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Parish Pump for Decekner 2010

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The magazine for the Broadshire area of Oxfordshire

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									PARISH PUMP is published every month except January, and should be
distributed to every household in the Shill Valley and Broadshire benefice. If you
do not receive a copy, please contact Jane Brylewski.
Advertising revenue does not cover all our costs, and we welcome
donations (suggesting at least £5/year) which you can send through your
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Cheques should be made out to ‘Parish Pump’.
We welcome articles, letters, diary items, or just good ideas for future articles [and
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We are indebted to all the Parish Correspondents, and to all those in all the
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every month.

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Work Tel (Tuesdays - Fridays, 10.00am - 5.00pm): 01993 823006
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Any views expressed in Parish Pump are not necessarily those of the Parish Pump editorial
team, nor of the benefice clergy


I    ‟m trying really hard, honest I am. Ever since we had a new delivery of bins I
     have been doing my best to work out what goes in what and when. I truly
     love the idea of recycling as much as possible, but I do wonder if the Council
isn‟t crediting me with a just a tad more efficiency than I actually possess (ahem!)
But like I say, I am trying. I have stuck the calendar onto the fridge, next to the
emergency cookie recipe and a charming, yet slightly worrying drawing of myself
with what looks like three heads by one of the boys, and am counting down to
the new Friday collection. What an exciting life I do lead!
My only slight misgiving is that I‟ve started scribbling down birthdays and other
dates on the wheelie bin calendar, and have noticed, for example, that my
mother‟s birthday falls on the rogue grey week Saturday in April. I‟m not sure if I
should be thinking along the lines of mother‟s birthday: food waste, recycling and
other household rubbish. Will she be thrilled when I sing an eager rendition of
„Happy Binday to you‟ over the answerphone?
The other minor dilemma, is that I am a complete bin sniper. As I rarely even
know what day of the week it is, I follow my (more reliable) neighbours‟ lead in
the weekly refuse outing. The minute I hear the dulcet tones of wheels on gravel,
I prick up my ears, register it must be Tuesday and say „quick, boys! You do
violin practise while I take the bins out‟ What if I try to take the bins out on my
own initiative? It‟s bound to go horribly wrong!
Anyway, enough of bins! Now to Christmas! Once again, I am wondering what
on earth to get for friends, family and children. Of course, none of us really need
anything, but I‟m determined not to get all bah humbug about it this year. In fact,
so non bah humbug am I, that I am decadently whizzing over to Germany to go
to a Christmas market, and am bringing everyone squished gingerbread back in
my budget airline rucksack. How lovely am I! (And Bah Hamburg in actual fact.)
Have a lovely Christmas. When we come back in February, we will be in need of
a new advertising coordinator, so if you would like to join our team, please let us
know. Take a look at the advert at the back for more details.
Btw, here is a festive message for you all!
„I am not sending cards this year but wish you all a very Merry Christmas from
Eileen deBrandt‟

The floral wreath on the front cover was made by Paul Hawkins, photo by James Hawkins.
Best thing to do with Brussel sprouts if you ask me.

Dear friends

W            inston Churchill once pronounced that the secret of happiness was a
             good bank account, a good cook, and a good digestion. And no doubt
             many of us would be quite glad of all three as Christmas and the New
Year introduce another season of feasting and festivities! But whether they could
really succeed in ushering in the happiness for which everybody longs is another
question! Real happiness is an elusive thing. It is essentially something internal
not external; it is something unseen rather than seen; and it is something spiritual
rather than physical.
Strangely, in our society, most people don‟t associate it with God. I always love
the story of two women gossiping over the garden fence, and one says to the
other „What is your son Johnny doing these days?‟ Back came the answer „Oh,
he‟s just got ordained as a clergyman.‟ „That's funny‟ said the first, „he was such a
happy boy!‟
That epitomises the deep seated feeling in many people that somehow God is a
killjoy. If anyone starts really enjoying themselves, he is likely to say „Send
another commandment!‟ Yet this is such a travesty of the truth. When you turn
to the New Testament it rings with joy. Right at the start, the heavens are filled
with an angelic choir doing a rendering of the Halleleuiah chorus, and giving
news of „great joy‟. Even when storm clouds are gathering before the judicial
murder of Jesus, you find him reassuring his followers with the words „These
things have I spoken to you that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be
full‟. And that was their experience. After being flogged unjustly and banged up
in chains in a dank dark dungeon, St Paul and his companion Silas, spent the
evening singing and rejoicing, not because they were masochists, but because
they were so conscious of a deep sense of God's presence. As someone so
perceptively said „There is enough tragedy in the New Testament to make it the
saddest of books, and yet it is the most joyful‟ The simple reason comes in one of
the psalms „In God‟s presence there is fullness of joy‟.
This is the fact. The mark of true Christianity is joy. There was something
irresistibly attractive about the sheer joy which shone out of Jesus, so much more
than any bubbly feelings of well being which we tend to associate with happiness.
It comes from the heart of God. And we discover it supremely from knowing
that we are loved unconditionally by him. You know how some people light up a
room simply by their presence. That was, and is, uniquely so with Jesus. Those
who live in his company discover it.
So however low your bank account, and however poor your cooking and
however much indigestion you suffer from, joy is still there for those who seek it
this Christmas and into the New Year.
Harry MacInnes

 1st Sunday 5th December Advent II
 10.30am        Langford                   Advent Benefice        PW/EJ
 6.00pm         Alvescot                   Benefice Evensong      PW
 6.00pm         BPoggs                     Advent Carol Service   NUW
 2nd Sunday 12th December Advent III
 9.00am         Westwell                   Holy Communion         PW
 9.00am         Broadwell                  Holy Communion         NUW
 10.30am        Shilton                    Parish                 HM
 11.00am        Lt Faringdon               Matins                 NUW
 4.00pm         Alvescot                   Christingle            HM
 4.00pm         Langford                   Christingle            PW
 6.00pm         BBourton                   Evensong               PW
 Saturday 18th December
 6.00pm        Holwell                     Carol Service          NUW
 3rd Sunday 19th December Advent IV
 9.00am        Black Bourton               Holy Communion         AM
 10.30am       Langford                    Parish Communion       AM
 4.00pm        Westwell                    Carol Service          NUW
 6.00pm        Alvescot                    Carol Service          HM
 6.00pm        Kencot/Broadwell            Carol Service          EJ
 6.00pm        Shilton                     Carol Service          DM
 6.00pm        Lt Faringdon                Carol Service          PW
 6.30pm        BBourton                    Village Carols
 Tuesday 21st December
 6.30pm        Kelmscott                   Carol Service          HM
 Christmas Eve Friday 24th December
 4.00pm       Filkins                 Crib Service                PW
 11.30pm      Langford                Midnight Service            RH
 11.30pm      Alvescot                Midnight Service            NUW
 11.30pm      Shilton                 Midnight Service            HM
 Christmas Day Saturday 25th December
 9.00am         Kencot                     Holy Communion         PW
 9.00am         Westwell                   Holy Communion         RH
 10.30am        Holwell                    Parish Communion       RH
 10.30am        BBourton                   Family Communion       EJ
 10.30am        Filkins                    Family Communion       HM
 10.30am        Broadwell                  Parish Communion       PW
 10.30am        Kelmscott                  Family Communion       NUW

11.00am         Lt Faringdon         Parish Communion        AM
4th Sunday 26th December Christmas I
10.30am      Shilton                    Holy Communion       HM
1st Sunday 2nd January Christmas II
10.30am       Kencot                    Benefice Communion   PW/NUW
6.00pm        Holwell                   Evensong             PW
2nd Sunday 9th January Epiphany I
9.00am        Alvescot                  Holy Communion       AM
9.00am        Broadwell                 Holy Communion       HM
9.00am        Westwell/Holwell          Holy Communion       NUW
10.30am       Filkins                   Parish Communion     EJ
10.30am       Shilton                   Parish Communion &   AM
                                        Children‟s Church
11.00am       LFaringdon                Matins               HM
6.00pm        BBourton                  Evensong             NUW
6.00pm        Kencot                    Evensong             HM
3rd Sunday 16th January Epiphany II
9.00am        BBourton/Alvescot         Holy Communion       NUW
10.30am       Holwell                   Parish Communion     HM
10.30am       Langford                  Parish Communion     NUW
10.30am       Kelmscott                 Family Communion     PW
6.00pm        Filkins                   Evensong             PW
6.00pm        Westwell                  Evensong             HM
4th Sunday 23rd January Epiphany III
9.00am        Shilton                   Holy Communion       AM
9.00am        Kencot                    Holy Communion       NUW
10.30am       Alvescot/BBourton         Parish Communion     PW
10.30am       Filkins                   Family Communion     HM
10.30am       Broadwell                 Matins               AM
11.00am       Lt Faringdon              Parish Communion     EJ
6.00pm        Holwell/Westwell          Evensong             PW
6.00pm        Langford                  Evensong             HM
5th Sunday 30th January Epiphany IV
9.00am        Langford                  Holy Communion       PW
10.30am       Kencot                    Parish Communion     PW
10.30am       Broadwell                 Family Service       HM
10.30am       Shilton                   Parish Communion     NUW
6.00pm        Alvescot/BBourton         Evensong             HM
1st Sunday 7th February
10.30am       Lt Faringdon              Benefice Communion   HM/PW
6.00pm        Shilton                   Benefice Evensong    HM

Wed 1st December 10.00am      Black Bourton          Holy Communion        EJ
Wed 8th December 10.00am      Black Bourton          Holy Communion        PW
Wed 15th December 10.00am     Black Bourton          Holy Communion        HM
Wed 22nd December 10.00am     Black Bourton          Holy Communion        EJ
Wed 5th January 10.00am       Black Bourton          Holy Communion        PW
Wed 12th January 10.00am      Black Bourton          Holy Communion        HM
Wed 19th January 10.00am      Black Bourton          Holy Communion        EJ
Wed 26th January 10.00am      Black Bourton          Holy Communion        PW

