

Historical Society of Litchfield Trivia Quiz There is only one known recipient of The Congressional Medal of Honor buried in Litchfield. Can you name him and the war in which he served? The answer to last month’s question, "What Kellogg cereal was named after a Litchfield native?" is...Otis Kenneth Berry, hence the OK's. OK, one of three sons of Frank and Adelia (Pearl) Stevens Berry, attended Litchfield Academy. Eventually, he became an executive at General Mills, the company that produces several cereals, one of which resembled Cheerios quite a bit and was called OK's. OK Berry owned the farm on the Plains Road where Richard Beal farms now; the Robinson place on the Upper Pond Road where Helen Holman lives and the brown ranch (newer, retirement home) on the Plains Road beside the paved camp road to Pleasant Pond where his camp was located.

The Litchfield Sodalite Litchfield Energy Savers Society News
Are you, or someone you know, interested in saving money on heating bills and other energy costs? Than LESS is for you! What began as an occasional e-mail newsletter for Litchfield residents interested in energy issues will now be a semi-regular feature in the Litchfield Sodalite. This is just one piece of a towneffort to address growing concerns about heating and other energy costs this coming winter and beyond. In this first column, we're pleased to report that a steering committee is starting to plan some summer and fall events including a training workshop on home winterization (see below) and an effort to collect materials and raise volunteers to help bundle up homes in town (more soon about this). The next meeting of this group is Tuesday, July 15th, 3:30 PM at the town office. Your participation and ideas are welcome. Depending on interest in getting involved, we can change this meeting time in the future. Let us know what works for you. Here’s more news: Litchfield Fuel Fund Now Open This fund was established in June to accept taxdeductible donations toward helping Litchfield residents with their fuel bills. The fund, to be administered by the town office, can help those not eligible for either general assistance or the Heat and Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). [See Town Clerk's notes for more details on HEAP]. If you are able to make a donation or know a civic group or social club that would like to fundraise for a worthy cause, please consider the Litchfield Fuel Fund. September 17th Weatherization Forum On Wednesday, September 17th, LESS will host a forum on where and how to look for the most common cold air leaks in your home and how to plug them. With heating oil and K-1 hovering around $5 per gallon, the time to plug the leaks is before winter sets in. Using weatherstripping, caulking, spray foam, barriers around your foundation are some easy steps homeowners can take to reduce their fuel needs, save money, and be more comfortable. Dick Fortier from Efficiency Maine will show us where to look and how to reduce our fuel bills. The forum will start at 7 p.m. at the Town Office.


Confused about what heating system to use? Whether to switch to wood, pellets, coal, solar, geothermal, heat pumps, or stay with your current system can be confusing. LESS is exploring hosting a forum this summer on different heating systems, their initial costs and projected long run costs of operation and fuel. Stay tuned for further information on this forum. Got some ideas? Share what you know… Folks in Litchfield are resourceful. If you, or someone you know, has experience with alternative energy sources or has worked with new technology for saving energy, consider doing a show-and-tell – we all have lots to learn! Beyond just getting through this coming winter, are you interested in exploring what’s in store for Litchfield’s energy future? We hope to bring more speakers to town to think about “the big picture”. FMI or to be added to an e-mail list for more updates from LESS, please e-mail Teague Morris at tmorris@fairpoint.net. For general questions, feel free to call Teague at 2682465. What is EfficiencyMaine, anyway? Efficiency Maine is a statewide effort to promote the more efficient use of electricity, help Maine residents and businesses reduce energy costs, and improve Maine's environment. Efficiency Maine is administered by the Maine Public Utilities Commission. Check out www.efficiencymaine.org and enter a contest to win $1,000 toward an EnergyStar refrigerator! And speaking of EnergyStar... EnergyStar is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. In addition to certifying energy-saving appliances, they promote energysaving programs for businesses (big and small) as well as congregations. Interestingly, they note most congregations can cut energy costs by up to 30% by investing strategically in efficient equipment, facility upgrades and maintenance. EnergyStar provides free, unbiased information and technical support; including incentives and a national award program for businesses and congregations that successfully reduce their energy use. FMI: www.energystar.gov.

