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									Technical analysis of the            Integrated technical analysis
financial markets : a                By Ian Copsey
comprehensive guide to trading       BizIT Lending
methods and applications             Call No: HG6041 Cop
By John J. Murphy
BizIT Lending
Call No: HG6046 Mur

Technical analysis explained :       Market wizards : interviews
the successful investor's guide      with top traders
to spotting investment trends        By Jack D. Schwager
and turning points                   Main Lending
By Martin J. Pring                   Call No: HG4621 Sch
BizIT Lending
Call No: HG4529 Pri

Reminiscences of a stock             Technical analysis plain and
operator                             simple : charting the markets in
By Edwin Lefèvre                     your language
BizIT Colours Lending                By Michael N. Kahn.
Call No: HG4572 Lef                  Main Lending
                                     Call No: HG4529 Kah

Getting started in technical         Introduction to technical
analysis                             analysis
By Jack D. Schwager                  By Martin J. Pring
BizIT Lending                        BizIT Lending
Call No: HG4637 Sch                  Call No: HG4529 Pri

A beginner's guide to short-term     Getting started in chart
trading                              patterns
By Toni Turner                       By Thomas N. Bulkowski
Main Lending                         Main Lending
Call No: 336.763 Tur                 Call No: HG4638 Bul

All about technical analysis : the   Technical analysis : the
easy way to get started              complete resource for financial
By Constance Brown                   market technicians
Main Lending                         By Charles D. Kirkpatrick II,
Call No: HG4529 Bro                  Julie R. Dahlquist
                                     Main Lending & BizIT Lending
                                     Call No: HG4529 Kir
Chart your way to profits : the      A complete guide to technical
online trader's guide to technical   trading tactics : how to profit
analysis                             using pivot points, candlesticks
By Tim Knight                        & other indicators
Main Lending                         By John L. Person
Call No: HG4638 Cha                  Main Lending & BizIT Lending
                                     Call No: HG4638 Per

Technical analysis for beginners     Technical analysis for dummies
By George Yioryalis                  By Barbara Rockefeller
BizIT Lending                        Main Lending
Call No: HG4529 Yio                  Call No: 336.767 Roc

Mastering technical analysis :       Point and figure charting : the
using the tools of technical         essential application for
analysis for profitable trading      forecasting and tracking market
BizIT Lending                        prices
Call No: HG4529 Bro                  By Thomas J. Dorsey
                                     Main Lending
                                     Call No: HG4638 Dor

Technical analysis applications      Technical analysis of stock
By Cornelius Luca                    trends
Main Lending & BizIT Lending         By Robert D. Edwards, John
Call No: HG4529 Luc                  Magee, W.H.C. Bassetti
                                     Main Lending
                                     Call No: 336.767 Edw

Select winning stocks using          Technical analysis from A to Z :
technical analysis                   covers every trading tool
By Clifford Pistolese                By Steven B. Achelis
Main Lending                         Main Lending
Call No: HG4529 Pis                  Call No: 336.767 Ach

Technical analysis for the rest of   Trading classic chart patterns
us : what every investor needs       By Thomas N. Bulkowski
to know to increase income,          BizIT Lending
minimize risk, and achieve           Call No: HG4661 Bul
capital gains
By Clifford Pistolese
Main Lending
Call No: HG4638 Pis

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