1st Sunday 5th December Second of Advent (Purple)
Isaiah 11. 1-10    Psalm 72.1-7         Romans 15.4-13                Matthew 3. 1-12
2nd Sunday 12th December Advent III (Purple)
Isaiah 35. 1-10    Psalm 146. 4-10      James 5. 7-10                 Matthew11.2-11
3rd Sunday 19th December Advent IV (Purple)
Isaiah 7. 10-16   Psalm 80.1-8,18-      Romans 1. 1-7                 Matthew 1. 18-end
Christmas Eve Friday 24th December (Gold)
Isaiah 52. 7-10   Psalm 98             Hebrews 1. 1-4[5-12]           John 1. 1-14
Christmas Day Saturday 25th December (Gold)
Isaiah 52. 7-10    Psalm 98             Hebrews 1. 1-4[5-12]          John 1. 1-14
4th Sunday 26th December Christmas I (White)
Isaiah 63. 7-9     Psalm 148[or 148.7-   Hebrews 2. 10-end            Matthew 2. 13-end
1st Sunday 2nd January Christmas II (White)
Jeremiah 31. 7-14  Psalm 147. 13-end    Ephesians 1. 3-14             John 1.[1-9]10-18
2nd Sunday 9th January Epiphany I (White)
Isaiah 42. 1-9     Psalm 29            Acts 10. 34-43                 Matthew 3. 13-end
3rd Sunday 16th January Epiphany II (White)
Isaiah 49. 1-7     Psalm 40. 1-12      1 Corinthians 1. 1-9           John 1. 29-42
4th Sunday 23rd January Epiphany III (White)
Isaiah 9. 1-4      Psalm 27. 1, 4-12         1 Corinthians 1. 10-18   Matthew 4. 12-23
5th Sunday 30th January IV (White)
1 Kings 17. 8-16    Psalm 36. 5-10      1 Corinthians 1. 18-end       John 2. 1-11
1st Sunday 6th February V before Lent (Green)
Isaiah 58. 1-9a      Psalm 112. 1-9          1 Corinthians 2. 1-12    Matthew 5. 13-20

                                    The „12 Churches‟ of the Shill Valley &
                                    Broadshire Benefice are keen to see all ages
                                    worship together at our services on Sunday
                                    mornings. Of course, parents and children
                                    are very welcome at any of our services, but
                                    those below have a particular family focus,
                                    with a more casual atmosphere.

12th December   4.00pm    Alvescot          Christingle Service      HM
                4.00pm    Langford          Christingle Service      PW

Christmas Eve   4.00pm    Filkins           Crib Service             PW

Christmas Day   10.30am   Black             Family Communion         EJ
                          Bourton           Family Communion         HM
                          Filkins           Family Communion         PW
9th January     10.30am   Shilton           Children‟s Church        AM

16th January    10.30am   Kelmscott         Family Communion         PW

23rd January    10.30am   Filkins           Family Communion         HM

30th January    10.30am   Kencot            Family Service           HM

19th October    Shilton       Mrs Sheila White (died 10th October aged 89)
4th November    Kelmscott     Mrs Dilys Joan Pieters (died 27th October aged 89)
Starting in January 2011 there will be another chance to go through the Alpha
course. Alpha is a great way to consider the basics of the Christian faith in an
informal, non-churchy environment. lt is particularly suited for anyone new or
coming back to church, those considering baptism or confirmation for
themselves or their children, or simply those wanting to brush up on the basics.
The course will be starting in January, and run for 5 weeks. We will meet at the
Vicarage in Filkins, beginning at 8.00pm and finishing by 9.30pm. The evening
that we will meet will depend on what suits those involved.
lf you want to know more, or to express an interest in joining the course, contact
me on 01367 860846 or
Patrick Wheaton

I    f you have children between the ages of 3 and 12 and would like to come
     along, we meet every second Sunday of the month at 10.15am in the Village
     Hall in Shilton for about 40 minutes of fun and creative Christian based
activities before we join the main body of the church for the Service. Call me on
01993 847049 or The Rev‟d Harry MacInnes on 01993 845954.
Debs Price
We shall be meeting on December 13th from 2.00pm to 3.30pm at 11 Oakey
Close, Alvescot. You are most welcome to join us call 01993 846169
Liz Johnson
There will be a Carol service on Sunday December 12th at 3.00pm led by Rev‟d
Peter Goodhall. There will be a service on December 26th. Other Sundays will be
as usual with a service at 3.00pm
Barbara Edwards

O        ur next meeting will be on Wednesday December 1st at 3.00pm in the
         Methodist Church schoolroom. Our speaker will be Dr Helen Squire of
         Kencot. All are welcome. There will be no meeting in January.
Barbara Edwards


T      here will be a Multi-parish benefice day conference in Oxford on Saturday
       15th January. This is an opportunity to compare notes and exchange ideas
       with other people in large rural benefices. Highly recommended! If you
would like to come, please contact me on 01993 846169.
Liz Johnson
(International and Interdenominational)
On FRIDAY MARCH 4th 2011 women from around the world will celebrate the
Women‟s World Day of Prayer. The service has been written by the women of
Chile. It is an appropriate theme for bread is eaten at every meal and is very
much part of everyday life. The women of Chile offer what it means to them as
they share this service with us.
The service will be held in St Peter‟s Church Filkins at 2.30 pm and everyone is
welcome. We hope more members of the Benefice will attend but for more
information please contact Diane Blackett on 01367-860504.
                         It looks as though this year‟s Poppy Appeal in the
                         Broadshire villages was, once again, most successful.
                         Many boxes are still to be counted at the time of going
                         to press but it is hoped that the total raised will match
                         last year‟s overall donation of some £2,500 to the
                         Appeal. Thanks go to the many collectors and to
                         everyone who donated so generously.
                         Rachel Taylor

It was not possible to hold the AGM in November due
to unforeseen circumstances. The meeting has been
rescheduled to take place at 7.30pm on Tuesday 7th
December in the 5 Alls. The agenda will include a
discussion on the future of the Branch. All members are
most welcome to attend.
Jeremy Taylor


A        s I am writing this, a group of ten are out in Uganda
         as part of Helping Hands charity. As I‟ve written
         before it‟s a small charity set up when Debbie, who
lives in Farmoor, visited Uganda about six years ago. She
was very upset and shocked to find that 1 in 5 children died
before they were five years old because of malaria, a
preventable disease. She started by simply buying mosquito
nets and distributing them through a couple of schools. Although the charity has
grown since then it‟s still small enough for us to feel that we know personally all
the people Debbie comes home and tells us about. So we rejoice that Prossy, a
tiny child who was so ill from aids a few years ago, is now looking well and
healthy and thoroughly enjoying life. Now more children in this country are
becoming involved and in fact six of them are on the present trip to Uganda to
meet personally all the children they have been writing to and praying for. I think
quite a lot of us in the Chapel would like to go there too but we must wait our
turn and in the meantime we are praying and giving towards the charity. Half the
money from the Church and Chapel Coffee Morning held in November is going
towards Helping Hands.
Preachers for December 2010
5th December                            Informal
12th December                           CAROLSERVICE led by Barry Shepherd
19th December                            No service
THURSDAY 23RD DECEMBER                  CAROLS BY THE POND 6.30 - 7.15pm
26th December                           Graham Sparrowhawk
Preachers for January 2011
2nd January                             Informal
9th January                             Graham Sparrowhawk with communion
16th January                            Andy Robinson
23rd January                            Josh Plank
30th December                           Ray & Dorothy Honeyford

All of our services in Chapel are at .003pm. You would be very welcome to join
us particularly at our Carol Service. Our Souper Tuesdays continue on December
7th and January 4th from 12 noon to 1.30pm. Do come along and join us for
soup, crusty bread, cakes and a good chat to friends. The Carols by the Pond is
from 6.30pm to 7.15pm on the Thursday before Christmas and is a lovely chance
to meet and sing carols. There will be hot punch and mince pies too.
Finally, and by no means least, we all wish you a very happy Christmas.
Elizabeth Harfield

The 15 villages that make up the 11 parishes in the Shill
& Broadshire Benefice are lively places. Every month
there are dozens of events organized by the many local
organizations that flourish here.
We are pleased to report on every event that has happened,
and to publicise all those that are to come.
We try to incorporate all the many contributions we
receive, but please accept that we can not always advertise
your particular event in the way you would like.
But please do keep sending us all your Village News.

                   St Peter’s

Our Advent services leading up to Christmas this year begin with Benefice
evensong at 6.00pm on 5th December. Then at 4.00pm on the 12th we join with
St Peter‟s Infants‟ for our popular candlelit service to celebrate Christingle.
Another favourite, our service of readings and carols at .006pm on 19th
Decemeber will be followed by seasonal refreshments. On Christmas Eve we
celebrate Christ‟s birth with a midnight communion beginning at 11.30 pm.
Do join us for carol singing around the village on Monday 20th December from
6.00pm, meeting at the village notice board; the more the merrier and louder, all
in a good cause!!
In preparation for Christmas we will be cleaning and decorating St Peter‟s at
10.00am on Saturday 18th December. Do come and join us, refreshments will be
provided. We‟ll be using seasonal foliage and flowers with a green, red and gold
theme so any you are able to bring will be gratefully received.
Please ring me on 01993 842435 if you would like more details.
Jayne Lewin

Last January our 900th centenary quiz was such fun and so close a contest that
we‟ve decided to add some cheer and a tad of light hearted rivalry to the dark
winter days again! It will be on Saturday 29th January and will include a two
course supper with a hot main dish.
Bring your friends and neighbours to represent different parts of Alvescot or
other benefice parishes.There‟s a broad range of questions, something for
everyone and good company! Tickets priced £7.00 are available from me on
01993 842435.
Jayne Lewin

Last chance to book your tickets for Alice in Wonderland. A show for all the
family and a great way to start your Christmas. The production is by the
Oxfordshire Theatre Company, previous shows have always been a great success.
So be sure and get your tickets as there are only a few seats left.
Tuesday 21st December. Doors open 6.30pm Show 7.00pm
Tickets Adults £8.50, Children/concessions £6.50,
 Family (2 adults+2 children) £26.00
Contact Kay on 01993 842312