The Litchfield Sodalite
Safe Medicine Disposal for ME Ever wonder what happens to those portions of unused medications that get poured or flushed down the drain? Well…not such a good idea. Traces of more than 100 different pharmaceuticals have been identified in drinking and surface water. That’s why the Safe Medicine Disposal for ME has been designed for Maine’s older adults- 65 years of age and older- and their caregivers to safely and properly get rid of unused or expired medicine. Eventually, this program will expand to all age groups. In the meantime, medicine disposal envelopes will be available free of charge at the following participating pharmacies in our area beginning on May 12, 2008, while supplies last: • Augusta: Rite Aid Pharmacy, 83 Hospital St., 623-1414 • Augusta: Rite Aid Pharmacy, 2007 No. Belfast Ave., 622-2626 You do not have to pick up a prescription or purchase anything to request an envelope from a participating pharmacy. More medicine disposal envelopes will be available statewide in late 2008 or early 2009. For more information, call the Safe Medicine Disposal for ME Program Helpline at: 18 6 6 - 6 3 7 - 9 7 4 3 o r e - m a i l info@safemeddisposal.com to be put on their email notification list. Or visit www.safemedicinedisposal.com . Car pooling anyone? According to GO MAINE’s trip calculator, the annual cost of a daily round-trip from Litchfield to Augusta is now about $1,447. To Portland, that’s $2,211. Car-pooling with just one other person could cut these costs in half. Check out GO MAINE’s free service for carpool ridematching, vanpool formation, transit information and bicycling and walking information. Everyone who signs up is eligible for prizes and there’s even a program offering an emergency ride home in case you need it on a day when you don’t have your own wheels. FMI: 1-800.280.7433 or visit www.gomaine.org . Learn how to identify Milfoil


The Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program is offering a training workshop for identifying invasive Milfoil on Pleasant Pond, Aug 2, 2008 at Peacock Beach, starting at 8 A.M. till noon. This workshop provides on-lake practice for those wishing to conduct invasive aquatic plant screening surveys and mapping will also be covered. Bring your own shallow draft boat or contact Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (VLMP) 7837733 or vlmp@mainevlmp.org to make alternative boating arrangements and to register. You can also contact the Four Towns Watershed Assoc. at 5828275 for more information. This registration is free and we would welcome new volunteers for this workshop. This is a chance for anyone who lives on or near the water to learn to identify Variable Milfoil on an infested lake and perhaps by identifying the plant you will be able to monitor your own lake or pond to keep it free from this invasive plant. Check out www.litchfieldmaine.com! Thanks to our great volunteer webmaster, Dana Twiss, Litchfield’s website is updated every month with links to an on-line version of the Sodalite plus minutes from the Selectmen and Planning Board meetings. If you’re part of a town organization, consider using the website as part of your communications. Energy links of interest: Track the cost of gasoline in Maine: www.fueleconomy.gov Calculate firewood usage: www.fueleconomy.gov Maine oil and kerosene prices: www.maineoil.com AAA's daily fuel gauge report www.fuelgaugereport.com Home Energy Assistance Program and list of certified auditors: www.mainehousing.org

The Litchfield Sodalite Litchfield Calendar of Events, July 2008
Tuesday-1 Fire Dept. Officers Mtg., 7:30 PM, Fire Station Wednesday-2 Bingo at Sportsmen's Club, every Wed., 6:30PM, doors open at 4:30PM Recreation Committee, Town Office, 6:30 PM Senior Center open every Wed., 8:30-3:30, Academy TOPS, every Wed., CRS, 6:30PM (weigh-in before). FMI: Ruth Sherman, cell: 939-1907 Thursday-3 Litchfield Food Bank, Litchfield Community Christian Church, 12-2, every Thurs. Friday-4-Fourth of July Town Office closed every Friday Card Party, 7PM, weekly, at Academy Senior Center open 9A-4P, every Friday, Academy except for this Friday Saturday-5 Transfer Station, 8-4, every Saturday Academy Thrift Store, 9-12, every Saturday Horseshoes, Sportsmen’s Club, FMI: Tom, 7374446 Sunday-6 Transfer Station, 8-4, every Sunday Bingo at Sportsmen's Club, every Sunday, door open at noon, games begin at 1PM Monday-7 Academy Thrift Store, 1st & 3rd Mondays, 10-11:00 Senior Center open 9A-4P every Monday, Academy Shorey Family History Room, every Mon., 1-3PM Planning Board, 7 PM, T.O., Tuesday-8 Litchfield First Responders, 6:30PM, Central Station Central Maine Writer's Network, 6-9PM, Sportsmen's Club, FMI: Lynn Ross, 268-4687 Selectmen's Meeting, 6:30PM, Town Office Wednesday-9 Conservation Commission, Town Office, 6:30 PM Thursday-10 Eastern Star at Masonic Building, 7:30PM Saturday-12 8th Grade Bottle Drive, Litchfield Country Store Public Supper, Sportsmen’s Club, 5-6PM


