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									                    Iowa Learning Technology Commission (ITLC)
                          Meeting Wednesday May 7, 2008


Update on Round 3 implementation:
George Little Rock- Purchased hardware and scheduled staff development for electronic
white boards. Main focus was to help students with assessment using whiteboard and
clickers for 11 classrooms (grades 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).

Jefferson Scranton- A laptop lab for family & Consumer Sciences – 95% completed with
hardware. Professional Development has begun to develop units to be completed on the
laptops. Impacting High School Students in grades 9-12. This program is available to
East Green and Pictured Ann district as well.

Ames- Not Present

Des Moines-Contracted with Rene to help Calaman Middle School partnered with ICN
and Iowa Public Television. To support 7th grade social studies engagement. AGT will
provide video over IP to work with the ICN. Laptop carts will be installed to provide
additional access as well as polycom videoconference units. 188 students will use
technology to develop 21st century skills and project-based learning.

Griswold- Gale Maxwell said they were doing differentiating process this year and next
year differentiating product. Purchased 90 gateway tablet pcs for this program for each
teacher and multimedia projectors. The professional development has preceded the grant

Harlan- Not Present

Update on 2008 Legislative process:
Debbie Boring said $250,000 was awarded to the commission for future grant awards.
Ann mentioned that legislators should be invited to student technology showcases and
students should present to legislators to keep them informed of the good work students
are doing with technology.

Conversation with Grantees Feedback from Round 2:
Kelly Nelson (tech director) from Williamsburg – changed block scheduling to address
reading issues with junior and senior high school. Designed a project for a mobile lab of
30 labs and purchased the academy of reading software to help support academic need.
They switched to Apple computers because they can run both windows and mac apps
with the laptops.

Ankeny- Dennis said they developed a new course called American Culture. Students
would work with the local history museum through oral history videos and podcasts.

Students put a display of their work in the local museum and give speeches to local civic
groups. Course has doubled in size because of student interest in learning with
technology and the freedom to do self-directed inquiry to facilitate learning.

Cedar Rapids- Project related to MS math in conjunction with E2T2.. purchased
whiteboards and clickers for formative assessment. Expanding training to subs and lab
associates. Harding Middle School open house Thursday from 3:30-6 p.m.

Anita- Grant focused on a 1 to 1 computer initiative (70-80) computers (about half) for
juniors. Offered PD in the spring and all teachers received mac book laptops.

Southeast Polk- Wanted to infuse technology into science classrooms at the high school.
Purchased 60 laptops, 4 mobile carts, cameras, video cameras and probes. Trained
teachers how to use the technology. Created a field station to collect data from outside of
the classroom. Science scores went up after the implementation of new technology.

Okoboji- Purchase tablet pcs for all teachers at high school. Modified plans for a 1 to 1
to provide an “as needed” 1 to 1 for laptops. One class in each curriculum group has
access to a laptop cart. Using Moodle to develop online classes for students to
supplement classroom instruction providing students access to information outside of the
school day. Most PD has focused on the use of Moodle due to popularity of the software.

Ann explained that 50% of funds provided when Grant is awarded .. Next 40% is due on
July 1st but if expenditures warranted funds could be available sooner. Then final 10% is
available after the data collection is complete.

Discussion of Implementation with Round 3:
Mary spoke about the evaluation part and the overall reporting requirements. Good
models from the existing 2 years of data.

Final reports due July 31st The midterm report is due Jan 31st.
A report is due to the Legislature on Jan 15, 2009

Review of 2007-08 Grant Application Process:
The online rubric on the DE site did not match the written directions (which were new).
Suggested that the rubric be posted on the ILTC web site.

Add the email addresses for the actual participants beyond the superintendents and
administrators. Expanding the contact list was offered as a solution. Debbie added that
anyone needing to be on the list to email vic.jaras@iowa.gov

Language clarification would be useful to help all stakeholders understand who is
responsible for what per the terms of the grant. The grant amount x .25% was offered by
Greg as a formula to calculate the district portion for the cash match.

Some parts of the grant application appear redundant.

An email will be sent out for ITLC grant recipients to present at the Fall ITEC meeting.
Another presentation will be the IAC conference in November.

 Grant Application Process:
There are 2 spots on the commission that are open to replace Matt and Gene. There was
a question of who appointed them. Appointments are made by the legislature. Matt was
appointed by the speaker of the House and Gene was appointed by the current chair of the
State Board of Education. Judy Jeffrey will be contacted about the Board position.
Greg mentioned that the commission members were selected on the basis of what part of
the community they represented: business, education, community.

The projection was 1.2 million and was reduced to $500,000 and the next year $250,000
was allocated for 2008-2009.

IPT used to film ITLC projects.. perhaps an Iowa Public Television show on educational

Commission members discussed the lack of legislator awareness of the work of ILTC.

UNI Stem Center, sales tax and Microsoft Money all compete with ILTC in terms of
technology projects being used in Iowa.

Ann proposed a follow up report be done to promote the work that was done to the

Another meeting needs to be scheduled to plan the direction of the next round of grant
funds and how to best use the funds to meet the needs of Iowa.

Need to add language to the grant language that the commission needs to notified in

Next meeting: Scheduled for June 5, 2008 in the State Board Room at the Grimes State
Office Building.


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