At last the
building work
is complete
and when school reopened, after the Autumn break, the staff and children
returned to a beautiful new school. We are enormously grateful to Judith Lane,
the architect from Ridge and Cooper Construction for their professionalism and
commitment to ensuring that our project was completed within the budget and
on time. This is a great achievement.
On a personal note, I would like to thank all the staff for their positive attitudes
and commitment to ensuring that the high quality of education and care for all
our children be maintained throughout the project. Also, thank you to all the
children, particularly those in Class 2, for being so responsible during their time
in the temporary classroom.
There will be an official opening of the new classroom and hall for staff and
Governors, past and present, as well as representatives from the Local Authority
and the Oxford Diocese on 19th November by Mr David Waters, Governor and

Chief Executive of Cottsway Housing Association. We look forward to
celebrating our beautiful building.
Our school‟s harvest festival took place on 20th October at St Peter‟s Church, this
year led by The Reverend Harry MacInnes. The Church looked wonderful with
all the donated vegetables and displays of children‟s work. Thank you to all those
who were able to join us in our celebration and to the children for their singing,
reading and prayers.
This year, the school held a Harvest Lunch to which parents, Governors and
members of the local community were invited. The children in Class 2 prepared
all the vegetables that had been donated and made a wonderful selection of
soups. Thank you to Mrs Savage, Mrs Jura and Class 2 and Mrs Pat Scott for
their contributions and to Mrs Savage for the delicious bread. Also thank you to
everyone who came along. It was a wonderful occasion and £115.00 was raised
for the charity „Feed the Children‟.
This year, St Peter‟s has once again supported „Operation Christmas Child‟.
Thanks to Nicky Witt who collected the boxes and delivered them to the
collection point on behalf of the school.
On 26th November the school will be holding its annual Christmas Gift Evening.
This is always a lovely evening and a great opportunity to do some Christmas
shopping without having to brave the busy shops! Many thanks to Sandie Morris
and Sharon Waters for organising this event.
The school will be supporting Children in Need on 19th November. This year the
collection made at the Nativity will be donated to this appeal.
On Saturday 4th December, the school will be holding its Christmas Bazaar. This
is always a great afternoon that is enjoyed by both children and adults and is
highly successful in raising money for school funds.
Once the Bazaar is behind us, we will be looking forward to our Nativity,
„Donkey for Sale‟. Colin Newlands is helping the children to learn the songs and
we are all practising hard for our performances on Wednesday 8th and Thursday
9th December. If you would like to join us for our Nativity, please do come along
at 9.30 on the morning of Wednesday 8th December or at 1.30 on the afternoon
of Thursday 9th. We do ask that parents with babies and younger children to
attend the morning performance on Wednesday 8th December at 9.30.
Our Christingle Service at St Peter‟s Church will be held on Sunday 12th
December at 4.00pm. This will be in aid of The Children‟s Society and everyone
is welcome.
From all the governors, staff and children of St Peter‟s, we would like to wish all
the readers of The Parish Pump a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Sam King

This is on Saturday December 4th at 2.00pm. There will be the usual stalls such as
cakes, bottles, face painting plus many more new ones. Come along and see that
special visitor and meet up with your new and old friends over a cup of tea and a
mince pie. For information ring school on 01993 842535 or me on 01993842135
Sandie Morris

                BLACK BOURTON
                St Mary’s

The church was beautifully decorated for our Harvest Thanksgiving. A „BIG‟
thank you to our flower ladies Sarah Hewitt, Carole Barratt, Janet Lord and
Wendy Taylor who worked so hard.
Our service was taken by Rev‟d Harry MacInnes, it was well attended and it was
particularly nice to welcome neighbours who have moved away (not too far
thank goodness). We also welcomed our Benefice Choir who added their voices
to the congregation which was a treat for us all. Thank you to them and their
Choir Master David New who is always be pleased to welcome new members.
A big thank you to Tessa and Bill Taylor for the care they give to the inside and
outside of the Church.
St Mary‟s Church is a lovely, peaceful, welcoming place to worship or just to pop
into for a quite time, please do visit either way the door is always open to you.
A warm and friendly occasion, a chance for villagers and friends to catch up on
each other‟s news and views, a time of relaxation in a hectic and busy lifestyle we
seem to have these days. For those of you who unable to get there you missed a
rare treat as I‟m sure those who did make it will agree.
On offer for lunch was homemade soups and an amazing variety of breads which
were truly, truly scrumptious and to round things off a tasty selection of cheeses,
dried fruit and homemade chutney, delicious. Thank you to everyone who helped
and provided a feast to remember.
The lunch is entirely free and is a way of us all meeting, however many people
who attended wanted to give a donation and we are extremely grateful for your
contributions as we do have difficulty providing enough money for the upkeep of
our lovely church.
Total donations = £ 142.00

 Congratulations to Jane Jones who was our sole rider this year. Jane visited 21
churches, we are in awe. We have been inspired by Jane‟s efforts to oil our bikes
and join her next year.
Thank you to everybody that sponsored Jane.
Congratulations to Pete Miles too. Pete usually rides & strides for St Mary‟s but
this year he did a sponsored ride for the Homestead in Carterton in aid of a
much needed minibus for the resident‟s outings.
Welcome home Doreen and Dave Hart, you have been sorely missed.
Christine Pope

                St Peter & St Paul’s

Advent          June Goodenough          Christmas        Georgina Lewis
Any offers of helping with decorating the church will be gratefully accepted.
Wednesday December 22nd is the Broadwell date. Come and join in, or listen for
them outside your door. Meet at 7.30pm by the bridge.
This year at Kencot, on Sunday December 19th.This is a really lovely
service(don‟t forget to bring a torch, no village lights!)
But all’s well that ends well
A fifth Sunday is unusual, and so Broadwell opted for
an unusual service---it was to be for PETS. Nine
dogs, two stuffed toys, and a snake in a box behaved
perfectly as we listened to a splendid talk from
Patrick, and sang the sort of hymns that aren't well known to our largely middle-
aged congregation--(with actions) Then we were all rewarded with eats and
drinks, even the dogs.
BUT then--(horrors !)--the snake bit the vicar.
The best brains in Broadwell pondered long and hard as to WHY?---- and came
up with the answer. Was it not obvious?

Somewhere in the recesses of the tiny snake brain lay the knowledge that a Saint
called Patrick had done a very unfriendly thing, and thrown all the snakes out
from a nice home called Ireland. So when it heard someone say „Patrick, would
you like to stroke the snake?‟ well ---- a snake‟s gotta do what a snake‟s gotta do--
----and poor Patrick was left looking in disbelief at four neat little fang holes
bleeding all over his wrist. Nature red in tooth and claw maybe, but this was a bit
much. (Luckily Kristina was able reassure Patrick that she had once been bitten,
and no, of course the snake was not venomous)
Stop Press--- at the time of going to print, the Rev. Wheaton is none the worse,
which is a relief to all !
June Goodenough

Records were broken this year. We had our youngest ever „greeter‟ at the church
when Grace Chapman kindly gave up an hour of her Saturday to welcome all the
visitors to St Peter and St Paul.
We also raised a record £208.00 thanks to the magnificent sponsorship raised by
Ben and Lucy Taylor who cycled round lots of churches and persuaded their
friends and neighbours to support them. Well done to all of them and a huge
thank-you! Half of the money goes to the Oxfordshire Historic Churches Trust
who help fund church repairs and who gave us a grant a few years ago.
The other half comes straight to our church and this year will help to fund the
strengthening of some of the windows.
Anna Coull.

At the end of last term, the older children enjoyed a walk to the
postbox in Broadwell. Previously they had drawn pictures and
written notes to place in an envelope addressed to themselves.
There followed a discussion about how the postman knew where to
deliver the letters, and in which villages the children lived. Each
child carefully posted their envelopes just in time for our friendly postman to
collect the mail in his sack. The children were delighted by the postman's
impressive set of keys!
Our pre-school sits in a beautiful village surrounded by farmland criss-crossed
with bridleways and footpaths, the perfect setting in which to observe and study
for this term‟s topic „Weather and Seasons‟. Modelling an array of colourful
wellies, our intrepid explorers set out on a mission to look for signs of autumn.
The trek, along a public footpath, led them to the „treasure‟ and they returned
with armfuls of golden leaves, nuts, cones, conkers and even an old (dinosaur?)
bone! The children used magnifying glasses to study the detailed patterns on the

leaves and helped to produce a magnificent tree picture on the display board.
Moving back indoors, the Hindu festival of light (Diwali) was celebrated with the
children making and decorating their own clay diva to hold a tea light. It is
traditional for Hindus to decorate their hands with Mendhi patterns and the
children enjoyed having their hands painted, too.
After looking at a map of the world and locating India, the children predicted
which animals lived there. Various elephants, snakes, tigers and crocodiles
adorned the map. The children looked at colourful pictures of elephants, and
learned how important they were in India. The children used sequins and glitter
to decorate pictures of their own elephants. Nadine, our Indian‟'expert‟, modelled
a beautiful Sari. The children were amazed as the material was unfolded and
stretched out as far as the front door!
The highlight of our celebration for many was the opportunity to sample some
delicious Indian cuisine, which included basmati rice, papadoms, naan, and
Nadine‟s own potato and cauliflower curry; washed down with sweet mango
juice. Some parents have requested the curry recipe so here it is!
2 tbsp sunflower oil                        1/2 tsp tumeric
1/2 tsp mustard seeds                       1 1/2 tsp coriander and cumin powder
1/2 tsp cumin seeds                         mixed together
a handful of tiny cauliflower florets       1/2 tsp salt (optional)
same quantity of potato sliced              pinch of chilli powder(to taste)
1 or 2 chopped tomatoes
Method Heat the oil in a pan and add the mustard and cumin seeds. When the
seeds start to „pop‟, throw in the cauliflower and potato and stir in the chopped
tomatoes. Add the tumeric,coriander,cumin,salt and chilli powder and combine
with the potato mixture. Replace the saucepan lid and allow the vegetables to
cook slowly,stirring occassionally. When the vegetables are tender remove the lid
and allow to cook for a further 5 minutes. Sprinkle with 1 tsp garam masala and
chopped fresh coriander leaves. Great served with other vegetarian/meat curries
and your favourite Indian accompaniment.
Nativity Play rehearsals will be underway soon, so here are a few dates to look
forward to.
14th December - Nativity Play (am)
16th December - Christmas Party (pm children)
17th December - Christmas Party (am children) and last session
The children return to pre-school after the holidays, on Wednesday 5th January.
We would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
For more details about the Pre-School contact Jackie Overton on 01367 860729
Sam Lawton