Tuesday-15 L.E.S.S. steering committee, 3:30, town office Monday-14 Sportsmen's Club Mtg., 7PM Tuesday-15 Seniors Advisory Comm., 10AM, Academy Fire Dept. Mtg., 7:30 PM Mason's, 7:30 PM, Masonic Hall Wednesday-16 Smithfield Plantation Trustees Mtg., 6:45PM, T.O. Thursday-17 American Legion, Legion Hall, 7:30 PM Friday-18 Grange, 7:30 PM, Litchfield Academy Trapper Safety, Sportsmen’s Club, 6-9PM Saturday-19 Litchfield Academy Thrift Shop Special: all shorts and T-shirts—10 cents! Lawn Sale, 8A-3P, St. Leo’s Church. Many community groups, call Lori Larrabee at 268-4205 if interested in renting a table/spot for $10.00 each. Litchfield Mason’s Bean Supper, 4:30-6:30, Morningstar Lodge, Hallowell Road (see p. 1) Live Music & Dance with the Country Drifters, Chem- free, Sportsmen's Club,7-11PM, All welcome, FMI: 268-9271 Monday-21 Historical Pres. Comm., 6:45 at History Center Historical Society, 7:15 PM, at History Center Tuesday-22 Selectmen's Mtg., 6:30 PM, Town Office Saturday-26 Trapper Safety (cont.), Sportsmen’s Club, 8A-4P. Trash Talk Visitors to the Transfer Station missed Elaine these last few weeks while she’s been away on a welldeserved vacation. Welcome home, Elaine! And here’s some more good news: yes, it’s true, plastics numbered 1-7 can now be recycled and you don’t even have to separate them from household paper, cardboard, magazines, aluminum or glass containers. Stop by the Station for all your recycling, visit the swap shop and catch up on the news. (Oh, ahem, please do take the time to clean up items before bringing to the swap shop...thanks!)

The Litchfield Sodalite
Recreation News Soccer Registrations on Monday evenings: July 14th & 21st from 5:00-6:30 p.m. at the town office. The registration fee this year is $30.00 per child with the 3rd or more children in a family free, it is also mandatory that each family participate in fundraising or pay a $25.00 opt out fee. We will offer a “Little Kickers” team for 4 & 5 yr. olds not yet in school as well as teams for grades k-6. Woodbury Pond Park—Unfortunately due to rising costs we have had to raise our entry fees to Woodbury Pond Park this year. The fees will now be: $2.00 per person or $8.00 a carload and season passes are now $30.00 for residents of Litchfield and $50.00 for non-residents. Our next Recreation Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 6th at 6:30 p.m. at the town office. Please feel free to join us, the public is always welcome.

Oak Hill H.S. Class of 2009 Project Graduation Golf Scramble
Sunday, Sept. 14, 2008 The Meadows GC, Litchfield, ME 34 Team Maximum / 4 person teams 8 am Shot Gun Start (Rain or Shine) $55 per player/ $220 per team (Price includes round of golf, cart and lunch) Money due by Friday, Aug. 29th. FMI or to register: call Rick Roberts, PH #740-3646
Deadline for August issue of the Litchfield Sodalite: July 22nd, 5PM. Although e-mail submissions are preferred (sodalite@fairpoint.net), you may also use U.S. mail or hand-deliver news items to the Town Office. FMI: call Teague Morris, 268-2465 or visit www.litchfieldmaine.com Thanks!


The Litchfield Sodalite Town of Litchfield 2400 Hallowell Road Litchfield, ME 04350

In June, Carol Smith of Shady Lane, on Cobbosee stream, reports ‘a march of turtles’ on her property: big and small box turtles, painted turtles and a snapper. Rayna Leibowitz notes a cow moose and her calf have been seen off the Plains Road in the vicinity of Bog Flats (just east of the Turnpike overpass). Rayna has also photographed white Lady's Slippers on the west side of Litchfield Fairgrounds. If you’ve got wildlife news, call 268-2465 or e-mail sodalite@fairpoint.net. As space permits, we’ll include your wildlife sightings.

Seen here in Litchfield

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