                   FILKINS & BROUGHTON POGGS
                   St Peter’s

  The villages will have their usual pattern of Christmas
  services. An atmospheric Advent Carols by Candelight
  service at Broughton-Poggs on 5th December at 6pm.
  Christmas Eve hosts the Crib Service at 4pm where young
  people are invited to come dressed as a character from the
  Nativity Story as we assemble the scene together and sing
  carols. Finally, on Christmas Day there is a 10.30am
  Family Communion Service. As ever, everybody is warmly invited to join the

  Covering the villages of Filkins, Brougton Poggs, Langford, Little Faringdon,
  Kencot and Broadwell (All telephone codes 01367)
Tuesdays                                      Thursdays
4th Jan     Mrs M Cover             860302    6th Jan       Mrs J Geake        860534
11th Jan    Mrs F Shrouder          860053    13th Jan      Mr J Moir          860031
18th Jan    Mrs A Dossett-Davies    860357    20th Jan      Miss H Squire      860337
25th Jan    Mr A Woodford           860319    27th Jan      Mrs J Higham       860197
1st Feb     Mrs M Cover             860302    3rd Feb       Miss H Squire      860337
8th Feb     Mr J Moir               860031    10th Feb      Mr A Woodford      860319
15th Feb    Mrs J Geake             860534    17th Feb      Mrs J Higham       860197
22nd Feb    Mrs F Shrouder          860053    24th Feb      Mr A Woodford      860319
  Charges: Surgery Runs: Carterton, Lechlade and Burford - £2.00. Fairford &
  Witney - £5.00.
  Hospital Runs: Cirencester and Swindon - £8.00, Cheltenham and Oxford -
  £10.00)(plus Parking Charge if paid)
  Patients should notify the nominated driver at least 24 hours in advance of their
  appointment. The Surgery service only covers appointments up to 4 pm on
  Tuesdays and Thursday. All users of the service must be able to make their way
  to and from the car unaided. For all runs other than those to Carterton, Burford
  and Lechlade please contact Tony Woodford (860319).
  Please note that there are very few drivers for hospital runs, so we will not always
  be able to help.
  Tony Woodford

To the absolute delight of audiences, Filkins Village Hall was transformed into a
hilarious honeymoon suite for three nights in late October. In this Filkins
Theatre production, „A Perfect Wedding‟ proved that the course of true love
rarely runs smooth and, in this case, can go completely off the rails in raucous
Jeremy Irwin-Singer both directed and played the prospective groom with
panache and brilliant comic timing. After waking up next to an unknown „By the
way, who are you?‟) but seemingly seductive woman („Did we?‟), his convoluted
attempts to „cover up‟ left the audience howling with unrestrained laughter.
Lynne Savege was alluringly convincing in her multi-faceted role as the
seductress, suspected call girl, chambermaid-in-waiting and lovesick romantic. In
the confusing cover-up, the best man (played with great gusto and grimaces by
Alan Heath) became blessed with more girlfriends than he could keep track of
and achieved new-found status as a toilet-brush-wielding authority on
chambermaids‟ anatomy. However, he still seemed to be missing out on that
long-hoped-for „big moment‟.
Mistaken identity prevailed, and even the real chambermaid suffered from multi-
personality disorder as she dashed from being the best man‟s backup girlfriend to
occasional call girl and moral high priestess („You lot are like rabbits‟). Liz Ferris
made this role her own with emotions ranging from shock and awe to resignation
and downright collusion. The bride‟s mother appeared out of a dream-like
pantomime, enveloped in her purple hat and declaring that‟ „all men are alike‟, all
the more believable thanks to Pat Scott‟s commanding characterisation. The
bride‟s father also made his disembodied presence known from the hotel lobby,
via the well-recognisable voice of John Cambridge booming on high.
The no-more-nonsense bride decided to get to the bottom of all this silliness on
her big day. Sue Ashforth-Smith well and truly took charge of this role and her
now dubiously beloved groom, interrogating him with hypnotic determination:
„Look into my eyes and answer my question‟. It was enough to scare away any
Well done to all the cast and crew who helped produce a perfect evening for the
theatre-goers. Exhausted from laughing, the audience headed home in need of a
lie-down, but perhaps hoping for their own „big moment‟!
To all aspiring thespians and those who would like to toil behind the scenes for
Filkins Theatre, please contact Alan Heath (01367 860129) or Sue Ashforth-
Smith (01367 860229). Or log onto the Filkins community website
( and click on „Leisure Time‟, then „Theatre‟.
Barbara Browne

                                          ART IN FILKINS
                                          I will be teaching children age 6 to 11
                                          years painting and drawing in the
                                          Filkins Village Hall in two sessions, the
                                          first Thursday 30th December 9:30 am
                                          to 12 noon, and the second session
                                          Friday 31st December 9:30am to 12
                                          noon. Drinks, snacks and all materials
                                          will be provided. This is a chance to get
                                          creative after Christmas and various art
                                          techniques will be explored. Contact
                                          me on e-mail
                                          for details. Don‟t delay as places are
                                          Diana Cooper

This half-term our topics include Autumn
and Christmas along with our child-initiated
National Road Safety Week took place
during the week 22nd-26th November. We
spent this particular week looking at roadside
safety; the children went on several walks
around the village finding out the meaning of simple road signs and learning how
to keep safe within the village environment.
Following the success of our 2009 fundraising for Children in Need, staff and
children came to nursery in their pyjamas and made a donation to this
worthwhile cause. The day consisted of fun and games, and included cooking
Pudsey biscuits.
Rehearsals for this year‟s Nativity are well under way. It will take place on
Tuesday 14th December at 1.001am. The format will be as last year and will be
followed by mulled wine and mince pies for parents/carers.
Our Christmas party will take place on Thursday 16th December during the
morning session; the children will have party food followed by traditional games
and a visit from Father Christmas.
One of our former Old Station Nursery managers has recently moved to Kenya
whilst her husband is serving there with the RAF. She approached us to ask
whether we would consider supporting a local centre for children of Massai
families, who have disabilities and need extra support. At present a total of 80
physically challenged children reside at the centre, receiving treatment, schooling

and rehabilitation. There is an integrated Nursery school with a capacity for over
80 pupils from among their patients and non-disabled children from the
neighbouring villages. With Christmas fast approaching, we had the opportunity
to give these children a gift and bring some happiness into their lives; each
nursery within the Old Station Nursery Group collected small gifts for the
children which have been flown out to Kenya by the RAF. We are delighted to
be working with the A.I.C. Kajaido Child Care Centre, both to raise funds to
support their work, but also to allow the children in our nurseries to understand
how different the lives of children in other parts of the world can be. We look
forward to following the lives the children over the next few months.
 Filkins Nursery is open every day from 8.00am-6.00pm except for Bank
Holidays and Christmas. We will be following the Gloucestershire Schools 2010-
2011 term-time calendar, with a couple of exceptions, but the immediate dates
for term-time children are:
Autumn Term finishes Friday 17th December.
Holiday Club will run from Monday 20th December to Thursday 23rd December.
Nursery will be closed to everyone from Friday 24th December and will reopen
for the Spring Term on Tuesday 4th January 2011. Wishing everyone a very
Happy Christmas and New Year
Louise Jenkins

Telephone: 01367 860620 Opening hours
Day           Morning                 Afternoon
Monday       9.00am to 12.30pm       1.00pm to 5.00pm
Tuesday      8.30am to 12.30pm       Closed
Wednesday Closed                     Closed
Thursday     9.00am to 12.30pm       Closed
Friday       Closed                  1.30pm to 4.30pm

Do please remember that minutes and notices of meetings are displayed on the
notice boards in the bus shelter, in Broughton Poggs in the Village Shop, and in
the Post Office. There is a more comprehensive file of Parish Council bumph in
the Cotswold Woollen Weavers Coffee Shop.
Cris Hoad

                    St Mary’s

Holwell‟s Candle-lit Carol Service takes place this year on Saturday 18th
December at 6.00pm. Enid and Ruth from the Livery Stables are cheer-leading
the readers, and Rupert and Sarah are very kindly hosting everyone afterwards for
mulled wine and mince pies in Holwell Manor. Don‟t forget to bring a torch!
Reggie Heyworth

The recent untimely death of my brother Desmond, as reported by Reggie in the
October edition of Parish Pump, signals the closing of yet another chapter of the
James Family‟s long and proud connection with the Village of Holwell. So, as a
sequel to my „Memories of Holwell‟ article which was printed in Parish Pump in
February 2006, I thought it may be opportune to put a bit more flesh on the
bone about people who lived in the village in the 1940s and 1950s when I was a
child there at that time. Apart from being prompted to do this by Des‟s
unfortunate passing, I have to admit that Alfie Simpson‟s recent retirement at the
age of 88 years from a lifetime‟s employment on the Bradwell Grove Estate
together periodic encouragement from Jane Pegram have also been factors that
have resulted in me, once more, putting pen to paper.
In the post World War Two period when I lived at Holwell with my parents,
Norman and Doris and with Des, the total population would have ranged
between 40 and 50 people.
Apart from the Vicarage and Manor Farm, all the dwellings were in the form of
cottages that were tied to the Bradwell Grove Estate and, as a consequence, the
majority of the menfolk who lived in them with their familes worked on the
Estate, more often than not in a manual capacity. Prior to the early 1950s, our
houses were without the luxuries of electricity and mains water so our existence
was fairly basic and not without a level of discomfort but, despite that situation,
everyone remained remarkably upbeat and cheerful for most of the time. In
short, there was a real community feel about the place, with everyone knowing
one another and frequently interacting with one another. I guess this situation
was helped by the fact that, generally, everyone was on a level playing field with
one another in virtually all aspects of life.
Manor Farm, during the majority of my childhood, was the home of tenant
farmer, Perrin Sturch and his wife, Joyce, familiarly known as „Queenie‟. Perrin
took over the running of the farm after his parents died in the late 1940s. He was
a most efficient and conscientious farmer but he didn‟t suffer fools gladly as I
found out on more than one occasion when attempting, perhaps less than
effectively, to help him to round up his sheep and cattle! Unfortunately, Perrin
and Queenie did not have any children of their own but they were often joined
by relatives who helped out on the farm and enjoyed the country life.
Additionally, Perrin was helped on the form by Frank Wall and Chris Rowland.
Frank was a lovely kind-hearted man who married (Rosie Peachey) only late in
life and had no children. I spent hours with him, as a young boy, watching him
milking Perrin‟s dairy herd, ploughing the fields, and hedge-laying on various
parts of the farm.
He was a real craftsman whom I liked and respected greatly. Chris was
considerably younger; he was married to Liz and they had two young children,

Rodney and Susan.
He moved to Holwell from Gloucestershire in his early 20s and remained loyally
with Perrin until after retirement age.
In my very early childhood, the Vicarage was occupied by Rev‟d Morris and his
wife. They were succeeded by Rev H.E. „Bertie‟ Gick, his wife Elizabeth and their
adult children, Arthur, Marion and Fred. Bertie was an ex naval chaplain and,
perhaps not surprisingly, he enjoyed the occasional „tipple‟ and a cigarette! Some
years later,
Oxford scholar, Rev A.S.T. „Stanley‟ Fisher and his wife, Elizabeth followed the
Gicks and, after them, the Vicarage became the home of retired Oxford surgeon,
Tim Till and Mrs Till. Stanley Fisher was wonderful with words and his prayer,
entitled, “A Cotswold Thanksgiving” remains as a testament to his love of the
countryside in and around Holwell whilst Tim turned his medical skills to
painting watercolours of the village and the surrounding area.
What is now Judd‟s Cottage was home for the Rideout Family, consisting of
husband Bill and wife Edith, together with eldest son Derek, youngest son
Michael and twins, John and Sally. Bill had a broad cockney accent and worked at
the Cowley Car Plant. Like Ron Pitts, regrettably, he died at a very early age.
What is now known as Fox House was, of course, the village school when I was
a young child in Holwell. Whilst the school holds many memories for me and
others from when we were pupils there, my abiding memory is, with other
children in the winter time, running out of the gate of the boys‟ playground and
then sliding on the ice from one side of the pond to the other! In this
connection, it is now nice to read of recent efforts being made to clear the pond
of the foliage and debris that have built up over the years.
Well, that‟s it! If the editor does agree to print this article [but of course!]over the
course of either one or more editions [part two next time!], I do hope you enjoy
reading it, especially if you live in one of the cottages to which I have referred.
Although I moved away from Holwell in 1960, it is still very much where my
heart and memories fondly remain. I always enjoy returning to the village when I
can and am pleased to see how well its present inhabitants are looking after it.
Keep up the good work!
Geoff James

                     St George’s

Church Brass and Flowers           Ellie Maughan

This year Kelmscott‟s Carol Service will be at 6.30 pm on Tuesday 21st
December. We look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible to the
Church where mince pies and mulled wine will be served after the service
Bring the whole family to the Morris Memorial Hall on Saturday, 18th December
at 7.30pm and enjoy Oxfordshire Theatre Company‟s brand new version of this
classic tale, combining puppetry, song and dance.
„Long ago on a golden afternoon, in the city of dreaming spires, a boat set out
along the Thames, on a trip to Wonderland. Discover curious creatures, puzzling
people and unravel marvellous mathematical mysteries as you join Alice‟s quest
to find out who really stole the Queen of Hearts‟ jam tarts! In a world where
nothing is quite as it seems, but everything is just as it is, you never know who‟ll
pop up next on this trip to Wonderland‟
The show is suitable for everyone aged five and over. Tickets £8.50 adults, £6.50
concessions and £26.00 family available from me on 01367 253103 or for more information.
Laura Roberts

                   St George’s
28th Nov - 24th Dec No Flowers Advent
24th Dec             Decorating the church for Christmas. If you would like to
                     help please contact Anne Dossett-Davies 01367 860357
26th Dec to 31st Jan Anne Dossett-Davis

Don‟t forget, Carol Singing around the villages of Kencot and Broadwell will take
place on:-
Broadwel l Wednesday 22nd December meet by the bridge at 7.00pm, to be
followed by refreshments!
Kencot Thursday 23rd December meet at the bridge at 7.00pm. We finish at The
Village Hall for refreshments and more singing. If you can‟t manage all the
walking, please join us at the Hall.
The joint Carol Service with Broadwell will take place at St George‟s Church

Kencot on Sunday 19th December at 6.00pm. This will be the traditional service
of nine lessons and carols. Do come and join in the well known carols. The
collection will be for Helen and Douglas House.
The service in St George‟s Church will be at 10.30am. All are welcome. The
collection will be for Barnardos
Gill Cox
 Thanks to all those who took part in this year‟s event to raise funds for OHCT
and to those who sponsored them. We had the usual mix of two wheels, three
wheels, two legs and four legs. Thanks also to those who did their stint of sitting
in the church to welcome and sign in participants. So far we have raised £831.00,
half of which will go to St. George‟s, with the hope of more to come.
Jonathan Fyson

             St Matthew’s

 There is a Bazaar at the Village Hall on
Sunday 6th December at 2.00pm. Donations
required for all stalls please: Christmas Gift
Stalls: Doreen, Mahala & Eileen Cake:
Christine Apperley, Raffle: Chrissy Tinson
Bottle: Richard Kirby, Jim Johnston
Christmas Cards of St. Matthew's Church
are on sale, Contact Chrissy (8605140).
Any profit will go back to the village.
We had been asked to organise a Craft
Fayre for the villagers, thank you for your support we managed to raise £150.00.
It was a fabulous evening with many lovely stalls and great to see everyone
coming in and socialising, the mulled wine and mince pies got everyone into the
spirit of the night. We have had very positive feedback and have been asked if
we would do another next year so watch this space. Many thanks for Chrissy,
Tracey & Sarah for arranging the event.

Don Rouse was our speaker in October, what a night we had with so much
laughter. Don took us though the „old days‟, in times of the pot menders and told
us stories of how Wiltshire people were known as Moonrakers, it was a
thoroughly enjoyable night. Visitors most welcome £1.50.
 I would be lovely if anyone had any hobbies or interesting subjects they would
like to share with us for next year‟s subjects. We welcome new faces and ideas to
keep our club going.
December‟s meeting is for members only, than on Thursday 13th January we have
our welcome meeting to bring in the New Year, everyone welcome especially if
you are interested in becoming a member and would like to meet us first, please
do not hesitate to call for more information.
Join us for an evening of whist at the Village Hall on Tuesday 7th December. We
start at 7.30pm; however if you would like some tuition please arrive a little
earlier. You do not require a partner, but are very welcome to come with one.
The entrance fee of £1.00 includes tea, biscuits and the Christmas mince pie at
half time. Everyone is welcome.
All profits to the Village Hall. If you need any more information, or even a lift
please ring me on 01993 852378. Thank you very much for your support during
2010. Our first meeting in the New Year is on January 4th
Jo Hutchings
The countdown to Christmas has already begun at St
Christopher‟s. The entrance hall is filled with beautifully
wrapped shoeboxes for the Samaritans‟ Purse Appeal which
we always support. The outing to the Pantomime at Chipping
Norton is booked and we will begin decorating our corridor at the start of
December with decorations and mobiles made by the children. It is always a very
special time of year and I am constantly impressed with the way our children not
only enjoy it for themselves but also think of others who at this time of year may
not have the family or treats that they do. We are all looking forward to the
Nativity, the Carol Service and the Christingle held at St Matthew‟s Church,
Langford on Sunday 12th December at 4.00pm. Do join us for this delightful
family service. Just come along and we will provide the Christingles.
The St Christopher‟s Parents Association will also be holding their annual
Christmas Fayre on 4th December from 10am till 4pm. This will include all the
traditional favourites; Santa‟s amazing grotto (arguably the best in Oxfordshire),
craft stalls, games and this year a table top and car boot sale. There will be
refreshments throughout the day including lunch, so do come along!

Looking back on the term we have had some wonderful events, lots of learning
and lots of fun! One of our recent ventures was a day trip to France for year 6
children at the end of October. This had taken many months of planning but was
well worth it. Throughout the day children just kept grinning and saying „I can‟t
believe I‟m in France!‟ We explored the old town, bought fruit at the market and
had a wonderful three course meal at a restaurant. None of the children wanted
to leave after such a great day and there was so much more we wanted to do. The
children were all perfectly behaved and it was a real pleasure to take them on
such a wonderful adventure. Please do have a look at the PowerPoint on our
website at
Children throughout the school also had another great curriculum enrichment
week in November. Mr Cornish arranged a week focusing on India which
involved lots of informative and interactive activities for the whole school.
Amongst these were Indian cookery, traditional Indian dancing, a visit to a Hindu
temple for Key Stage 2 children and much more
Our next whole school topic in the New Year will be Water. We will also be
having an Environment curriculum focus week so please do contact the school if
you would like to find out more or can support us in any way.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy Christmas
and peaceful New Year from the staff, pupils and Governors of St Christopher‟s.
Sarah Nisbett

                LITTLE FARINGDON
                St Margaret’s

December        No flowers during Advent.
Help from all with floral arrangements for Christmas Day would be much
There will be three services at St Margaret‟s Church during Advent and
Christmas-time. It would be delightful to see our church full during this special
time of year. To all singers, musicians and readers who would like to participate
in the Carol Service, please ring me on 01367 252772.
12th December Matins Advent Service at 11.00am
19th December Carol Service by candlelight at 6.00pm, followed by mulled wine
                 and mince pies in the church.
25th December Christmas Day Service at 11.00am

It was marvellous to see a good crowd of about 250 people braving the elements
and enjoying the Bonfire and Fireworks Party on 5th November. Despite the
drizzle, the bonfire burned bright and added a bit of warmth to a fun evening for
those showing that British stiff upper lip! All proceeds from this annual event will
benefit St Margaret‟s Church in addition to Helen & Douglas House.
Barbara Browne

             Holy Rood

Our Carol Service will take place on
Sunday 19th December at 6.00 pm and the
congregation have been invited to join the
Old School committee for supper
following the service. Do please put this
date in your diary and come along for a
traditional service of carols and then

We were lucky enough to enjoy yet again a still, dry night for our bonfire and
fireworks on Saturday 6th November, which was quite remarkable considering
how wet and awful the previous day had been. It all went with a bang, indeed lots
of them, plus a few crashes and wallops, thunderclaps, fizzes, whines and a
deafening cacophony of other noises. It was a tremendous display, very
professionally set up by the usual crew, and enjoyed by young and old alike.
A reminder of the last few Shilton happenings of 2010:
Tuesday 7th December                  Souper Tuesday in the Old School
Sunday 12   th December               Chapel Carol Service
Sunday 19   th December               Church Carol Service (followed by
                                      supper in the Old School)
Thursday 23    rd December            Carols by the pond
Friday 24 th December Christmas Eve   11.30pm Church Midnight Service
Shirley Cuthbertson

Our annual coffee morning was, as usual, a very friendly occasion and there was a
good number of people attending throughout the morning making purchases,
enjoying coffee, cake and chat. The event was made possible with so many
willing helpers and my heartfelt thanks goes to them.
The total raised came to £591.86, the Christian Bookshop stall sold cards etc.
amounting to £203.00, bring & buy, books, cakes, jams, chutneys etc. raised
£285.86 and £103.00 was collected for the charity Helping Hands in Uganda.
The Christian bookshop from Highworth has generously given us a percentage
and so with this and our bring & buy etc we will be able to give £154.00 each to
Shilton Chapel and the Flower Fund for the Parish Church.
I do hope everybody enjoyed the morning and once again my thanks to all the
helpers, contributors and of course our visitors. Thank you everyone.
Jean Roberts
At our meeting on Friday 10th December we shall indulge in mulled wine and
mince pies and hear Illustrated Tales on the History of Lacemaking from John
and Prue Hardie. On Friday 7th January our own Muriel Pilkington will talk on
Lost Railway Lines in our region. Visitors are welcome on both occasions.
 At the time of writing, our chairman Elizabeth Harfield has just undergone a hip
operation, and we all send our best wishes for a speedy recovery. We need her!
 Fred Robertson
1st December        Shilton Old School at 7.30pm
Katherine Robertson

Bradwell Village Coffee Shop
This has now re-opened every Friday in Term Time from 10:30am - 12:30pm
serving hot and cold drinks and biscuits. It provides a wonderful opportunity to
get to know your neighbours and is a splendid social focus. Further details from
Sharon Howat (01993 824801). Volunteer helpers are needed please.
The next meeting is on Tuesday 14th December from 10.00am until 2.30pm.
Visitors are most welcome, at £2.00 for the day. The half-annual subscription is
£10.00 Please bring along your latest project to work on. Drinks and biscuits are
provided, but please bring a packed lunch. Call 01993 824475 for details.
Marion Ellis

 Established in 2002 the group has
been running successfully with a huge
range of equipment suitable for new
borns through to pre schoolers.
Weekly craft activity, songtime,
playtime and refreshments included
in the £1.50 per family contribution.
Come along to the village hall for a
free taster session, you and your children would be very welcome. Mondays 9.30-
11.30am. Any queries contact Angela on 01993 823623 or me on 01367 860890
Miranda Mowbray

             St Mary’s

Westwell was delighted to welcome the Benefice Choir at the November U.B.
service, and we all thank Douglas Hurd for entertaining us in his library
afterwards. The Carol service will be on Sunday Dec. 19th at 4.00pm, and all will
be welcome to tea afterwards at 5 Mitford.
As this year draws to a close we thank the clergy team and all others who have
contributed to the Church over the last 12 months, and as ever ask you to
continue the good work in 2011. Thank you, Ros, for your hard work in putting
PP together month by month; always looked forward to!
There are many of us who have done their bit to keep the village tidy and
attractive and indeed a pleasant place to live, and all enjoyed the summer
barbeque party by the pond, seems a long time ago now. For a change life is less
noisy as there seems to be no major building project at present.
At our Harvest Festival in September, our Church was full of harvest offerings,
and several children as well as the expert gardeners took our token offerings to
the altar. Many thanks to all who spent hours decorating, your efforts were really
worthwhile. For obvious reasons Harvest Festival means so much to all
countryfolk, all there had seen the growth throughout the year.
On 7th November the Benefice service will be in Westwell at 10.30, and we look
forward to welcoming many from the other parishes. I suspect that our Carol
Service will be at 4.00pm on 19th December, do watch this space for
confirmation, and reserve the time.
Chris Fox

A look at events and news from a little further afield.

6th Form Open Evening
The Burford School 6th Form Open Evening will be held
on Wednesday 12th January 2011 at 7.00pm. This is your
opportunity to find out what is available after Year 11.
Potential students and families are welcome to come and
visit to meet staff and students. For more information please contact Mary
Alcock on or Tel: 01993 823303
The building work for the new Drama Studio
and 8 classrooms is making very good progress
with almost 90% of the brick and block work
complete. Both from outside and within, one
can now get a very good sense of the final
building and the proportions of the area of this
super new additional build.
Steel work framing for the roof is progressing well and the roof trusses are being
put in place. Roof tiling work has begun and the first internal fitting work has
commenced with services trays being fitted.
Ashe, the building contractors, believe lost time earlier in the project is being
made up. We are looking at a building completion date and handover at the end
of March 2011 ready for handover to the school for the Summer Term. This
really will be an excellent addition to the school‟s facilities.
The second part of this project involves the removal of the so called „temporary‟
buildings, and the extension of the top tennis courts by one additional court and
landscaping works.
In September 180 staff and students made the trip down to Osmington Bay in
Dorset for the Year 7 residential trip. This yearly trip is designed to get all the
students together within their form groups and also as a year group. Thankfully

the weather was beautiful, which meant that the students not only had wonderful
views out across the sea towards Portland but they were able to enjoy all the
activities in glorious sunshine. On the main site the students took part in Quad
Biking, Abseiling, Aeorball, Orienteering and Zip Wires.
This year as a special treat we were able to experience the Olympic Water Sport
facilities. Each form group of students had to navigate and power a dragon boat
around the harbour racing against other forms to the finish line. Sadly some of
the staff ended up a little wetter than the students, but great fun was had by all.
On the 2nd November, six pupils from Burford School were presented with their
Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award at a
ceremony in St James‟s Palace. The
pupils: Lizzie Adams, Hannah Brown,
Eleanor Corbett, Scott Meridew, Sarah
Parsons and Francesca Snare were all
introduced to His Royal Highness, the
Duke of Edinburgh and they chatted
to him for several minutes about their
journey through the award scheme.
The certificates were then presented by
Ashley Banjo, the lead dancer and
choreographer for the dance group
Diversity. Headteacher Mrs Kathy Haig said, „The Duke of Edinburgh Scheme is
an important part of our extra-curricular activities and young people thrive on the
responsibility and determination needed to get through the award to the gold
level. We are all extremely proud of their achievements and congratulate them‟.
Jane Edwards
Wednesday December 1st 7.30pm. Burford School Cheltenham Road Burford
OX18 4PL. Lenthall Concert with the Amael Piano Trio from Slovenia.
Programme to include Beethoven‟s Trio in B flat – „Archduke‟ and Milko Lazar‟s
Five Short Pieces, dedicated to the Trio.
Tickets £10.00 (concessions) in advance, from Red Lion Bookshop Burford,
(01993 822539) Music Stand, Witney, (01993 774890) and Lenthall Concerts
(01993 822412). £12.00 at the door.
Sunday December 5th 7.30pm Burford Parish Church, Burford Singers,
conductor Brian Kay, Handel Fest, including Dixit Dominus and Zadok the
Priest. Reserved tickets £17.50 (returns only) £15, £10 and, unreserved, £7.50 for
the Public Rehearsal at 2.30pm Student concessions. 01993 822539
Jan Campbell

Our opening times are:-
Monday         Closed
Tuesday        1.00pm-5.00pm         6.00pm-7.00pm
Wednesday      Closed
Thursday       10.00am-1.00pm
Friday         10.00am-1.00pm        2.00pm-5.30pm
Saturday       9.30am-1.00pm
Please telephone 01993 823377 for more information.
Carol Holdcroft

T      he Mobile Library provides a library service to the people of West
       Oxfordshire, a complete list of mobile stops and services can be found on
       the Oxfordshire Library website ( With
over 2500 books on board we hold a comprehensive range of adult and
children‟s titles including large print and audio books on cassette and cd. We visit
fortnightly every alternate Thursday.
Shilton (Bus stop)                10.15 to 10.25am
Alvescott (School)                10.35 to 10.55am
Kencot (Village Hall)             11.05 to 11.15am
Broadwell (nr Nursery)            11.20 to 11.35am
Langford (Sweet Briar nr cross)   11.40 to 11.55am
Langford (The Elms)               12.00 to 12.10pm
Filkins (Church)                  12.20 to 12.30pm
Little Faringdon(The cottages)    12.40 to 12.50pm
Please note that any Oxfordshire library card can be used on the mobile and any
Oxfordshire library book can be returned to the mobile library.
Online With your borrower number and 4 digit PIN(available from any library)
you can renew your books, search the catalogue, by author, title or keyword. You
can even reserve a book that will be delivered to your own mobile stop.
Information An additional service that I find particularly helpful is, Oxfordshire
Libraries „Answers Direct‟. This small but high quality team are there to answer
your questions, no matter how obscure, nothing is outside their remit! They can
be contacted either by phone on 0845 600 3119 or by e-mail at If you chose to phone have your
question prepared and the team will call you back when they have found an
answer. The team are open for business during the normal working week so I‟m
afraid that questions arising from the evening pub quiz or „phone a friend‟ will
not be answered until the next day! Happy reading
Bill Dickson

‘Paddock Evening’
 There was great excitement throughout the school last Thursday, when we held
our „Paddock Evening‟ The children, with their families, participated in a range of
fun activities including story telling, a treasure hunt and sparkler station - supper
included hot dogs and drinking chocolate! Unfortunately, we were unable to use
the binoculars for star gazing, due to the thick cloud!
Sports Our football teams, both girls and boys, belong to the Mid Oxon Schools‟
Football Association and have recently participated in the ESFA Schools‟
Competitions. The teams have been in fine form and displayed true team spirit -
the girls were successful in coming third in their competition and the boys, in
theirs, were joint runners-up. A special assembly celebrated their achievements,
with a presentation of certificates and medals. We are very grateful to Guy Troup
for his dedication to the teams and coaching
The Friends of Burford Primary School
(FOBPS) work tirelessly to raise funds for our
school, and have organized a Christmas
Bazaar, to be held at school on Friday, 3
December 2010, from 3.00pm - 4.30 pm. You
are warmly invited to our Bazaar, which will
include a tombola, cake and various craft
stalls, face painting and more. We look
forward to welcoming you.
Jenny Dyer

D        ark evenings, and various committee meetings who are requiring cheer
         and mulled wine as they plan next year‟s events might like to consider an
         easy option. The Tolsey Museum in Burford is supported by volunteers
who run Tours Around Burford.
Morning, afternoon and summer evening tours can be arranged for groups of 6
or more around the lower, flatter part of Burford. The tour deals with the town
and church of yesteryear and today and has proved interesting even for those
who visit Burford frequently. The charge of £3.00 per person goes directly into
the Tolsey museum for maintenance of the exhibits and the acquisition of a few
new ones when something specific to Burford becomes available.
For more details ring the secretary, Susan Cotterill, on 01993 823188 or send an
email to (Susan doesn‟t look at hers very often!!)
 Derek Cotterill

As we are losing our Advertising Co-ordinator in February is there anyone
who would like to take on this interesting post, working from home. The only
requirement is a computer, a few hours to spare each month, a sense of
humour and a desire to provide a very worthwhile service to the Benefice via
the Parish Pump.
For more information please contact Lin Edgar on 01993 845544 (Tues–
Friday 10 – 5) or by email on

Town Hall, Market Square, Bampton OX18 2JH. Open: Tues-
Sat 10.30am-12.30pm,2- 4pm. Sun 2- 4pm. Contact 01993
850137 or

O          ur popular Christmas Craft sale will be showcasing an exciting array of
           unique Christmas gifts that are not available on the high street. This is a
           high quality display of beautifully hand crafted items created by our
carefully chosen artists, who include WOA members and other local artists.
Bursting with a large variety of gifts, including contemporary jewellery, ceramics,
textiles, glass woodwork, handmade books and original prints.
Richard Anderson

Barrie Graves: Zoo Keeper, Pest Controller, Welshman.

T       he only time Barrie Graves has shed tears over an animal was when
        cradling the head of a dying giraffe. He explains that it was one of a group
        of eighteen delivered into his care at Belle Vue Zoo in Manchester directly
from Africa in the days when such imports of exotic animals were commonplace.
Of the group, five were felled by a virus and the one that made this very
pragmatic man cry was called Grunter on account of the low noise that he made.
So don‟t believe it, he says, if people tell you that giraffes are mute.
Born and bred in Abertridwr, Glamorgan, Barrie has lived and worked in Holwell
for thirty three years. He initially came here as a keeper at the Cotswold Wildlife
Park having previously looked after all manner of beasts at a series of zoos. He
didn‟t get on with great apes, but is a sucker for a rhino he says.

In 1986 he left the Wildlife Park to set up his own business in pest control and
relates how he once found a wasp nest thriving under the chair in which a ninety
three year old lady whiled away her days (un-stung). But it‟s when he talks about
working with his dogs that he becomes most animated.
He speaks particularly fondly of a terrier called Penny with whom he formed a
fearsome team in pursuit of rabbits on local estates. He also keeps a busyness of
ferrets and when I ask him what it is about ferreting that he enjoys, he tells me
that he likes it because it‟s a useful pursuit. The same goes for beating with his
Labradors on shoots. But I suspect it‟s also to do with being in the landscape.
He says that after all this time he knows the fields around here better than the
valleys in which he was born. And having escaped a life down the mines, perhaps
he has a particular appreciation of one spent largely out of doors. His father had
survived being buried three times, which must have had a powerful effect on a
young boy.
He is often out in the dead of night walking with his dogs. Partly through
insomnia but also perhaps out of habit, it wasn‟t so long ago that he would be
out lamping across the fields on which Bradwell Village now stands. He gets up
at five thirty each morning and writes a diary; recording not only the events of
the previous day, but the weather and sightings of any flora or fauna of note. He
and his wife Sheila are great bird watchers (he wooed her over a Capercaillie) and
he tells me with excitement that he once saw a rare Montagu‟s Harrier here on
the estate.
These days he‟s working as a gardener and says he‟s looking forward to his
retirement. But somehow I can‟t see him joining the „Countdown‟ brigade. I
suspect that he‟ll be out scaring rabbits and flushing out pheasants for a long
while yet.
Julie-anne Edwards
The panetone princess provides perfect pudding
I cannot believe that I am already writing about Christmas. How the year has
flown by. Already we are thinking about Christmas and some organised souls
have probably bought all their presents, wrapped them even, made their pudding
months ago and have planned their entertaining down to the last petit four.
Sadly, I am not one of those people. If I buy presents too early I forget I have
done so and buy something else next time I am out and about. I do make lists,
but either lose them or forget to refer to them. Any entertaining I do tends to
involve old favourites that work which I know people will like. Today‟s recipe is a
new favourite from Delia‟s Happy Christmas published last year. It contains
several recipes from her previous Christmas book from the early 90s, which I use
a lot, but does have one or two rather good new things. If you have the book, do
try the Creole Christmas Cake – go easy on the cloves; it is one of the best

fruitcakes I have ever eaten. I also recommend the chestnut cupcakes, which are
definitely very moreish and, with marrons glacé sprinkled over a mascarpone and
chestnut purée topping, not too sweet for grown ups.
The panettone bread and butter pudding is very rich and quite delicious. I don‟t
know about you but I always seem to buy a panettone before Christmas because
the boxes look so pretty, but then it sits in the pantry for weeks before I
remember it is there. As with brioche, it works beautifully in a bread and butter
pudding; indeed it is quite the best thing to do with it.
400g panettone, cut into round slices
1.5cm thick
60g raisins
150ml Marsala
50g butter
20g whole candied peel, finely chopped
[I used bought stuff; it was fine]
175ml milk
175ml double cream
60g caster sugar
zest of 1 small lemon
4 eggs, beaten
½ whole nutmeg
A 1.5 litre baking dish, well buttered
Method Put the raisins in a small saucepan with 50ml of the Marsala and bring
them up to simmering point, then remove from the heat and leave to soak for
about 40 minutes. Pre-heat oven to 180°C/gas mark 4.
Butter the slices of panettone and cut each one into quarters measuring about
6cm. Then arrange a single layer of slightly overlapping slices in the prepared
dish, saving all the nicest-looking pieces for the top. Next drain the raisins and
reserve the liquid. Sprinkle half the raisins over the panettone and all the candied
peel. Next, arrange the remaining slices on top, overlapping them attractively so
that the crusts are prominent, then sprinkle with the remaining raisins.
Next, in a large glass jug measure out the milk, double cream, the remaining
100ml Marsala and the Marsala juices from the soaked raisins. Whisk in the caster
sugar, lemon zest and the eggs. Then pour it over the panettone and grate the
nutmeg over the top. Put the dish on a baking tray and bake for 50 minutes* until
the top is crisp and golden and the pudding is puffy and set in the centre. Leave it
to settle for 10 minutes before serving. Serves 6
*I found this was too long. Check it well before; you may need to cover with foil
for the last 10 minutes to prevent the raisins and crusts burning.
Angela Gallione


H          ere we are in free fall,
           hurtling towards Christmas.
           Why is there NEVER
enough time to do everything? It‟s
not like Christmas springs out of a
cupboard in an insane way and
suddenly says „I‟ll be here next
week!?‟ Every year I say I am not
going to be a slave to it. This has sort
of helped with the onslaught. Ish!
I think, just remember to be nice to
yourself and don‟t set impossibly high
goals and expectations. Keep the cooking well planned and simple, don‟t say yes
to every party, keep making lists, drink plenty of water and delegate!!
I am sure Jesus would HATE to see the fractious state people get into! Ignore
any barbed comments from irritating distant relatives you didn‟t invite, have
plenty of country walks and most importantly, a realistic approach to the festive
I know the reality is different but give it a go!
When decorating your house for Christmas, don‟t try and replicate a shop
window Knightsbridge. Here are some golden rules for simple festive decorating.
When making a wreath. Keep it simple. Take into consideration the style of your
door/house. Is it a classic or traditional look or a funky and modern one? Follow
your heart and choose the things that make you feel fabulous instantly. Hot
clashing colours or muted monochrome? Don‟t use too many different types of
flowers or „ingredients‟ and group them heavily in swathes for maximum impact.
Use a wet florist foam ring, which you can keep spraying with water and use your
This year my wreath will be made of pomegranates, white anemones, licheny
scots pine twigs and small leafed grey eucalyptus. Remember you always need far
more of each ingredient than you think. Don‟t forget to secure it to your door
well. It‟s so depressing when your floral work of art goes missing in the night!
By the time I get round to decorating my house in Shilton I am usually dead on
my feet from doing all my client‟s houses!
I think a few impressive „impact‟ type decorations around the house are better
than trying to decorate every single corner. It gets far too fussy and takes up too
much of that valuable socialising time! A few star performers in key places are
better than lots of supporting cast littered about! My house is usually decorated

with a mad cornucopia of seasonal foliages such as blue pine, old man‟s beard,
ivy, holly, twigs, berries and anything else I can forage from the hedge rows.
Make friends with your local farmer or anyone who has wonderful foliages
growing in abundance! I then wire in groups of oranges studded with cloves,
apples and bundles of cinnamon, softened with big flouncy scarlet velvet pussy
cat bows. It‟s very traditional but the house is old so I can‟t do silver disco twigs
and blue neon lights!
My tree rarely sort of evolves annually!! I love to use sentimental
baubles and trinkets I have collected over the years. This warms the soul and is
achingly nostalgic too. Far more charming than trying to make your tree look
impossibly glamorous. Don‟t hold back! If tinsel does it for you then get it on the
tree! Don‟t worry about being too precious or tasteful. It‟s decorative recycling at
it‟s best!! Keep a look out through the year for new additions to your tree
This year I am doing a big old rusty urn in my drawing room filled with masses
of licheny twigs with a collar of white hydrangeas, artichokes and magnolia
grandiflora leaves. My innovation this year has been an obsession with spray cans
of silver and gold paint. I recommend dusting the magnolia leaves and artichokes
in the urn decoration with light layers of gold and silver, creating what I call
„Gilver‟. This is such fun and so easy to do. Instant gratification is guaranteed!! It
gives a stunning and indulgent faded elegance to anything you feel like „gilvering‟.
Be warned as it can get rather addictive! Your family and guests will all marvel at
how clever you are!! Most of all have fun!
Paul Hawkins
(Catch more of Paul in the January edition of Homes and Gardens)
Starling numbers are starting to build and I have seen flocks of two to three
hundred around Shilton and Carterton just before dusk.
The best place locally to see large numbers in a spectacular display is at the RSPB
Reserve Otmoor and for anyone interested in going to see them you may find the
following information, received on 3rd November from the Reserve, useful.
„To access Otmoor take the Barton exit from the Headington roundabout, and
carry straight on through Barton, past the crematorium and on to the end of the
Bayswater Road. At the staggered crossroads turn right then immediate left. Then
take the first exit on the left after about four hundred yards, the Woodperry road
in to Beckley. Follow this road until it bends down into the village and at the
bottom is the Abingdon Arms Pub. At the pub turn right on to Otmoor Lane,
follow the lane all the way to the Reserve car park.
The best place to see the starlings is the first screen by the reedbed, I would
recommend getting there an hour before sunset to guarantee seeing the starlings

coming in. Allow thirty minutes for the walk from the car park to the screen. The
starlings were seen displaying 2nd November, with a total of 5,000 birds, with a
maximum of 2,500 displaying at any one point. The displaying seems to be best
on clear, less windy nights, but it can be very unpredictable.
Numbers historically peak at the end of November into early December, at
around 50,000 individuals. The Reserve also have guided walks to see the starling
roost so if anybody would like more information on the guided walks please
email or call 01865 351163.‟
There are also reports of large numbers of waxwings flying in to Scotland and
moving south but none have arrived in our area yet as I write. These are berry
eating birds and tend to favour rowan berries found in supermarket car parks.
They come to use from Northern Scandinavia and Siberia.
Most of the autumn leaves have fallen now but it has been an exceptionally
colourful period this year. I made a visit to Westonbirt Arboretum at the end of
October and the acer colours were beautiful
David Roberts

                FREE ADS – SALES AND WANTED (Not trade)
                           (Subject to space availability)
       Send to Lin Edgar (details inside front cover) before 10 th of each month

RAISE FUNDS FOR YOURSELF,                    We are looking for a second hand
YOUR CHARITY, OR CHURCH                      chest freezer -Small chest freezer
                                             wanted-happy to collect. Tel:01367
FOR SALE - Good quality Stompa Bunk          FREE TO GOOD HOME
Bed and work station with double pull out    2 bicycles, 1 ladies and 1 gents. Need
sofa bed. £50 to good home 01993             new tyres but otherwise hardly used.
844904 Black Bourton – Ellie Hughes          01993 840827 (Shilton)
FOR SALE – Large Rocking Horse               FOR SALE
with saddle, reins, stirrups etc. cost       Double futon bed for sale-excellent
£200. Suit child up to around 6 years.       condition and very comfortable. Bought
Very sturdy and in excellent condition.      from the Bath Futon company. Recently
Would make super Christmas present.          moved and no room left. £50 ONO. Tel
£40 – can deliver locally 07814 368106       01367 860890.

Three piece suite, dusty pink draylon with wooden arms and feet, very good
condition £100. Also White, modern two seater fabric sofa and matching single
armchair also very good condition £40. Tel: 07979 816306 (Bradwell Grove)

  As we are losing our Advertising Co-ordinator in February is there anyone
  who would like to take on this interesting post, working from home. The only
  requirement is a computer, a few hours to spare each month, a sense of
  humour and a desire to provide a very worthwhile service to the Benefice via
  the Parish Pump.
  For more information please contact Lin Edgar on 01993 845544 (Tues–
  Friday 10 – 5) or by email on

Send your event details to Lin Edgar (contact details inside front cover) by 10th
of each month for events taking place during the following month

1st    Shilton Parish Council Meeting 7.30
1st    Burford School Lenthall Concert Amael Piano Trio
       7.30 Tel: 01993 822412
4th    Alvescot Christmas Bazaar at 2.00 p.m. For more information ring the
       school on 01993 842535 or Sandie Morris on 01993 842135
5th    Langford Christmas Bazaar at the Village Hall 2.00 p.m.
12th   Carol Service at St. Margaret‟s Church (evening)
18th   Oxfordshire Theatre Company perform Alice in Wonderland in the Morris
       Memorial Hall Kelmscott. 01367 253103 for information Laura Roberts.
19th   Carol Service with Broadwell at St. Georges Church Kencot at 6.00
19th   Little Faringdon Evening Carol Service at St. Margaret‟s Church 6.00 p.m.
21st   Alvescot Village Hall Alice in Wonderland Family Show. Doors 6.30 starts
       7.00 p.m. Adults £8.50 Child/concessions £6.50 Family 2+2 £26. Contact
       Kay on 01993 842312.
22nd   Carol singing Broadwell. Meet by bridge at 7.00 p.m. followed by
23rd   Carol singing Kencott. Meet by the bridge 7.00 p.m. Finish at Village hall
       for refreshments and more singing.

                105 High Street Burford    01993 822220

                   Parish Pump Offer
   Three Course Lunch 7 Days a Week with a glass of wine or pint of beer or
    lager for £20.00
   Three Course a la Carte dinner, off our normal menu for £25.00 Sunday night
    to Thursday night
   Offer ends February 2011
   Please mention Parish Pump when booking to enjoy this offer

                                  DINING OUT

F      or quality fine dining in the Burford area, the bar has definitely been raised
       by Jean-Marie and Clare Lauzier, the new owners of The Bull Hotel and
       Restaurant, where
Jane and I enjoyed a superb birthday celebration meal recently.
This old coaching inn has been sympathetically refurbished with great attention
to detail, from the original paintings to the tableware and resident china chickens
and cockerels.
 Our pre-diner drinks with tasty olives were served in the top reception area
before we were taken to our table where hot, home baked rolls awaited us. We
were pleasantly surprised by an „amuse bouche‟ of smoked salmon wrapped in
seaweed with fresh creamed horseradish which was very light and delicate.
 Our entrees of Cocquilles St Jacque for Jane and baked Turbot in a mussel and
shrimp sauce for me were beautifully presented and tasted delicious. A carrot and
orange sorbet flavoured with star anise was served before we came to the main
course, which might have been all too much for small appetites, but not at all, it
prepared us very well for what was to follow.
 My delightful main course of roast partridge on a bed of pearl barley and glazed
finely chopped vegetables with black truffles was complemented by a bottle of
smooth Cotes de Bourgogne. The trio of loin of pork, slow roast belly of pork
and pigs trotter mousse had me feeling a little envious. Mr Lauzier has an
excellent wine list and is willing to discuss your choice if you are having difficulty
deciding which to select. The dishes were all freshly prepared with great expertise
and each item on the plate added to the whole taste experience.
We really did not need a desert after this feast, but shared a trio of small cherry,
apple and raspberry sorbets, each accompanied by its fruit, to complete our meal,
which was certainly one to remember for its quality. We look forward to
returning in the near future.
Jane Brylewski

  So that more of you can experience these delights, Jean-Marie is offering
 readers of the Parish Pump a 3 course lunch with a glass of house wine for
 £20.00, and a 3 course dinner between Sunday and Thursday for £25.00 if
 you mention the Parish Pump offer when booking. This offer is available
 until the end of February 2011, so do make the most of it.

Especially for Sylvia!
1. What colour snow fell over an area of 1,500 sq. km. in Siberia on Feb 2 2007?
   a. Orange
   b. Black
   c. Pink
   d. Gold

2. The following words are from which song?
   „Don‟t be a naughty Eskimo‟

3. Each of the following mean snow in which European language?
   a. Sneeuw
   b. Lumi
   c. Schnee
   d. Neve
   e. Snieg

4. Who had a hit song in the late 60s with Hazy Shade Of Winter?

5. What is an Alberta Clipper?

6. Which director said "Blondes make the best victims. They are like virgin snow
that shows up the bloody footprints"?

7. What are Mukluks?

8. After she eats the poison apple the seven dwarfs, believing her to be dead,
place Snow White in what?

9. In which country were the first Winter Olympic Games held in 1924?

10. What is an Ushanka?


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